White Star Avengers Initiative

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White Star Avengers Initiative
We fight for liberty
White Avengers.jpg
Leader(s): Professor Heismeir (formerly Commander US)
Base of Operations: Millenium City (currently Champions HQ)
Concept: Fighters of liberty and freedom
Founded: 2010
Website: Click Here
Members: Confidential

White Star Avengers Initiative (W.S.A.I.), is a team of superheroes, founded by ex-veteran Commander US.


On December 6, 1941, Daniel Waltz (Commander US) who was located at Pearl Harbor the day before the incident, got an anonimous call from a stranger, who told him to go straight. With a private airplane, he flew to D.C. and met with one of the most recognized politic figures of the time, Vice president of USA, Henry Wallace. The meeting happened in a ghetto house, to not attract attention. There, Wallace told Waltz about a secret government team called 'White Star Ops.' With the beginning of the war, White Star Ops. fought both on the frontlines and underground. It is rumored that Waltz was the one who assassinated Adolf Hitler.

After the war, right before Vietnam, Commander Weider (who would eventually become Captain US' archnemesis, American Hero) became the head of the team. He was a soldier who fought with passion, also disliked Waltz. Following Vietnam, Weider was disbanded and Waltz became the leader. Till the year 2000, Waltz' operations were mostly intelligence based and non-lethal.

On the year 2000, vice president of the time, Al Gore, disbanded WSO and Waltz started working by himself, directly for the US government.


After Captain US' recruitment at UNTIL Agency, he rose up in the ranks. At one time, he was allowed to have his own special operations team. Decided to pay homage to his previous team of heroes, Captain US named the team White Star Avengers Initiative. Under the authorization of UNTIL, WSAI was a team full of specialists. Under the leadership of Captain US and Warhawk (Known as The Wasp back then), a publicity figure and a boxer Mr. Fabulous, I and the half-alien, force-manipulator Dominick was recruited into the ranks of WSAI as a start.

With Captain's desire to make WSAI an independent team who are fighting for liberty, instead of UNTIL, Captain and UNTIL started to fall apart. When Captain offered them his resignation, UNTIL decided to NOT let him go that easily and added him into the blacklist. As for the other WSAI members, they were "officially" fired.

Story Arcs

Going Underground and the Clean record

After Captain went underground, a merc was held by UNTIL, to take him out, named Warrick. Meanwhile Waltz was trying to recruit new, valuable members. A CIA agent Black Sparrow, technician TinkerToy, lighting manipulator Megavolt, cyborg Silverblade and the superstrong Brick was only a few of the new members of the team.

WSAI also had a few freelancer members such as Tarjah Blackrose and Blade. After asking Tarjah for a favor, to clean their record and get rid of Warrick, Captain US and the WSAI started aiming to fight for the PEOPLE rather than working for a government section. They are now a global team of heroes, looking for new recruits.

Double Agent Sparrow,Liberty and Haus Vandrake

Not too long ago, one night Commander US received an anonymous call from a CIA agent, telling him to watch out for Black Sparrow. After a few checks, Sparrow's whole background seemed to be confidential and she was not only working for CIA but the government itself. Later on, Sparrow left the team and Captain US had "taken care" of the situation.

Afterwards the event, WSAI started hearing the news of one of the members of Haus Vandrake having actually killed somebody. Started to look into it, WSAI begun to investigate the team as a whole. Led by Skasha and Xevion Vandrake, Haus Vandrake was a team of demons, who were working with contracts, enslaving souls and killing. With these actions of theirs, the WSAI team decided to stood up against them.

The Leaders

After several months, when the Vandrake threat seemingly to be laying low, a Future Captain US appeared out of nowhere. Coming from an alternate universe to kill his present self, Future Waltz was believed to be a madman who was tortured by an unknown group of people, who called themselves The Leaders. According to his words, if Daniel Waltz ever steps in Washington within that week, the whole hero community would be in the danger of persecution.

Believing that the murder of present Commander US would solve the whole issue, Future Cap was eventually killed in a feral fight in the city of Vibora Bay, by the promising Avenger Jay. Using the Body's DNA, WSAI faked the genuine Cap's death, with The Leaders finally backing off.

The Creator

As a member of the team, Caelite digs back into his past, he confronts one of his worst nightmares. Revealing Caelite as an Immortal being, throughout he following period, he encounters the ghosts of his past as the rest of the team helps him on his journey. Apparently having been ~built~ by his father, a god calling himself The Creator, Caelite joins forces with the Avengers to help them take him down. Unfortunately, The Creator uses Caelite's body cleverly, causing the team to stop their attacks. However, after knocking away The Creator, the threat slowly dissolves into thin air as Caelite comes back to his old self in a rejuvenating manner.

With the end of The Creator, Caelite finally marries the team's fallen angel Alestria Eveningstar.

The New Chaos

((more to come))

White Star Coalition

In the autumn of 2010, United Justice Coalition and White Star Avengers Initiative started a conjunct program for the gifted youngsters, called White Star Coalition. Although short-lived, led by Professor Heismeir this program proved to be most useful, granting the 2 teams a number of workers. With the suspension of the WSC, Professor Heismeir became a regular member of the Initiative, eventually becoming it's new leader.