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Player: @ZydrateAnatomy
Biographical Data
Real Name: [ ]
Known Aliases: The Archon
Gender: Female
Species: Ascended
Ethnicity: African American
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Mother, Father, Brother, Grandmother. All Deceased
Age: Approx. 24
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Standard
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 1
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Soul-Related. Weapon phasing, Psionics, Telepathy, Kenesis, Radiant-related sorcery, teleportation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Archon has a dark complexion that is usually tempered with bright colors such as white or red, often with black trims and outlines. She tends to remain in her Archon-dressed persona, an ornate white and black garb that is both designed for practicality and image.

Personality and Lifestyle

Her PTSD doesn't really affect the way she acts against others, it only gives her brief moments throughout the day where she cannot function properly. In which case she simply "locks down", takes some medication and remains statuesque for about two minutes for her to "come to", and she moves along with her day.

She is fascinated with the world around her, because what little memories she has left are usually of an unremarkable life of a simple young adult whose family got picked off one by one, by various mundane incidents like heart attacks and car crashes. Her grief manifested into cynicism, which for the most part she still has. Though at this point those are old wounds and most of her current level of hatred is aimed directly at PSI.

After Phase 4 she led a fairly normal life outside of being a public superhero with a long abandoned identity (She barely remembers her own name). She has an apartment (Which was not as readily furnished as Primus claimed), which she has tailored to her previously low to middle class life. Rife with midlevel computers, televisions, and even a pinball machine just to say she has one.

From Phase 4 Onward she is seen as outgoing and readily friendly to others. Her psyche reports mention that there's a lot of hate in her, but it's aimed in the proper direction.

Powers / Abilities

All of her powers are related to her soul, which turns out to be quite versatile as her soul is often compared to a "power source" rather than a mutation.

Her powers are described as radiant-like sorcery, which means she is able to heal wounds as well as various other practical uses.

She has various forms of Psionics and Telepthy of varying effectiveness. She has plenty of power, she just doesn't know what all she has and how to use it.

She can phase weapons out of her soul's energy, which she uses in most forms of combat and is often the first power anyone ever sees her use.


While she's practically godlike, much of her human form is fairly... standard.
She does not run quickly, punch hard, or aim particularly well. She does all of these things adequately, but when put in a situation where nuking things into non-existence with her very soul, she does not perform extraordinarily.

From Phase 2 to 4, her powers cause immediate pain. This pain is psychological as she remembers what happened during her "transformation", it gets better every time she uses it.

While in Phase 4 (Acceptance), she's not very brave and will avoid situations unless thrust upon her. Despite her going full hero status, she's still generally afraid of using her powers.

After ascension her weaknesses swing back to her human body, which is not necessarily extraordinary.


(( OOC Section ))
Archon's story arc is based around certain "phases". These phases can be roleplayed and replayed. This is similar to Lady Mechrome, whom also has a "replayable" story-arc. While Lady-M utilizes the Fatal Error series to facilitate her own story, Archon's storyline will be more akin to an on-table campaign, much of the roleplay will not involve any combat, as it revolves the recuperation of her mind.
In the interest of keeping things in suspense, each phase (Except for the first) will be hidden under Spoiler tags in the event you don't want to know the storyline immediately.
These restrictions may be removed after each phase when roleplayed.
The profile image will also be updated to reflect each phase.

Phase 1 - Disaster in Nevada


On November 29, 2013 at approximately 7:12am; A large explosion in the middle of the technology-driven city of New Shores has shaken its populace.
The source of the explosion was the "Dream Center", a facility developing technology to look into dreamscapes and general mind-reading technology without the need for metahuman abilities.
The explosion claimed approximately two-hundred lives, reports are still coming in on the injured but the current estimation is another three-hundred injuries. There is no count to the amount of scientists lost in the Dream Center, so one can only expect for these numbers to rise as more information becomes available.
There was an immediate announcement by the Mayor stating that there was a failure in experimental technology, stating that there was a power overload that led to this devastation. Authorities have already begun showing up to investigate this claim, caused by the suspicious nature of the explosion. Local champions have gone on record in stating that the explosion was not born of technology, though we have not gained further information on this matter. PRIMUS has taken a large portion of the infestation and has begun transporting relevant evidence and objects to their headquarters in Millennium City, where they have a base of operations that is fully equipped to investigate this matter.

Phase 2 - Coma Patient


The explosion melted most of the facility but there will still some parts untouched. However the effects were still seen throughout.
The center of the explosion was difficult to get to due to a mountain of collapsed rubble, much of it from surrounding buildings caving in after the foundations no longer existed.

This process took several days, in which the death toll reached five hundred, and the injuries count reached a similar number. News began covering the loss with frequency, and memorials were erected.

During the dig, there was a mounting evidence against the PSI organization, which began to make sense as the facility was researching dreams. While the bulk of evidence was effectively destroyed, other parts of the facility still had relevant information regarding the incident.

When they reached the source of the explosion, PRIMUS were surprised to find a woman in the rubble, entirely nude and dirty from the rubble, but otherwise unfazed. Her body also had pulsating lines of energy within her skin, permeating throughout her body.
She was immediately dubbed relevant and transported to a facility in Millennium City.

She was about impossible to directly identify without further information. Throughout the Dream Center there were only reports of "Subject #474" and "Project Understanding". A lot was missing due to the destruction, though PSI is mentioned and investigations immediately began and the organization made several suspicious movements after the incident.

The woman was deduced to be the Subject 474, and was discovered to be in a coma when attempts to wake her proved fruitless. She was sent to a special hospital in Millennium City, a specially guarded wing while PRIMUS investigated further.

While the technology from the Dream Center was under study, PRIMUS contacted powerful Psions in order to enter the woman's mind in order to discover the secrets behind the incident in Nevada.


When her mind was entered, the hired heroes discovered a ghastly sight. The ensuing realm wasn't so much disturbing, but more... wrong.
They were treated with a ruined metropolis with a black, red, and purple sky. A supernatural wind blew through the 'city'. Upon exploration they found a large statue of a large woman bound in armor and chains, nailed to a chair befitting of her size. Nearby was another woman, smaller. She was identified as being the woman in the coma, yet vaguely deformed. She was missing the area surrounding her heart. Ribs were shown, but no muscle, organs or gore. In place of her heart was a black mass of pulsating energy.

A long discussion ensued.

The armored 'statue' was revealed to be a sentient soul - hers.
The Armored Soul is what speaks first. It is polite in interacting with the mindreaders, she introduced herself as the girl's anguish and fury. That the explosion was because her soul burned brighter than most and PSI's experimentation accidentally detonated it. In the girl's grief of the devastation, she "locked" her soul away and essentially put herself into a comatose state so that she wouldn't hurt anyone else.

Many other justifications ensue. She does not want to enter a world that she feels dislikes or hates. From religion, to gender, to orientation, she feels most of the planet is politically against her and does not want to help save a world full of problems.

She also reveals the true source of the problem - The Dream Center. A facility designed by PSI (Though she did not know this at the time), she was effectively kidnapped along with hundreds of others. Beneath the facility was a prison-like sector where everyone was forced to utilize experimental technology. The idea was to explore the complex minds of humans. Since mind reading is two dimensional for many - like reading a book or watching a movie. And that's just for experienced Psionics. The Dream Center sought to make mindreading three-dimensional, stepping directly into someones mind as if walking through an amusement park and actively taking part in the subject's mind.

However the technology was imperfect and led to severe mental degradation. Her resistance just made it worse as her mind and body wore down further. She overheard conversations of further trauma to be inflicted on her and her soul acted out, leading to the explosion.

It takes some convincing (Which takes a combination of logic or clever personality manipulation) to break through her anger and indifference. In the end, she decides to awaken.

The PRIMUS doctors thanked the heroes and told them they would take care of the woman in days to come, though she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Phase 3 - Homeless

The woman's problems are far from over as PRIMUS operatives contact more heroes Or the same ones, it doesn't matter to them) and explain that they have lost contact with their charge. The apartment is abandoned and the cellphone was found to be in a trashcan. The weekly funding stipend continues, but no withdrawals are being made.

After some investigation, the heroes discover that the woman is now homeless and wandering the streets. She thinks she has unofficially joined several gangs but can't keep track, she just does what she can to not be accost on the street so she can avoid hurting anyone.
After some discussion it becomes known that she is essentially trying to starve herself to death and it isn't working. She feels the pains of hunger but it isn't giving her the satisfaction of the "long sleep" as she refers to it.

Once again, a combination of logic and personality manipulation was needed to snap her out of it.

The end result is optimistic - she feels the need to pay PSI in kind for the horrible things done to her and decides to register as a hero. She takes up the moniker "Archon", in relation to the lore of Archons being soul-infused leaders of men.

Phase 4 - Acceptance


Archon still suffers from PTSD but with a combination of medication and metahuman-related therapy, she becomes healthier in time.

She finds an appropriate outlet with Hero work, training to make her attacks much less lethal than the last.

She has accepted her current log in life and works towards wiping PSI off the map.

Phase 5 - Containment

Phase 6 - Ascension

Summary of Events


By Phase 4 she is in full-hero mode with a specific emphasis on all PSI operations. Being one of their experiments, many of her enemies are straight from the upper hierarchy of the PSI organization.


The first in what may be a long list of problems for Archon in the future is a woman named Nora, also known as "Psi-Anora" in the hero-villain dichotomy. She was once a standard assassin under PSI's hire but noticed a specific level of charisma that led to a spike in recruiting and she was eventually turned into one of PSI's top recruiters.

Nora was put into retirement regarding general mark-stalk-kill, and was actually on the officers team in the Dream Center in Nevada. They kidnapped civilians they deemed "unimportant", and Nora was there helping judge who was worthy of capturing and experimenting with mental technology.
She was also charged with keeping the local authorities quiet, by threats of murder or simple mental manipulation, which she is a master of.

Nora was actually present during the Incident in Nevada and barely survived Archon's detonation. When news of the escape reached her, they knew enough about Archon's soul to know that nothing good would come of this. She mentally projected herself into the Mayor's mind while her own body was disintegrated. It was her, in the mind of the Mayor, that tried to sell the "Power Source Overload" story.
Eventually PSI helped her regenerate a new body which is somewhat different than the one she had before, but further infused with Psionic energies.

In trade for this spike in abilities, she has been charged with taking down Archon. A mission that Nora takes rather personally.



RP Hooks

  • Most of PRIMUS is aware that she is a direct cause of the Disaster in Nevada, though (most) don't blame her.
    • The rest of the public is blaming the incident on PSI. They have denied these claims but given their reputation, their credibility is low and this works in Archon's favor.
  • She is a registered superhero, and is active in that work. As of writing this article, she has not quite made the news. PRIMUS is helping by giving her hero-related work that may get her some airtime.
    • She has, however, been featured on "Heroes to Watch", a web article that outlines a couple of new-to-the-scene heroes every week.
  • She is heavily anti-PSI so other champions with a similar goal may have heard of her. By extension, she's definitely on a "Please get this woman off our ass" list for the PSI.

Theme Song(s?)



  • Archon's story arc is replayable, for multiple people or to attempt multiple strategies.
    • By extension, Phases 2 and 3 can fail. Since she's already at rock bottom in two different ways, failing doesn't make anything worse. She just continues with what she is doing at the time.
  • Despite sharing a similar title-like moniker with The Matriarch, Archon actually has nothing to do with her or the blood cult.

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