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The Queen's Own
Sir Winston Slashybite
Sir Winston Slashybite at a dinner gala.
Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
Head Liaison
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Real Name
Colonel Sir Winston Slashybite, VC, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, GBE, DSO & Three Bars, PC
The Dapper Raptor, The Queen's Own Raptor
June 14, 1893
The Royal Society, London, UK
UNTIL Diplomat
Legal Status
UNTIL Registered
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Evolved Velociprator
Apparent Age
1.6 meters
80 kg.
Body Type
Yellow reptilian
Tan hide with darker brown striping
· Distinguishing Features ·
Rough raptor hide
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Claws, Bite
· Equipment ·
Jet Pack
· Other Abilities ·
Piloting, Espionage, Strategy & Tactics, Leadership, Diplomacy, Operations


Wish me Luck as you Wave Me Goodbye
by Harry Parr-Davies

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.
Cheerio - here I go - on my way.
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.
Not a tear - but a cheer - make it gay.
Give me a smile I can keep for a while
In my heart while I'm away.
Till we meet once again - you and I
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.


Newspaper clipping of Winston Slashybite after being awarded the Victoria Cross in WWI

As part of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, she was given a priceless gift by a powerful family in India. The gift was a dinosaur raptor egg that had been found not fossilized, but frozen in the Himalaya mountains. It was a beautiful gift and she handed it over to the Royal Society in order to study and possibly find a way to hatch it. Just a few years before her Diamond Jubilee, fellows at the Royal Society had scoured the globe for materials and found a way to hatch the egg. They injected the egg with serums after thawing it, and then incubated it. In 1893, "Slashybite" was hatched and the scientists were overjoyed with curiosity and kept close tabs on their little raptor. He received the name after lashing out and playfully biting and clawing several scientists with only minor injuries.

The scientists went to work training and monitoring Slashybite and the little raptor matured over the next few years. At the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, she was presented to him as a pet. Queen Victoria named him "Winston" and from then on he became known as Winston Slashybite. Winston was well behaved for a young raptor and and loved his time with the Queen. He couldn't speak, and made cute raptory screeches quite often in a playfully manner. Others didn't know this, but over the next few years, the Queen would get Winston extra tutoring in playing the piano with his small raptor claws.

After Queen Victoria passed away in 1901, Winston passed back to the Royal Society. By now, he was a maturing and keenly intelligent raptor and with the serums injected in him, began to develop vocal ability. The scientists were astonished and they spent the next decade training him in schooling and helping him learn.

World War 1

With the outbreak of World War One, Winston was a fully mature raptor looking to make his place in the world. When the war came, he demanded to be able to fight for his country. The scientists thought he was far too valuable and the case eventually went to trial. Winston became emancipated from his life as a scientific curiosity, and since he was born in England, was retroactively assigned British citizenship. The first thing he did was sign up as an officer for training.

In early 1914, Lieutenant Winston was headed to the trenches. He fought battles along the front and fought in the First Battle at Ypres in late 1914, showing uncommon gallantry in the face of the enemy. It was during this battle that he defended a trench withdrawal by himself, fending off dozens of German soldiers while wounded. After the battle, he garnered the respect of his unit and eventually was awarded the Victoria Cross--the highest military honor for a soldier in battle. The press he garnered made him a bit of a celebrity for a time, and he was promoted to Captain. He returned to the field and was involved with British forces at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. During the battle, Winston was awarded a Distinguished Service Order medal after helping lead an advance and protecting men under his command. He was wounded toward the end of the Battle in November and spent the next first half of the year recovering.

At that time, he made a request to transfer to the fledgling Royal Air Force (RAF). Captain Slashybite took to the air and began flying sorties with his squadrons over Germany and France. He had eight confirmed aerial victories by the War's end.

A British propaganda poster from World War II

Inter-War period

Between World War 1 and 2, Winston Slashybite went to India in an attempt to discover his heritage and more about where he was discovered. He eventually made his way to the Himalayas in the mid 1920s and trained with Buddhist monks in the area. Legend held that the egg had been frozen high above and placed there ages ago by a god. No one really knew the full answers, but Winston enjoyed the serene Buddhist life and spent much time there until returning in the mid 1930s, much calmer and ready to help.

World War 2

When World War Two broke out, Winston had been helping train fighter pilots. Now a Lt. Colonel in the RAF, Winston returned to duty and helped defend Britain against the Luftwaffe. During the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940, Winston's plane was shot down and he managed to crash land it. He made his way on foot to Dunkirk, fighting German soldiers along the way who were pressing toward the town. He helped support the evacuation effort and eventually returned home to England. For his service in Dunkirk, he was cited another Distinguished Service Order medal by King George VI.

He was promoted to Colonel in the RAF and eventually continued to help train pilots, both American and British until the end of the war. After the War, he retired from the military with full honors and was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 in a grand ceremony for his dedication and service to the Crown. He was also assigned to her Privy Council and began to work with the Queen on foreign and domestic affairs.

The Cold War

As the Cold War emerged, Winston helped with aerial surveillance and was assigned to MI6. He spent the next several decades helping combat Soviet Aggression in Eastern Europe and monitoring their activities. He was more of a consultant, but rumor has it he was also assigned to several covert operations as he was awarded a Distinguished Service Order medal again in 1966 for classified reasons.

Also, during this time, Winston began to evolve more. His head began to become more humanoid in stature and his gait more erect. Scientists at the Royal Academy attributed this to the serum having pronounced evolutionary changes that develop over many stages in his life.

Recent History

Over the years, he became a close confidante of the Queen and her family, and eventually with all the burgeoning superhero activity was appointed as a diplomat with UNTIL. Recently, he travels quite frequently between Britain, Canada and Millennium City.


Winston has a very charming personality. As a British officer and gentleraptor, he keeps his composure and is quite cheerful and slow to anger. He's also very spiritual and follows Buddhist philosophy. He is witty and generally in good spirits. Winston is a bit sad though that his appearance leads him to be judged as a monster, but he has overcome this and has a myriad of friends around the world from all walks of life.

Powers and Abilities


Winston is an evolved humanoid raptor and he possesses the following traits:

  • Claws and Teeth - His natural weaponry give him a distinct advantage again normal opponents.
  • Super agility - As a raptor, he is very dextrous and can leap and move with high precision and speed
  • Hypersenses - Winston's keen hearing allows him to pick up whispers and higher and lower frequencies than humans. His sense of smell is also amazing and he can track scents with ease.


Winston has a formal education, and also military and covert op training. He's also a qualified pilot with thousands of hours of flight time.

Comments from Others

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