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Player: @ChaosRed

Player: @ChaosRed
"When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous"
Personal Data
Real Name: Trevor Donovan
Known Aliases: Os, Oz
Species: Presumed Human
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: 25
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Seattle
Current Residence: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None


A young Theologian named Trevor Donovan tours the world documenting and studying the world's religions.

When studying the strange and dangerous cult surrounding Nama, he uncovers the wrath of a terrorist organization known as VIPER, (that are linked to the ancient cult). Trevor is then kidnapped and tortured by VIPER for his "sacrilegious" behavior.

He is eventually rescued from VIPER, but he is so maimed and beaten from his torture that his legs are paralyzed and his face horribly disfigured. He loses all faith, wondering why God abandoned him.

He strikes a deal with a mysterious entrepreneur: he will be gifted a high-tech suit of armor that will allow him to walk again, bequeath him super-strength and even allow him to fly. In return, Trevor agrees to dedicate the rest of his life to destroying VIPER.

Trevor strikes the bargain and a new super-hero named Osprey, is born.


A young, intelligent Theologist named Trevor Donovan studies multiple faiths from around the world.

One particular year during his studies, he digs deeply into the history of a snake-cult from West Africa. During his research of this god, he taps into the dark, sinister origins of VIPER, a vicious terrorist organization.

Fearing he knows too much, VIPER kidnaps him and tortures him. He remains imprisoned in a secret VIPER camp for years, tortured and mutilated almost beyond recognition. Eventually a group of super heroes, discover the camp and rescue Trevor.

Unable to walk and barely able to talk Trevor seems destined to life as an invalid. However he meets a secretive and powerful philanthropist known only as Herman Bloom who has a radical proposal. The proposal will change his life forever.

Bloom has advanced super-science in his possession that will place Trevor's battered body into a living suit of armor that sports massive wings. The armor will allow him to not only walk, but fly and will also endow him with super strength and agility. In return Trevor will head a new organization funded by Bloom to defeat VIPER once and for all.

Trevor agrees to the plan and his body is grafted to the living armor in an underground laboratory under Bloom's supervision. When the transformation completes, Trevor takes the code name: Osprey.

Trevor's new suit and wings has bequeathed him with tremendous powers and he intends to live up to his bargain with Bloom by creating an organization that will defeat VIPER once and for all.

Formation of Genesis League

On January 10, 2010, after the creation of Osprey, Herman Bloom sets up a private security division for a company called Genesis Corporation.

He dubs the security organization Genesis League. He choose the name, after the biblical allusions in the Book of Genesis, which tell of the serpent robbing mankind's chance for paradise. He appoints a super hero known Osprey as the Chief Security Officer of the organization and keeps the accounts and financial assets of the company on an offshore account in Nassau.

Osprey's orders are to establish a basic headquarters in Millenium City and find super heroes, super-powered agents and other operatives willing to defeat VIPER once and for all. In return for their service, the Genesis Corporation will finance their living quarters and any research and technology they might need to complete the mission.


Osprey’s personality is conflicted.

On one hand he is a Theologian, with a PhD in Theology. Although he was born Roman Catholic he began to consider himself multi-denominational as his study and appreciation of all religions grew.

On the other hand, he feels God abandoned him in his darkest hour – and he suffered greatly for it. The torture he endured, at the hands of VIPER, for several years left him a quadriplegic and Osprey lives each day in constant pain.

In his heart and soul though Osprey still sees life as good, indeed miraculous – and he sees all of God’s creatures as “good”, it is only the daily strife, struggles and emotional scars man collects along the way that lead them away from their natural path of good conscience and caring.


Osprey is no fool, he is also no coward, although at times he willingly appears as if he is both.

He knows that the day-to-day struggles of life require more than a high-minded philosophy about the nature of the universe. In this regard, Osprey had adopted the “The Art of War”, by Sun Tzu as the primary guide on how to manage his new initiative: “Genesis League” – a group of super-powered agents sworn to eradicate VIPER forever.

As a result, Osprey can at times, appear to be a weak leader to those he wishes to have perceive him as weak. At other times, he can seem like a cruel and powerful task master to those he wishes to project strength to. He has learned that cunning and deception are useful tools in politics and war – and has become quite skilled at encouraging his opponent’s arrogance.

This methodology manifests in many ways, but some of his tactics include:

  • He will evade stronger opponents, either by not engaging them, or by attempting to co-opt them. He firmly believe headstrong machismo is poor tactics and bad leadership.

  • He will often encourage his enemies to join his cause, even provide means by which they can apparently betray him – making tactical foibles on purpose to encourage the opponent to unwittingly fall into the larger strategic scheme. He calls this the “Chapter VI maneuver” – pointing to the famous chapter from Sun Tzu which encourages this type of tactic.

  • “Use of Spies” is also a chapter in Sun Tzu he studies intently. Osprey is always observing. He often secretly turns on a video camera, in his visor to record conversations and observations. He will often analyze them in great detail afterward, using psychological analysis algorithms on EVE-2.

  • Osprey also has “plants”. Agents that are planted in various other agencies to provide data and intelligence. Genesis League actively attempts to obtain information from other law enforcement agents through a variety of means including coercion, bribery and outright hacking of data. This is not widely known. In some case law enforcement agencies (the RCMP is one example) willingly exchange data as the two organizations have forged symbiotic working relations and data sharing agreements.

  • Osprey believes data, information and time are his greatest allies. For this reason he is very patient and assimilates a great deal of data before making bold moves. Often his strategy is multi-layered with several fallback positions, or require a number of tactical moves to full realize. Some have noted that Osprey likes to "hedge his bets", by investing across multiple fronts, a tactic he apparently learned from Herman Bloom.

In his heart Osprey detests violence. He would argue that all sane and intelligent creatures do. However, he also knows how necessary violence can be in times of war. He views his struggle against VIPER as a war and he believes the fate of Earth is hanging in the balance if they are not defeated.

Personality Traits

Osprey’s personality can be described as “subtle” and at-times just a tad “aloof”. There are times he speaks with an elevated diction and extremely calm demeanor – and other times he is cursing like a sailor and his vocabulary “shifts down” to rely heavily on colloquialisms and working class memes.

Osprey cannot smile through his mask and often uses other gestures to indicate his general mood. He often nods, or chuckles gently to indicate a smile. If he knows the person well enough, he will often touch their shoulder to indicate empathy or understanding.

OOC Notes

Osprey's voice is a little sharp, with a nasal tone. He sounds a little like Gary Sinise, and indeed, he would be an excellent candidate to play Osprey in a film or cartoon. Sinise's role of Ken Mattingly in Apollo 13 is often a convenient guide for me when I roleplay Osprey.

Character Influences

Osprey's paraplegic condition was inspired by Professor Xavier - not Avatar. I hadn't even seen Avatar yet when I first wrote this into his bio. There was also a small nod to Darth Vader - the idea that a horribly mutilated and tortured cripple could rise again with incredible power via artificial means. In this case of course, Osprey is on the "good" side.

Gary Sinise's roll in Apollo 13 resonates with me as a powerful influence. Mattingly's calm disposition and his quiet, steady work to the ultimate solution of a problem, is a key guideline for me when I RP Osprey.

Osprey's theism and his struggle to reconcile his faith with his ultimate fate and the vicious nature of war, is I hope, a fun dichotomy to play with. Religion is not an overt theme and Osprey never preaches either IC or OOC.

Osprey's name was chosen because of my love of the Seattle Seahawks (an Osprey is essentially a Seahawk and has head on its features that inspired the Seahawk logo). His initial color scheme was the blue and green of the old-school (original) Seahawk logo. I switched it to blue and silver shortly after completing the tutorial.

Osprey is in earnest in his struggle to defeat VIPER. He isn't a double-agent, a spy or anything like that. He wants VIPER destroyed and views the cult behind VIPER as mankind's greatest threat. While he knows nothing of Herman Bloom's history with VIPER, both of them are dedicated to VIPER's destruction. This theme is the pillar of both characters and will never change.

I tend to prefer a campier style of RP and comics, and Osprey will reflect that. Although not as campy as say Adam West's Batman - the wilder super-hero comics of the 70's such as Spider-Woman, Doctor Strange and Weird War will definitely be influences.


Osprey's powers derive from the suit of armor he wears. Without this special armor, he would be unable to walk (he's an invalid from the torture sessions he endured in Africa).

Osprey's armor is made from a high-tech alloy that acts like memory metal and wraps around him like a second skin. It is also highly resistant to bullets and kinetic force.
The armor represents some of the highest technology on Earth today. It is a highly advanced BioTech suit providing not only highly functional prosthetics, but also augmenting performance to super-human levels. The suit is also equipped with diamond-tipped retractable claws which can be used as weapons (his "talons"). The suit also has a small inner layer of supple, high-impact kevlar which provides protection from bullets and kinetic energy.

The suit looks and acts like a thick, second skin to Osprey. It fits snuggly on his body and is supple to the touch, (almost like a very smooth and very thin scuba suit). The suit feels like memory metal when you touch it, it is soft, mallable but has a distinct metallic quality.

The suit cannot be removed easily, and thus all biological needs are provided by the suit. It feeds Osprey with nutrients and keeps his body hydrated, producing a minimum of waste. The suit can sustain Osprey for a week, but then requires being attached to a special pump that replenishes the nutrients and removes waste product.

It can take several hours to remove the suit, but Osprey can remove his helmet easily. However, underneath his helmet is face that is horribly disfigured from his torture sessions. He is also hard of hearing without the auditory enchancement devices in his suit.

The suit provides Osprey with super-strength and super-agility and can pack a kinetic punch of significant power. He can put a dent in a bulldozer with a simple left jab.

Osprey also sports a trademark set of white wings on his back. Unlike the suit, these wings are not technological, but rather a biological mutation created by the advanced genetics of GenCorp. The wings were "grown" in a lab using mutated DNA of Osprey's and then surgically fused to his shoulder blades. They extend out of the suit and remain on Osprey even if the suit is removed. So despite the fact Osprey is an invalid without his suit, he is still able to fly.

The wings have enhanaced muscular tissue to support his weight, (although Osprey weighs less than most humans due to his severed legs and amputated arms - and the fact his suit only weighs ten pounds in total).


In issue 11, (after a near-death experience), Osprey's powers are enhanced and changed through the genius mind of Sky Viper.
In issue 17 of Genesis League, Osprey is defeated by an enraged Eclipse Agilo laced with dangerous super-soldier serum called Draysha-Bloom . He is badly wounded and near death, with only a few weeks before his entire system collapses.

It takes Genesis League some time to figure out how to save him, as he requires his suit to survive, and the suit's schematics were intentionally incorrect, (as Herman Bloom wanted no one to interfere with his suit's design). When a solution is finally found, Sky Viper does more than repair the suit, he actually enhances it.

This modified some of the powers available to Osprey. In particular, Osprey can now create shields around his armor, as well he can emit powerful tachyon arc from the fingertips of his suit. These arcs are specifically designed to render VIPER armor useless and a vital component of his arsenal.

In addition, his strength was enhanced, but this was done at some expense of the armor's invulnerability.

The details of this transformation were documented in Issue 11 of Osprey.


Osprey has signed a lucrative merchandising and comic book deal with the somewhat dubious company called SHOCK COMICS.

Many of the stories here take liberties with the truth, but are all based on real events in Osprey's adventures.


Osprey's defeats in the Genesis League issue that followed issue 9 of Osprey, (which led to the escape of Lord Venom), leave him humiliated and his leadership skills in question.

After some soul searching on a vacation in Africa, he realizes the poison in his super suit is stabilizing. He also realizes he must renew his relationship with Herman Bloom.

To increase his confidence, Osprey investigates a VIPER base on a mysterious island just off the shores of East Africa and learns that Herman Bloom]'s financial interests are being taken over by a VIPER agent of unknown origin. He defeats the VIPER agents at the base and finds sufficient evidence to warn Herman Bloom of VIPER's plans.


This issue follows-up on Osprey directly after the dramatic events of Issue 18 of Genesis League.

The story documents the additional enhancements to Osprey's armor, provided to him by Sky Viper, as well as Osprey dealing with the death of an old friend and adversary, (Herman Bloom). It also briefly illustrates Osprey's struggle with the strange will and testament of Herman Bloom, where he leaves his entire fortun to an artificial life form named, EVE-2. VIPER hire a massive law firm to stall, delay and block the dissemination of Herman Bloom's assets, but are also secretly trying to lay claim ownership over EVE-2 herself.

When EVE-2 herself comes up with a tearful and eloquent defense, Osprey seeks to uncover evidence the trial has been tampered by VIPER agents, by obtaining a warrant to illustrate the legal firm stalling the case is really a VIPER hive, who mean to divert Herman Bloom's funds to conduct terrorist research and to obtain EVE-2 as an asset for their terrorist cause.

During the battle at the legal headquarters, Osprey utilizes his new powers and realizes he is more powerful than before.

After the legal case is won, he learns Genesis League failed to thwart a VIPER break-in to an occult book store and have obtained a powerful tome of transmutation and illusions. Oz realizes Genesis League needs more members that are familiar with the occult arts and contacts new agents to join his team.


Issue 12 is not yet published.


In this issue Osprey's wreaks his revenge on the VIPER Colonel that tortured him years ago in Africa. However, after the battle is over and Osprey wins, he realizes vengeance is a rather empty feeling and he begins to question his own motives.


Issue 8 goes back in time to document Osprey's first battle with his memory-metal suit. The issue also outlines how the suit is made and how it operates and comes with details and schematics on the suit. This issue is concerned a rare collectible.]]


In Issue 9, Osprey gloats over the fact that Lord Venom is defeated and in prison, (he was captured in issue 9 of Genesis League). Despite his gloating, he can't figure out why VIPER had apparently abandoned Lord Venom leaving him vulnerable in the wilds of Norway. He also can't figure out why Lord Venom activated an old drone factory formally built by Doctor Destroyer (Issue 10 of Genesis League).

At that moment EVE-2 announces that several of Lord Venom's minions, (called the "Skinks") are trying to break into one of Herman Bloom's laboratories. Osprey and his teammate Heat Screech investigate and easily defeat the Skinks.

After they are defeated, Osprey realizes the Skinks are all in very poor health, their scales are shedding and their skin tone is very pale. So Osprey decides to capture one and take it back to HQ to have it medically examined. (To be continued in future issues of Genesis League).


Issue 4 is Osprey's origin issue, it is a cross-over from issue 1 of Genesis League.


Issue 5 documents the conclusion to the "Alberta Bargain" story which began in issue 2 of the Genesis League. Osprey confronts the Electric Eel, foiling a major VIPER plot. Osprey is able to strike a bargain between the RCMP and Genesis League because of his success.


Issue 6 documents Osprey's growing responsibilities and the politics manifesting within Genesis League. It leads to Osprey taking a bold and solo journey into a Hunter-Patriot facility in the Northwest Territories. The work seems to allow him to blow off some steam and brings a small clan of Canadian terrorists to justice. The mission energizes him for the critical confrontation that takes place in Issue 5 of Genesis League.


Issue 1 of Osprey narrates very little about Oz's origin and instead shows his righteous fury as he begins a campaign to rid the arctic of evil spirits.


Issue 2 of Osprey, shows that when it comes to criminals, Os shows no mercy.


In issue 3, Oz confronts and defeats a vicious terrorist plot and dispenses justice quickly and with great fury.