Alestria Eveningstar

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Player: @jneves04
the Shadow Destroyer
Class Focus: Protecting humanity and preventing the Apocolypse
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: Alestria Eveningstar
Known Aliases: Alison
Species: Angel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: Eternal
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Paradise
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Darkness, Celestial, Telepathy
Known Abilities
Ability of choice is Shadow Embrace
Prefers to keep armor to a minimum
When the darkness finds the light, the light will also find darkness



In the beginning was for an instant that was eternity, and no time at all. The Void, empty or full beyond measure, vast or an infinitesimal point, with neither scale of length nor time, neither in motion, nor standing still. It was unchanging and outside of time, when he through act of will, caused it to change. The Void broke. Its empty symmetry shatter into an inifinty of parts in motion, and thus time was born. In a burst of light as the all expanded, if space can expand, if time can tranfromd to an Eye that sees all, everywhere, on the scale it imagines the clock it defines.

The slow grasp of gravity into shallow wells, the matter pulled to make them deep oceans; stars formed in the deeps, burst into light, spangled the night. The stars aged, exploded, were born again, from stardust bright, rich with the elements of life. From this dust, the planets formed with molten cores and arid fields. Comets fell and seas formed, the cradle of life.

The loaded dice rolled and life came to be without spirit.

Life grew fruitful, and multiplied. Generations lived and died, were reaped and discarded as life crafted itself. Sons and daughters changing, as chance determines, the strong kill the weak, the young harvesting the old, so that theyoung might live and grow eyes the better to see.

This Earth took 13, 132, 737, 159 years to ripen, although to it's Creator, it was but a few days on vacation, twiddling his cosmic thumbs and a blink of the cosmic eye.

Birth of the Angels

He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. BIBLE, Psalms 91: 11-12

The Creator formed the world and its inhabitants, ever watching the progression of mankind through his all seeing, eternal eye. He watched as the most perfect of all his creations, the breath of life, was without meaning and without value. The mortal men and women, the first of all Creation, lived and breathed and died. They procreated, they gathered, they learned the means to endure and survive, but lacked the emotion, the spirit, the soul. The Creator saw this and knew that this was not what he wanted. What was the point of the breath of life if not appreciated? What was the point of living if not to love, to cherish, to fear, to laugh, to be happy or to be sad. With this, he realized that without a spirit, a soul, mankind would never be the beings he wanted upon the creation of life. So he decided, once again, to make change.

Through the dust of stars, the Creator formed beings that were each blessed with a large amount of his power, and with it, the ability to grant souls to mortals. He named them Angels and gave them a home that was beyond the mortal plane, one that could only be walked by man upon his death. The Shadow lands, The Great Unknown, Elysian Fields, Valhalla, Fortunate Isles, the Isle of the Blessed, The Kingdom of Joy and Light, Eden, The Firmament, The Sky, Heaven, all were the names known to man of this celestial plane, but to the Angels, it was simply known as Paradise.

They watched the mortals and, given the strength of the Creator, gave them substance, gave them souls. They guided man along their short span of life, and personally escorted them back to Paradise upon their deaths, as everything that is created must return to the Creator upon its completion. They were joy, and hope, and each Angel, feeling the love of the Creator in their essence, found love in the task set forth upon them, spreading that love, and joy, and hope, to all of mankind.

Alestria Eveningstar was one of the first of the Angels. The brightest of lights formed by the dust of the mightiest of stars, she walked along mankind and blessed them with souls. The pride and glory she found in her work was second to none and for centuries she did the Creator's work and smiled.

That is, however, until she fell in love. As humanity was the first of the Creator's great creations, and the Angels second, it was known that Angels shared common emotion with mankind. For if they have the power to grant souls, then they themselves, must possess one, the Creator thought. So filled with the soul granted to them upon Creation, the Angels learned to fall in love, they began to cherish, to fear, to laugh, to be happy and to be sad.

Lucifer Morningstar and the Uprising

Among Alestria, as the first of God's great Angels, was Lucifer Morningstar. He wielded a beauty beyond compare and took great pride in his work as a giver of souls. Alestria saw the kindness, the compassion in this being and, among many of the other female Angels, quickly fell in love with Lucifer. He was the strongest of their kind, some even say that he was the pride of the Creator, because in him dwelled the most humanity than any other of his kind.

He chose Alestria to be his mate and she felt true happiness. This amazing being, so much stronger and seemingly wiser than any of the other Angels, had chosen her beyond anyone else. She took great pride in this and, like a lot of her kind, soon fell to cherish Lucifer. For centuries she experienced pure bliss, taking joy in her work and taking joy in her love with Lucifer.

But Lucifer no longer shared that joy in his work. After spending eons watching mankind and helping them, he grew to resent them, deeming them unworthy of the precious life and soul that the Creator had given them. He watched them still wage wars and destroy each other over false beliefs and profit. He watched them use his precious Creator, HIS Creator's, name in vain and spread sin throughout the world. Clearly, the Creator is wrong, he thought. For even after granted mankind souls, they still spread death and destruction. He voiced his concerns to the other Angels, reasoning with them that the Creator must no longer be watching them or mankind, for if he did, how he could allow such destruction. Lucifer wished to take over their precious Paradise and in doing so, erase humanity and begin anew. Form a world under the Angels image not that of a separate species, for they were the most perfect of God's creations, not man.

Many of Lucifer's followers began to agree, completely enthralled in their love for Lucifer. Alestria, although still strongly in love with Lucifer, tried to reason with him, tried to explain that the Creator gave not only souls to all of his creations, but another precious gift as well: Free Will. That mortals, just like them, had the ability to make choices, to learn from their mistakes, to seek redemption.

Lucifer was too blinded by his rage to see reason. A division began to split Paradise into two: the Followers of Lucifer and the Angels who stood by their task set forth by the Creator. Upon being told to choose a side by Lucifer, Alestria turned her back on the Creator and chose her love, becoming a commander in Lucifer's gathering army.

Michael, the Pure of Heart and the War of Heaven


Lucifer, or the Morningstar as he had become titled, gathered a strong army in heaven. His followers were absolute and they were many, Alestria being one of their strongest and through a battle of fiery swords and celestial carnage, they challenged the Paradise they spent centuries calling their home. The opposing force of Angels, being led by Michael the Pure of Heart, met their blows with a savage force of their own. The Heavens shook and the mortals watched as the skies filled with blistering light and believed the world was itself was coming to an end.

The War was short, in mankind’s views of the War, and Michael and his followers of the Creator overtook Lucifer's forces. Thousands of Angels lost their lives in this tragic war, and upon its bloody completion, the Creator appeared among them. He looked upon Lucifer, Alestria and their remaining followers and explained to them the meaning of sin. That they, even mighty Angels as they are, have proven that nothing is free from it. He offered them a choice: They could spend the rest of their immortal lives on Heaven seeking redemption or meet the power of his wrath and be abolished.

Looking into the eyes of her dead friends, Alestria finally stood against Lucifer and was the first to choose a life of redemption on Earth. She gazed into the eyes of her comrades, of Lucifer's followers, and pleaded with them to follow her, that there was no need for more death on that day. They agreed and upon lining up to enter the Celestial Portal that led them to Earth, Lucifer became enraged by their betrayal, theirs and the Creator himself. He took a sword against God with the intent to die courageously rather than become victim to a life that he believed to be slavery. Upon doing so, God did not grant him the death that wanted, instead banishing him to another Plane, which mortals now call Hell, the abyss of sinners, where he would spend eternity ruling over them and being among those who he hated, those most like himself.

The Fallen and Michael's Revenge

After being sent to Earth, the Fallen, being led by Alestria, spent decades seeking redemption by helping mankind. Upon realizing that the gift of soul had properly been spread throughout the world, they began a more hand's on approach in helping man, often visiting them in their dreams, protecting them from evil or avenging the injustices of the world. Alestria found happiness in her and her people's redemption. Unfortunately, that happiness was short lived.

Michael resented the fact that the Fallen had been given another chance. He cried for more justice, as he watched the Fallen live among humans and become happy and content there. He watched as they procreated with humans, giving birth to the first of the pure Nephilim. Soon, he felt a rage much like that of the Morningstar and set out to Earth with some of his followers in a fiery flight, bringing death to the Fallen and their mutant offspring.

The Fallen were no match for Michael's forces and soon fell, leaving Alestria as the last of her people.

Alestria Present Day

For years, Alestria hid among the humans, under the name of Alison Eveningstar. She mourned the death of her people, and believing that it was the will of God, turned her back on her path of redemption. She began to grow the powers of darkness and spread wrath in her wake, playing the iron hand of justice to even those of lesser sins. For 10 years she lived this way and felt nothing.

That is, however, until she crossed paths with a Nephilim child. It seems that one pure Nephilim remained, and although his name was never learned, he spoke the voice of the Creator. He explained that Michael's wrath was his free will, not the order of God and Alestria grew furious. She immediately began to once again walk her path of redemption, all the while seeking out Michael so that he would feel the pain that he has caused.

Recently Alestria was approached by Commander US and joined his team, the White Star Avengers Initiative. She hopes that with this team, she can continue to follow her path of redemption and abolish all evil from the world, so that she can once again return to Paradise.

Death of an Angel

Upon coming into what she thought was the full completion of her powers, Alestria challenged the evil Archangel, Therakiel, in the catacombs of his lair hidden deep beneath Vibora Bay. Therakiel had been gathering a great army there to bring forth the Apocolypse. After learning the whereabouts of Therakiel's location, Alestria charged in to meet him in battle face to face, not wanting to put her fellow team members in danger of his wrath.

The battle was great, Alestria calling forth the dark, celestial powers from inside her being, meeting Therakiel sword to sword. The catacombs exploded in celestial energy, destroying everything from within. Therakiel had managed to escape with the help of Valerian Scarlett and some of his other followers. Alestria was destroyed within the catacombs as the roof caved down on her.

With the death of her earthly body, Alestria's soul soared through the sky and returned to Paradise, a place she had long thought she would never see again. She was greeted by the Guardians of Heaven, some with smiles and some with absolute disgust for her, remembering her betrayal long ago. They carried her soul up to the highest cloud where she was thrown through a portal pure as light.

Once entering the portal, Alestria experienced flashes of every moment of her immortal life. Her love of Lucifer, the battle, the blood of angels on her holy swords, the falling from grace, the destruction of her people, and her newly found home in the White Star Avengers Initiative. She fell through what seemed eons and eons of images until she awoke naked, on the floor of a thickly flowered garden.


She was met by a woman, dressed head to toe in fabrics of white and gold. The woman's hair was made of thick, white feathers and her eyes were bottomless. Alestria could not withstand looking into them and when she did, she realized who this beautiful, mysterious woman was.

"I am the Creator, as you have come to call me." the woman said, "I have watched you, as I watch all beings, ever present, never seen. Ever felt, never touched. I know of you, Alestria Eveningstar, better than you know of yourself, for I was the one who breathed life into your body and granted you the soul of what you are now."

Alestria stared in wonder as she had known of no Angel before that has spoken with the Creator face to face. The Creator laughed and said "Even you, my dear Alestria, wondered at times if I exist, for such is any physical being, ever trusting their eyes before their soul. I have come to you now, upon the time of your demise, for your task in life is not complete."

"You see, Alestria Eveningstar, I know your heart, as I know the hearts of all. The power of free will had given you the opportunityh to make grave mistakes, those you have made for love, for anger and for revenge. Such emotions are powerful forces and although, they are never to be used an excuse, they can be used as a way to understand the reasoning of one's actions. Your past is tarnished with evil, yet still radiating the purity of your soul."

Alestria crawled to the feet of the Creator and cried "I'm sorry!". She wept for what felt to her like years, not being able to control the tears that streamed down her face.

"I know that you are, my great Alestria. You have served great justice in the world, not only to make up for the wrongs that you have done, but because your soul is filled with righteousness. You feel no obligation, only the desire to help humanity. For that, I will give you another chance, another choice, another day." The Creator smiled as she spoke, "You will be returned to Earth in a new vessel and a new role. You, Alestria Eveningstar, one with such hope and such purity, yet carrying inside you such darkness, will now be known as Alestria Eveningstar, The Angel of Death."

Alestria looked into the Creators all knowing eyes once again. "But...the Angel of Death? I am not...evil". The Creator raised Alestria to her feet and ran her hand along Alestria's cheek. "Death is not evil, nor is it good, it is the cycle of life. To live is to die and to die is to be reborn again, anew. You will bring death to those whose time has come and you will learn to take satisfaction in this role, as once you felt completion in giving those their souls. From there, it is your choice as to how you use the powers I am giving you. Choose wisely, as always, my dear Alestria."

And as soon as the Creator finished her last statment, Alestria awoke once again, laying atop a pile of rubble in Vibora Bay, remembering nothing yet noticing her black wings and thinking how beautiful they are.

Combat and Abilities

Once commanding only Celestial powers that are granted to her and the Angels, Alestria now prefers to use the powers of Darkness that she developed upon the tragic loss of the Fallen. However, she still retains the mental strength giving to any Angel. RPers will find that trying to enter Alestria's mind is impossible and that they can sense a strong, white Aura whenever she enters a room. Some say that after the death of her people, Alestria has become the physical embodiment of the Angel of Death, often summoning the shadows to bring forth her celestial justice and draining the life essence of her foes from where they stand.

Additionally, she has retained some minor healing powers. Although she is not able to heal others, Alestria is able to heal herself when damaged in battle. Do not take her ethereal beauty as a sign of weakness: she is a force to reckon with an although she prefers to avoid melee battle, she will summon the swords of the Angels if you do challenge her.

Personality Traits

In her human guise, Alestria demonstrates what she's learned about female humanity by acting like a stereotypical 21 year old girl. She is very flirtatious and wears seductive outfits. Alestria is often found at Club Caprice, mingling with her other members of her team over drinks and laughter.

Although she does exude confidence, humor, kindness and compassion, when presented with a situation, Alestria is very straight to the point. Some say that her years hiding as a human as given her a short temper and very little patience. She hates to wait and will often charge into battle without hesitation.

There are those that would say that the humanity she's learned during her years on Earth are her ultimate weakness, for she longs for love, companionship and friendship. Upon joining the White Star Avengers Initiative, she had a short relationship with one of it's founding members, Warhawk, before ultimately deciding that it wasn't a good fit. She struggles with finding the balance between her duty and protecting those who she now calls friends. But ultimately, she will stay on the path of redemption, regardless of the cost.