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Irotha, Descendant of Irotha of the Many Blades
Player: @Global
"Do not stare for too long, wretched manling!"
Class Focus: "I AM THE SLAYER OF ALL!"
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Irotha, Descendant of Irotha of the Many Blades
Known Aliases: Iro, Rothy
Species: Kleudathi
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: unknown
Height: 8' 1
Weight: Heavy
Eye Color: Red Pupils, Black Sclera.
Hair Color: White/Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Berserker, Irotha
Place of Birth: The Kleudathi Homeworld
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother is deceased.
Known Powers
Impossible Strength, Endurance, and Speed, Berserker Rage.
Known Abilities
Variety of survival skills.
Clothing, Armor, and pure Neutronium Broadsword, known to her people as the Unbreakable Blade.


Standing at an impossible height, and carrying herself as if she was a goddess of war, Irotha wears a number of mis-matched pelts, furs, and other such items. Each item comes from the flesh or bone of a slain creature that she faced and slew, hence the rather haphazard and random assortment of items. The blade she carries is a very modernistic-looking weapon despite its origins from a primitive society, being a long-bladed broadsword that is crafted of pure Neutronium.

The Kleudathi

It is unknown how far away the Kleudathi are from known space, however, it is assured that whatever planet they hail from, it is one untouched by galactic empires, due to the lack of technology.

Known facts about their physiology suggest that Irotha is unique amongst them with her horn, that they are universally taller and stronger than humans, and possess hardier constitutions as well. From statements Irotha has made, the Kleudathi favor lighter shades of hair. Their sclera are always black, with pupils ranging from red to yellow to green.

"Hear now a legend of times long gone!"

"In the days when the world was created, and the Ancestor Spirits still dwelled upon the surface of the world, The Creator fashioned weapon after weapon, seeking to prove his prowess to all those who would seek for him to create. These weapons were given to the greatest of the Ancestor Spirits, Irotha, for her to do as she willed. With each weapon, she raged, striking the earth, smashing it down, cleaving it up, and ripping it apart until the weapon invariably shattered. Thus were the mountains, the valleys, and the seas created. Also thus, her name became Irotha of the Many Blades, for no one blade could hold against her wrath. The Creator then forged his greatest creation, a sword that could not be broken, and Irotha was bored, for breaking his weapons was her only purpose.

So, she found a new one.

She hunted the greatest of creatures across the skies, across the seas, and across the lands, stepping into the places between worlds where there is nothing but howling and emerging unscathed, bringing the heads of creatures foul. Their blood dripped upon the world, and from them sprang new monstrosities. So, The Creator made a new people, in the shape of the Ancestor Spirits, and made them to fight these monstrosities. Thus were the Kleudathi born. Irotha of the Many Blades took a mate from amongst the greatest heroes of the first Kleudathi, and mated for 50 days and 50 nights, slaying the man, but conceiving a child. The first Irotha.

From then onwards, there is, and always will be, an Irotha: Marked by her horn, blessed by her ancestors, and destined to walk a path of bloody glory, slaying all who threaten her in her path.

"I tell you now of a warrior beyond compare!"

The current Irotha has been so for an unknown number of years, as the physiology and understanding of her race are unknown to determine her age, or her maturity level as compared to other members of her race. What is known, however, is that she has already accomplished a number of feats within her race's annals, such as slaying innumerable creatures and monsters. She carries herself as if she was an exceedingly important person, and considering her status as Irotha, this may very well have a good reason behind it. The fact remains, however, she has adjusted poorly to her recent arrival to Millenium City through unknown means.


  • Impossible Strength: Irotha possesses an incredible strength that seemingly defies all explanation, matching even the most powerful of superhumans with ease.
  • Invulnerability: Irotha has shown an incredible resilience to just about any form of damage directed towards her, beating off horrific wounds and blows as if they were rain hitting granite.
  • Impossible Speed: Irotha is inredibly fast, able to cover long distances by simply running extremely quickly.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Irotha has several notable weaknesses.

  • Her complete lack of knowledge on anything remotely resembling technology, mysticism, or magic results in her vastly underestimating her opponents.
  • Due to the fact that she was the closest thing to a celebrity that the Kleudathi have, Irotha has a towering ego.
  • Irotha possesses no inherent psionic resistances, and mind control, telepathy, and such will only be weakly fought off.
  • When in a berserk rage, Irotha often causes more damage to everything around her than her opponent.



Friends and Allies




Miscellaneous Facts

  • Irotha's Horn is natural, and a unique part of her.
  • Irotha seems to have just about no body fat upon her body.
  • Alcohol causes no effect to Kleudathi, due to their metabolism easily breaking it down naturally.
  • Kleudathi skin is theorized to be a result of heavy radiation bombardment upon their planet.