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Welcome to the PRIMUS Database!

PRIMUS Database welcomes members of the Champions Online MMORPG community to showcase their creative articles that are dedicated to featuring their original playable characters. It is also a resource of basic information on Champions IP canon, whether used within the game or referred from other sourcebooks.

Due to the legal problems that can arise when mixing IP's, we cannot allow great detail about what happened in another MMORPG's that your Hero may have traveled. But you can detail your exploits within Champions here and link to other pages that specialize in other MMORPG's.

PRIMUS Database Moderators
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If you are new and the help sections just aren't cutting it for you, leave me a note and I'll do my best to solve whatever you encounter! - @BobFromAccounting

I'm doing some category updates, so some of you may notice little changes to your pages' categories. Feel free to look through categories and add them to your character! Also, I'm moving characters from the old database. If you have any requests to move, leave them on my userpage and I promise to move it for you. - @FrozenViolet

@Epelesker, coordinator of the Featured Article of the Week activity, reporting for duty! I'm not much on the technical side of things regarding Wiki upkeep, but if you have a general editing or content question, need a page moved, or just want someone to look things over with a second pair of eyes-- I'm your guy. Tend to come and go like the wind sometimes, though.

Hi! I'm Maekada! Feel free to beep me ingame at @Maekada, I'm happy to help you with any wiki-editing and formatting, and know a few tricks (or can find them if I don't know them). If you need help figuring something out, or are having issues with something on the wiki, let me know. I am also now available to remove the main/top header of your page (the one that is there by default and states the name of the page). This can streamline pages where the creator has a banner stating their character name or whatever. -- @Maekada

Hey Liath (@Liath in game) here, and as with my fellow moderators I am here to try and help keep PDB running smoothly so you wonderful people can enjoy adding your crazy characters. Like @Maekada I know a few little tricks about formatting so feel free to hit me up with any questions, suggestions or issues you may come across via my Talk Page -- Liath

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