United Justice Coalition

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United Justice Coalition
"Justice goes around, comes around."
Leader(s): Crimson Moon, Starfall, Balckbird, Black America, Sir Speedy, Javelin, Prototype
Base of Operations: The Vault
Concept: Vigilante/Registered heroes
Founded: Confidental
Website: Click Here
Members: 71+
The Champions, turned Law Enforcement Agency.


After Crimson Moon left Cross Industries, he was approched by a UNITY officer; whom proposed forming a special freelance division. Crimson accepted on two conditions; if he could do his job without UNITY overwatching so meticulously, and if he could personally hand-pick the recruits. The officer agreed, and assigned several UNITY agents to assist him with referbishing one of Crimson's old bases as well as give assistance with the earlier, low level threats. After a period of recontructing the rather desolate base, Crimson went out looking for recruits and soon found his first six through his many contacts. These six would then go on to be the Founders of the group. They are:

  • Starfall: an alien cop with the power to manipulate matter due to a special item given to her for her job.
  • Blackbird: another alien of a semi-avian race. Hot headed and independant.
  • Black America: a Government operative acting as a liason--just a baseline human that has a gun fetish.
  • Sir Speedy: a man gifted with superhuman speed in addition to a superhuman hyperactivity; normally just looking for someone to talk and spar with.
  • Javelin: not much is known about this abberational figure as of yet, but Crimson is looking into it: the original founder decline her invitation, therefore Javelin took her place.
  • Prototype: a cyborg super genius whom used to work with Crimson within Cross Industries.

The UJC has recently become it's own independent agency and no long part of UNITY or UNTIL in technical terms. After consulting multiple other organizations such as the FBI, NSA, CIA and DEA; Crimson has gained at least 2500+ new Field and Support agents for the Millennium divisions, which are now placed on a national level of the entire United States.

Recently the UJC has been reformed into a generic hero-group with government ties such as supplies, intel and support when needed.

Modus Operandi

Being a Law Enforcement Agency, the members of the UJC are entitled to kill should they see fit AND so long as there is no otherway around a situation. The primary objective is always to subdue the opposition, regardless of whom they may be. Once again, as part of law enforcement, the organization is entitled to intelligence which are able to vary from murder cases, to arsons, to drug trafficking, to international crimes.

Organizational Structure

  • Freelance -- None. Volunteers.
  • "New Kid" -- 5-15,000 dollars a month.
  • Operative -- 15-25,000 dollars a month.
  • Agent -- 25-35,000 dollars a month.
  • Officer -- 35-45,000 dollars a month.
  • Commander -- Varies.

While not an official rank, freelancers act as the private operatives of the group. Those who wish to assist the UJC whilst continue to remain attentive to their current group are able to enlist for this rank. Those who freelance for the group also have a fair chance for operational deniablity by which, their actions should provide no link towards the UJC--should such a situation ever arise with such a requirement.

Recruits are the first step on the ladder. The people under this rank are the (obviously) newcomers to the UJC they are similar to a patrol cop or sargent in most Police divisions. Those who pass an early training stage get ranked up to that of an Agent. These guys and girls are the generally more experienced operatives, whom have proved themselves to be suitable for the more difficult assignments. They deal with the missions that require more tactical or detective experiences. The highest rank possible, excluding the possibility for a Commander spot opening up, are the Officers. These are few elites of the group, by which are able to oversee the events, projects and cases within the entire group.

Finally, the Commanders. Only seven of these ranks are able to be active at anyone time within the UJC. The select few under this rank are the veterans of the UJC. They are entitled to the most dangerous missions available, and (like the Officers) oversee the entire operation of the group. It is up to the Commanders to uphold the future of UJC, for it is their decisions that will affect the entire group as a whole. Should a Commander resign their status, or fall in battle; that spot is open for applications for members within the group--though it is most likely to be given to one whom has proven their worth time and time again above anything else.

Task Force Units

Effectively, there are five different areas and sections within the Coalition that each specialize in their special notion. These range all around in order to set a division along with a unique property; examples being the general infantry and paramilitary forces to that of the arcane or intelligence recovery. Despite each section running independently with each other--the operations involved are open entirely to the Coalition should it be necessary. The following Task Forces are:

  • Task Force Sword: This is the main law enforcement/paramilitary Task Force. Talents of those who opt within this group should be strongly based along combat and tactical firepower which is suggested to also be draftable towards teamwork. The overseer of the Sword is Crimson Moon.
  • Task Force Shield: This Taskforce in the intelligence and recon unit run, designated by "The Oracle" Aeclypso. These are tasked with gaining information on the operations, and detailed up-to-date profiles on enemies: and will generally keep in contact with members with during missions. Feeding through newly gained information via the communication units. Additionally the Shield also deal with arranging assignments and contact management, and are eligible to deal with investigations of all varieties; though mostly avoiding conflict if at all possible.
  • Task Force Mitternacht: The Covert Task Force Unit. Once more, this is under direct command of Crimson himself. However, to the contrary of the Sword division, the elements of the Mitternacht are that of assassination to general espionage (which involves Operational Deniability in most cases). Specifically this Task Force works very closely with the Sword and Shield divisions with subtle communication at most times. Noticably this area adheres to the smallest of all the Task Forces and only has a small company of operatives within its ranks. THe agents that are assigned to this Task Force typicly wear high tech ninja attire.
  • Task Force Arcanus: The mystic Task Force led by Apotropaic. As suggested, the Arcanus deal with issues that relate to magic, and target audiences that may have possible collaborations with DEMON, VIPER's own mystic divisions and the operations within Vibora Bay.
  • Task Force Triage: Medical and Research & Design specialists, run by Morgain with East Star as the Deputy-head. Quite obviously, this division deals and prepares with Task Forces before and after their assignments; be it handing out equipment to the accelerated healing program initiated within the medical bay. Outside of the Coalition, they are the public relation, feeding out newly designed remedies for the better of the world.

Paraphernalia Training

The UJC offers extensive, optional-but-encouraged training sessions that allow newer members of the 'hero business' to learn new skills, provisions, talents and abilities in order to extend themselves as a more rounded individual. The greenhorns of the group would generally plan out their own independent schedule as to which activity they wish to apply themselves into, and it is strongly suggested that even experienced members do the same for the notion of growing characteristical traits.

Examples of some of the classes are as follows:

  • CQC (Close Quarters Combat): Lead by a chinese hero known as 'White Dragon' who is a sophisticated master in the arts of hand-to-hand combat and has initiated to train the newcomers in all forms of combat, ranging from Aikido to Kung Fu, students are taught in mannerisms that utilize the peak capacity of their strength, dexterity, endurance and their powers.
  • Marksmanship: All members are encouraged to take this class, regardless of the powers they hold. The majority of the weaponry and conventional material are suited for people of all classes; and the purpose of this class is for any issues that involve the loss or temporary hold of the usage of superpowers. In these rare circumstances, the marksmanship training would allow the subject to continue to be in operation. This class is run by 'Sharpshot', a typical modern day Robin Hood.
  • Electronics and Hacking: Run by 'Techz', the UJC's local technopath and tactical operator. He teaches those who opt for the class the basics of hacking and entering a fairly sophisticated system as well as how to opt through a network without the compromising of their operations. Additionally, if he's in a rarely good mood, he would teach one how to set up their VCR.
  • Operational Deniability: Run by 'Ghost', a former assassin and vigilante whom teaches those who opt for the class how to effectively use conventional gadgets, surroundings to their advantage, dealing with a situation that involves subtle manner and espionage in infiltrate a simulate stronghold.
  • Apprehension Avoidance A must-learn for those members unfortunate enough to be caught and apprehended. Lessons are based on specific situations by which members are "coerced" into effective improvisation. Run by former thief and world-class escape artist 'The New Houdini'.
  • Driving: While most members can presumably drive, they don't necessarily know how to drive in defensive and offensive formations in collaboration to high speed velocity without taking down half the city. Basic, but it can save one's life in even the most unlikely scenario. This is run by Ex-Secret Service agent 'Vincent DiAngelo'.
  • Negotiations A mandatory class run by 'Voice'; a beautiful female hero known for her rather wide-ranged vocal strings and concussive blast radius. She teaches how to use the potential of natural means necessary to coax out information. Prior examples being looks, brains and willpower.
  • Demolitions Another mandatory class run by 'Firework'; a Pyrokinetic hero which hails from the UK. Skills and talents based on this class are fairly obvious though necessary in most cases-deconstructing the fundamental sophistication of tactical arming, prepping, disarming and the actual explosion. Generally phased forth in association with team-based structuring.

On a side note, Aeclypso is the secondary trainer amongst all of the mentioned classes and more.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to any registered hero or vigilante willing to help. However, any anti-heroes who apply may be put under a quick 'interrogation' to see if they are willing to play by the rules of the UJC. Villians are a big no in the UJC unless they are believed to be attempting to redeem their previous actions. Even then, they have to have at least five different types of paper-work to prove they are under a reformation program.

All UJC members carry a badge with an inbuild radar system which will give assistance as to locating the base. This radar can be disabled by inputting the badge number (which all members must memorize eventually) into the main supercomputer, from which it will send out a unique signal that only the specific badge will receive. This is in addition to an earpiece to keep in contact with the group, though some members may put in a request to have a different type of communication device.

The 'legal' age limit for recruitment into the UJC is 17+. However, exemptions are if a member are parents to a particular child, they are eligible to put forward training sessions for their next of kin; earning them the "Candidate" status by which they'll be fully accepted into the group once they hit the correct age. Naturally, they will team along side their parent(s) or carry on their legacy if so wished.

Contact Details - 17th October 2010

  • Commanders




Morgain@Admiral Alpha Model

Sir Speedy@TheJollyJester


Laura Fransen@ordaskat

  • Officers


Chloe Liddar@Maekada

East Star@ordaskat

Llyran O'Connor@Castegyre



As well as mutual alliances with those connected to the Government and UNITY--the following group(s) have made a friendly coalition with the UJC:

  • Ghost Hound