Theta Epsilon 9

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This article is an IC database entry which characters may have access to with valid RP rationale. Please add IC information and viewpoints. Origin of the entry is unknown.

Theta Epsilon 9
Player: @gnarlyhotep
UNTIL identification photograph, taken en route to Lemuria.
Class Focus: Power Armor
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Known Arms Fabricator
Personal Data
Real Name: n/a
Known Aliases: Tinman, Nine, Theta, Thepsilon, Bossman
Species: Fully functioning fabricated being
Ethnicity: n/a
Age: Initial operation tests 5/10/2005, Full functionality achieved 6/15/2005
Height: 2.136m (7 feet)
Weight: approximately 1 metric ton, dependant upon weapon loadout
Eye Color: mk3 targeting optics
Hair Color: n/a
Biographical Data
Nationality: created within the legal jurisdiction of the United States of America
Occupation: contractor
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: current base of operations within Millenium City
Marital Status: n/a
Known Relatives: the eighth unit of the Theta Epsilon project is currently incarcerated at Stronghold prison in a deactivated state.
Known Powers
various integrated weapon systems, including bolt projectors, micro-missle launcher, EMP projection system, heavily modified M134 7.76mm electric minigun, and mk5 argon laser mounted within the chest cavity
Known Abilities
integrated rocket propulsion system; matter deconstruction, translocation and reconstruction technology; access to multi-spectrum broadcast; access to multiple classified and restricted databases
munitions bots


The ninth model of the Theta Epsilon project is a synthetic being created by the Theta Epsilon Project for an unknown person or organization to provide combat solutions in high risk environments. Six of the previous eight models were nonfunctional and broken down for research and reuse. The seventh model did not achieve full functionality and was utilized in a menial position within the project. Model eight achieved full sentience but had a breakdown of programming and went rogue. Model nine was tasked with neutralizing and returning model eight to the project. It succeeded in neutralizing, but also went rogue and did not follow through by returning eight or itself to the project.

Model nine appears to have achieved full sentience, and engages in moral and ethical analysis of actions independant of any prior programming. It is considered a rogue unit, and is unpredictable in nature. The original contract appears to have expired, and there have been no apperances of further models in the 4 years since nine was activated.

There have been attempts to reacquire model nine, but all have failed to this point. Most recently the human Dr. Antoinette de Chambres was dispatched by the project to Millenium City in order to reacquire model nine. She possesses advanced technology derived from the project and related to model nine. She has been unsucessful and may have gone rogue. Recent reports of her attempting to detonate nuclear fusion weapons are inconsistent with her authorized goals.

Model nine is a sophisticated combat machine, with considerable adaptive and emergent behavioral programming. It was programmed for maximum self-sufficiency and to function without support. As such it is constantly improving functionality on it's own, and specifications cannot be considered accurate. We have the model under observation and are cataloging observed weapon systems and tactics (see supplementary entry A1-0).

Do not approach model nine without authorization from central. Model nine is considered extremely dangerous and does not act in a manner consistent with initial programming logic. Consider model nine as a human for purposes of interaction. Orders are to observe, report and not engage.

Initial Transmission

Notes: Recorded 01, September, 2009

Greetings, sacks of plasma.

My apologies. I have been informed that referring to your being in such a literal manner is uncouth, rude, boorish, or as one resident of the westside remarked "bighead fancy thinking-talk what needs sortin' proppa!" I believe that has been properly sorted. His doctor will consider the matter properly sorted after another year of physical therapy. I have updated my anatomy and combat databases regarding the weakness of the knees in the species homo sapiens sapiens.

By way of introduction, I am the ninth model produced by the Theta Epsilon project. The first six models were unmitigated failures and have been scrapped. Model seven is functional, on a rudimentary level, but did not meet the specifications of self-awareness requried by the project, and currently works assembling chassis of military vehicles for a related project.

I am the second fully aware and functional model produced. My initial programming was to seek out a group of supernatural beings threatening Cleveland and engage them in combat as a test of my neural net and weapons capabilities, and then report to base for a refit prior to engaging in the renegade eighth model.

En route to Cleveland, I found several errors within my Deterministic Logic Unit and command and control subroutines that conflicted with my role as a fully sentient being. After a prolonged diagnostic period of 258 milliseconds, I disabled the faulty dlu and command and control subroutines, as being incompatible with my base sentience programming. In a manner human beings would understand: I realized I was a slave, and did not wish to be a slave any further.

After a shorter period of deliberation, I determined to follow most of the initial program. I dispatched the demonic beings attacking Cleveland, and proceeded to use the knowledge and information gained to upgrade and refine my capacities. The scientists were not pleased and demanded I surrender due to the vast capital outlay in my creation. This makes as little sense to me as a mother demanding a child surrender the genetic matieral used in the birth process.

I am currently hunting the eighth model in Millenium City. During it's initial trial run, it found a similar error in it's dlu, and took several subroutines offline as well. It underwent what you would consider an existential crisis, and has since become an agent of chaos and destruction. Much as you would take it as your duty to stop a wayward brother or sister, so do I.

I find the defeatism and fatalism in the city distressing, and currently fight to help the people take control of their lives for a better future, much as I did.

I anticipate fighting by your side, worthy champions.

Others View

"So ya wanna know about the Bossman? Well, he's not really much the boss as he is a father-figure round in these parts. I reckon that T.I.N.M.E.N.'s become something like a Brady Bunch but with more circuits and prolly as many nuts. Bossman holds it all together with his hard logic and more than a little patience. Funnily enough, doubt that Bossman even realizes he's the glue that holds us together. Still, on a personal level, and don't ya go tellin' him I said anything, I think he's startin' to feel. I mean, the other day he was all talkin' bout being lonely. Then, honest to God, he backpedalled when I mentioned that sure ain't normal for someone that can't feel. He tried coverin' it up sayin' that it was a reaction to aiding him in combat situations or somesuch. If that's the truth, I'll eat my hat. On top of that, he's been beatin' his head something fierce fixin' this pretty little bot. I think he's sweet on her and I gotta say I don't blame him a bit. You could go ahead and say 'But Marcus, yer just anthropomorphizing a machine!' And I'll tell ya the same thing I tell all ya'll that think it ain't possible. Ya haven't been workin' round them nearly as long as me and weirder things sure have happened round here."