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Player: @Ultimateimpact1
Basic Data
Class Focus: Tank
R & D: Arms
Level: 40
Occupation: Unemployed
Personal Data
Real Name: Danya Santana
Known Aliases: None
Identity: Secretive
Species: Metahuman
Age: 29
Height: 7 ft 1 in
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Spiky
Blood Type: Enhanced
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Chicago
Birthdate: September 1st, 1985
Nationality: Latina (Dominican)
Current Residence: Confidential
Religion/Faith: Confidential
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
English, Spanish
Known Relatives
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Keen Senses

Danya Santana. Razzie Steele. Razura the Slayer. One of the greatest exterminators of Chicago. The most intimidated damsel known by most in her community. This woman fashioned a deadly stature of herself, one that she finds amusing for a quantity of individuals. She was born under cruelty and bitter intent that surrounded her persona. Slowly but surely she is reckoning a name for herself in Millennium City, and to her knowledge, nothing is bound to stop her. She is only getting started.


Danya was born on September 3, 1985 to a young couple in Chicago, Illinois as the oldest of twin siblings. She was an odd girl; the more she aged, the more problems that inflicted with her. It was during her juvenile years that she was discovered with an oppositional defiant disorder. She went to a special education school to assist with her hostile behavior. She had a reciprocal influence, deeply effected by the demeanor of her parents. Negative parenting practices and conflicts led to her antisocial behavior, but it was foremost a reaction to acting spiteful. There were factors such as mental illnesses and substance abuse as well as a dysfunctional family along with inconsistent discipline by Danya's Dominican mother that caused the development of her behavior disorders. Her African-American father had been in and out of jail, and hence was never there for her.

They resided north of Chicago, in an apartment complex next to a local asylum. Occasionally, they would visit the Dominican Republic-- where Danya's mother had been raised for the most part of her span. Danya chose to not have friends, considering them inferior to her, instead hanging around young troubled adults despite at such a young age. While Danya had been struggling to cope with her mental issues, her twin brother on the other hand-- Antonio-- was the complete opposite. In fact, he would always try guiding her in the right path and offer her as much affection as a brother could. Antonio vowed to make up for what their father lacked, and it truly touched her after a long while in their lives. She went through a change during puberty, her height drastically increasing when hitting thirteen years old and by that time, was taller than her mother, who stood 5'8. Nearby sources such as neighbors viewed Danya skeptically after her inhumane growth spurt, and even the gangs within the community made sure not to mess with her.

Living in the midst of Ravenswood where her protective brother aided her to distrust the government and corporations as deeply as he did, Danya took the lessons to heart, and to this day refuses to even deposit or withdraw any of her money in a bank. She was fairly lonely from the beginning of her high school career and remained very close with Antonio, although she did start trying to explore social cliques in a brief spark of teenage rebellion.

Danya was anything but wise or reasonable; quite contrary to how she appeared, she was eminently nonsensical and very indiscreet. She spent most of her time trying to get involved with illegal products to feel self-reliant. If she were to ever give a request only to be answered 'no' to by her mother, she would throw a tantrum, breaking furniture and other house accessories. When Danya desired, she displayed her intelligence through blackmailing because money intrigued her from the moment she hit puberty, and was selfish into getting every bit she could find. The only person she left alone was of course her brother, with an exception of teasing him every so often. Her family was keen of this foul behavior, and looked down upon her in shame yet Danya cared not.

One day, she witnessed theft occur in the middle of her street and it truly caught her eye. It deeply amazed her to the extent that she also felt the need to be dominant. Turning sixteen, she formed her own alliance of delinquents and wreaked havoc on the streets of Ravenswood such as pulling sinister pranks, vandalism, batteries, etc. Her brother was all too infuriated watching the horrible road Danya had been painting for herself, and sought out to try knocking some sense into her, though not literally.