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After the development of the International Superheroes League and the demand for greater UNTIL response and funding, the Global Superhero Accord was signed. This UNTIL sponsored treaty allows nations to send properly vetted representatives to work together against global villain threats. Another aspect of the accord is to foster positive relations between member states.

The OOC:

This team is made in the vein of the International Superheroes League, with a slightly broader global angle, including several meta-nations. Heroes do not have to leave their supergroups to be affiliated or participate in missions with the Accord.

Without further ado here are some of the rules:

  • Character must have been born and raised in their nation
  • Character is assumed to have been vetted by UNTIL and have UNTIL training
  • Four members at most from each nation. One member must be female.
  • Character must be on good terms with their government
  • Your character's name and costume must personify your country/state in some way. You are a national symbol.
  • You should have basic knowledge of the state you are representing
  • There is no SG uniform--you wear your country's colors and represent your country.

The Goal:

Our goal is to create an organization for your caped national heroes and to provide a fun environment for politics, showcasing your country, and for beating global threats. Each member is a leader and all members can run roleplay plots relating to their country or crises in their country. UNTIL is assumed to be the overall "leader" of the organization and it would be nice to have some CORP players play UNTIL military liaisons.

Want to chat about concepts or get in on the action? /channel_join "GLASS". GLASS is the GLobal Accord Superhero System and can be used to communicate IC and OOC. All game chat is done through our GLASS channel to coordinate.

The Global Superhero Accord also has members who are parts of other Supergroups. When the need arises, UNTIL will send out the call to assemble the force.

Current Roster:

UNTIL Liaisons:




United Kingdom







South Africa


Most countries are available. Have a concept for a national hero or are already one and want involved? Feel free to add yourself to the list.

Global Superhero Accord: Genesis

GSA meeting08.jpg

Things were abuzz at UNTIL HQ. The new intel satellite had been launched with success just two days ago. The Global Accord Superhero System was finally online. Neon blue and soft red lights flickered on the advanced technology console as all systems checked out okay.

Winston made his way in from down the hall towards Major Violette Boudreau.

"You think it will work out this time, Major?" asked Winston as he puffed on his pipe and glanced down at his datapad.

"With no red tape this time? Maybe. Just maybe."

Winston headed over to the console with the Major Boudreau.

"Which representatives do we have so far? It seems America is pushing this unthawed agent, Bald Eagle. He sounds like a good fit for this op."

"He has been adjusting well to the time change. Give him a bit, Winston."

The raptor nodded and glanced down at his datapad. More names from different nations appeared on his screen. "What do you know about Bastille, Major?"

"He hasn't been tested properly and I'm worried about his powers, but his handlers and the Directorate-General seem to think he has what it takes," commented the Major.

"You're not worried he'll just poison the whole team to death?"

"Not at all."

Winston looked over more of the files.

"This El Toro from Spain looks impressive. He built that suit of armor. And this Fianna from Ireland. She has quite a history and past. Having the heart of a war deity will be an asset. This heroine from South Africa looks pretty young and untested as well."

A puff of smoke rose from Winston's pipe as he glanced at the Major.

"Winston. Do not worry so. They will come. They have to come. It is too important now."

GSA meeting05.jpg

The GSA forms, uniting for the first time to repel an imminent attack from Warlord.

Global Superhero Accord: Genesis (Part 1)

(featuring Bald Eagle@Sprawler, Bastille@The Keynesian, African Violet@FrozenViolet)

Global Superhero Accord: Genesis (Part 2)

(featuring Bald Eagle@Sprawler, Kapteeni Karjala@vaarna_aarne, Lionheart@Uberturnip, Fianna@Anubisgod, El Toro@Barodin)

Global Superhero Accord: Genesis (Part 3)

(featuring Bald Eagle@Sprawler, Battle Austria@jordontek, Lionheart@Uberturnip, Fianna@Anubisgod, El Toro@Barodin, Angelight@Angelight, Lightwave@Vincyre, African Violet@FrozenViolet)