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Kyna Vance
Player: @ZydrateAnatomy
Tango down.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kyna (No Surname)
Known Aliases: Varies (A lot)
Gender: Female
Species: Exhuman
Ethnicity: Spanish
Place of Birth: Virginia, USA
Base of Operations: Virginia
Relatives: Lexis, Wife
Age: N/A
Height: 6'4
Weight: Varies
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: ~4
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Hero / Spy-Assassin
Education: Some College
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
See "Appearance"
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Kyna is a very 'what you see is what you get' kind of woman. She dresses very practically and can vary for whichever situation she may be in. More often than not, people will find her in casual combat gear with a pair of goggles that may be used for a multitude of purposes. Some knives and ranged weaponry may be seen, hinting to the fact that this woman is a walking weapon, and that there is probably more that one may not be able to see at first glance.

She wears expensively tailored suits and many assume her to be some kind of CEO or government employee. Other times, notably in her off-hours, she can be seen in jeans (Sometimes with a camouflage design) and tank-top or simple shirt.
Her right arm is heavily tattooed.
She is athletic and toned, yet walks with a strange noble grace.
For all intents and purposes, she looks human. However it is her eyes that are usually the first thing people notice. They are an inhuman purple (An iris may or may not be present), and they seem to glow in dimly lit areas.

Recent Affairs

Kyna's history is extensive and convoluted, and outlining her history would fill a novel.

Simply put, she has followed Madgod Matthias into this particular timeline and acts as his Gatekeeper. She keeps a close eye on him to make sure he does not slip into one of his omni-cidal phases. He is her primary charge, but she fills her time performing hero work. Unknown to the public however, she does perform assassinations as well (Though she makes sure they deserve it).


Kyna walked down the hallway of her throne room straight to the balcony that once overlooked her kingdom of Karmajia. Upon the balcony, Kyna had looked upward to the sky. Supernatural and wonderful. Purple, dim hues and cosmological clouds fluctuate. A lightning-like energy pulsated around them, the light of universes. There was nothing here, only her city, her people. She wished she could stay but her gaze regained its purpose and looks downward.

At that moment, it served the regrettable purpose of chasing down a rogue God. A large, multicolored vortex littered the area that her subjects once gathered to hear their leader speak. Only the Praetoria surrounded it, guarding entry for their Lady.

Lady Shadowcrest, she was called there. Its relevance is different year by year, and for that moment the title meant nothing. It had been some time since she last saw her charge. Far too long, she thought. Only scattered reports of the carnage he had caused in other timelines. She heard that an entire universe went dark without her presence, the Madgod had destroyed everything.

She sighed audibly, one of her Praetoria inquired. She said nothing for several moments before speaking only, "It must be done".

She dove into the vortex, energies that had already been tuned to target the rogue God and follow him throughout time and space. This was not a process she enjoyed, as it warped her very essence to mold towards the universe she is landing in. Her stomach twisted and turned, her muscles tightened. Her clothing, skin, and bones burns away as she plummets through a blue and purple void. The process seemed to break her down only to build her back into a more suitable form for the target. She lost sense of time, emotion, and urgency. Her mind defaulted to the most basic and important of memories. A wife, a god, fighting, war, friends. It's jumbled and random and despite this entire process encompassing mere seconds, she just wished it would end more quickly.

Finally, she thought. She felt the cold, crumbled asphalt beneath her nude body. It was night. Her feet felt it first, second only to the tips of her fingers. She smelled rubber, and water. Her landing had broken a pipe.

While she wasn't blind, her sight came to her a few moments later. Her brain was temporarily incapable of registering her surroundings while the sense of touch helped the process. Looking around, she had seen nobody approaching.
She took the pause an utilized her shadow to craft a basic set of clothing. A suit, it would work for now. Though it wasn't the best first choice, as it got dirty as she crawled out of the hole she had made. Her brain was still muddled, and flopped on her back. She didn't even notice that the broken pipe soaked her pants, and the dirt and soot made her look like a CEO just got tossed out of the 40th floor.

That, too, was one of her first sights. Skyscrapers, lights. Beautiful architecture.
As her senses became more acclimated to the surroundings, she heard the shuffling of feet. Turning her head, she saw humans. And... other things. Humanoids, of varying kinds in modern clothing. They approached her, side by side, trying to inquire into her situation but she wasn't quite cognizant yet. Their mouths moved and sound came out, but she could not comprehend their words.
She blinked, hoping it would help. It didn't.
She sat up and an indescribable pain shot through her body, and left as soon as it came. She let forth an audible groan and some lizard-type-woman leaned down and tried to help her up. She accepted this, and stood up along with them.

Kyna stood well, but the bystanders couldn't see that she could barely stand at all. Her muscles shook and wavered, but her senses were coming back to her.

The questions came. Things like "Are you okay?" and "Who are you?". She didn't answer, remaining silent and walked forth into the world.
She had bigger problems, a God was near. Several of them, in fact. However it was just one that was relevant, just one that she needed to find and follow.

Kyna remained mute and marched forward. She vaguely heard someone refer to her as "fine, bitch".

Personality and Lifestyle

The first word that comes to mind for most people regarding Kyna is "classy". She has off days and lazy-days like everyone else, but for the most part she maintains grace, style, and class. She wears expensive suits, orders top-shelf liquor, and plays the violin for special guests to her apartments.
Her sense of humor is based primarily on sarcasm, and she respects others who engage in such styles of conversations. To her, sarcasm implies wit, and she has more respect for those of moderate intelligence.

Powers / Abilities

The usual fare of shadow abilities that most Trahl'es'das have, it also infuses into her martial abilities.

She is an incredibly brutal and efficient martial artist. Some may think she fights dirty but she was trained (And designed) to win. From dust-throwing to crotch-slamming, she will make sure to disable her enemy.

She can learn her enemy as she is fighting them. She is able to calculate multiple moves in advance, multiple outcomes, and possible attacks from the enemy. For example, if she notices an enemy has a regenerative ability, she will calculate how quickly it is and inflict more wounds based on healing speed.

All of this is mostly based around being a Trahl. If her innate shadow abilities are debilitated (in extremely rare occasions, this is not something that be "turned off"), everything she is able to do is brought down to human-like.

Over the years she has been able to learn several world languages.


As per being a Trahl, she is weak against Holy/Light/Radiant energies. Even to the extent of becoming sick in the presence of a concentrated amount of it.

The sun lessens her abilities, though her non-magic skills can usually compensate.

As noted above; If her innate shadow abilities are debilitated (in extremely rare occasions, this is not something than be "turned off"), everything she is able to do is brought down to human-like.

In a lesser form of weakness, it seems she is incapable of knowing when she is flirted with. She has been unable to figure out why. She often gets made fun of for this.


Matthias Building.png
M is her charge. As a sort of "Gatekeeper", she follows him across the universe (at his own behest) to make sure the damage he causes is kept to a minimum. However they have a difference in philosophy. For her, it's "Control". For him, it's "Exterminate". Because of this, they often butt heads even without undergoing one of his ritualistic omnicidal phases (Which only happens every few thousand years).

This has even led to a Civil War on their own timeline.

While she may be his Gatekeeper, M is hardly her worst enemy.

She often shares the same enemies as M, chief of which is Alistair, a powerful (if cowardly) battlemage in charge of some of the deadliest combatants they've ever faced.

To a lesser extent, there are a few scattered vampires that make enemies with her for past grievances. A self-titled villain named "Sanguine" (She is not a clever woman) mounts the greatest offense. While she is easily defeated, she makes up for in resources and outright tenacity.



Arms Dealer / Sometimes.
Awaking the Sleeping Giant / Kyna has a very long fuse but it's attached to a very large bomb.
Awesome Yet Practical / Boring Yet Practical
Bare Your Midriff / Sometimes.
Barrier Maiden / She is competent in a fight.
Badass Normal / She doesn't need to use her shadow abilities to wreck someone.
Berserk Button / Don't imply that her employees are slaves, and don't joke about rape. (She's not a victim, but hates it as much as M does)
Beware the Nice Ones
Bitch in Sheeps Clothing / Mostly polite but will immediately switch to bitch mode when disrespected.
Combat Pragmatist / Don't bring a sword to a gunfight.
The Cynic / No direct reason why she's like that. Witnesses some of her interactions with the Madgod might show why.
Dark and Troubled Past / Averted. A lot has happened to her, however only a couple things actually affected her on any deep level, most of it M's fault.
Dark Magical Girl
Did You Just Punch Out Cthulu?
Disproportionate Retribution / Averted. She tries to balance punishment with the offense.
Deadpan Snarker / Can be, mostly towards the Madgod or others to act against logic.
Emotionless Girl / She's not, but many think she is due to her stoic demeanor.
The Engineer
Escape Artist
Friend in the Black Market / Sort of. She's aware sometimes shady people need her wares, but prefers them to at least -act- normal.
Fighting a Shadow
Miss Fixit / Due to her wife, Kyna has gained some moderate mechanical skill.
Morality Chain / Once. She was on a mission with minimal enemy casualties, until one of them shot her cybernetic raven down. All hell broke loose.
Girls Love Stuffed Animals / A guilty pleasure of hers.
Girls With Guns / Do I really need to explain this one?
Glowing Eyes of Doom / Only when she's using shadow magic.
Good Is Not Nice
The Gunslinger
Hair Trigger Temper / Subverted. See Bitch in Sheeps Clothing.
Helmets are Hardly Heroic / Averted. She'd much rather not get a headshot. Shit hurts.
Heroic Neutral
Hot Chick With a Sword
Hyper Awareness / Thanks to her Trahl'es'Da nature. Also, RP fights with this woman will include ten different "If... Then" statements from every action.
I Did What I Had To Do / Oh so much.
Instant Armor / Thanks to magic.
Iron Lady / Hoooo boy.
I Just Want to be Normal / But will happy be abnormal long enough to kick someone's ass.
Impoverished Patrician / Karmajia and her Shadowcrest have little purpose outside of opposing Matthias on occasion.
Judge Jury and Executioner / Usually with her own employees.
Knowledge Broker / When put in the position.
Lady of Black Magic
Lady of War
Military Brat / Via Madgod, closest thing to a father she has.
Mysterious Employer
Mysterious Past / Averted. Nothing about her past is secret. It's what she does in current times, that is.
My Eyes Are Up Here / This is why she wears suits.
Offstage Villainy / All the "less than legal" things she does, usually occurs in the background as they're too minor to be of note. (She doesn't go around assassinating CEO's)
Only Sane (Wo)man / Often the voice of reason among a crowd of ramblers or lunatics.
Powered Armor
Royalties Heir
The Sandiego / Inverted. Kyna prefers softer targets. The more information, the easier the intrusion, the more likely she'd take the job. Not from lack of wanting challenge, simply the lack of wanting to be caught, arrested, and made.
Slumming It / Sometimes she still goes on missions. A mask is usually worn.
Snark to Snark Combat / Usually engages in this with Matthias, but will snipe at others as well.
The Call Knows Where You Live / Kyna, when resurrected, did not want anything to do with Matthias or the Vanguard. You can see how that worked out. 
The Stoic / Her outward personality. Capable of smiling and laughter, but not often.
Token Minority / Spanish heritage, tanned skin.
Tomboy Princess
Tomboyish Ponytail
Weekend Inventor
What Have I Done / How she feels about "Maria", an immensely powerful gun.

RP Hooks

  • The character has a telephone number and email address.
  • Performs public Hero work, though she purposefully keeps a lower profile than most.
  • Frequents the Theatre, and be extension many VIP lounges in the higher castes of society.
  • Frequents Carl's Gym, even though it is biologically (and supernaturally) unnecessary. It helps to keep appearances.

Theme Song(s?)

Clint Mansell - Dead Reckoning



  • Only her right arm has tattoos, her chest and left arm are blank.
  • Is married to Lexis.
  • She plays video games, though she will not readily admit this. Takes away from her "classy" image, which goes for a lot of things.
  • Loves turtles.

OOC Trivia

  • Has not been roleplayed on Champions Online for ~2 years, and as such has undergone a lot of storyline development. (And retcons of the Vanguard ever having a presence in the CO universe).
  • Is my oldest and most played character on CO.
  • Who could play her? Michelle Rodriguez
Similar build, and hair. Not quite the same face but, close enough to portray her properly. Even the voice is good, though she'd need to be a bit more monotonous for Kyna.

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