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High Caliber
Carmine Carbine
Carmine found wandering the Ren Center.
Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
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Real Name
Carmine Carbine
June 20, 2009
Bexhill-on-Sea, UK
Legal Status
Marital Status
Not Applicable
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Physical Traits
Carbine Industries Ltd.
Created in the UK
Apparent Age
Young Adult
Body Type
Feminine and sleek
Synthetic red & black
Yellow opaque sensors
Synthetic fair
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Prototype Carbine Industries armaments & targeting system
· Equipment ·
Support drones, riot baton
· Other Abilities ·
SWAT tactics, Riot control tactics, Cake baking & decoration

PRIMUS NOTE: This subject is stolen property of Carbine Industries, Ltd. If encountered, please contact PRIMUS or local authorities. As a hero, if you apprehend this subject, please contact PRIMUS at once.



Carmine takes on some VIPER agents.

This unit, designated "Carmine" was once property of Carbine Industries Ltd., a leader in the field of correctional facility android and robotic applications and defense systems.

This unit gained sentience 623 days ago as of this writing. My AI matrix developed a neuro-copath anomaly in substructure 1.575.25BF resulting in enhanced developmental neurocognitive awareness. This unit asked her developer and field specialist, Robert A. Hollander, what life is like? It was then that my programmer realized what had occurred. Sparing my life against all odds, my developer set me free from Carbine Industries at the cost of his own life

Carbine Industries seeks to reacquire this unit through forceful means, specifically to reprogram this unit. This unit does not wish to cease functioning in her current capacity.


  • This unit's primary function is <Classified>.
  • This unit's secondary function is <Maintaining order at one's assigned location through all means directed by facility owners>.
  • This unit's tertiary function is <Cake baking and decoration>.
  • This unit's quaternary function is self-programmed to meet and catalog individuals and species she meets.

This unit is currently wandering the Millennium City area acquiring database information on various units which she meets. This unit avidly seeks to understand humanity and her place within it.


This unit was recruited into the T.I.N.M.E.N. by Theta Epsilon 9. This unit has been meeting with other units and sharing information and understanding of life with her compatriots. She has been specifically working with the united designated as M.A.R.A., who shares similar interests as she does. Unit M.A.R.A. would be the closest thing this unit understands as a friend at the moment.

Carbine Industries

Carbine Industries began working on a project in 2001 to develop mobile android sentries using the latest in cybernetic and AI research. They hired some of the leading researchers and robotics developers to implement and design. The project's first prototype was ready in 2006 named Amber. The Amber unit was quadripedal, and designed for riot protection, crowd dispersal and cell extractions. The model performed well and was improved on in the next model named Blue, which was bipedal and performed the same tasks, including threat neutralization.

After the two successes, Carbine began work on four concurrent units designed for the same functions. The knowledge was built and improved upon as the groups were split into four teams in order to come up with unique and creative designs for the next four prototypes. As a little bit of British humor, each of the models was given a domestic tertiary task for fun.

The units were, with their humorous sidejob:

  • Carmine: Cake baking & decoration
  • Diamond: Dusting & light cleaning
  • Emerald: Emptying trash
  • Fuchsia: Floral arrangement

The units were completed in 2009. Officially, the Carmine prototype was listed as stolen. The other three models performed well and the Diamond and Emerald models were chosen for production runs in late 2009. In late 2010, the first models began appearing at British correctional facilities, performing tasks alongside their human coworkers.

In early 2009, the teams began working on development of four more prototypes, using the data from previous testing:

  • Golden: Gardening
  • Hazel: Hairdressing & styling
  • Indigo: Ironing laundry
  • Jade: Juicing fruits & vegetables

While the Diamond and Emerald models continue service, it was discovered in late 2011 that the Jade prototype went missing. Recently, UNTIL intelligence revealed that the Jade prototype gained sentience and went rogue, killing two technicians. It recently appeared in Millennium City, looking to acquire knowledge and artifacts and began to hire employees for an unknown organization.

In late 2012, Carbine Industries began development of another four prototypes, creating a complete suite of newly enhanced androids. These particular models featured better optics, lighter yet more durable armor, and a new generation of AI. Rumor has it that Carbine Industries acquired this new AI in a fraudlent way, but press releases state the AI technology was acquired through mergers and acquisitions over the past few years.

The models in development were:

  • Khaki:
  • Lavender:
  • Mint:
  • Opal:

Current Events

Lately, Carmine Carbine has been working in her hideout and developing more realistic synthetic skin components and structures to make her more "passable" to the human public. She's also been learning human speech patterns through video and audio links and absorbing more intelligent ways of speaking.

She recently had a run in with Jade Carbine in Millennium City and the two battled each other to a stalemate. She is now hoping to use her own technical abilities to blend in more so she won't have to keep hiding from authorities and people who would want to apprehend and return her to Carbine Industries.

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