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Bria Crawford is an anti-villain created in the Champions Universe who is known to have a negative reputation around her peers. She (born February 12th, 1990) is one of the toughest human beings underestimated in the city. She usually lets people judge her for the amusement when in reality she is one to be reckoned with. She considers herself an army of just one that doesn't need anyone by her side when endearing assistance, generally meaning that she can handle her own. Brass knuckles and vulgar language describe this girl most of the time; she has her moments where she could be brash and yet sometimes gentle depending on her mood, or who is around her. Her main ambition is to defeat her only foes that granted a permanent scar to her life.

Bria Crawford would be considered the opposing image for society from her appearance. Coming from a rough environment, she had been introduced to pessimism by her awful parents Wade (father) and Diana (mother) Crawford. After years of torture and drama within her hometown, she decided to maneuver to a more secluded capital only to find herself in the same mess; if not, worse.

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"You can take me outta the hood, but don't think you ever takin' the hood outta me."
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Brianna Rochelle Crawford
Breazy; Bria; Bree; Miss Crawford
March 23rd 1990
Chicago, Illinois
African American
City Hall ; West Garfield Park
Legal Status
Criminal Data
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Nathaniel Mansfield (Half-brother)
Physical Traits
African American
Apparent Age
168 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Scar over right eye
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superstrength & Enhanced Agility
· Equipment ·
Mobile Device; Pocketknife
· Other Abilities ·
Great Martial-Artist


Early Life

"Yall kno' the deal. Breazy Bria up in hea' now, TURN UP! But yea... I be just doin me. I didn't have the brightest childhood at all, far from it. But I aint complainin. Livin in the hood without all the shit that happened to me would'a got my ass killed."

Brianna Rochelle Crawford was born in Chicago, Illinois during February of 1990 to a small low-class African-American unit, about a year after her parents tied the knot. Her mother had a great feeling that Bria was going to develop as a feisty woman in spite of her wild wriggling inside her stomach. Her inferences were fairly correct and it wasn't a surprise.

The family of three lived in the projects of West Garfield Park for as long as they knew, and they never attempted to move out of the city at all because Wade proved too lazy to avoid the crimes. As far as the violence went around Chicago, he seemed to love it. It wasn't long before her parents parted ways and they both grew careless toward anything important; but she was gained the custody of living with her mother. By the age of twelve, Bria contained a mind of her own but was led down the wrong path.

Diana Crawford developed a fetish for cocaine, and was usually out during late nights engaging in parties and clubs. Bria didn't really think much of it because it only granted her more freedom, especially since her father had been away from the household. This happened on a daily basis as Bria went out to roam the streets without the guidance of her mother. She often ran into heartless men who loved to stir trouble with her. She often felt depressed in the end because no one truly took care of her.

Bria spent a year trying to survive on her own without any tender, loving care. She tried calling her father every now and then, but apparently Wade had more priorities to deal with than to pay attention to his only daughter. During the weekends where Bria had to be with Wade, she would always enter his home only to gape at women with dollar bills scattered messily on the floors. Despite being at a juvenile age, Bria was well aware about what her father did for living, she just could not understand why. Overtime, Wade started to act possessive and inward which caused his daughter to feel shaken.

Back and forth, switching her lifestyle between her two parents, Bria began to finally fair against the grain. But it was only a matter of time after two years when she found out that Diana contained a living spirit within her womb. Soon, she found herself as an older sister to newborn Nathaniel. She was not fond of Nate’s father, because he always offered the cold shoulder. Diana did not care that Bria was treated poorly by her second husband; she cruelly placed Bria below everything that didn't matter to her.

By the time Brianna reached her 16th year of age, she went through severe mental and physical agony. Nate’s father, known for his violent acts around the dangerous town, began to shift his attention from Diana to Bria in a very sexual manner. Tony Mansfield a.k.a T-Money, his name was, tortured Bria throughout her childhood. Whenever Diana left the house to run her personal errands, Tony usually prowled himself into Brianna’s room to shut the door behind him with the girl in it. Whenever she tried to reject him, he bluntly slapped her in response until she stripped off her clothes to satisfy him. Bria often complained and informed her mother about the harm and abuse she dealt with, but Diana often waved her off in a dismissive act, ignoring the cries from her daughter.

Eventually the sexual abuse became a daily routine for Bria; she never once spoke in defiance to Tony, fearful that he may kill her. That alone helped Bria prosper into a cold hearted woman who showed no kindness or compassion. She had no tolerance for nonsense outside her home. Though, the only being she smiled at was toward her half-brother Nate, who was too innocent as a baby to understand her pain. During her free time, Brianna usually spent it with Nate watching Go Diego, Go! as it were his favorite television show.

Southside Broads

"SSB all daaay~ ahahaaaaaa, no... screw 'em all. They all fake slimes n' hoes lookin for attention. I aint gonna lie, I shared my time with them when I was younger and offered my support, but that was in the past. And my ass was stupid."

In 2007, Bria had enough. She considered committing suicide to stop her suffering, but was not brought upon herself to end her life. Ever since her father Wade abandoned the household, and Diana welcomed Tony in their lives, her childhood had been miserable. Running as far as she could from the danger was all Bria thought would work... and so she did, one night. But it was not far, because around the corner of her street, she bumped into a cliche of teen girls near the same age as her who also had trouble adjusting to life due to violence. Not able to defend herself against a group of eight, she was beaten, pummeled and stomped to the near death. Brianna held her own well enough that it impressed the dominant damsel of the group.

Bria thought her life was over that night, but she only had been tested as a potential member of the Southside Broads. Tammy Turner accepted her into the gang as well as the rest of the other girls, ironically reassuring her that she was safe. Bria did not turn them down in fact, she was added to their roster because she felt like maybe Southside Broads was where she belonged. She thought by joining a gang that she’d gain the respect she lacked from home. As a tradition of SSB, all girls needed to have a surname. Eventually, Brianna debuted her street-alias as Breazy.

Her delinquent mind led her to make absurd choices and decisions. Months into adapting the new expectations of the gang, she surmised to get multiple tribal tattoos over both her triceps and across her chest. Brianna wanted be a trademark of her own despite being in a crowd of similar personalities. While she had long black nappy hair, she wanted to roughen her appearance by dying it dark carmine, also converting to braids, and then dreadlocks. It made her a unique individual compared to the other females in SSB. The humans of Chicago knew full well who Bria Crawford was after her debut with the group of womanly thugs. It was pleasant, but at the same time vile for her protection.

It wasn’t long until drama unfolded around the group of girls. One of them who befriended Bria while welcoming her, Destiny, stirred negativity with a stranger girl downtown which ended up causing war. Bria quickly came to see that the gang lifestyle was anything but glamorous and fun. Any initiation could involve stealing, fighting or even killing. Sure, she thought on the bright side that she may get some cash every so often—that’s been stolen. Wearing the crew’s colors is also cool. Bria also pondered about enjoying some of the excitement at times, but it’s not long before her life would consist of doing things that could get her arrested or even killed.

In a way, Bria thought of SSB as her second family. Where ever she went, they followed. They always made her feel secure since she was not alone anymore. But the violations they involved themselves with dragged Brianna into a harvest of anxiety. One moment they encounter another street-affiliation and fight over suppression. The next, SSB finds themselves rob separate civilians for their currency, attire, etc. and it truthfully satisfied Bria. Since she lived in such a troubled city, why not embrace the circumstances of Chicago and wear it?

Several months after her admission, Bria found herself the man of her life-- Drey’shaun Thompson. They first united at a party in which the Southside Broads invited themselves to, and Brianna couldn’t keep her eyes off of Drey’shaun. After seeing each other for about a month, Drey’shaun asked for Bria to be his girlfriend, which she ratified without thinking twice. It was infact noted that Brianna was the only girl between Tammy and the rest in a relationship with a young man.

The Bullettes

"Danya Santana... the bitch who just won't die. What the hell is she, a mutant? She had alota' nerve tryna summon beef wit' me and my squad, I dun' care IF she was the size of Godzilla, she was gonna get swerved on. My righthand Destiny and I pulled through at the end when it mattered! Yea sure, the Bullettes prob'ly won the battles n' shit, but we got the war. Thats how it all sums down. The Southside Broads were clutch, yo!"

Brianna and the Southside Broads gained the most control in their poor, urban community. That was until the day December 12th of 2007 came; one of the most widely publicized crimes of America occurred in Illinois when an intercity bus was intercepted and sprayed with automatic gunfire, murdering civilian passengers, most of whom were women and children. It was not the Southside gang, in fact it had been another affiliation that trespassed their grounds. They organized the massacre as a protest against Tamera and the Broads for proposing high relevancy around the city. It was concluded shortly that they were known to be The Bullettes whom abide north of Chicago. Channel seven’s daily news reported that the five womanly bandits raked the bus with gunfire, and as passengers screamed and ducked, another thug climbed aboard and methodically executed the remaining travelers followed by the driver.

Danya Santana-- admitted to be the boss of the Bullettes-- along with her attending representatives Wanda Ramirez and Alexis Steele were found guilty of the tragic crime, but managed to escape and obscure within the shadows. Bria, Tamera, Destiny and the other Southside teens were acquainted of the incident not even a day after it took place. Tamera summoned a verbal war through social media, and propelled direct jabs about the Bullettes referring to them as ‘pussies’ and ‘lightweights’ that were too cowardly to face them in person. Santana ultimately ceased the cyber altercation by candidly stepping onto the Southern turf of Chicago, proclaiming the Broads to be within view. Bria’s home had been the closest to Danya, hence becoming aware of her presence.

Contacting her closest confidant Destiny Reese through text about the intruder, Bria then confronted Danya independently, resulting in a brawl that led to the dread-locked Broad suffering a severe concussion. Danya was simply too overpowering to handle for just her alone. Destiny soon arrived in the nick of time to aid her fellow member, attacking Danya head on. However, she had been less durable than Bria and she too was toyed with by the large force. Tamera and the rest gathered at the scene prepared to kill the tall Bullette for harming their non-biological sisters; though it evoked Danya to skedaddle due to feeling swamped.

Neighbors peered inquisitively through their windows, having viewed the confrontation between Bria and Danya. According to the civilians around the complex, a rumor spread throughout the western and southern parts that Bria was the first to be pursued on the Bullettes’ agenda. Bria took some time to heal from her trauma, and had no choice but to stay indoors for protection, shifting her presence over to Destiny’s apartment. All the whilst, Tamera decided to deliver a message of her own by wandering with a partner from the gang to Ravenswood-- where Danya and the rest of the Bullettes lived.

There, Tamera and Reylynn blatantly murdered three civilians to even the score. One of the batteries included a woman who wore a red sweatshirt and had been mistaken for a member of the Bullettes gang.

Lives were at stake from both towns, and it seemed that the gangs cared not. It soon came to a stop when Brianna announced a deciding dispute to settle the war permanently, though secretly she wanted another shot at Santana due to the defeat from before. Danya acknowledged the ultimatum, and without a second pondering she accepted-- she, too wanted to battle the Broads of Southside; though more importantly, she wanted Bria dead.

Within a week, every girl from both crews assembled in a parking lot from the corners of West Garfield Park. A memorable fight broke between them that led to two members from the Southside Broads neutralized. It came to a final bout once the pair of leaders fought against one another, but only one stood victorious, and that was again Danya Santana. Tamera fell to her mercy, however Brianna had been the only willing Broad to remain standing. Keeping herself out of sight while Danya granted a pounding session upon Tamera, Bria masterminded a plan to pierce the defiant Bullette through her back with her blade when caught off guard. Bria would feel accursed if Danya beat her again.

Bria waited for the right moment to execute and sure enough she did. It was an actual success, as she saved Tamera from the brink of death. Danya was pierced through her spinal cord by the tip of the knife, collapsing out of the gang fight. The Bullettes were stunned after witnessing their boss fall, and so they scrammed like mice out of their territories. Crawford stabbed Santana multiple times after realizing she would not die, but she eventually left her deserted and forgotten. Danya had to be hospitalized, and placed into the Emergency Room. She fortunately recuperated.

It seemed to be that the Southerners won the battle, maybe even the war-- being told weeks later that the Bullettes dismantled because of struggling amends, and the lack of a leader there to guard them. It was during this respite that Brianna truly felt unstoppable against the world. With Tamera and Destiny at her side, all is well in terms of her safety-- at least that was what she felt.


"I aint ever gonna forget that dude for as long as I live. I hate him... I dont know what ma' saw in him that was so dayum attractive 'n appealin. But rip to Destiny, she was real. She tried to save me against all those men that owned me in my own crib. Fuck Tony and his squad... But shoutout to Drey tho, muah! I don't care if he cheated on me, he still went out of his way to protect me."

[Detailed Story Here]

On the 3rd of June, a phone-call was delivered to her cell phone from Tony while at her job as a cashier. He ordered for her assistance in selling his tobacco to a famous pimp known in the east coast of Chicago, since he wishes not to do it due to simple laziness. He threatened her, emphasizing the fact at how his life is jeopardized depending on if the tobacco reaches the drug dealer in time. Bria wanted to refuse his bidding, and consider entrapping him with her girls. She sincerely did not regard Tony as someone meaningful, and could care less about his fate since he put her through anguish as a child. Why would she help him, when all he did to her was mutilate? She eventually followed what her brain believed, and rejected Tony’s request. He was angry by this, and sought out to deprive Bria of existence... so he said to her. Bria did not bother to call her mother since she never really displayed any concern when in hazard whereabouts. Southside Broads were not informed either, because Bria wanted to handle this on her own.

That same day, Tony arrived in front of Brianna’s house with company-- four men with black leather jackets and low faded haircuts. As to no surprise, Diana was not home. Brianna looked out of her window expectantly after hearing the clicks of a car-door shutting, but her heart skittered faster than ever before after her eyes traced the sight. She kicked herself for not thinking beyond the possibilities, like being outnumbered when it came to Tony; she regretted not contacting her gang. Tony entered the house with the four fellows, yelling out Bria’s name. She squeezed in the time she could bare by texting her boyfriend through device out of panic for help. There was no reply from his device, and again she was ready to brace her demise.

Bria sneakily slipped her pocket-knife into her bra from inside her dresser, holding in her fear while descending the stairway to meet Tony and his men. Not even a couple of steps when reaching the floor, Tony assaulted Brianna before she could even prepare herself. His men joined in eventually, physically pounding her until she could not hold herself to stand. Bria could not naturally meet their ties of strength, and was thrown around by them. Her body was battered, and was on the verge of death. Destiny coincidentally appeared at Bria’s house, unaware that her friend and partner in crime was being thrashed by overpowered men. Casually shifting to glance through the living room window, Destiny gawked at the horrific scenery and busted through the entrance of the small house to aid Brianna. Bria could only watch helplessly as the men beat Destiny to a pulp. In a desperate attempt to save Destiny, Bria tried to use her blade to at least kill the man of her nightmares, but the tables turned on her. She was not killed, miraculously, but it was unfortunate for Destiny; the girl who had not even been prepared for such ludicrous was critically pierced through her heart and chest by Bria’s own weapon.


It was bad timing, but Brianna soon heard Drey’s roars from the outside. She grew even more fearful of her lover’s outcome. Tony was infuriated now, and attempted to use Brianna as a hostage. Before anyone could blink, Thompson too entered the house and shot down each of the four men swiftly with a pistol he brought, hoping to dear God that he hadn't capped a bullet through Bria by any chance. He had the holster aimed toward Tony, ready to blow his brains out but T-Money had Bria in his grasp, her own blade to her neck ready to slice across by his physical command. She had been in tears, not able to contain her inner pride. T-Money threatened that he would kill Brianna if Drey'shaun did not drop his gun, and that naturally forced him to desperately let go of his pistol. The stepfather of the household dominated this confrontation, ordering the eighteen year old boy to force Bria into delivering the illegal substance to the east side dealer otherwise known as Blaze, if Drey wanted his girlfriend back alive. Thompson insisted on taking the task, relieving Tony. Eventually Bria was released and found herself crying into her boyfriend.

Central High

"I mean... it wasn't nothin' too special. I guess my time over there, the only thing I regret was gettin into that bang wit' Mercy and comin off an expulsion. SIKE! That bitch betta' know whats comin to her when I see her again. Forreal forreal, she gon' get the hands. She think she all that and a bag'a chips, well booboo you aint shit."

Brianna’s home had been disastrously recked. Drey escorted her pained anatomy to his own, and treated her for weeks until her wounds were healed. During those days, Brianna couldn’t resist blaming herself for Destiny’s death. Southside Broads were told about the tragic event and mourned over the loss of the significant member. They grimly accused Bria for the tragedy, since she did not call any of them that could have prevented it from happening.

For months, Tammy and the girls offered nothing but dirty looks toward Bria, and she could not help but feel neglected. Feeling so angry with herself, she ultimately decided to move away from Chicago temporarily, to ease her mind from the overwhelming pressure. It was a week later when Bria announced her departure to Detroit, however the girls waved her off discursively.

Bria traveled with her father south to land on the unfamiliar turf of Michigan by plane, and was fairly hopeful that she could refresh her life there. She went to school at Central High, and found herself being the center of attention. Despite her new appearance at the fresh environment, it seemed people praised her for her high self-respect. It eventually screwed into her dome too tight, and she evolved into an arrogant queen who ran the females at the school ironically. During her time at Central, she came across a shy, innocent girl named Mercy Madison who despised trouble. Bria liked the attention from the crowd whenever picking at Mercy, making her feel so belittled. She was so cruel to the younger girl that she often struck the poor lifestyle that Mercy lived. It was a shame, because it would get worse and worse. One day in the cafeteria, Mercy transformed into a powerhousing woman, and literally mashed Brianna into the ground for all the suffering and depression she put her through. It surprised the dreadlocked woman dearly because she hadn’t witnessed anything that amazing in her entire life. Though she fought back, Mercy gained the victory over her as Bria had been bleeding immensely over her eye. Security guards, police officers and teachers had to break the fight apart; the energy between the two girls were outrageous.

Millennium City

"I aint gon' lie, but this place is even more terrifyin' than Chicago. Hea', you got them vamps, werewolves, demons, aliens, hybrids 'n shit like that to kill you if you fuck up just a tad! Millennium wasn't what I expected but fuck it, this'll help me develop into an even better bawse than I was before."

The fight was so hazardous that it was shown on the daily news. Tammy and the girls were tongue tied at the nonsense they heard from the reporters, each of them watching the cafeteria footage from inside their homes. They were all disgusted by this, and held an intervention about Brianna’s position as a Southside member of the gang. Little did Bria know, the Southside Broads determined that she was to be disbanded. In their eyes, Bria did nothing but only make a fool of the affiliation, and trace herself as a pathetic disgrace. Tammy desired to make sure Brianna received a memorable exit from the gang.

Crawford was expelled from Central High School for the nasty brawl that took place. She had no other school to go to since they all did not want her for her roguish acts. It caused her to return back to Chicago. Tammy and the crew linked with Bria shortly to make amends, to Crawford’s knowledge, but she was lured into a trap. Signaling the other six females to stand down, Tammy deliberately confronted her followed by a thrashing she could never forget. Bria felt so betrayed and hurt, because she genuinely considered the girls as her sisters in a way. Tammy spoke cruel words to her, ruling Bria out of the group while roughly hurling her around. Bria broke down and cried her heart at the dominant girls around her, agonizing her love that she felt for them all. Tammy was much forceful than Bria; she contained more experience since having been in multiple gangs beside SSB. Not even long after the beatdown she permitted, her heart shattered into millions of pieces when explicitly busting Drey'shaun sleep with another woman in his own house. Withdrawing from him completely, she bawled every night to herself. Her world was crude, and she always questioned why life had to be this bitter to her.

Crawford had moments of cruel mishaps. That was it, she thought, it was time to move on. Not wasting too much time complaining about the traitors who beat her senseless, and the man who simply betrayed her after four years, she departed herself from Chicago and moved into Millennium City to restart her life. It shocked her to an extreme extent when all she saw roaming the streets were mutants, power armored beings, monsters and more abnormal figures. Despite this, it did not scare her because she actually felt motivated to accomplish more in the state than in Illinois. She met a lot of iffy creatures that often summoned beef with her, and gained friends whom she lost within weeks and months later. Bria made a vow to worry about no one but herself for as long as she breathed.

Enter Bria.

Millennium City was a great twist for her in a variety of ways. Her view of life matured on higher levels. She always took extra caution in engaging socially toward people she did not know. While learning that trust hurts, she planned not to get too attached to anyone. Club Caprice was her place of interest, and usually stopped by there every night mainly to observe and review the deviant folks. During this respite, she met Krysta. At first, of course, she kept her distance from the blonde woman, and had not intended to grow close because of the fear of losing another ally.. Fortunately before she knew it, the two went from casual acquaintances to the best of friends in a considerable amount of time. In comparison to the people in the past that Brianna dealt with, she was confident to a high degree that Krysta was different... unique from the SSB, perhaps. It truly surprised her when she found herself committed to protect Krysta until the day she died, because the assassination of Destiny still haunted her memories. Followed by gaining a devoted confidant, Brianna also encountered Stitch in Caprice. She was grateful to have met them both.

Bloodmoon / Redemption

"Mmm, I didnt think Takofanes was gon' die! He was out so for dayum long n' nobody could shut his ass down. I was frailin' for some time, but I knew everythang was gon' be ight in the end. But forreal forreal? Tell me why Krysta got rolled on a few nights ago... out of all heads walkin thru' the Ren. Whoever it was that hurt her, n' made her suffer a concussion, watch yo ass. I betta' not see you any whea' near her from hea' on out."

The year hit October, and slowly but surely the Earth reacted to a dark transmutation. The skies were bleak during daytime and the environment filled with darkness as Undead critters arose from the ground. Takofanes made his entrance to Earth and wreaked havoc all around. He killed both heroes and villains for dominance, and surmounted them to occupy as his army. Crawford spent her company in Christine’s basement so that her close friend had not been lonely and felt safe. Occasionally, Bria left Krysta to guard the neighborhood from any dead apparitions that came near. Exotic activities took place during the horrific event such as Brianna entering the basement to a zombie attempting to maul at Krysta-- while she sat upon her television set absentmindedly painting her toe nails.

One day during the Bloodmoon, Bria and Krysta wandered through the city together to fend off the Undead that continuously rose after being defeated. It led to accessing a small crypt known to be Takofanes’ lair. As difficult as things seemed for them, the two worked useful with each other and cleaned the crypt of revenants. They encountered the corpse of Johnny Hercules under the supreme dead ruler’s influence, and struggled to vanquish him due to his super abilities despite being a zombie. However, in the course of time Hercules harmed Krysta to the point where Bria unleashed her adrenaline and simply overpowered him.

It was a week after the Bloodmoon simmered to peace. Bria rejoiced the bright skies and the warm air that returned to Earth due to the fallen Takofanes. She had been worried about the possible result that the world would crumble before him, since he is overwhelmingly absurd in terms of power. Even Defender found trouble against him. Bria was on her way to see Krysta for another casual night they seemed to have in general. She walked through the cold evening in the Renaissance Center minding her business, but coincidentally caught sight of her R.O.D being mugged by a female Archist known as Litalya in the corner skirts of the Centre, where it was serene and isolated. It drove animosity through her, and pummelled Litalya to the near death for hurting Krysta. She let her live simply because Krysta pleaded her to. Ever since that took place, Brianna had been on alert for the assaulting thief.

"You Hurt My Rod!":

The air breezes serenely as Bria walked with hands in her pockets in the skirts of the Renaissance Center. She was on her way to see the number one being that meant most to her-- Krysta. She smiled to herself slightly, reminiscing the horrific tragedies of the Bloodmoon that just happened recently. Finally; the worrying... the concerns... the fears... they were all gone from within Bria's core. For the longest time, she had doubt that the menacing threat Takofanes was going to be stopped since he mauled heroes overtime and had a great advantage.

She remembers witnessing the unforgettable scenery in which Takofanes met his demise. Everyone including the remainder of innocent humans cheered on with remedy. Even she was shocked at how single handedly he was defeated by the quantity of heroes and villains that ironically allied together. She did not engage in any part of the fray however; she knew better than to be near a zombie overlord. All she did was watch from a secluded distance.

Her thoughts and flashbacks were abruptly cut from her mind as she froze her movements near the Club of Caprice, hearing a shriek from around the area.

"Y-You hit me!" Cried what sounded like a distressed woman.

"What? I didn't do it," replied another who seemed to be in defense.

Bria blinked, now watching the scenery observantly from a distance without revealing her presence for the time being. Surely one of the two women sounded familiar... Krysta?

The damsel in the dreadlocks grew suspicious in just a short matter of time, her attitude flicking like a lightswitch. By this point, she didn't care that her image was noticed any longer. For some reason Brianna felt in her heart that she had valid reasoning for getting upset despite the altercation not being her business.

She eased up the pathways of Renaissance Center, nearing toward a close flowing fountain. Bria was inching closer to the scene. Finally, she was proximate enough to gaze at the two bickering females.

Her eyes were utterly shocked by what she saw. From a range, a short blonde woman with a red strap around her ponytail was seen in a sitting position rather dazed while the other, implied to be a brunette archer due to her costume, had been patting her face.

What in the world was Krysta doing outside of her home? Wasn't Bria supposed to be meeting her there?

Krysta doesn't say anymore and obscenely tries to scramble away. She wore heels that found purchase on the ground, lifting just enough to turn, grab the top ledge of the planter and pull herself up. In a burst of purple mist, she haphazardly takes off in a dangerous flight. She ascended several feet in the air only to flop and lose her balance as she slammed belly-first upon the grass. Krysta groaned in pain, clearly still groggy and thick-headed.

Bria scowled loudly, stomping forward. "What the fuck's going on?"

"Buh-Bria-...!" Krysta meeps.

The unknown girl sitting crisscrossed alone snaps her head toward Bria's direction, scrambling to her feet. "I haven't the slightest idea!" Her eyes dart between the blonde and redhead.

"Again..." Bria pushed on verbally, "What the HELL is goin on!" She narrowed her eyes at the suspect, "What'chu mean you don't got the slightest idea?"

"I-- I just don't!" The long haired woman stammered nervously.

Bria shifted her attention from Litalya disdainfully, jogging straight to Krysta as she hopped over the leveled platform using her acrobatic skills. "Krysta. What happened gurl?"

Krysta had been sprawled out upon the barley face first, her cheek then resting on the green lawn. Her face looked as if it took considerable damage. Pushing her hands at the grass with all of the might she could muster, she tried to arise on her feet. She lazily blinked about, struggling to speak properly, "Sh-she... Think she... Hit me."

Immediately Bria's heart ran at 150 miles per hour it felt, the beat was so hasty and heavy. Her eyes shoot wider than before, the sudden adrenaline raging through her.

"WHAT?!" Brianna snapped her gaze at Litalya, glaring at her harshly.

Litalya cringed, staggering back from Bria's dark demeanor. "I don't.... Heh... W-Whoops?" She stuttered constantly, her voice shaking.

Crawford gritted her teeth, the sight of Krysta in pain and on the ground with blood dripping from her forehead causing her to sneer darkly. How dare anyone touch her best friend.

"Oh you bitch," her voice quivered with venom, "Square the fuck up!" She began to adjust and strap her gloves in preparation, walking hurriedly toward Litalya. "Ima kill yo' ass."

Litalya's eyes grow large in fear, shuffling further away from the angry Bria while holding her hands up near her face in resignation. "Hey, hey take it easy now!"

Meanwhile, Krysta had still been fighting her strength to stand strong, but she eventually gave in. Flopping down on the grass, her fingers dig at the blades while the world spins through her vision.

“You tellin ME to take it easy?! What fuckery is that?!” Bria shouted at the girl, aggressively motioning an arm toward Krysta’s direction as if reminding Litalya what harm she caused.

Litalya did nothing but just gawk at Bria. She opened her mouth to reply, but no words came out. In a response to the intimidating dreadlocked woman, she turned on her heel to begin making a run for it.

Bria quirked an eyebrow, watching the guilty girl stumble. “Oh no no, bitch...” She wagged a finger in disapproval, launching off as well to chase the perpetual maiden. The two had a wide gap in between them since Litalya had an advantage of early start. But Brianna wasn’t letting her apparent enemy escape... over her dead body, maybe.

While charging for the archer, Brianna used her great speed, jumping to bounce off of the nearby tree, displaying how athletic and specially trained she is while landing perfectly on her two feet well-balanced in front of the fleeing Litalya, bearing her teeth like a savage beast. Brianna was beyond infuriated.

Litalya skidded to a halt, wide eyeing at Bria. She just stood there helplessly, unsure of what to do.

“Oh you think you gon’ get away with this?” Crawford frowns viciously, and in a swift blurry movement, she tosses a couple of smoke pellets that seem to be from her jacket, launching at Litalya's feet.

The tiny balls smack at the ground and explode into a mist of breathtaking fume. Litalya looked around nervously, not able to resist coughing as she is gradually blinded, not able to see a thing.

Bria gritted her teeth firm when the smoke covered Litalya. With the time she was able to manage, she used it to rush at the woman. Utilizing her ninja-like skills, Brianna abruptly appeared at an unpredictable angle to land a devastating blow toward Litalya’s dome with her clenched fist.

Litalya gasped, her voice breathless. For a brief moment her life flashed before her eyes, catching the appearance of Bria. Unfortunately for her, she was far from able to react quick enough to the swing. She was struck in the face by the blow, her head whipping backwards forcefully as she crashes directly on her back. The ground impacted loud enough for the birds to scram from inside the nearby tree branches.

By this point in time, Krysta slowly managed to roll onto her back and sit up, bracing herself against a tree that luckily supported her, watching with a pale, bloodstained face. She dug her fingernails into the bark of the trunk, exhaling in boisterous breaths to steady and settle her spiraling head. She can only view on with a worried expression.

Litalya laid there, staring up at the sky seemingly almost out of commission from the single hit.

Brianna snarls, her eyes filled with rage. “You hurt my rod!” She then marched toward the downed woman who appeared to be dazed. “I could stab yo’ ass UP right now! ‘Juu kno ‘dat?!” She yelled when eventually standing above Litalya. “Yo’ ass aint done yet tho.”

Bria scowls with all the hatred left in her, mercilessly sinking her knuckles violently into Litalya’s gut while bending down slightly, delivering the clinching blow.

Litalya grunts squeakily as she's punched in the stomach. She was knocked the wind out of, the air leaving her with a sharp heave. Though in the severity of her vertigo, no other signs of pain are displayed. Her eyes roll upward and close as she slips out of consciousness, going limp on the concrete.

The dark toned woman in black leather clothing, dreadlocks hanging from her face, clenches her teeth, hissing fiercely as she then slowly stood back up, peering down at Litalya in disgust. She notes that the woman is now unconscious, and grimaces. "Why do that to yourself, you cunt...” Sucking her teeth, she reached down to grab Litalya by the wrist and drag her to where they previously stood.

Krysta was still seen clinging to the tree. She had a look of horror on her face from the violence that happened right before her eyes. She clearly wasn’t prepared for such animosity at a time like this. But... she was saved. She focuses her gaze on Bria for a while, at first blinking in fear until manages a disoriented smile of relief, those pretty features warming on her face. She beams in a fond murmur, "Oh Briaboo..."

Doctor Boron

"That shit was no joke. Like-- my life flashed befo' my eyes many times during that fight against Boron. I did wut I could, n' its fair to say I contributed. Real talk tho? That monsta' was the deadliest I eva' came across in my life. Thank Gawd me n' Krysta made it out thea' alive. Shoutout to the Irotha chick too! Mad respect to you for holdin' yo own against that red savage."

Overtime, Detroit proved to be an exceeding city than even Bria thought despite the danger that approached; ironically, she somehow found her way around it. Though time spoke too soon when Krysta called her one night in hopes for assistance alongside a doctor known as Boron. He needed to defeat a lethal monster in which he created experimentally. The dreadlocked woman eventually arrived at Club Caprice meeting her best friend-- where she saw other combatants huddled around Doctor Boron. He gave the group a small dialect about how deadly the critter outlined itself to the world. Thus far it was impossible taking the beast down from preceding events. It required more than just a single fighter to mortify the beast; even a couple were not enough. The suspicious savage had murdered many heroes in the past. Deep down, Brianna felt hesitant and found herself growing a phobia for the situation at hand, but of course had not shown it.

The Doctor transported each disputant to his laboratory where he contained highly, distinguished armory enhanced just for the menace. He included several suits for the group of people that offered to help him. Each appeared of orange metal sheaths covering the bodies of those who wore them. There, Doctor Boron informed the recruited crew about the deficiencies of his monster along with its weaknesses, being barely any. It was envisioned as if it were immortal, and there were no chances of defeating it-- at least that was how Bria felt. Before she knew it, the team traveled to the destination: Canada, where it was rumored that the monster had been located last.

They arrived at an accessible battlefield, the ground below them covered in a thick sheet of ice. It was frost-bounding where they were, nevertheless Boron’s armor suits sustained heat to warm them. Tables turned for Bria, Krysta and the squad when they witnessed the doctor injecting himself with a peculiar solution and transforming into the raging beast. Unknown to everyone on the battlegrounds, the upcoming affray was a test in which he recorded with hidden cameras and a satellite feed in hopes of properly documenting his monster’s capabilities and strong points. He wanted to figure out a possible antidote, but he had been failing to do so. Boron, now formed into the expectant brute was then on a rampage that had everybody repelled. Krysta was implied to be his first victim since standing the closest, however she flew out of his range in time after being screamed at by Bria to escape. It was an actual note that Krysta was the only unharmed contender against Boron, never engaging in direct confrontation with him. She kept herself in a far distance away from the group, heavily stunned by her telepathic connection with Boron after failing to grasp his mind. Meanwhile Bria had been at war with Boron along with the group she came with. She resolved pitiful against him; his strength confirmed too almighty. Even the Kleudathi warrior of a woman Irotha-- the most tenacious and vigorous within the team-- could not abide against the evil force.

Bria’s life had been at stake, her body highhandedly beaten by the hulking force of Boron during the battle-- but she had not given up, she fought for her last breath. In fact, towards the end only stood only her and Irotha against the terrorizing Boron, fighting him together. At a later time, she found herself risking her own life to save Irotha in a desperate attempt to keep her alive-- Bria knew she would be overwhelmed against Boron on her own. Anyhow, Irotha had been so powerless to defend herself by that period of time. Boron ceased in bashing them both, wounding Bria to a critical state. She lost consciousness, and was ultimately defeated from the strife. As Boron prepared to deliver the final blow toward Irotha, Krysta launched from behind him, leaping onto his back, using all of her leftover, psychic powers to reach into his lucidity and calm him down from his acrimony. It was a successful maneuver, and it eventually had the monster forming back into his human form, snoring in his slumber. Bria's condition was severe, and had trouble breathing from time to time, however she held through and survived. Due to her losing consciousness toward the end of the fight, she is not aware of her best friend stopping Boron.

Danya's Return

"You really wanna kno' whut I think? She's fuckin loco. I really have nothin but hatred for her, and up to now, I think its safe to say she is first on my hit-list. The last thing I want is for her to kill Mercy, Krysta, my lil' booboo brother, n' dayum sure not Alice. As much as I hate Mercy, I'm glad I sided wit' her to settle things against Danya. Thank GOD for the Rod tho', if it werent for her, I wouldn't be alive right now."

Several months after the incident with Boron, there is an outbreak back in Chicago where Danya Santana has recovered from her compulsion but left a travesty behind her as the hospital were filled with bloody corpses. She had an ambition to kill every single civilian in her view, especially Bria for bloodthirsty revenge. As a start of her terror, she began a reign of slaughter in the streets of Millennium City after noting where Bria lived. She murdered a portion of West Side followed by Downtown, her feet getting wet with blood. Many icons from the city tried stopping her, but it only costed them their lives in the end, granting an evil laughter from the crazed thug. It was not for a while until she discovered Club Caprice, and one day found Bria and Krysta at the bar. She kept herself hidden in the shadows, just stalking the interactive pair for as long as she wished. At that point, she cared not for anyone else.

Days later, Danya finds Krysta alone in a secluded park and confronts her. She states that killing her would be a formidable feat to lure Bria for another battle of vengeance. Krysta was so fearful of this woman and tried to escape, however the opposing threat maneuvered in front of her after every attempt. It was during this measurable period that Danya revealed her true chosen name as Razura. The spiky haired villainess attacked Krysta mercilessly, slamming into her as the innocent girl landed harshly upon the ground. She tortured her devastatingly as a show of true malice wore on her features. One swipe away from finishing off her prey, Mercy out of nowhere manifested abruptness as she charged into the area of conflict rescuing Krysta from Razura, fighting back for the blonde girl's sake. Mercy prevailed in holding her off, evoking Razura to eventually flee out of sight declaring that the war is not over. Mercy was unaware of Krysta's significance toward the status-quo, and why she was assailed... that was until Krysta confessed that she were best friends with Bria and it left her stunned. The known rival also shocked Krysta when revealing who she was, and it left awkward tension between the two.

For exactly seven days, Bria had been drilling herself with intense workouts after being told the unexpected event, who also begins to solve the theory that Razura evidently killed the innocent people on the broadcasting news those days ago given the apparent clawed scars as clues. For the first time in a while, the thought of standing toe to toe against this menace truly bothered her, and it gave her a cold thrilling shiver down her spine. Though, in spite of hesitating with doubt, she defiantly refused any helping hand from potential allies-- more specifically, her antagonist Mercy.

Shortly after the occurrence, Bria scheduled a casual gathering with Krysta one beautiful night only to startlingly catch Mercy with her. It stirred an arrogation up her core, assuming without justification that her rival was out to hurt her Rod. Thrilled at the golden opportunity of wreaking retribution on Mercy for her humiliating defeat back in high school, Bria senselessly challenged her to a feud to which she was not taking no for answer. Glaring into one another's eyes in a fierce staredown, Bria struck her rival with all of her pent-up aggression as it led to an unnecessary fight when all three of their fates were at stake. It was only until after Krysta pleaded for them to halt their rivalry and remain focused about Razura that the two stubborn adversaries conceivably squashed their differences impermanently. Moments later, Mercy exposed untold stories about her history with Razura that left Bria feeling little empathy for her as an understanding dame. It came to the duration that both fighters began to commiserate for each other due to their losses and it induced a great deal of hope. Mercy even took it into consideration when Krysta pleaded for her help against Danya, followed by an assertion that Bria cannot defeat her alone.

A dreadful week later, Krysta appeared to be recurrently occupied at a park west from Caprice with an art drawing, still all the more near the urbanized towns of Millennium City. However, the arrival of the Chicago Exterminator erupts the tranquility. Torturing her with ease, it seemed the situation was starting to look unfortunate for Bria's best friend. Razura is angered by Krysta's presence after minutes of insignificance, and decides to then assassinate her as well as the irrelevant others in the past.

Though before she can pronounce the final incision, Bria miraculously saves Krysta's life by delivering a swift at the head that caused Danya to fly into a nearby wall. Bria proceeds to fight her assailant, as she is riled that her only loved one had almost been deprived of existence. She advises Krysta to stay back and rushes in to attack Danya on her own, seeming to perform fairly well at first and surprises the scoundrel with her fresh adrenaline, though Danya's recovery proved too great for her and was seemingly defeated during the battle. It left a frightening Krysta to deal with the dominant woman independently while Bria had been knocked unconscious.

It was not long before Mercy too appears the severe quarrel, saving both Bria and Krysta when they are under Razura's ruthless benevolence. Brianna had recovered in time to be gratefully relieved by her rival's presence, however she of course did not want to admit it. Immense fearlessness sprouted within the inner walls of doubt as both the fiery martial artist and Amazonian-looking powerhouse combined forces to end their consonant pain. After their first offensive maneuver as a unit, together they stormed upon Razura nonstop with their newly found alliance. It was as if the rivals were conversant with one another, fighting against their foe in a natural grace. Krysta on the other hand had been worried sick, sneaking out her equipped pop-toy gun, praying for the weapon to be useful if needed to be fired.

Even with the two working together, however, Mercy and Brianna proved little match for Razura as she outwitted them during the battle. But the sheer potential of the duo somehow turned the tables, dominating their villain with excruciating blows. The allied rivals were on the brink of proclaiming victory, however, Danya's maniacal demeanor got the best of them, and began to deal total massacre on Mercy with her claws. Soon, Mercy collapsed out of the fight as the horror triggered the blood of Krysta, and she attacked Razura in a fit of rage, biting and wrangling with her while shedding her tears. As shocked as Bria appeared, she gained a new high respect for Krysta after the explosive procedure.

Brianna and Razura were eventually engaged in yet another riot while Krysta tended to Mercy's wounds. They fight furiously, with each fighter having their glorious moment after one another. Sometime after a lengthy battle, Mercy is back on her feet after being healed and readies herself to step back into the affray, but is paralyzed with enmity when overhearing Razura wishing to exterminate Jade (her baby sister) as her next target after dealing with the three contending women including herself. That was all it took for her dormant power to erupt through her indignation, transforming into a terrifying savage that left each damsel trembling, even Bria. With her awakened strength, Mercy easily overwhelms the slayer without the help of Bria or Krysta. Danya stood no chance from the moment Mercy exploded her animosity, and was crushed.

After a time of thwarting their enemy around with anger, Mercy left Razura in Bria's hands simply due to the fact she was no longer of her concern. Bria ran the lead after that, pounding Razura into the ground with all of her might as it eventually ended the disaster; Bria and Mercy at last defeated Razura. Afterwards, Bria was so eager to dispose of her, but Krysta and Mercy harshly convinced her against it.


"Ima take a moment to give a shoutout to my one and only San-Franny Krystaboooo! That's my Rod right thea', she's the sweetest thing. Nobody comes first but her. I never thought I was gon' catch myself sayin this, but Im glad I met someone like Krysta. Whoever try'na give her problems, is gon' get the smoke-- and that's on my cousin's grave. We been thru' alot together and she's helped me in so many different ways you cant even cope to understand. Despite her dumbass mentality most of the times, she's realer than a documentary, real talk!"

Destiny Reese
"Ahh that was my first friend who was thea' for me till the end. Alright... I take back what I said 'bout SSB. Not all the chicks were iffy, 'cus this one here actually tried to defend me when I was gettin' waxed on by 'dem cowards that call themselves men. She was the real deal... I dont know why, but it was a crazy coincidence that she swung thru' my spot that day. My love and condolences goes out to Destiny's family n' friends; if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be hea' talkin to you right now. So... yea... rip to Miss Reesey, I aint ever forgettin' you."

Stitch friendbutton.jpg
"Mista' Chupe! He's my homie; we get down hea' and there. Its funny, he has a hard-ass stitched face lookin like he a killer, but at the end of the day he's a doll... Chupe just needs to think sometimes! I know my ass aint perfect, but it seems that he needs alot'a help with his shit 'n get it together. Atleast thats how I seen him; he aint the most intelligent thug, aha. He's gucci tho', I see how he be. Speakin of gucci, his cake is outta the world! Ima need that vanilla cake asap."

"Miss Teague? Aha, thats my right-hand! I feel like we go way back... like I known her all my life. She's a female who's very trill with everythang~ I swear we could have heat for eachother, but at the end of the day its all outta love. She's like a sister I never had, forreal forreal. I remember when I first met her in the gym up in Westside; I was a hair away from bangin wit' her, but we grew tight since then and thats all that matters. She knows I'd stick up for her anyday. Anybody who messes wit' her is gon' be given the bulls, and that's on D.Rose's retirement!"


Mercy Madison

Phenomenal Skills: Super-Strength; High Endurance
Most Recent Encounter: Central High School (11:15am 4/12/08)
Distinctive Features: Long jet-black hair; 7 ft. tall; Well-toned build
Note: Despite being a foot short from Mercy, Bria views her as if they were the same height. The two met on harsh terms, and fail to amend to this day. They are both stubborn, and won't acknowledge to their own mistakes toward each-other. Knowing that Mercy also lives in Millennium City, Bria persistently searches for her. All the woman in dreadlocks wants is to take vengeance over her rival, and claim dominance.

"She can get it, no doubt. But I cant get why she be duckin' me if she so dayum tough. All I kno' is that she betta still be alive so I could chew her. I ran into her group a lil' while ago, n' made a name for myself but she was no whea' to be found. It figures how a fraud wanna live under the rock when the bawse' comes around."

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Tamera Goldsmith

Phenomenal Skills: High Criminal Intellect
Most Recent Encounter: Southside Broads Reunion (7:00pm 5/30/09)
Distinctive Features: Upper body is overwhelmed with tattoo ink; Short afro; Blue eyes
Note: She is the head of SSB. Bria was very fond of her. That was until Tammy disbanded her from SSB due to disgraceful conflicts. From Crawford's perspective, Tammy stabbed her in the back and pushed her away for unnecessary reasons. Ever since the torturing massacre given by Tammy, Bria despises her; if not, more than Mercy. She doesn't care how intimidating and hardcore Turner seems to be; Brianna dares for Tammy to step to her... heck, bring the entire gang!

"I dare her ass to try and find me. After all the shit I dun' did for her! She gon' treat me as though I was a stranga' to them?! Oh hells no... at first, I really viewed her like some older sister I neva' had. She used to give me advice, protect me from harm whenever I caught myself in the mix of it, escort me home at night, and all'a that. But over some bullshit that had nothin' to do wit her, she had to kick me from SSB. No... I'll be dayumed to fall to her again. You wanna act like Im a traitor to y'all when I had nothin' but love? Pfft, ahaha! Tammy is a clown, she don't want the smoke. Try steppin' on the Millennium turf, boo, 'cus you'll get your ass moved on. Fake slime."

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Tony Mansfield

Phenomenal Skills: Weaponry Master
Most Recent Encounter: Confidential
Distinctive Features: Gold teeth; one eye contains pupil
Note: He is Diana's love, but Bria's hate. Whatever Tony wants, he grinds until he is satisfied. He has tortured Bria for years, and does not regret one bit of it. He assassinated Brianna's former affiliate member, Destiny, with Bria's own blade. His reputation being a top gangster known in the streets eases Tony's safety because nobody defies to mess with him.

"Ha. What'chu expect for me to say about him? I don't think you understand how much I hate that dude. I hope that mofo gets hung, forreal! I've always wanted to do illegal things to him, but I couldn't 'cus he was-- well... T-Money. He can probably hear this interview on the news right now... but that's ight. I aint got no worries."

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The rivals; the frenemies. In an epic showdown. Bria faces off against her antagonist, Mercy.


Below are the short tales of Bria's experiences during her life span.

A Friend's Abundance

Bria sighs, turning her gaze to her friend. “What the hell yo... I needa’ ask you a question, and I need you to be straight up with me.”

“When am I not?” Destiny retorts with a quirk of her eyebrow.

After being deprived in an affray, 16 year-old Bria cannot help but feel worthless. Is she able to receive the comfort she needs?

The Horror

The damaged girl felt water dwell in her eyes-- though she could not dare let them fall. Not now. She must save her friend.

"Run Destiny!" Bria screams out to her close confidant with as much strength as she can muster, yet it is not enough.

17 year old Brianna is confronted by her stepfather after rejecting a crucial request. That isn't all...

The Return of Razura

“Hmph,” Danya grunts, “Hostile, are we? Three invertebrates no matter! The fun has only yet to begin!” She glances between Mercy, Bria and then to Krysta smirking darkly.

Bria and Mercy have no other choice but to join forces against their consonant menace for the sake of their rivalry.



  • Passionate Sports Girl - Brianna loves her sports, no doubt. She grew up watching basketball for as long as she could remember, watching almost every game. Let's not mention the post-season.

  • Sassy Black Woman - She can be nice when deciding to be although it is rare. It is best not to engage with her attitude because there is no telling when she may just physically break your limb. Her short temperament usually led her into brawls when young, and it still happens to her at 23 years old.

  • The Lad-ette - She loves sporting activities, beer, cars, swearing and competition. Bria can be crude, rude, often hygienically challenged, cheerfully ignorant and aggressive. If you are a guy, she'll probably challenge you to a fight, stand victorious and then start teasing you mercilessly for as long as she lives. Brianna talks in a slang fashion as a signature of her symbol; where she evolved, West Garfield Park was loaded with vulgar language.

  • Things Get Real - Brianna doesn't take her soul as a parody; if she notes a situation where her life is being severely jeopardized, she will go out of her way to make sure harm stays from near her... nothing will stop her. She has the mental state to kill whom ever it is first, before she is the the first to lay dead.


  • I Have You Now, My Pretty - As a teenager, Brianna had to go through devastating and scarring times with her stepfather where he would sexually molest her when Diana had been out of the household. It was as if Tony had been satisfied at all times. This caused Bria to develop with a mental scab, and she at one point later in life caught herself in Tony's position because of her monotonous experience with sex, dominating individuals smaller than her. She eventually had a breakdown from the revolting nightmares she fed off from, and made a vow to pull herself away from the cruel treatment she often delivered to those frail of her. For a fact, Bria knew she wasn't Tony, and wasn't going to transform into him. Nowadays, she could still feel the urges to entice, but successes to keep herself in check.

  • Death Is A Sad Thing - Throughout her life, Bria could only witness murders before her eyes. While she was in SSB, one of the girls in the group was violently killed in her own house. Death is a difficult enough matter for adults to deal with. It's no surprise that children find it especially painful when they meet their demise, because it isn't natural. However, Brianna learned that life is too short to grieve, and to stay doing her business.


  • Face of a Thug - Bria contains a hardened expression usually all the time. Her eyes show the true pain of what she had to deal with practically her entire life. You'd have to be a really close friend to her if you expect to see her smile at all.

  • Facial Markings - On the right side of her face, there is a large, red scar plastered over Bria's eye caused by Mercy Madison. She thinks it makes her look ugly, but people have told her that it actually makes her twice more attractive than without the marking.

  • Tattooed Crook - Brianna's body is covered in tattoo ink, mainly displaying tribal designs. It more so traced her persona as a criminal when associated with Southside Broads. But now, she must live with them forever. Bria often now refers to her tattoos as a fashion accessory.

  • Dark-Skinned Redhead - It isn't usually acknowledged by many people, but Bria is a redhead. She has dark carmine dreadlocks, which she dyed late in her childhood, and crispy brown skin. While being dark is not a particularly alien choice, it is more often used to reflect a bouncy, energetic, fiery personality than actual nationality. It is a distinctive feature; Breazy is referred to by others such as 'the girl with the dreads'.

  • Femme Fatale - Bria is attractive and she knows it. She can use her good looks to gain advantage over anything she could put her mind to... well maybe, almost. Based off of just appearances to a plus, she looks as though she can fight brutally and defend herself when need be, which is a full package. She is no nonsense. Men in despite of Bria's defiant and tough demeanor still cannot resist her however.

  • Black Boss Lady - Bria Crawford is one of a kind, and proud to call herself African-American. Before she left Chicago to transport to Millennium City, she left impressions that left most jaw-broken... even the most intimidating men. The scarred woman often calls herself a boss, because of the accomplishments and stunts that she pulled throughout her life while also overcoming her struggling emulations. The community around Bria incredulously acknowledges the fact that Bria is one of the most successful goons that breathe to this day. Sure, she's been stabbed and sexually abused, but you still see her standing defiant and not under the graves.

  • Even The Girls Want Her - It isn't just the men who find Bria appealing; the women do as well. Her body strikes as a very curvaceous figure... well, unless wearing heavy urban clothing like sweat pants and a casual hoodie. Crawford is noticeably tall for a lass with shoulder-length dreadlocks. Despite not being too thin, she isn't too thick either. Her bust is considerable, followed by her build being well-toned. Women in both Chicago and Millennium City have approached her seductively in the past.

Powers & Abilities

  • Kung-Fu Clairvoyance - Bria uses the Jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo and Aikido styles of martial arts majority of the time when in combat. She has mastered them sometime ago after her devastating defeat by Mercy. Unlike before, she is very confident of dismantling anyone that steps in her way.

Bria Crawford1.png
  • I Can Still Fight - Just when you think Bria is done and over with in a fight, she'll usually get right back up. Her adrenaline surpasses most that she knows; she is graceful to accept the fact that she was born a fighter. Her stamina can consist for a long period of time, unless her heart stops beating. Historic scenes that prove this trope of her was the fight against the Southside Broads before she had been affiliated with them and Mercy during that school day.

  • Deadly Delivery - It's almost like how a criminal or terrorist poses as a package courier or mailman to deliver a bomb, or get the target to open the door so he can be shot or kidnapped. Brianna uses herself as a package when within her carries a sharp pocketknife. She has used it on many victims before, and she will not hesitate to act if necessary.

  • Fists of Rage - It is highly recommended not to mess with Brianna. Her hands can be her deadliest weapons.

  • Victory By Endurance - Sometimes, the one who wins a battle is simply the last man standing, and Bria is frequently the favor. She revolves around ensuring that her will—either over an extremely long period of time or after great expenditure of energy—is the deciding factor in the battle. This is usually her main tactic whenever in combat. Bria waits for her target to either run out of gas, collapse, or die altogether.

  • Pure Energy - Crawford capacitated a notion that energy is just another form of matter — particularly, a sort of warm glowy kind of matter, whose exact properties can be fine tuned to her specifications, and which can be summoned or banished with a button-press. During her adolescent ages, she founded her hidden chi energy, and is now able to channel it through her physical attacks.

  • Super Reflexes - Bria can react to situations faster than normal. This is typically used to allow her to dodge or cancel threats that would otherwise blindside a regular character. She is also very agile and athletic. Despite her facility to dodge a flurry of fists, it is her limitation that she is unable to run halfway across a field in the blink of an eye.

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  • Doesn't Like Guns - She is only human. But it doesn't stop her from sometimes wearing a bulletproof vest.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade - Bria is irresistible against sharp objects; she is only human after all. Knives, chainsaws, swords, etc. can all harm her severely if she isn't cautious, perhaps even kill.


  • Canine Companion - Ever since a child, Brianna loved dogs. She owns a baby German Shepherd named Pepsi thanks to her dear confidant Krysta, and cares for him dearly. He is already loyal to her, and tries his hardest to protect the house. Despite Pepsi at a juvenile stage, Bria feels safe with him.

  • Violently Protective Girlfriend - Harm her loved one, and she will do whatever it takes to hunt you down. She does not care if the menace is several times her size. Brianna acts quite ironic to the usual expectation that the boyfriend defends the girlfriend.

  • I Didn't Mean To Turn You On - It happens more often than not for this girl. It seems her casual gestures are a curse for those who can't resist her. All she does is act herself.

  • Fool For Love - Relationships are a hard deal for Brianna; she promises to herself that she'll never engage in sexual activities nor love, yet her feelings fail to comply. She is a very loyal woman believe it or not, and would do anything to please. She will take any compliment seriously, and hold who ever dishes them out accountable. Like any woman, Brianna is a sensitive being who hates to be played with.


  • Wiseman Pocketknife - Brianna supports very little equipment on her, but at all times she carries her usual blade in her tank top. For the record, Bria has killed young teenagers her age throughout her existence in the Southside gang with this knife, and still wouldn't hesitate to murder today if it were really necessary. While knowing how to fight from her martial arts training, her knife also reassures her safety. She doesn't know how to function without it.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9930 - She uses her device for a variety of reasons. She loves to communicate with others via texting, listen to music, surf the internet, etc. Quite often you would notice Bria with Dre Beats earphones in her ears as well, indicating that she is listening to her tunes.


  • Gas Pellets - Bria uses this gadget against those who she engages in combat with, only when in self-defense, or to outclass one another.


  • Bulletproof Vest - Her only piece of armor that she'd wear out in public. She considered to retrieve this item because she realizes she is only human compared to the others in Millennium City. This personal armor aids in absorption from the impact of fired projectiles .


...Songs from Bria's playlist on her BlackBerry...

I Miss You

Lil' Snupe (feat. Meek Mill)
Nobody Does It Better

Toni Braxton
I Belong To You

Bone Thugs N' Harmony

Sean Paul (feat. Nina Sky)

T.I. (feat. Mary J. Blidge)
Remember Me (Fanmade tribute to Allen Iverson)

Omarion (feat. Kat DeLuna)
Cut Off Time

Eminem (feat. Obie Trice & DMX)
Go To Sleep

What Up, What's Haapnin?


...If your character has met Bria, or heard about her, feel free to post a comment below on his or her opinion...

-- Moonlighter
"Bria is hard to categorize, explain, or even figure out. She's really tough and would do anything for her friends; yet, on the other hand, she is really sweet and a total goofball. Whenever Bria, Krysta, Alice, and me hang out, we make lasting, good memories. She's someone I respect and consider a dear friend. Even if she's the biggest Iverson fan ever..."

-- Krysta
"Bria is the nicest, and scariest, person you'll ever meet, I guess it depends how you treat her. She's had a hard life that's made her do bad things, but I know that inside, she's a good person."

-- Mercy Madison
"I didn't even know she's up in Millennium. Tch, she just better know to stay out my way, because she doesn't know who she's messing with. I'll never forget that day I beat her ass, ahaha! She deserved it wit'out a doubt. Bria just needs to keep stepping with her own shit, and I'll keep doin' me-- that way, everyone is happy and no one gets hurt. I don't wanna put her in the hospital; that's just what'll happen if she crosses me. She can hop off with all that arrogance she has, thinking she the baddest bitch and all."

-- Razura
"I despise every bit of her. Her mommy must have dropped her on the head as a baby if she truly thinks she is going to get away with what she's done. Brianna no es otro que mi presa. Ya llegará el momento."

-- Persephone
"Heh. She's ok from the few time's we've crossed paths. Dunno why her and M got their little... beef. But whatever. It's gonna turn into an eye for an eye and then they're both going to end up blind."



  • Bria idolizes retired NBA basketball player Allen Iverson. She thinks he is the greatest player to ever step foot on the court after Michael Jordan. She would do anything to defend him in a debate, especially over who she despises as an overrated player to her-- Kobe Bryant.

  • She entered a gangster affiliation representing the south when she was notably residing west of Chicago.

  • Music is her life. She cannot thrive without it. She will listen ranging from Hip Hop to R&B to Reggae.

  • Brianna contains a heavy Chicago-accent that she's developed over the years active in her hometown. To many people in Millennium City, she sounds foreign to them.

  • Her favorite drink is Iced Tea by Nestea, raspberry flavor. It is mandatory for her to purchase it at Club Caprice.

  • Brianna would be seen in City Hall of Millennium, since that is where she lives now.

  • She owns a mechanical motorbike. Instead of traveling by foot, Brianna jets to her destinations by using the copperhead vehicle. She created a name for it, calling it Coppa'.

  • Despite being so close, nobody would ever hear Brianna call Krysta her best friend. She has high expectations, and since Krysta means everything to her, Bria refers to the blonde woman as her R.O.D (Ride Or Die).

  • She smokes marijuana occasionally.

  • You Got Served! is her favorite movie.

  • Brianna has a profoundly tender, passionate affection for video games and loves to play them during her free-time. She purchased the Xbox 360 when arriving to Millennium City, and contains games including NBA 2K13, Call of Duty Modern Warfares 2 & 3, Halo: Reach, Tekken 6 and Batman Arkham City. In all honesty, she doesn't know what to do without them.

  • She loves to dance, especially at a local party. With no shame, she'd be the first to want to get daggered. Dancing since a young age caused her to grow more fluent with her movements and timing.

  • Bria spends most of her time-- if not occupied-- playing basketball. She loves to just shoot around, pretending as if she were Allen Iverson on the court.

  • Poetry. If in the mood, Bria will be seen writing stanzas. She often scribbles about her life.

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