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Project Echo
Project Echo in Millennium City.
Player: @FrozenViolet
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Delta Crusaders, X-pelled Mutant Academy
Real Name
Jaana Jørgensen
Stockholm, Sweden
Millennium City
Silver Guard Headquarters
Singer, crimefighter
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Cybernetic Infernal-touched
Nyrex Bradacor
Apparent Age
Body Type
Glowing Blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Cybernetic left arm and leg
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Sonic Control, Powered Armor, Infernal energies
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Singing, Pianist


Jaana grew up in Sweden and spent much of her youth fascinated with the discovery of her rich voice which could vibrate objects. At the age of 13, she joined some competitions and eventually became a young singing sensation. The trip lasted for three years with several tours around Europe before her career washed up after one of her teeny bop albums bombed. Her sonic prowess, however, never faded, and Jaana eventually was recruited by the Delta Crusaders at the age of 17 for her vocal powers. Desperate for something bigger than herself, Jaana had no idea what fate had planned for her future. She took on the superhero moniker of Echo and joined the Crusaders in helping fight problems internationally.

The Battle

"I guess this is it," said Father Geoffrey, broken and dismayed over the scene around him. The Wyvern, Echo, and Meltdown all lay dead on the cold, sterile floor of one of Dr. Destroyer's cryo labs.

Max Milliway surveyed the ruins, doffing his wide-brimmed black hat. "It'll never be the same again. After we bury them, I'll be moving on. Maybe to another star system."

Geoffrey nodded and glanced over at his android teammate, Mind Flayer, standing above Echo's broken, lifeless body. She looked so serene in death, but her loss began to sting inside. He'd failed her. He'd failed them all, really.

"What do you say, Flayer?"

The android didn't respond. The group gathered the broken bodies of their comrades, carrying them through the hallway as their footsteps echoed along the deep corrugated steel corridors.


Darkness. Fire.....what's around me?

Echo could see nothing but an endless shimmering sea of fire as far as the horizon. She lay on an island. She could feel the soft dirt beneath her fingertips. Was it real? Where was she?

In the sky, there was darkness and red stars that twinkled ominously above. She could hear screeching all around. Shrill wails of anguish that reverberated through the air.

Was this hell? Or something worse?

Shadows flickered all around her. Suddenly, they began to grasp at her naked body, ripping and tearing into her. She cried out, all alone, "HELP me!!!"

Day 285

The Mind Flayer stood over the tank containing Echo's body. Her body was immersed in gel. It had taken months to get this right. Using salvaged lab equipment from Destroyer's compound, he knew he had gotten all the formula's correct. There was a 75.23426% chance of this succeeding. It was worth this effort. For her. For Jaana.

Was what his circuits felt for her...what the humans He could not compute that. Either way, he knew he wanted Jaana back.

Suddenly, the gel violently whirled as Jaana's eyes opened. She she screamed soundlessly into her breathing apparatus, shaking off what was around her. She saw the Mind Flayer through the tank glass. Where was she?

"You're safe, Jaana," she heard in her mind as the android's telepathic projection network touched hers. "Welcome back."

She was nervous. The anxiety overwhelmed her. She still felt the shadows touching and gasping at her skin, but there was nothing around her. She looked around the yellow translucent gel at her body. Her arms were replaced with bionic limbs, her crushed chest had circuitry running through it.

"You no longer have lungs. You can blame Destroyer for that. The artificial lungs work more efficiently for your respiration and can better handle nitrogen," The Mind Flayer said.

She was stunned. She was alive....he'd brought her back.

"Rest for now. I will tell you more later," said the Flayer into her mind as he walked off into the darkness beyond her sight.

Day 310

A miserable Jaana tries to live normally in her broken body.

"Echo! Wyvern! Flank left!" shouted Father Geoffrey as his electrical blast arced into one of the Destroids guarding the lab.

Echo's heart raced faster as she ran left, stopping to let out a patented screech of her voice. The sound waves rippled through the air and knocked the Destroid back. It stumbled back some and then both of its arms shot forward to reel her in.

The force of a trash compacter crushed her chest like a vice, followed by the hideous crunch of her ribs cracking and caving in. Her last whimpered breath passed her lips as her consciousness faded.


With a gasp, she awakened from her sleep in her gel tube.

"How long was I out," she asked?

"Almost a year, Jaana. Wyvern and Meltdown are dead....Max Milliway has left the solar system. Father Geoffrey...I have no idea where he went. The Crusaders are no more, Jaana."

She let that sink in a moment as she eyed the android.

"It's my job to care for you now, Jaana," the Mind Flayer said.

"What do you mean care for me?" she said into her mouthpiece.

"Your body needs rebuilt. It is only at 78.45% capacity at the moment. Your sonic powers are useless since your windpipe had to be rebuilt from nano-carbon weave. But there is a way we can channel some energies into other devices."

"What do you think I'm going to do...just go out there and start fighting Dr. Destroyer again? Oh screw that," she shouted into her mouthpiece. "I'm done with this all."

It hadn't always been this way. They had been like a family for the five years they had been together. Father Geoffrey formed the Delta Crusaders to sweep up crime in his parish on the West Side of Millennium City. Then herself, Meltdown and the Wyvern joined. Meltdown was always the joker of the group, and the Wyvern, well he was the quiet muscle behind the team.

Then came Max Milliway, and the Mind Flayer. I didn't know Max well. He said he came from space, but was always mysterious about where. And the Mind Flayer, or Nyrex as he calls himself, well we became good friends. Maybe it was because I cared for him like a person, and didn't treat him like an android.

Thinking back on it. Things may not have gotten to where we are now if Father Geoffrey had stuck to fighting crime on the West Side. Instead, we got wrapped up in going to the source of the problems.

And then I died.

Day 330

Echo looked down at her cybernetic arm as she breathed into her mouthpiece.

"We will find a way to help you, Jaana," said the Mind Flayer. "I promise you this."

Echo stood up, pushing her seat out from behind her. "Ok Nyrex."

She made her way to her friend and gently kissed the top of his head before walking slowly to her quarters.

She had a lot of work ahead of her.


Jaana is sacrificed to regain her old body and happiness

Outside the tank, Jaana found life in her bulky new body to be difficult. She was not an android like Nyrex and could not cope with the extra weight and the difficulty of her mechanical lungs. She would wander around town feeling like a freak in her new situation. Her depression worsened until she retreated to the cold technology cave that Nyrex had built for her in Canada.

With no voice, no happiness, things seemed lost to her as she brooded.


Then came Nirisha.

The demon bypassed all her security measures to arrive in her cave.

"It's been a long time, Jaana. I've missed you," the demon taunted.

The demon told her that after she died, that the darkness that was within her would never go away. It was a byproduct of the life she had lived as a woman before and the taint would remain forever.

Jaana was offered a new deal now from Nirisha's masters who wanted her changed into something more helpful. Nirisha promised to bring her body and lungs and voice back in exchange to awaken the darkness within her. Jaana took no time to accept the deal. She was brought to a ritual altar and told to lay down. Nirisha smiled as she pulled out a knife and approached Jaana.

The knife plunged into Jaana's cybernetic chest -- a mix of blood, infernal black energy, a swarm of nanites burst from the wound, enveloping her. She would die a second time, but this time she woke up and her body was whole again.

"Now the fun begins," smiled Nirisha.

New Life

Nirisha vanished and Jaana was left to her own devices. She began to manifest strange things. The nanites that had molded and formed into her body fixed her breathing, but left her unable to have a singing voice anymore, and her voice was raspy. Infernal energies merged with the nanites and her body to create demonic cybernetic wings which she could retract from her back to fly.

The new abilities frightened her and yet gave her hope. She began trying to create a life for herself out in the real world. No longer scared, the infernal energies helped motivate her to be outgoing again.

X-pelled Mutant Academy

Jaana on a mission with the Silver Guard

The new feelings didn't last all that long. It wasn't long before she began to involuntarily shift into her demonic looking form. This began to scare her and after some time, she began to stay in that form longer and longer. It was in 2012 that she decided to check out the X-pelled Mutant Academy to get some assistance in what was going on with her.

She met with Dr. Carolina Mitchell and was accepted into the academy. She took classes and received counselling on how to control her new powers and her form.

The Silver Guard

After her time in the Academy, Echo joined applied for and joined the prestigious Silver Guard, a heroic organization based in Millennium City. She applied because she saw the group as a great way to get back into being a hero again.

Tragedy (March 2013)

News reports come in of a multiple homicide outside a cafe in downtown during the late evening of March 23rd, 2013. The suspect, Jaana Jørgensen, a Swedish national and registered PRIMUS and UNTIL metahuman apparently released a barrage of green bullets from her body after an altercation occurred outside. The three victims names have not been released pending notification of kin.

Jaana Jørgensen is a member of the hero group known as the Silver Guard. A spokseman for the Silver Guard reported that Jørgensen turned herself in to their organization the following morning after an MCPD warrant was issued for her arrest. After an interview by MCPD officers at the Silver Guard Tower, Jørgensen was led away in cuffs and taken to a nearby PRIMUS facility for detention until she is arraigned.

Jørgensen was a former pop star in Sweden who had metahuman talents with her voice. At the age of 17 she became the youngest member of a group named the Delta Crusaders. According to Father Geoffrey Carpenter, former leader of the Delta Crusaders, Jørgensen and several others perished in battle with Destroids a year after the group's formation. After the battle, the group split up.

According to Father Carpenter, a former member of the group brought her back to life a year later. She attended a private metahuman academy in Millennium City before joining the Silver Guard last year.

Sentencing (March 2014)

Silver Guard hero Jaana Jørgensen plead guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter charges and was sentenced to serve 3 months in Stronghold Prison, plus 12 months time served for the deaths of Patrick Harrington, Alice Harrington and their son Colin Harrington. As part of the plea, the Silver Guard was granted immunity from both criminal and civil prosecution. In anticipation of a pending civil trial against her by the victims' relatives, Ms. Jørgensen's attornies reached a settlement which has set up the Harrington Foundation for victims of superhero violence.

"What occurred was a terrible tragedy," said Jørgensen's attorney Michael Rizzen. "My client wants to make amends for what happened and this Foundation is a great start."

Powers & Abilities

Jaana was born a mutant with vocal powers. She could create sonic attacks with her voice. After her lungs and throat were crushed, her abilities were no more. She did, however, have a guilty friend and android named Nyrex. Nyrex was able to create nanites and use technology in an attempt to bring her back from death and fix her body. After being left in what she felt was a tomb, she made a deal with the infernal energies that greeted her at death. She was given a new body and some new abilities which arose from the combination of infernal energies and the nanites that were in her body to help repair her.

  • Infernal Nanites - The infernal nanites within her can heal her at a rapid rate as well as discharge an electrical pulse that will heighten her damage and protection.
  • Cybernetic Infernal Nanite Armor - the infernal energies can coalesce around her into a rigid armor of sorts, creating a platform for weapons which she has installed. The Power Armor has a built in minigun and missile launcher with limitless nanite rounds that are produced from her body. Nyrex also designed a targeting computer which fits into the Nanite armor and Jaana more efficiently pick out targets. At will, the Nanite armor can reabsorb into her body to reform again.
  • Sonic Shielding - She can channel her mutant sonic abilities into a bubble to shield herself or others, as well as project into a solid shield in front of her, allowing her the ability to protect herself from damage.
  • Sonic Repel - She can no longer vocalize her sonic energies, but Jaana can convert her mutant powers into a minor sonic repelling wave that she can fan out from her fingertips.
  • Cybernetic Flight - Wicked mechanical wings can emerge from her back at will, giving her the ability to lift to the air.


Some characters start with a tragic past. I wanted to develop this tragic past ICly for this character. It has been really nice to be able to RP this out and deal with the consequences in creating a fallen hero. I'm not sure yet how I want to continue this character. There are crossroads that she will face in just remaining a fallen hero, choosing a path of redemption, or something darker.

Public Opinions

"Jaana is a great girl. I hope she can forgive me for letting her down as a leader. Don't give up and always keep fighting, Jaana." - Father Geoffrey

"Jaana is a valued teammate, a great person, and an inspiring hero. She is NOT responsible for those people's death." - Strobe

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