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(Below are the dedicated playlists of songs associated with Loh'kar. Each playlist corresponds to a specific event or the relationship a character has with Loh'kar. The music chosen has been carefully selected by me over the years. Playlists may update at any given time. If interested in reading and listening to playlist options at the same time, open the links in a new tab. Some of the tracks are considered explicit.)

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Player: @ph0toncann0n (Photon Cannon)
The Ebon Carcass
Biographical Data
Real Name: Leon Jou
Known Aliases: Ebon Carcass, Opal, Shaper Eater
Gender: Male
Species: Biolacex Syren
Ethnicity: Human blood is of Korean and Hispanic mix
Place of Birth: South Korea
Base of Operations: Aria's Temple (located 120 miles northwest of Monster Island)
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 30 yrs.
Height: Will vary
Weight: Will vary
Eyes: Squid-like, with square, horizontal pupils. Golden.
Hair: When shapeshifted, ink-black
Complexion: Black with dark brown-red stripes and mottled blotching
Physical Build: Serpent-like and thin
Physical Features: Four eyes, eight tentacles ending in extra hands, bone claws, extendable neck, dorsal fin, three-way split maw, tail with bone spike on the end
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Deceased/Unknown
Years Active: Unrelated
Citizenship: Mariian, exiled/outlawed. Nohva'tusl, Guardian
Occupation: Whatever he feels like doing
Education: Minimum basic schooling
Marital Status: Engaged to Arahk'ne
Known Powers and Abilities
* Spell casting
  • Immense strength in limbs
  • Hyper regen
  • Rapid tissue necrosis
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Opal Crystal
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

WARNING: The information in this page may be considered MATURE. Some content may be considered unsettling or dark for some readers.

Loh'kar storyline.png

The Beginning

Leon Jou was born in South Korea during a trip his parents were taking to allow his father, Jou Dae-won, to visit his parents. His father was of Korean descent, and his mother, Regina Enciso, was of Hispanic descent. Leon had one brother by the name of Adam Jou, who was seven years Leon's elder when Leon was born. Leon lived with his family in the US. His upbringing was not an especially happy one; although he was ignorant as a toddler to the terrible things surrounding the family, as he grew into a child, he began to notice that his mother's apparent tidiness and prescribed medications were not as they seemed. Dae-won was an angry man, and a coward. Rather than working late shifts, it was revealed to Leon that their father was an alcoholic, and that Dae-won was constantly going to the casino to blow their money and get drunk. By the time Leon was four years old, he was noticing how forceful Dae-won was with his mother, constantly putting his hands on her when he assumed the children weren't looking. Soon, this abuse caused Regina to become addicted to her medications and begin misusing them. From a young age, Leon grew to despise his father.

It wasn't long before a pecking order was established in the home. Regina, at the bottom, and Dae-won, at the top. Somewhere in-between the children fell, and this caused constant bickering and fighting to the point of punches and cuts between the brothers. Regina, caught within in the hell her husband orchestrated, desperately wished to provide for her boys, and stayed at Dae-won's side for as long as she could, weighted by how poor she and her boys would be if they left, especially considering her drug addiction. It wasn't until Dae-won was arrested at the casino for aggravated assault that she began to file the divorce papers. After the divorce, Regina continued to struggle to provide for the boys, and although Adam attempted to help their mother where he could, he was still considerably young. Regina unfortunately ended up overdosing on her medications later that year. By the time Leon was eight years old, he and his brother were entirely alone. Dae-won did not take custody for the boys; instead, they were placed into a foster home. Leon preferred it this way.

Meeting Aaron Lister

Leon settled into the foster home about as well as could be expected. He had been very close to his mother, and still grieving for his loss, he did not open up to his foster family. His brother, Adam, who was fifteen at this time, opted to leave his kid brother in the dust and focus on giving himself a better future. A few months passed, and Adam was officially adopted by an outside family, marking the point in which Leon and his brother officially lost contact.

Aaron Lister at 11 yrs.

Making it difficult to be adopted, Leon's hard-headed attitude and tendency to break the rules with little remorse caused the foster family to continue postponing Leon a chance for adoption. Other children came and went; some of the children seemed to have a forever home in this household. One of the children who was taken into the foster home was a Caucasian boy with Tourette's Syndrome named Aaron Lister. Aaron's parents had put him into the foster home when they found that they could not provide for their son. A level-headed and intelligent boy of nine, his unrelenting kindness towards Leon rapidly founded a friendship and seemed to alleviate Leon's bad behavior...to some extent. Children who picked on Aaron for his disability often received a black eye, bloody nose, or other minor injury from Leon. A new pecking order was established, and Leon and Aaron surely were not at the bottom.

Aaron helped Leon with his English, and Leon continued to pursue Korean out of sheer fascination with the language. The boys became inseparable. The foster family was afraid to separate the boys, thus prolonging Aaron's own chances at adoption, to some extent. However, when the time came, Aaron was given that chance. He received much positive feedback. Leon, afraid that he would lose Aaron to these families, asked to make a package deal. Aaron agreed: If Aaron was to be adopted, then Leon would be adopted, as well. The positive feedback began to dwindle, but Aaron did not falter in his ambitions. Eventually, the foster home decided to shuffle the two boys to another location with hopes they would find success there.

The Web's Ploy

Meeting Sonnet

A child psychologist by the name of Rebecca Orchid approached this second foster home nearly a year after Aaron and Leon had arrived. She claimed that the city had granted her a scholarship, allowing her to study the psychological effects an alternative schooling method would have on a child without certain parental reinforcement present, and she meant to make use of it. She was to take any children between ages 7-15 with her back to an institution, located by the river on the outside of the city. There, she would provide the children a basic education as an alternative means to schooling. It would come at free cost: They would be given food, clothing, and shelter, all for no cost. The only catch was that the children had to remain on campus until the classes ended each quarter. The foster home decided to take Rebecca up on this offer, giving the children a week's notice to volunteer for the on-campus experience. Aaron was eager to go, whereas Leon was against the idea of more schooling. In the end, Aaron's desire won out, and the two boys, along with a gaggle of other children, were taken away to this facility. The first sector was home to the children, and the second sector, which was off-limits regularly to the children, was the research vicinity.

Leon quickly made himself a name among these other children on campus. Now ten years old, he seemed to hold some amount of power within the social circle, and soon had a mini-army behind him. He took decent care of himself, and seemed knowledgeable enough; though his partner-in-crime Aaron was more the brains to his brawn. It was "get on my team, or you're a loser" for these kids, and Leon was the ringleader. Reveling in the feeling of power he'd not been prone to before, it gave him an unhealthy ego boost, which Aaron helped to keep in check. Aaron continued to try and help other children get into their social circle, in spite of Leon's objections.

It was about this time when Leon met Sonnet Baxter. An itty-bitty five-year-old girl with Albinism, Sonnet was a mysterious girl whom was receiving special attention from the scientists and was not a part of the schooling process. She would be dropped off with the other children during the day, and be taken away at night. At some point during Aaron's trips to assist Rebecca with carrying heavy boxes of papers and books, he came across Sonnet and attempted to befriend her. In time, he managed to coax her into becoming his little duckling, and big-brother Aaron pulled Sonnet into the social circle, much to Leon's dismay. Sonnet's Selective Mutism was an easy target for Leon's bullying, and Leon did not have an interest in adding any children below the age of eight to his group. Leon found Sonnet a source to vent on; he would torment her until she grew upset or pull creative pranks on her until Aaron would step in the way. He was shocked by Sonnet's determination to stay near the two of them despite all of this, and although she would not be vocal with him, Leon would listen to the things she had to say to Aaron.

Suspicions Rise

For about three months, the trio of children were fairly content. The schooling proceeded as usual, Aaron, Leon, and Sonnet like three peas in a pod. Sonnet had gotten herself her own room to stay in when she wanted to "spend the night with the big kids," under Rebecca's watchful eye. Aaron and Leon bunked together in one room, and for a time, Leon could think of no time he'd ever been happier, and safer.

This was not to last. The scientists on campus began to peel away pieces of the veil, in strategic ways, as to not cause alarm. The name "The Web" began to drift among the teenagers. Some of them would cross over to the scientific facility and never be seen or heard from again. Rebecca always said that their final tests were a success and that they were sent back to the foster home, and although this statement seemed genuine when coming from her, there were stories which could not line up a comprehensive picture. The air of something being very wrong became evident when a new batch of children who were brought into the institution were completely unsure of why they had been brought there, as it was certainly not for the sake of a "city-granted scholarship."

Soon, the children were growing hesitant to proceed in their schoolwork. Rebecca urged the children to continue participation, but when her instructions were not heeded, the other scientists stepped up. Misty Shore, Sophia Smith and Barry Smith, and the leading scientist and founder of The Web, Jeremy Chase, began to push for the children to continue down this volunteer path. Jeremy Chase presented the children with newfound information: "The Web is a research facility looking to further our progress in science and the way that we see genetics. We are currently studying a means to create a supersoldier serum. If you should be willing, the rewards would be tremendous. Those of you seeking a college life in the future, or a future home--those of you seeking a life of longevity and prosperity--Should you volunteer to participate in Project: MARIGOLD, you would be well-taken care of and paid handsomely. I implore you to finish your schoolwork. And I implore you to volunteer for our Project in the meantime."

Although the pitch sounded pretty and voluntary, many of the children were not so gullible. When they continued in their ways, a dark shadow fell over the research facility. The children were no longer orphans in housing, but slaves in housing. More word began to spill from the veil, of how mindless abominations and spider-people lurked on the other side. The number of these Araneoids was growing, and the children began to fit two-and-two together. Every couple days, a few more children were involuntarily selected for the Marigold Serum to be tested on. Rebecca Orchid had been rendered powerless, and desperately tried to protect the remaining children. Out from under her nose, Aaron Lister was selected for testing--A hard loss for Leon.

Aaron caught word the night before of what was coming for him the next morning. When his attempts to explain the situation to Sonnet repeatedly failed, he gave up and instead turned to Leon. They had a heart-to-heart talk, and Aaron, looking Leon in the eye, made him promise to look after Sonnet, and make sure that nothing would happen to her, no matter what. Leon agreed, and together the boys convinced Sonnet to go to bed early. The stayed up for the rest of the night, enjoying their last few hours together as best they could, and attempting to devise a plan to get them all out of there. Due to the shortage of time, they could not formulate a solid plan, and mere ideas were left floating seamlessly. When morning came, the best bet they had was to use Aaron's silver tongue to save his skin, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. Leon and Aaron bid each other farewell, and Leon was left behind, separated from Aaron for the first and last time.


When Sonnet woke up that morning, Aaron was gone. She was confused by all of the people she enjoyed disappearing around her, and lonely, tried to cling to Leon for security. Leon, however, having more reason to grieve for losses, did not open up to her so well. He meant to keep Aaron's promise, but he wasn't sure what to do with Sonnet, as this was the first time she'd ever spoken to him directly. Initially, he shrugged her off when she continued to misunderstand Aaron's whereabouts, and he refused to be a friendly face.

Back he went to tormenting her, but with the decency to stop if she got too upset. Sonnet tried again and again to get Leon to be her friend, but when her attempts fell through, she suddenly had a complete change in attitude. The next time Leon fussed at her to get out of his room, she grabbed the nearest soft object and started whacking him with it. Leon was shocked at first to see this change in attitude until he realized that she was just giving him the same treatment he gave her. Amused by this, he turned it into a game for the two of them. Within no time, the two grew mutual, and Leon warmed up to Sonnet. Her change in childish behavior let Leon live up to Aaron's wish. Leon grew closer to Sonnet than Sonnet was to Aaron, and he began to notice that Sonnet was a little clingy and cuddly with him. He recognized what a crush looked like, and being sure to not encourage Sonnet's behavior, he ignored the extra attention and acted as a best friend for her.

Again and again the light would be snuffed out. Sonnet's initial caretaker, Misty Shore, came into the facility one day, and instead of demanding a number of the children to come with her, she asked for only one: Sonnet. When the other team of scientists entered the vicinity, red flags fired off in Leon's head. He grabbed Sonnet and fled to his room, and hid there with her until the adults managed to find them. Leon did all in his power to keep the adults away from Sonnet, going so far as to attack them, but they subdued him and took a distressed Sonnet into the second sector. Panicked, Leon ran to find Rebecca, and alerted her of the goings-on. Rebecca ran into The Web's facility and did not return until later that night.

It was too late, Leon had been told. Sonnet had undergone treatment, and her heart had stopped, but Rebecca managed to revive her. Now that Rebecca knew what exactly was happening behind the scenes, she seemed to grow more and more depressed. At this point, Project: MARIGOLD seemed to halt. No more children were taken away. They weren't even encouraged to continue their studies. After losing his two best friends to the greed and hatred he had been exposed to all his life, Leon made amends to free the other children and Sonnet and Aaron from captivity.

Leon Seeking Vengeance

With nothing but fragments of ideas from his talk with Aaron, Leon spent day and night trying to formulate a plan to free what sane Araneoids remained and escape captivity. He had set his mind to it, and it occupied most of his time. He consulted with the other children as he saw fit, but otherwise he would keep the plan to himself and consult with Rebecca for her ever-expanding knowledge of the situation. Days turned into a week, and that week became two, then three. Leon wasn't sure how much time had passed since he lost Aaron and Sonnet, but soon enough, he and Rebecca saw an opportunity.

Dr. Chase would be taking a day off from work for family matters, leaving Dr. Shore in charge. This meant that only four head scientists would be there today, with one of those being Rebecca, herself. Now that Rebecca knew the layout of the research facility, she knew where the Araneoids, live and preserved, were kept. She would cause a diversion with the use of one of the adult Araneoids in order to call the attention of the head scientists. During this time, she would use her access key card to get into Jeremy's office and retrieve the codes used for security. With these codes, the children in sector one would let themselves out of the facility. It was up to Leon to go and find Aaron and Sonnet while the other children made their escape. To Leon, this plan was fail-proof, but he could not comment for the others.

The day of Jeremy's absence came around. As the Araneoids' feeding schedules did not match to the children, and so the children had to go about their day as normal. It wasn't until that evening when Rebecca saw fit to seize the opportunity. During the feeding hours, Rebecca entered The Web's quarantine zone and freed one of the Araneoids before fleeing the scene. The rampaging monster immediately caught the attention of Sophia and Barry. Rebecca accessed Chase's office and successfully gained access to the security codes.

While the children opened up all of the doors and fought their way out of the research facility, Leon ran into the second sector. He wasn't at all sure where he would find Aaron and Sonnet, but as he went, he found the gruesome, arachnid monstrosities of varying sizes, sexes, and species behind every corner, chained up in containment behind several inches of reinforced glass. They horrified him; the way their eyes consumed his soul, the muteness of breath, the inhuman movements they would make as they tried to drag themselves across the floors. Some screamed in agony; others in mindless rage. A few were evidently attempting to strangle themselves on their own chains. This--all coupled with the constant narrative on an intercom about the nature of these monsters and how dangerous and unfeeling they were--began to stir a deeply-rooted despair in Leon's stomach.

Leon's fear was heightened when one of the smaller Dolomedes Araneoids manged to free themselves from their bonds and force their way through the glass layers. When the fishing spider came nearer to Leon, however, Leon instantly recognized the involuntary muscle spasms from Aaron's Tourette's Syndrome. Aaron seemed to not at all match the description of a murderous machine played out on the intercom; this is perhaps a reason why Leon began to question the accuracy of the facts pinned to the Araneoids right away. Nonetheless, although Aaron's vocal chords had been removed, he managed to lead Leon straight to where Sonnet was: the quarantine zone.

Leon entered the passcode to the door Aaron instructed him towards. It was a room set aside from all of the others; heavy with surveillance, white, and void. Leon and Aaron ran to Sonnet's side, and Aaron broke her out of the harness. When Leon saw how bloodshot her eyes were, and the strange markings beginning to appear on her skin, and the evident bruising and frailty from physical abuse, he faltered. He and Aaron both tried to encourage Sonnet, but she remained mentally unresponsive. Rebecca arrived belatedly to the scene to warn the children that Misty was coming to get Sonnet, and when she saw how helpless Leon had become, she begged the boys to take Sonnet into the city and find some help for her.

Misty arrived shortly thereafter with the other two head scientists. Aaron lunged at the scientists while Leon fled the scene with Sonnet. Aaron was shot and killed by Barry Smith. However, his death was not in vain, for Leon made it out of The Web with Sonnet.

The Traumatic Suicide

Leon fled with Sonnet into the night. With little sense of direction in the darkness, he opted to try following the river into the woods for some cover. The two of them were pursued for about a mile before Leon managed to lose the adults. Leon became thoroughly lost in the woods due to his aimless running, and out of options, decided to continue in one direction. To Leon's surprise, after they had lost any sign of the scientists, he heard a peep from Sonnet. He sat down and talked to her for a few minutes, holding her and telling her that everything was going to be alright, and that she was just "sick." That they "needed a doctor to make her better." In truth, Leon wasn't sure what a doctor could do for Sonnet, by that point. But he wanted to have hope. With Aaron gone, Sonnet was all that he had left.

Sonnet regained the strength to walk on her own, so she and Leon continued through the woods together on foot. Leon noticed early signs of recklessness in Sonnet's behavior, but he had no way of preparing for what was to come. They continued for another two miles before finding a dead end. It was the lake which the river connected to, and the lake was notorious for its lamprey that were trapped at the bank. Sometime that year, these lamprey had swam upstream to spawn, but were never able to leave again. They remained here, a mass of parasites with teeth that could break human skin.

Sonnet wanted to cross the lake. Leon couldn't fathom why, but knowing of its danger, he tried to pull her away from the water. Sonnet was resistant; as if a strange hypnosis had come over her, she turned violent, yelling something about death, which frightened Leon into letting her go. Without a second thought, Sonnet then ran into the lake and threw herself beneath its surface. Horrified, Leon tried to swim after her, but he was met by several lamprey who began to weigh him down. As to save himself, he made his way back to land, and watched helplessly as Sonnet was engulfed by the lamprey and dragged under. Blood rushed up from the depths, and the lamprey began to writhe and thrash on the surface of the water. Leon fled the scene, traumatized by what he had seen. When he finally reached the city, he was still sobbing and shaking with anxiety.

The Athena Massacre

Leon was certain that the children had made it back to the foster home, but he was adamant to not return there. In part, he felt guilt for Sonnet's suicide, and was afraid that he would be to blame for it. He also had no person he loved back in that foster home. Leon began to visit the police station to check for missing persons, wondering if he could get any sign of who did or didn't make it out alive after the rebellion. He also filed a missing persons report for Sonnet Baxter and would check back to see if they had found her.

A month passed. Leon was staying in the homeless shelter by himself, waging his stay on a homeless druggie's ignorance that their familiar relation was nonexistent. Leon would stop by the woods during the day to curse the lamprey or throw rocks at them. He would wander up and down the streets of the city, and beginning to get an idea of how to be street smart, he typically stayed on one set path. One morning, he woke to hear news of a violent massacre that had occurred overnight. Five scientists had been killed in their homes, and when Leon heard familiar names, he instantly wondered if an Araneoid had gotten their revenge. By the descriptions of their mutilated bodies, Leon knew that whatever this creature was, it was not sane. Fearful that the Araneoid might be lurking the city at night, he began staying indoors when the sun would set.

Sonnet's death was still haunting Leon's mind. Overcoming the fear of his guilt, Leon asked the police if they had looked outside of the city, and not just within. The police confirmed that they would check the woods thoroughly in the upcoming days. Days went by, and Leon checked again with the police station. They reported finding the trapped lamprey, and reopened the pathway to allow them to exit the lake. They also reported finding two bodies at the bottom of the lake, apologizing to "Sonnet's cousin" that the bodies belonged to Sylvia and Mason Baxter, Sonnet's parents. They had been dead for a long time, both shot. Sonnet's body was not with them.

Before the police could approach Leon for questioning about his "aunt's and uncle's" deaths, he skipped town, traveling to the next city over, in hopes to escape the terrible memories and feelings of the other.

Syren's Song

Information coming soon. Texthere for Steam Achievement: Killed a Broodmother

Servant of the Seer

Information coming soon. Texthere about Xi'on being rude

Gift of the Amethyst

Information coming soon. Texthere about Arahk'ne being rude

Loh'kar social.png

RP Hooks/Traits

  • Leeches! - Loh'kar is a leech. Specifically, a marine leech! Of his thirty-two teeth, three of them are large and leech-like.
  • Scavenger Method - Loh'kar typically waits for Arahk'ne and Myx'ulas to clean the bones of his to-be meals. He typically will only eat dead things. He never leaves traces behind.
  • Calcium is Good For You. - Loh'kar consumes the skeletons and bone marrow of his prey. He may repurpose the bone shrapnel for various means. The amount of calcium he regularly ingests is ridiculous.
  • Visage of Death - The Opal is the first Crystal which Xi'on made; it is also the strongest, as a Master Crystal. However, Loh'kar's own cowardice dampens its potential.
  • Shapeshifter! - Loh'kar constantly evolves through melting and reshaping his innards, although his hearts remain unchanged. No magic is required for his shapeshifting; the Biolacex blood makes this easy. Quite the perk!
  • Structure Fanatic - Loh'kar has a strong appreciation for sound structure in general. He likes to see how things work, and likes to find power in the little things working together to build one big powerful thing. Skeletons are a fine example of this.
  • (Vomits in Defiance) - Loh'kar can't seem to hold his stomach contents in combat. Phase I Anticoagulation causes rapid tissue necrosis. Phase II Anticoagulation is bile-based and may contain undigested bone shrapnel. Phase III Anticoagulation utilizes the Opal's magic, and both his jaw ink and stomach acid. It instantaneously bleaches bone and is fueled by calcium.
  • Icky - The Maruloix culture closely associates slime with death. Between the thin veil of mucus on his skin and the necrotic ink that leaks from glands in his jaw, Loh'kar is considered an acute harbinger of death. So unattractive!
  • Multilingual - Loh'kar's first language is Korean with his second being English. Following these, he is also somewhat versed in: Spanish, Maruloix-Central, Mariianite, and a tiny bit of Syren.
  • Chaotic Evil - Loh'kar has had it up to here with life in general. His moral compass is shattered and remains unstable. He almost takes pride in the suffering of others, like it's become a feat of his in his constant battle with the living.
  • The Undertow Civilization's "Wedding Ring." - Loh'kar didn't give Arahk'ne an engagement ring, and he and his fiancé would not have wedding rings when married. Instead, a cultural enchantment is placed upon the to-be-weds. It appears as a rune over the left ring finger on either couple. When the knot is tied, the rune changes form, and becomes a bioluminescent tattoo directly on the heart's right atrium, traveling the length of the vena amoris. (This tattoo is visible most clearly in the dark.)
  • Not Only Bones! - Loh'kar has a ravenous appetite. When he isn't busy eating the skeletons of dead things, he often feasts on just about any food he can find. He tends toward orange juice, cartons of milk, burgers, several plates of fries, and traditional Korean dishes when he can get away with it.
  • Three Hearts? - Loh'kar, much like an octopus, has three hearts. However, only one is well-functioning; the second is weak, and the third is petrified.
  • Can't Smell Anything. - Loh'kar's olfactory nerve is weak due to the built-up ink in his skull. This is one of the reasons why he sticks to being a scavenger.
  • Breathing Carcass - The AoE effect of the Opal forces those on the brink of death to "remain stuck in never-ending, dying paralysis." Unfortunately for its Crystal Guardian, this includes him, as well.
  • Four-Eyes - Loh'kar has two anterior and two posterior eyes. The posterior eyes have 360° vision and a chameleon effect.
  • Say What You Mean! - Loh'kar is infamous for speaking his mind. He can be extremely crass and rude without giving it much thought.
  • Numb to the Feeling - Loh'kar's nerve endings are damaged due to the constant internal rearrangement. Although they do work, it takes immense pressure for him to register touch. He is entirely numb to pain.
  • Soaked! - Loh'kar needs water on his skin every twelve hours minimum.
  • Anchor Tail - Loh'kar's tail has a flat suction cup on the end of the underside. This anchor allows him to hang out comfortably on walls and ceilings, and he never loses his balance.
  • Flirtatious Scoundrel - Loh'kar doesn't seem to care that he is a walking-talking borderline lich. Although he will not be flirtatious with everyone, he seizes every single opportunity to fawn over Arahk'ne and appeal to her good nature. He will attempt to seduce his lovely queen, apple of the forbidden tree, guilty pleasure, incarnate of perfection, darling little poet.
  • Danger Noodle - Loh'kar's movement and combat style is visually similar to both Chameleos and Vaal Hazak from the Monster Hunter© genre. The combat and movements and poison attacks of Chameleos match Loh'kar well, but the lethargy, corpse control, lifesource control, and total ignorance to pain of Vaal Hazak are also relevant. Example for Chameleos can be found here. Example for Vaal Hazak can be found here.
  • Snoring Corpse - Loh'kar takes "sleeping like the dead" to a whole new level. Because it requires significant pressure for him to feel anything, and he frequently runs on low energy, it's not uncommon for him to sprawl out in bizarre locations and snooze the day away. He has been mistaken for a corpse on more than one occasion while in this state. It is immensely difficult to wake him back up.

Loh'kar Caprice.png

Information coming soon. Texthere about what Leechopus does in Caprice, friends he's met there, etc.

Out-of-Character Q & A

(Common questions received about Loh'kar can be found and answered here.)

  • Q: Loh'kar is a leech, right? Aren't leeches hermaphrodites?

This is true! Leeches, in short, are hermaphrodites. In fact, their closely-related cousins are also hermaphrodites. However, this aspect to the leech DNA is not applied to Loh'kar. He does not have enough leech DNA for this to affect him. Now, one might argue that as a Biolacex, he is capable of swapping genders at will. Biolacex who are pure-blooded are able to do this. However, any less than 100%, and they are stuck as whatever they're born as.

  • Q: Loh'kar has extremely dark skin for a marine leech...Can he change the color of his skin at will?

All Biolacex have a bit of everything cephalapod in their DNA. This means that they also have the ability to adjust their skin color akin to the cuttlefish or mimic octopus. Loh'kar's true skin color appears very dull and bloodless; it's not pretty and emphasizes his corpse-like appearance. Because of this, he maintains a coloration that allows him to camouflage with the shadows. If he is in Canada, his skin will mimic the snow around him. If he is on Monster Island, his skin will mimic the colors and patterns of vegetation around him. If he is flirting with his lady, he will turn his richest ink-black and stretch to make himself appear larger and more desirable to her. If he is trying to shock or intimidate his prey, he will become a series of colors that are not naturally found on Earthly creatures, such as turquoise spirals and bright yellow streaks on brown background.

  • Q: How many baskets of fries does he plan on eating?

He can get about ten of those suckers down. I don't recommend offering to pay for his tab or meals...Loh'kar will eat and eat and drink to sate his ever-prominent hunger. He will at least have the decency to help you clean your plate if you ask. Never challenge him to an eating contest, because he will cheat with his shapeshifting and give himself extra stomachs.

  • Q: What gave you inspiration for this character?

This one would be difficult to answer. To begin with, Loh'kar was originally designed by a close friend of mine, AKA @datbooster. I cannot say where he drew his inspiration from. When Loh'kar ownership was turned over to me, I began to fill in the blanks in his character. Back in 2009, I made a different friend who was not as they seemed. Without going into too much detail, before things could turn bad, I cut them off from access to me. However, they were determined. For years they pursued me across various settings online until I gave them a reason to forget about it. This pursuit went on from 2009-2015, and growing up, I suffered from nightmares about this person. His main character he used around me, a lich, coincidentally shared a similar personality to Loh'kar, which @datbooster didn't realize in designing him. Although I hated the lich's player, I always enjoyed the lich itself, which is why I've kept Loh'kar's personality true to the way @datbooster designed. It's safe to say that the terror behind Loh'kar does play upon the concept of being haunted by your past guilt and grief...You have my stalker to thank for that. Unrelated, I also have emetophobia, so Loh'kar constantly puking ink on people to kill them may not have been my idea, but I certainly use it.

  • Q: What is Loh'kar's build in-game?

Loh'kar is a Freeform, dedicated off-tank (OT) for endgame content. He utilizes Infernal Supernatural for this purpose. He is capable of OTing TA and all three Qliphothic Warzone OMs. On one occassion, he successfully main-tanked Teleiosaurus until she died, but that was an accident and everyone involved was scared for their life. His hardest fight would be Oubliette. His easiest fight would be the Teleiosaurus Hatchling in TA. His most fun fight would be Gravitar in TA.

  • Q: Was it always intended for Loh'kar and Arahk'ne to be a couple?

Yup! From the very beginning, I told @datbooster about my desire in working on Arahk'ne's backstory to make one of her major backstory characters carry into modern times with her. He wanted to make that character. I asked him if he wanted Leon or Aaron, and he chose Leon. (Crazy to think that it could've been Leon who became the fishing spider Araneoid and was killed, right?) He also grabbed "octopus, manta ray, and lobster" when I spouted ideas for more Crystal Guardians and made Loh'kar take up the "octopus" slot. Due to Leon's nature and the crush Arahk'ne had on him from a young age, they were made into a couple pretty instantaneously.

  • Q: Is Loh'kar a zombie?

Loh'kar is not a zombie. He nearly died when the Opal was distributed, but Arahk'ne pulled him back. So he never reached complete death. His corpse-like appearance is brought on by the Opal's power and how it still rejects him, even to this day. He is in a constant state of dying, but death itself is always just out of reach. He gives a new meaning to "living dead."

  • Q: A lot of the soundtracks from Chase Atlantic in playlists associated with Loh'kar mention drug abuse...Is Loh'kar abusing drugs and alcohol?

No. First of all, Chase Atlantic references drugs in a metaphorical way. Second, I would not take some of the lyrics so literally when in context for any of my characters...They may directly reflect them, or they may simply inspire something behind their character. Loh'kar specifically hated his father and would not mimic his behavior. None of my characters are noted for abusing drugs, so while many of them have some problems, drugs and alcohol aren't one of them.

Various Quotes

Some quotes may contain mature language.

"[CEN] Why would you give a woman flowers? Flowers fuckin' die." "[CEN] This sounds like you're projecting from a bad experience."
Loh'kar and By'zlis, Storywriting ((Archives, 2015))

"'ey. Fill up my glass. I wanna drink some of that sweet, sweet nectar you make." "...P-Pardon?" "Your venom." "...My venom would paralyze your tongue, why would I do that?" "Turns off this ink faucet. ...And I'm sure it would taste delightful."
Leon/Loh'kar (@datbooster) and Sonnet/Arahk'ne, Casual Roleplay ((Champions Online, 2015))

"Whucha mean? We're along just fine. Nobody's slingin' shit, we're all eatin', game's still good, everyone's alive." He ticked these off of his fingers, before knitting them beneath his chin, still leaned forward.
Leon/Loh'kar (@datbooster), Casual Roleplay ((Discord, 2017))

I just got the Zombie Bone device on Loh'kar. Now he can throw his food at his future food
@ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Discord, 2018))

[Team] Ebon Carcass: Corpses are like a fine wine. They get better with age
@ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Champions Online, 2018))

"Jib. Saenghwal. Geomi. Jib. Saenghwal. Geomi. ...Nolae."
Leon/Loh'kar (@datbooster), "Opalescent Valentine" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

As the Ebon Carcass' chest heaved, its flesh recoiled against its heartbeat; a magenta hue crawled across his heart, veins, and arteries, branching throughout, and showing on the skin. This tell-tale reminder of the imprint she had on him immediately threw Loh'kar into a rage.
@ph0toncann0n, Storywriting, "MARIGOLD: Night Terror" story arc; Pins and Needles chapter ((Archives, 2018))

Ebon Carcass@ph0toncann0n flexes his muscles for Takofanes.
@ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Champions Online, 2018))

"[ABYS] Come to try something new, my queen?"
Loh'kar (@datbooster), Casual Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"You need to wake up, my dearest." "I am tired of being awake."
Sonnet/Arahk'ne and ???/Loh'kar (@datbooster), "Opalescent Valentine" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

Fire-kissed@Valyzel grabs the WEIRD FUCKING FREAK and does a kiss on it
@Valyzel, Out of Character ((Champions Online, 2019))

Now that you've said "I want Loh'kar to go back into the Abyss," every fiber of my being has gone "THAT'S AN AWFUL IDEA" but this tiny voice in the back was like "y'all don't even know what would happen you should let him bully the cannibals"
@ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

This freaking thing is gonna be trying to feel up my Spider, help
@ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

I specifically have a baseball bat aimed at all times to hit Loh'kar when he's being a dick
@ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

"[ABYS] Leon - I know you want to be human again. But neither of us can ever be what we once were. This cycle of self-hate will never end if you don't let it die." "[ABYS] I don't want to let it die. It's the only thing I have. It's the only thing that ever mattered. It's the only way I can survive and stay me." "[ABYS] I'm still me, aren't I?"
Arahk'ne and Loh'kar (@datbooster), "Opal Integration" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

@datbooster and @ph0toncann0n, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

Friends, Family, & Enemies

The Rogues

Arahk'ne the Amethyst

  • Status to Loh'kar: Fellow Child of Xi'on, girlfriend, Broodmother Queen (Fiancé)
  • Crystal Shaper: Xi'on the Seer
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Loh'kar: Sonnet. Texthere texthere spider waifu.

Information coming soon.

Myx'ulas the Bloodstone

  • Status to Loh'kar: Fellow Child of Xi'on, "replacement" Seeker
  • Crystal Shaper: Xi'on the Seer
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Loh'kar:

Information coming soon.

By'zlis the Emerald

  • Status to Loh'kar: Fellow Crystal Guardian
  • Crystal Shaper: Maels'turum the Negotiator
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Loh'kar:

Information coming soon.


Raakorahn the Diamond

  • Status to Loh'kar: Fellow Master Crystal Guardian
  • Crystal Shaper: Col'stahlk the Ancient
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Loh'kar:

'Information coming soon.

Shaper Xi'on the Seer

  • Status to Loh'kar: Crystal's Shaper
  • Crystals: Opal (Master Crystal), Amethyst, Bloodstone
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Loh'kar:

'Information coming soon.

Loh'kar events.png

Non-Roleplayed Events (Key to Development)

Information coming soon.

  • MARIGOLD: Night Terror Texthere about how The Web is rude to everyone again and spider waifu about died again
  • Elegy of War: Story Arc can be found here.

Roleplayed Events

  • Westside Territory: Texthere about fish mob arc

  • Lost and Found: Texthere about Siege's Soul Engine

  • Opalescent Valentine: Haunted by memories of Aaron's death, the deaths of several children, and Sonnet's suicide, Leon found it especially difficult facing Valentine's Day. On top of these things came the guilt he felt over having slain several of the males in Cori'beaux's brood during the "Elegy of War" arc. In a desperate attempt to hold himself together, he ventured out with By'zlis to the amazon, where he gathered natural clay, and attempted to craft something, in memory of Mr. Youn. After leaving the figurine he made of himself and Arahk'ne at Aria's altar, Loh'kar further succumbed to the Opal, and this time, did not come back out. Drawn to relive his memories played out like a dream, Loh'kar made his way back to South Korea, and found himself at the late Mr. Youn's shop. It was here that Loh'kar attempted to commit suicide by removal his heart from his body, only to have the Opal reject this notion, and force Leon's hands from control of his own body. Soon enough, Arahk'ne came face-to-face with a new form of Loh'kar's--one which the Opal had generated, when it seized the reigns of control. With the Amethyst's assistance, Arahk'ne coaxed Leon to wake from his self-destructive PTSD episode, and put the Opal back in check. Arahk'ne apologized for the first time for trying to kill herself as a child, and Leon exploded, piling all blame onto himself, including the Athena Massacre. When he began to weep over the carnage he had created in Cori'beaux's brood, Arahk'ne asked him the most important thing he needed to answer - "Do you regret your need to protect me?" To this, Leon admitted that he did not, and reminded of the good he did in protecting Sonnet all of this time, consoled in his Amethyst. The two of them slept overnight in the shop, before returning to Aria's Temple the next morning.

  • Opal Integration: Over the course of a month following the Opalescent Valentine event, Arahk'ne was finding Loh'kar to be growing even more distant. Although he was not afraid to be around her, his own self-hate and cowardice brewed on the surface, and it had begun to impact their relationship. Driven desperate to avoid uniting with the monster that the Opal made him, and desperate to protect Sonnet from himself, Leon became unable to hold intimacy with Arahk'ne. This, and the way she understood his suffering so easily, drove him mad. Arahk'ne knew that healing could never begin until he was forced to change, and so she invited him into her quarters one late evening and locked him inside. With this, she began to pressure him; challenge his cowardice, inquiring why he was afraid to unite with the Opal, why he "didn't feel like himself in his own body." Tormented with mental and emotional pain as she bore down on him, Loh'kar lashed out--Something which he would later deeply regret, but Arahk'ne had seen coming. A madness overcame them both; Arahk'ne desiring anything and everything that would make Leon utilize the Opal and bond that much more with the Crystal. Loh'kar's madness was driven by sheer love and rage; the Amethyst brought to surface memories of his father abusing his mother in front of him, while he verbally and physically pummeled Arahk'ne, roaring out a twisted tale of her life until that point, while also demanding to know why she wasn't afraid of him, why she adored him. In the moment that Loh'kar had Arahk'ne on her stomach in a dominant display, the sight of tears in her eyes and blue rings within the sea of black brought him away from this toxicity. He grieved, violently, once more trying to rip the Opal out, right in front of her. However, she began to sing to him, forcing him to stop the suicidal display. Arahk'ne stopped the Broodmother's song immediately, and urged Loh'kar to "come to be who he is on his own," giving him the reigns of control. And...Loh'kar used self-control. Loh'kar shapeshifted, evolving, becoming physically healthier and allowing the Opal to sit within his flesh, where it dimmed in peace. Immediately following this, Loh'kar sought out Myx'ulas to help heal Arahk'ne. Within the next twenty-four hours, he followed Arahk'ne back to her living space, making up with her for his unforgivable behavior. Arahk'ne accepted his profuse apologies, also offering her own.

Developments, Retcons

  • March of 2012 - Leon is made as part of Arahk'ne's backstory.
  • September 20th, 2012 - First discussion for Loh'kar's character concept takes place
  • September 25th, 2012 - Loh'kar is made by @datbooster; overall appearance, Crystal, and basic personality are given to him. Plan was to make him on CoH, but was made instead on CO when CoH's shutdown announcement went through.
  • April of 2013 - Loh'kar and Arahk'ne are officially a couple in RP. Initial design had them both feed off of each other's blood for nourishment and was seen as a thing for the lovers.
  • November of 2013 - [RETCON] Loh'kar's level of emotional confidence is readjusted. Very minor edit with worthwhile results. Side effects of the Opal are taken into consideration.
  • January of 2014 - [RETCON] Loh'kar and Arahk'ne no longer actively feed off of each other's blood. This is on account of Leon's deeply-rooted fears and the arachnophobia his trauma over the Araneoids caused.
  • June of 2014 - [RETCON] Loh'kar's choice of human form is modified simultaneously with Arahk'ne's. This was done to eradicate the "child monster" cliché that Arahk'ne had and update Loh'kar with her.
  • August of 2014 - [RETCON] @datbooster creates an art piece of Arahk'ne and Loh'kar. @ph0toncann0n's Loh'kar design is readjusted and made less simplistic after viewing and discussion of what @datbooster had in mind.
  • April of 2015 - @datbooster no longer plays CO; permanent ownership of Loh'kar is turned over to @ph0toncann0n. Background RP with Loh'kar@datbooster and Arahk'ne@ph0toncann0n still occur via private chats such as Skype and Discord.
  • July of 2016 - Maruloix species and history is re-evaluated. Loh'kar is the first planned Biolacex. Loh'kar receives several more genetic benefits from Biolacex DNA.
  • Early October of 2016 - Loh'kar is named Xi'on's Master Crystal.
  • Early October of 2016 - Flip-flopping between Hispanic or Korean descent for Loh'kar is finally stopped. Loh'kar is made half-Hispanic, half-Korean.
  • Mid-year of 2017 - [RETCON] Most recent, entire revision of Loh'kar's character and backstory takes place.
  • Jan. 8th, 2018 - Loh'kar is given a dedicated Freeform slot and made into a Supernatural Infernal off-tank. Loh'kar's backstory is solidified and blanks filled in by @ph0toncann0n.
  • Oct. 19th, 2018 - Loh'kar is now treated as a makeshift reaper among the Maruloix. It becomes custom that embalmed--or otherwise blessed--corpses, especially from the higher classes, are brought to Loh'kar so that he may help their loved ones reach the other side. This is done by "severing the tie of the spirit to the body," AKA, the consumption of the corpse.
  • Dec. 29th, 2018 - Much more information on the Syrens is developed; more Broodmothers and mates are made.
  • Feb. 9th, 2019 - @ph0toncann0n belatedly realizes that, coincidentally, the day Sonnet attempted suicide was on Valentine's Day. This sparks a series of retcons from @datbooster and OOC discussion in preparation for the upcoming trauma-heavy RP to occur.
  • Feb. 14th, 2019 - The first modern-day Valentine's Day RP occurs for Arahk'ne and Loh'kar. The fresh retcons are applied; a major RP event occurs, in which Leon attempts to commit suicide himself, out of self-hate and guilt. A new monster form for Loh'kar is introduced as an expression of his grief.
  • Feb. 20th, 2019 - [RETCON] Heavy attention is paid to Loh'kar's and Arahk'ne's relationship; due to specific childhood traumas and specific retcons which occurred to Loh'kar and the Opal, the progression of their relationship has backpedaled OOCly to study more in-depth ICly. Arahk'ne and Loh'kar no longer consider themselves engaged, but they are steadily working towards it, and wear the status for Loh'kar's own protection. Only now are Arahk'ne and Loh'kar beginning to attempt the warm-up to the more physical and intimate parts of their relationship.
  • March 6th, 2019 - [RETCON] New story arc name for the modern-day Project: MARIGOLD incident has been renamed to "MARIGOLD: Night Terror" to separate the incidents more clearly.
  • March 12th, 2019 - Loh'kar becomes united with the Opal following an intense fight between him and Arahk'ne. A new official form is established for Loh'kar. Now less cowardly, the Opal has had a spike in power level when handled by Loh'kar.

Loh'kar artwork.png

Real-Life Comparisons

Gameplay Artwork/Screenshots


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