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Rather than delete these formerly uploaded and unused images, I have created this page to hold these "styles" should any other user wish them for their own page (should the style fit). Please do not amend these images as they may be used on others pages.

Profile/Infobox Images

If you don't have an image available but wish to add something so you can see layout, try one of these

Additional placeholders may be found here: Placeholder


Additional uploaded icons may be found here: Icon or alternatively those based on in game emblems can be found here: Emblems
Some icons for music/soundtracks can be found here: Soundtrack or Playback Icons

Section Heading Images

Various Section Headings

Lost Sparrow

FONT: Thunder-Hawk Regular

Elasty Past

Old West Coyote

Prototype Star

Stopped Motion

Lost My Mojo



FONT: Morpheus

Hill House

FONT: Hill House (Using LEGAL filter]