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A notorious local hero around West Side for years, Oracle has never been one to make headlines. All of that changed when he inherited a large sum of money from his father. Jason used his father's fortune to begin the Oracle Foundation. Based in Ren Cen, the Foundation is currently a fledgling organization dedicated to reaching out to metahumans the world over in the name of unifying their causes.

Player: @OracleFoundation
The Oracle takes to the skies of Millennium City.
Character Build
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: 8
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jason Miller
Known Aliases: Oracle
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: West Side, Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Jacob Miller, father (deceased); Sherry Miller, mother
Age: 30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Light skin
Physical Build: Skinny
Physical Features: Scar on his right eye
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 2005-Present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: CEO/Philanthropist
Education: Genetics, Millennium University
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Born in 1982 to Jacob and Sherry Miller, Jason grew up in West Side under fairly simple living standards. His father, a highly successful philanthropist, made far from a minimal amount of money; However, in order to keep his son grounded on the realities of living in Millennium City, he insisted that the Millers remain a humble family. Because of this philosophy, his father chose to live sparingly, donating most of his earnings to charities supporting the activities of costumed crime fighters. His mother believed that the city was better off without heroes, and his parents often fought over the issue.

The Battle of Detroit struck when Jason was only 10 years old. Though his family survived unscathed, life was never quite the same for young Jason Miller. Shortly after the Battle of Detroit, Jason began to show signs of early mutation, primarily a highly under-developed ability to read minds. His parents did their best to support their son in understanding his new-found abilities; However, when the doctors were unable to come a clear conclusion as to the nature of his powers, Jason chose to pursue a life of science, in the hopes that he could one day unlock the secret to his own abilities. Throughout high school, Jason's abilities continued to grow. By the time he began studying at Millennium University, he was able to not only read minds, but "hack" into them, as well. He was able to have conversations with friends and loved ones only through mental telepathy. He also began experimenting with levitating objects, including himself. In this manner, Jason was able to "fly" for short times around the city. Not only this, but he began finding ways to expel his mental forces in often violent ways. He trained himself through his college years to focus these, and was able to use his "mind bolts" as a means of self-defense.

When Jason was 22, he found himself walking the streets of West Side when a massive gang war broke out. Bullets were flying everywhere, and no one nearby was safe from the cross fire. Jason quickly took cover. Soon, however, he saw the Champions themselves take to the scene. Watching the Champions break up the gun fight while protecting innocent lives awakened something in Jason. He realized that, rather than use his powers as a novelty among friends, that he should take on another persona and fight crime. Calling himself the Oracle, after the nickname his friends would jokingly call him because of his superior mental capabilities, Jason took to the streets and began fighting crime in the seedy underbelly of Millennium City he'd grown up knowing. He remained a relatively unknown hero, breaking up a few gang fights and thefts. That all changed in 2012, however...

Jason spotted at Club Caprice.

When Jason turned 30, his father began succumbing to cancer, which he'd been battling in silence for years. As his dying wish, he granted all of his fortunes to Jason. He saw no better way to spend the last of his earnings than on the one thing he'd spent his whole life supporting: costumed heroes. He was proud of his son, and encouraged Jason to use the money to change the world. Jason did exactly that, using the money to start the Oracle Foundation. The Oracle Foundation, which now operates out of Renaissance Center in Millennium City, brought Jason Miller into the national spotlight. He used his identity, which he kept open to the public, to promote his career as Oracle, and vice-versa.


In addition to a wide range of telepathic abilities, Jason is also able to use his mental powers to enhance his own body. Because of this, he able to endure much more pain than a normal man, and possesses great strength. However, because these abilities are all linked to his mind, knocking Jason unconcious leaves him as weak as a normal man.



Oracle makes his debut as a superhero. He generally sticks to local crimes around West Side, and isn't very well known at this point.


After aiding the Champions to stop the Qularr Invasion of Millennium City, the Oracle becomes a bit of a household name around the city. However, he still hadn't established himself as a world class superhero.


Following the death of his father, Jason got straight to work on laying the foundations for his newest project, which would take his father's cause to new heights. In order to make the Oracle Foundation as publicly known as possible, Jason went completely public with his secret identity. His mother, who had never known her son's alter ego, immediately disowned her son. She was never a huge supporter of Jacob's investments, and certainly did not want her son to be "one of them".

Later in the year, rumors circulated that the Oracle had joined the Order of Justice, and had therefore returned. However, he still never made any public appearances with the group and the rumors were assumed to be only that.

Following a fairly long hiatus from the public eye after founding the Oracle Foundation, Jason Miller returned as the Oracle towards the end of 2012. He cited "personal issues, which needed to be addressed in a private fashion" as the primary reason for his absence. Rumors circulated that he was becoming close with his mother once again, but many of those rumors were drowned out by the escapades of the Oracle. These escapades included a Christmas Day battle against the infamous Black Harlequin.

Even after a major battle, Oracle isn't one to turn down a good photo op.


-Oracle kicked off the new year as the target of an attempted assassination. Haruspex attacked him on his way to the Oracle Foundation offices one afternoon. Jason fought the attack off, but not before realizing that the two were nearly perfect matches in combat. This only added to Haruspex's desire to see Oracle dead.

-Into the Shroud

-Now an established superhero in the Millennium City community, Oracle aided UNTIL with the invasion early in the year.

-In an attempt to stir up some trouble between Jason Miller and The Prophet, Vanessa White kidnapped Janet Goldberg, with the help of Mutagen. Ultimately, Oracle ended up apprehending Prophet, and Mutagen defeated Vanessa. Her body was not found. Janet returned home safely to return to work at the Oracle Foundation.

-When Jason recognized Conduit's unique abilities and raw skill, he invited her to join the Oracle Foundation's metahuman branch. Conduit became one of the first heroes to sign up for the program.

-Responding to a call from the MCPD, Oracle found himself in a battle against the dimensional villain Warblade. Although he fought valiantly alongside heroes Wildeye, Texas Two-Step, and The Freeshooter, Jason was knocked unconscious by a strategic blow from the villain. This left him highly vulnerable to damage, and he was badly injured. Most of his body was destroyed, and it seemed uncertain if he would ever fight again...

-Finally, in mid-July, the Oracle made his return. However, as the injuries sustained in his battle with Warblade had left him permanently weakened, he returned to his roots to fight small crimes around Westside. The Oracle Foundation has also returned to a smaller state, as Jason spent most of his resources on recovering himself after the incident.

-The Oracle Foundation presently consists of a group of 11 loosely-associated heroes, including Oracle himself. These heroes rarely work together in person, but function as more of a professional development association for each other. They provide secrets of the trade for each other and serve as a support system for other heroes in the Foundation.

What Others Are Saying

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"Jason's a gweat guy! He is weally kind and likes to show up at my cookie dewiveries. Extwa cookies for him!" - Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"I can't really say I remember much... But I know that Jason was important in getting me the help I needed. I know that there any many people that trust me, but he does. And that's enough for me." - John Allison, the Shroud