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The strong feminine figure, also known for her name Mercy Madison (born on June 1st 1989) is a natural bodybuilder. Developing into a divergent woman from many, she represents the anti-hero calibration however she is also not too heartless for depravity. Smashing and crushing defines who she is in general, and will never back down from a challenge. She is rather independent, and walks down a path only to herself. Mercy is no alien, vampire or mutant of any sorts; just simply a human profoundly tenacious than the average. Despite her animating image as an individual, it is more likely for her to gain foes than allies these days; her haywire attitude is an exclusive quirk that helps label who she is. In overall, she can be a decent person.

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The Powerhousing Brawler
"Fight to reach your dream. Gotta sacrafice and work hard for it."
Player: @UltimateImpact1
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Super Group
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Real Name
Mercy Faith Madison
June 6, 1989
Warren, Michigan
Legal American
West Side, MC
Legal Status
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Jade Madison
Physical Traits
African American
Apparent Age
Body Type
Athletic; Muscular
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Powers & Abilities
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Extraordinary Strength
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Dexterous Hitting


The Spill

As a juvenile raised in Detroit, Mercy lived in a middle-class household alongside her mother and younger sister. Her mother was occupied as a scientist, struggling to raise her children as a proper mother would. Mercy, along with her younger sister had each other to take care of.

The female parent had an unyielding experiment to pull through during the Battle of Detroit, trying gather a liquid to enhance an individual's growth hormones for potential reasons. In the course of time, eight year old Mercy found her mother's laboratory idle.

Curiosity overwhelmed her, as she entered and started playing with a beacon containing a suspicious liquid. With no guardian in the room, she examined carelessly and fragile with the beacon. She eventually and accidentally spilled it all over herself; though, no effects took place immediately.

Harassments and Payback

Mercy had always been alone in life. Whenever she went to high school, she would be tortured and harassed by insolents. They always made fun of her appearance, and lack of knowledge. It often drove her to a deep despair, the poor girl. She didn’t have a father to live with, as he abandoned the family. He was a very selfish man, and felt pressured to take care of all in one household. It often questioned her the reason to resume living.

Her mother was rather busy to be involved with her daughter’s life. All she ever did was financially keep the house in place, paying monthly bills and debt. Mercy only looked down to her sister for attention, while her sibling often did the same. She had no true friends by her side. Any companion of hers would often run from her side, to avoid being neglected by others. Though, she was used to this. She wouldn’t even bother telling the staff, or principal her conflicts because she was given the impression that she didn’t need friends.

One day in school, Mercy was seen eating in the corner of the cafeteria; by herself. All tables were filled with jocks, nerds, Goths, and more. It was a daily tradition for her, as she paid it no mind. And suddenly, a large girl about twice Mercy’s size slammed down on her table. She was rambling about how useless Mercy was and that no one likes her.

“You still bother to come at this school? Why! All we do is here shit on you. Nobody likes you girl… you’re just a failure to life.” The girl ranted at her. Mercy calmly ate her lunch, trying to ignore the bully. After about a while, it seemed the girl, known as Bria Crawford was more than agitated after noticing Mercy wouldn’t respond to her. So she walked up to her, and slapped her across her face rather firm and aggressively.

Mercy hadn’t seen it coming, and her head whipped to the side. The contact was so great, that almost the entire cafeteria heard. People were then already around the two, surrounding them. They chanted and roared “Fight! Fight!” Mercy, as small as she appeared, was of course shaking in her sneakers. She wasn’t really a fighter. Her opponent cracked her knuckles, and attacked Mercy after a good minute or two. They were in a scuffle, rolling around pulling hair and throwing hands. Eventually, the anatomy of Mercy’s bloomed brightly in a sapphire color. All that witnessed grew in shock.

The serum effects ultimately caved its way into Mercy, as she then felt a boost of strength. With no warning, she immediately turned the tables on her fighter, and deliberately beat her to the brink of death. The entire school’s staff and officers even failed to cut the fight. She gave Bria two black eyes, and a broken nose due to her peaking strength. It was ironic that Mercy eventually stopped herself from damaging her any longer, and offered her pity.

Mercy was beyond amazed at her strength. She had no regrets for her assault on Bria, and from that point on, Bria Crawford never bothered her again. Though, she despised Mercy. Mercy had humiliated her, and made her look foolish in front of practically the entire school. Yes, she really hated her for that and still does to this day.

Surge of Confidence

Mercy brought herself to be praised in school, yet also scorned from her lashing performance with Torri. Yet she didn’t care… it was then overtime that she started to gain more muscle and flesh upon her body. She couldn’t comprehend what was going on with her, and was afraid. Not having anyone to run to for help, all she could do was witness for herself.

Mercy’s height expanded from five feet, to seven in a blink of an eye. Her body gained a great deal of mass, of course which increased her weight. Her physical frame was astonishing, and intimidating to even the gangsters and jocks over in the school. After a time of hesitation, and fear of the new reaction that took place, it seemed she grew fond of her reborn size. Walking around in the halls, she normally threw death glares at people who eyed her cowardly. She even made the expression with Torri at some point, though Bria only scowled at her in return. It appeared that Bria proved nonetheless afraid of Mercy, and was roughly the only one.

Mercy proved to be more defiant with others after her new transformation. Ironically, her attitude grew bad tempered, and was often lacking patience with people. She often started fights, rampantly giving those whom she messed with unmerciful beatings. It didn’t faze her a bit, and she interpreted it as payback for all of what she had to suffer the previous years.

Brawls For A Living

The adolescents were driven true fear of Mercy, always avoiding her once witnessing her presence. Mercy loved this for herself, and often took this to her advantage. Even kids who were so nice and compassionate towards Mercy often got threats and rants. She didn’t want anyone to know she was dependent.

It eventually came prior that Mercy brought the violence from her high school, to the streets of Detroit. Men from gangs would always whistle at her from alleys, for her attractive curvy frame. The response that the gang members would get was often a pummeling beat down; broken bones and ironic cries out for help. She made her way to Millennium City, where she continued her silent savage against those who caused harm to the community. MCPD officers took notice of this one day, and approached her for a compromising deal. If she were to persist in taking care of business, resources and salaries would be given to her as a reward periodically. Mercy accepted the offer with no hesitation, in need of an occupation. This was only at age seventeen.

Opposites Unite

Ever since Mercy gained the shift to pummel the evildoers of Millennium, the crime rate began to slowly but surely decrease. It seemed that every time Mercy stepped foot in the streets, all would either act civilized or evacuate. Mercy was not pleased though, because then that would mean no cash. While innocent humans praised and chanted happily overtime for the absence of crime, Mercy cursed them. It’s happened for quite a few months, and Mercy didn’t have anything to do except appear at Club Caprice for a few drinks occasionally. One day, Mercy met a redhead female, otherwise known as her acquaintance at the time, Sharilyn Corde. Of course they seemed uncomfortable with each other at first; Mercy always foreboding her life while Sharilyn would answer with another threat of her own. They had a poor bond to begin with during the few weeks they’ve met.

Mercy always complained to smash heads. She and Sharilyn were eventually called for a meeting from James Harmon, which they went. It ultimately turned out that they were called for assistance in Multifaria—an alternate mirror of planet Earth controlled by the ruthless Shadow Destroyer. The two showed no reluctance as they entered forth together; of course Mercy finally had her glory to fight, while Sharilyn wanted to pierce with her weapons. With the two in combat, they were unstoppably a great force together when fighting the Multifarian habitants. It would be a combination of bashing bodies together, while literally triggering others to death.

They eventually came across Shadow Destroyer, who was the oppressor of Multifaria. He was a great menace to them both; unfortunately their egos were quite large. During this occurrence, the two communicated even better than before, and their alliance effort was tremendous. Though once Destroyer fell, so did Mercy. It wasn’t terribly noticed but it seemed Destroyer planted a concussion to her, and was so out of it. Sharilyn brought Mercy to her home, and gave her treatment to recoup into recovery. Eventually, Mercy was healed but her memory was stirred temporary.

Powers / Abilities

Not much is shown from Mercy. The athletic female is known for her powerhousing strength. She is a bodybuilder, who is able to lift more than 30 tons with quite ease. She can ascend to press higher levels of mass weight. She can withstand damage resistance to a large extent, but cannot regenerate. All she mainly uses for combat is her fists and body. She holds far greater hardiness than average humans. The comparison between Mercy and the human society of strength combined would make each look silly.

The more damage Mercy deals, the larger in size she becomes. It is an effect of the hormonic serum.

  • Resiliency: Mercy is extremely enduring when it comes to taking damage. She is able to survive through excruciating afflictions from almost any sort of contact. Any adversity will only recover her readily. Unfortunately she cannot regenerate in despite, but it's her determination and confidence that keeps her going.
  • Powerhousing Strength: The limit to Mercy's strength is very high. Trucks, trains, boulders... the list can go on for her.
  • Exceptional Reflexes: Mercy is not quick, nor is she slow. She is in between; having able to react rather briskly in dangerous situations. Her acrobatics benefit her dearly.
  • Growth: Already at an intimidating size, Mercy is able to increase her mass size just from flexing herself. It is either if she wishes to morph by her will, or if she is pushed.
  • Rage State: Mercy's unstoppable form. Once driven to a fury rampage, her anatomy will increase alongside height. The eyes of Mercy change into a more violent hue, perhaps crimson. The damage of her attacks are highly critical. She absorbs up to a large amount of damage given to her, as she ignores them.
  • Air Flight: The large athletic woman is capable of flying off her own free will. Blue flames engulf around her when she does. It is considered a special side effect from the liquid enhancement.

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Mercy is also known for her attitude. She is very disrespectful and barbaric to many people in general. Her childhood brought her to why she acts right now. Intrusive and insulting describes her. Mercy makes more enemies than friends, not that she truly intends for it to happen. Madison is always pugnacious toward another once approaching an altercation. She will not hesitate to attack first if tempted. Towards the ones she actually cares about, the maximum stunt would be to insult them, but never harm.

Her perception notions that people must cower before her, in order to lax around them. One who acts submissive toward her, she takes it offensively and at that point will not turn her back from the target. It is much in a hypocritical sense, though Mercy knows this, she doesn't really care. She is often seen in Club Caprice of Millennium City’s Renaissance Center. She doesn’t tend to talk much, and is mostly seen in a corner of the bar or lounge room, to herself. Mercy has been approached by both men and female sexes, and each have had their bones crushed in result.

People claim they know when Mercy is angry, yet they do not. She is usually just annoyed… None have witnessed her angry to this day, so Mercy often says.


Jade Madison

"Tch, what'chu expect me to say about her? She's my lil' sis. I love her to death, even though she can be a sharp pain in my ass."
Jade is Mercy's young sister who she's been with since childhood. She always treated her greatly, and still does despite her nasty attitude. She would do anything in the world for her just to please her, though to some extent. Her sister can be very annoying and agitating, rather needy and whiny to Mercy, but she still considers her the number one being in her life.

"The girl who I've fought wit' since day one. I hate her ass, but at the same time I don't. She's lucky."
Mercy thinks of Sharilyn as if she was family to her. It all started out in Club Caprice. She would always show concern for her close friend whenever Corde is down, and make promises to break who ever it was that harmed Sharilyn in anyway. They've been through so much together and share a lot of memories. Even though she can be a total brute to her, she'd never wish to truly harm Sharilyn physically... maybe verbally.

"The hearted Android. Hmph... I dig her. She's been through a lot, and is still holding down to whatever she has left."
The two met with tension at first. Mercy practically hated her guts, and treated her like trash most of the time. Without Sharilyn, she wouldn't of known Seraph. During the couple of months, it seems Mercy laxes around her now. She doesn't verbally attack Seraph often anymore, which of course Seraph is relieved of. She doesn't regret meeting this android, as ridiculous as it may sound to her. Mercy plans to stick by Seraph as long as she lives, no matter what happens between them.

A drawing by @Golden_Seraph showing how both Mercy and Seraph interact with each other.

"The annoying fox who loves to come up in my grill.. pfft, nah. He ain't aggravating like that anymore, he's actually taught me a lot."
Seth and Mercy did not meet in the most welcoming fashion. In fact, they first engaged in a fight where upon Seth toyed with Mercy. She hated him dearly for that, and always held a grudge on him. Meeting in the future several times, they had tense conversations where Seth warned Mercy about her ways and where it would lead her. Of course she never paid any attention to him. It was until she found herself in an accident that she kicked herself mentally for not listening. Since then, Mercy and Seth seem to be getting along just fine. To herself, and only her, she is glad she came across Seth at all.

"Tch... Goldie. Or Red Eyes, or whatever you wanna call her. Kahi. I mean I guess friends ain't so bad after all."
She thinks of Kahi as too much of a nice person when she wants to be. Though, she isn't complaining. She actually likes seeing her in good moods, considering the fact she's so used to it by now. She of course admires Kahi's company, along with Seth; Mercy just doesn't care to admit it. In secret, Mercy wants to have a shot at defeating Kahi in a fight to the near death since their first ever duel was intervened. There are always misunderstandings with the way these two interact, since they get along in their own way. It is often mistaken as if they were an item.

"That damn girl... ugh. The only one who I can't touch in terms of beatin' her ass. But don't worry though, that day'll come."
Persephone interests Mercy rather a lot. For the large human, she never went in contact with anyone even larger than herself. They both hang out and spend time in the Gym, lifting and dueling. Although Mercy won't say it, she is fond of Persephone's concept. The way she acts, how powerful she is; It amazes her deeply. Persephone is for the record the only person Mercy's size (or larger) that defeats her easily.


"She's my girl, got a good heart. She taught me on how to open up more, she's real significant to me and my life. Anybody who messes wit' her, is gon' get it."
Arisha is one who means so much to Mercy. They met on harsh terms, and it was nothing but beneficial to their relationship. She has no problem calling Arisha another sister aside from Jade.

Guy Dangerous

"Legit? He's the strongest kid I've ever known to this day. I don't care what nobody says, he's not one to be overlooked. We be havin' those sessions at the gym down west all the time, he's a chill-ass little dude."
Mercy isn't kidding when she emphasizes how powerful Guy is; but they both share a great bond of friendship. Despite of his tremendous abilities, he still offers great mannerism to the woman-- referring to her by 'Miss Mercy' at all times. She is glad to have met him, and vows to stay at his side for as long as she can breathe. She usually cannot stand teenagers, but Guy is one of a kind.



Phenomenal Skills: Advanced Martial-Artist; Great Agility

Most Recent Encounter: Central High School (11:15am 4/12/08)

Distinctive Features: Contains dark crimson dreadlocks; Body is inked with tribal tattoos; Holds a Chicago-accent; A scar over her right eye

Note: The two share a dark history, and despise one another. At the time, Bria had been affiliated with a gang that often started trouble with Mercy years back while in school. A memorable fight broke in Central High's cafeteria between the two eventually, and it caused Mercy to transform to who she is now. Bria will never forgive Mercy for what she had to deal since that day.

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██



Songs ranging from old to new school that Mercy jams to on her HTC Phone.


Black Boss Lady - Mercy is an African American woman who is known for her barbaric attitude and rough aggression. People know her potential, and usually cowers when approaching her annoyance.
Tomboy - She has tastes and behaviors usually associated with men. She loves to drink, fight, swear, engage in other critical activities.
Action Girl - Her main facility is to be strong on the battlefield. She shows off her strength with success, and everybody knows of it.
Passionate Sports Girl - She loves her sports... basketball and American football especially.
Bonding Over Missing Parents - Mercy had been raising Jade ever since their parents both left them at different times in their lives. Their father was selfish with finance, and so he abandoned the family after Jade's birth. The sisters' mother slyly went on ahead of them to perfect her scientific field, leaving the girls behind. Mercy despises her parents; and to her concern, they are carefree from her mind. All she cares about is her little sister, dearly.
Drake - Mercy's favorite rapping artist. She overly praises him, and always defends him in debating battles against Persephone.


  • Favorite Song - Poppin' Bottles by T.I.
  • Favorite Foods - Fried Chicken, Ramen Noodles.
  • Favorite Athlete(s) - LeBron James

What Do You Think Of Mercy?

"Miss Mercy is one of the strongest fighters I've ever met. She has the dedication and drive to reach true mastery of herself. While I think she can attain ever greater heights if she focused more on her spiritual energies and the greater focus it could grant her, she is definitely a true warrior. I think that one day, perhaps soon, she'll be called for something greater than that of a weight-lifting brawler, and I hope she answers it." - Guy Dangerous

"Great kid. Damn good scrapper. Quite strong. She ain't bad lookin' either! Just need a little more experience." - Lewd Noogie

"Mercy Madison; yes, I know her. There isn't much to tell-- in honesty I believe I do not know her as well as I would like to. She is my friend though, we talk and catch up once in a while; she always seems to have one crisis or another going on, she is better at getting caught up in these 'exciting' little dalliances than I am. Let me see; Mercy is like, well, she is a diamond. Don't believe it all compliment, hunni. Let me explain. She is like some uncut precious gem-- a diamond, if you like. Rough and sharp, immeasurably tough and hard, well, hard-headed I mean. She has her own opinions, very much firm-placed... Difficult to get through to her on occasion but, to her credit in the end she will listen to you if you make sense to her; she is no fool when all is said and done. She has a great deal of potential; and I am not simply talking about her physical abilities, though they're obvious... No, she has much potential to change this world, for greater good or greater ill to be defined by her choices-- strong individuals always have an effect on the world, one way or another. She has the motivation to; the reason to fight she needs. Oddly, she is protective, very in-fact. At least I find it odd... I always imagine she would be so at home on some long forgotten battle field, swinging a mace into someone. Still, not like she would use such an extension as a morning star-- her fists are her weapons. A little tip, if you learn anything about her now; don't make her angry if you aren't prepared to deal with the consequences. It is better to dodge than to try to parry, trust me. Mean right-hook that one." - Kahi

"Cute... rather fun to fight. I admire her tenacity...and I do enjoy the fire in her eyes from time to time. She will be great one day, no doubt about that. She just needs to mature up a bit." - Persephone

“What? Tah Captain? Bawaahahahahaha, ey Mercy’s in-all-rights ah cool chick. Despite us beefin' 'n tah first meetin’ 'n public was all awkward like, she’s ah really great fighter, a strong woman devoted tah what she says, hell I consider attitude tah be tah type that leads not follows. Honestly she’s got one of tah leadership type attitude we need, especially in this day 'n age. But eventually in one ah these duels or lil' spar we be havin' when we go all-out, I’m fixin’ tah give the ol’ Captain ah ‘Coup De Grace’.” - Cassandra Elena