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Player: ZydrateAnatomy
Biographical Data
Real Name: Tanice
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid
Ethnicity: Jamaican
Place of Birth: Unknown. Probably Jamaica.
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Uknown
Age: ~30
Eyes: White
Hair: Red
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Broad
Physical Features: Tattoos, bodypaint
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Many
Citizenship: None, really.
Occupation: Gladiator, Up-And-Coming Hero
Education: Minimal
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Strength, Durability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Gladius, Chains
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Tanice is deceptively slim and medium height for someone blessed with Superhuman Strength. That's not to say she's not particularly intimidating, as she usually dons the garb of the Sovereign Sons, despite being an exile. Still, as always, she's mostly what you see is what you get.
She wears a bear pelt on her shoulder, kept together by magics. It was one of her first kills as a young teenager.

Brief History

Tanice was once a Sovereign gangmember in the earlier days, but disagreed with their increasingly violent methods to gain power. They finally enslaved her and forced her to fight in an Arena for their entertainment for many years, so she become desensitized to violence and combat, though is mentally aware of the atrocity. Her philosophy never changed however, even though she doesn't not particularly despise violence, she just feels her ex-gang members took it to a more brutal level than she ever liked. (Basically, she does not like excess of anything)

Personality and Lifestyle

Tanice can probably be described as jaded. She has the capability to be nice but her life experiences have her close to being a Cynic, but she has seen the goodness in people and holds onto that. She is saddened by the increasing violence in the world, and even in her short lifetime, and is not looking forward to a potential immortal life with her abilities. But she knows she has a few decades before she has to start worrying about that. Until that time, she tries living as normal as she can. Or at least, living the only way she knows how.

She is an honorable soul, that of a chivalric warrior. This sometimes gets in the way of logic and reason, but will happily stand for her beliefs and help others defend theirs. Basically, she is a follower of the "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it" line of philosophy.
This actually conflicts with her inner warrior, as most of her life was spent in an Arena where most political or personal disagreements were settled, and the winner was dubbed "correct" and the loser dubbed "dead". She'll be the first person to say something along the lines of "Just duel and settle it, then shut up."

While not formally educated, spending most of her teenage years as an Arena slave, she has turned to Philosophy and Theory. She holds on to her opinions while delving into the reasons behind why she, and people, feel the way they do. She's not always correct, which she accepts, but until she is able to afford an education, she'll take what she can get and she's happy not to be in the "Big Idiot" territory of superheroes.
Speaking of which, she's only performing Hero work, openly and without an alias, to reap the benefits. She prefers money so she can go to college (Or perhaps hire some sort of tutor to help her gain something of a High-school level), earning it the honest way rather than simply taking out a major villain and 'asking nicely'. Though to an extent, she fears intelligence because it seems the most intelligent are the most dangerous.
On a related note, she could be described as Neutral Good in a way. She's basically a good person, but isn't afraid to be self-serving if it will help her avoid conflict, or further her personal (usually benign) goals. This varies depending on her mood.

Powers / Abilities

Superhuman strength, and -very- superhuman durability to the point where her skin no longer breaks as easily. She theorizes, despite her limited education, that her time in the arena brought out the dormant ability. All the scars she once had seemed to fade. This is why she's perceptively skimpy, as she figures there's no real need for too many clothes or armor if nothing can harm her with any ease.


Mostly, science. Due to her supernatural durability, strength, and regeneration... One would have to be more clever in the ways of science to get through those. Many forms of magic seem to bounce off of her as well, learned from when the Sovereign Sons chose to enslave her rather than torture her via Voodoo... Which didn't seem to work.
Mostly, she's not immune to disease or sickness. She can still get sick like a normal human, despite the regeneration of direct wounds.

She's not fast, which makes her moderately captureable.

Nemesis Types

Obviously, the Sovereign Sons are on the top of her list.


The Big Guy / Class 2 (See link for details)
Dumb Muscle / Somewhat. She's not stupid, but lacks a formal education.
Honor Before Reason
Hot Amazon / Do I need to explain this?


Trivia & Notes

  • Flight power only chosen to make leveling in some zones less annoying. (Desert + Acrobatics = SHITFUCKCOCK)
  • On a lighter note, Tanice is what she would call a Gay-Asexual. She prefers women romantically, but her life experiences have made her disinterested in sex.

Other Stuff

RP Hooks

  • This is pretty much the only current character of mine that does "Hero" work openly. I mostly equate her fame with her level, and the more it rises the more potential there is for one's character to have heard of her.
  • Passing mentions on the news.
  • Newspaper articles, especially columns regarding "Up-and-coming" heroes.
  • PRIMUS, who tracks her, due to her criminal background. (She mostly worked as an Enforcer)

Theme Songs

Tanice's theme songs are -usually- slow and sad, lamenting on the increasing violence in the world and her own contribution -to- that violence. But as always, things vary.

Puscifer - Humbling River
KMFDM - Ganja Rock


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