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The Wererat
Karen Roth
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Player: @inlaa
Super Group
Senior Member
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Real Name
Karen Roth
July 20, 1995
New York, New York
American Citizen
Millennium City
Super Hero
Legal Status
Minor criminal record
Marital Status
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Father: Frederich Roth (Alive)
Mother: Irina Roth(Alive)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
160 lbs
Body Type
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Scar on right cheek
Powers & Abilities
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"I used to always be depressed with what I've become, but that sadness turned into anger. I've gotten over that. Now, when I look in the mirror, I just feel bitter. I always feel bitter." - Karen on herself


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Karen was born to two immigrant parents: A German father and a Russian mother. Her father was a vehicle mechanic in Berlin, and her mother had a degree in Biochemistry, but neither of them were able to find well-paying jobs in New York City. So, her father became a factory worker, and her mother stayed at home.

Karen's childhood was, perhaps, typical of a child in her situation. Her parents didn't always agree, but they stuck together for their daughter's sake, and they were a relatively happy, if unstable, family. She lived in a poor neighborhood and went to an underfunded school. As a youth, she displayed great talent at schoolwork, scoring straight A's for several grades, but after several incidents of extreme bullying her grades faltered and never went back up. She became an above average student, always performing just well enough to be ahead of most of the others, but never high enough to be seen as an intellectual.

When Karen was twelve years old (2007), her parents divorced for reasons Karen never learned. She was put in the custody of her mother, and she was depressed and distraught. It was in this dazed, confused state that she found herself going on her first date with a slightly older boy, a Roadie for a metal band called "Tooth and Fang." It was on this date that she was bitten by her boyfriend, a wererat.

Karen did not understand what had happened at first, though she immediately cut off all contact with that boy and his band. She was lucky enough to have had her first transformation alone in her house, and after that she quickly adapted. Karen managed to keep her lycanthropic infliction hidden so well, she at times thought she was just going crazy.

Recently, Karen and her mom have moved to Millenium City, where she has enrolled at Westside High School and taken a part-time job at a local movie theater. Her mother works in a medical research lab most of the day (the lucky job offer that took them to Millenium City in the first place), leaving Karen free to do as she pleases. Thus, she has joined the New Vigil, taking on the mantle of a superhero, albeit grudgingly.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Lycanthropy - Karen's lycanthropy is a power in and of itself. She can take the form of a wererat seemingly at will, though the process is very painful and bloody. She gains increased physical capabilities when transformed: Improved strength and vitality, tremendous speed, claws, powerful rat teeth... In short, she becomes physically more powerful in almost every aspect. In human form, she is not as powerful, but is still stronger and faster than the average human.

Regeneration - Another perk of lycanthropy is the sheer durability it provides a person. As a wererat, Karen is not only nigh-immune to disease, but also recovers from poisons, toxins, and harm in general rather quickly. This benefit applies both to her bestial form and her human form.

Hyperperception - Perhaps Karen's greatest asset are her senses. Both in human and wererat form, she is capable of noticing details others would miss. From several feet away, she can hear human heartbeats. She can outsniff bloodhounds, taste subtle differences, has excellent vision, and can feel the texture of an object better than a human could.


Silver - Silver has always been a legendary bane of werewolves, and it works just as well against wererats. Karen's healing capacity is reduced to near-nothingness by the presence of silver. In fact, a strike from a silver weapon will not only ignore her natural toughness, but will leave a vicious mark like a bad burn and refuse to regenerate. While she can still dodge silver weapons like any other, one well-placed hit may be all it takes to put her out of a fight.

Full Moons - When the full moon rises, Karen cannot control herself. She becomes like an animal physically and mentally. She is technically at her most powerful at this time, but for all intents and purposes has no affiliation, no loyalty, and animal-level intelligence.

Training - Karen is currently untrained. She has never sought out another beast-like creature, let alone a lycanthrope, and has learned most of her fighting moves on the street. She may be cunning, and she may have power, but she simply does not have the skill others do.

Friends and Allies

New Vigil

Karen does not get along well with the whole Vigil. In fact, she does not get along well with most of the Vigil. She does not want to form friendships, however; she simply wishes to work together with her teammates to dispense some justice. Given the teenage nature of the organization, however, she finds herself being pressed more and more into friendly (or unfriendly) chats and is slowly developing relationships.

  • Astral Avenger // Viola Reilly - Karen has formed a strange friendship with the telepathic alien. The two do not share the same views on many things, and have entirely different ways of presenting their opinions, but they deal with similar inner demons. This friendship is still new, and only time will tell if it will last.
  • Luctus // Lyman de Wit - The friendship Karen shares with Lyman can be best described as bipolar and volatile. They fight and argue one moment, then have pleasant, serious discussions the next. Karen finds amusement in picking on him in whatever way she can, but doesn't want to see any serious harm come to him (unless she's the one inflicting it).


This is currently a work in progress. Keep that in mind.

Others' Opinions

Karen is, by and large, unknown to the public. In Westside, there have been rumors of a strange, rat-like monster roaming the streets at night, but the sightings are rare, and are usually made by gangsters that claim to have been beaten by this thing. Most people that do know Karen know her as her human self: The nobody teenager that works at the fast food restaurant down the street and goes to Westside High School.

Personal Opinions

RP Hooks

  • Karen is a therianthrope, complete with all the smells and the visible bestial tics. Certain people may be able to notice that...
  • Karen has a history of breaking minor laws: Illegally purchasing cigarettes and alcohol, drinking underage, disturbing the peace... She may be found breaking one of these laws again, or may be confronted concerning these past legal transgressions.
  • More to come.

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