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The Silver Guard
Respect Protection Trust Unity
Leader(s): Strobe

Officers: Wowhaaa & Toto-K

Base of Operations: Silver Guard Tower
Concept: Registered Heroes
Founded: 31 August 2009
Website: Click Here
Members: 75

Our Mission

The Silver Guard represents four core ideals of Respect, Protection, Trust and Unity that serve as our foundation. The ideals are multi-faceted and have personal meaning for our members, but they also define our policies and goals. They represent what we as a group are, what we have accomplished, and what we can become.

Respect: This is a belief that all beings are individuals deserving of all basic rights and responsibilities. While others may have different viewpoints from our own, they can coexist with our own beliefs and ideals. We treat others as we wish to be treated. Members of the Silver Guard have chosen to use their abilities to become superheroes, but we understand that this does not make us more worthy beings. What each of us does reflects on us all, and we consider how our individual actions represent the Silver Guard as a whole.

Protection: We protect the innocent and those who cannot protect themselves, upholding the laws and regulations of the Silver Guard, the cities we operate in, and beyond. We also protect our values, ideals and standards as well as the image and integrity of the Silver Guard to the community.

Trust: In order to fulfill our job as protectors we must gain and maintain society's trust, overcoming the natural suspicions that are directed at those with so much personal power. Acting in a trustworthy and reliable fashion is a core value of the Silver Guard.

Unity: We are as strong as each of our members, and the good of the group comes before individual desires. While we are all unique individuals we stand as one, facing challenges and moving forward together. We look out for each other and we do what is best for the good of the Silver Guard above our individual needs and desires.

Requirements to Join

A supergroup is only as strong as its members. We strongly believe that our new members should fit in well with the rest of the supergroup, and our recruiting methods reflect this desire. We want to be selective in our choices and take a period of time to examine potential members. We feel that this best ensures the health and longevity of the Silver Guard and helps our members forge stronger friendships within our team.

In order to join the Silver Guard, the candidate should apply for membership to the group using the "Apply to Superteam" link on the home page of our website. As part of the application, candidates are asked to complete a short questionnaire about themselves and their characters. This short questionnaire is required as part of the website application. All applications will be reviewed by the supergroup leaders before being approved, and potential members can expect a response within 72 hours.

The candidate is encouraged to meet Silver Guard members and make an introductory post in the forums section of our website. The applicant is also required to interview with the Recruitment Officer; any member is welcome to attend.

If approved, a candidate is accepted into the Silver Guard as a Provisional Member.

At times we may elect to close recruitment. This means that interested applicants may be turned away. We apologize if this is the case, but we encourage applicants to apply again once recruitment is reopened. The only exception to the closed recruitment policy is if a player has a prior relationship with an existing member who is willing to vouch for the applicant. The Silver Guard is a family, and as such we want our members to be able to team with their own family members and friends. A member's family and friends will never be turned away solely on the basis of recruitment being closed at that time.

If you have any questions about the Silver Guard, please contact a Silver Leader or a Silver Officer.

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