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Get To Know Me

@ph0toncann0n (Photon Cannon)

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(NOTE: This database was last updated on Jan. 13th, 2019.)

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Name: "Jess"
Age: 22
DoB: Sept. 26th, 1996
Gender: Female
First language: English
Region: USA

Further Info:

  • I'm friends in-game and out-of-game with a few of people you will see me regularly RP with.
  • I am a storywriter. I have been writing stories since I was eight years old.
  • I have a few novel series surrounding the lives of my most-detailed characters. However, at this stage, they are only planned out, and not yet down on paper. (This does mean that many of my characters' stories intertwine.)
  • I've been an RPer for 12 years (as of current database update).
  • My life as an RPer began on City of Heroes, initially on the Guardian server, before I transferred to Virtue. I transferred once more to Champions Online in Sept. of 2012 when its shut-down was announced.
  • My builds are strictly PvE. They are dedicated, thematic, and focused on minmaxing for the endgame. I'm currently a member of Spectre since the beginning of Oct. in 2017.
  • I suffer from SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) and clinical depression (mild).

"Look at words carefully; in them is hidden the mind of the writer"
- Bangambiki Habyarimana

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."
- Mitch Hedberg

My Character List

"Being Built" - The PRIMUS Database page exists, but is under construction or re-construction.
"Dormant" - The character's story has ended one way or another and is not currently active in RP. The character may also no longer exist.
"Outdated" - The page is outdated enough to the point that the work there should be assumed void. Some information may or may not still be valid for that character. I only update my PRIMUS pages when I feel up to it.
"Up-to-Date" - I am happy with the way this character's page is. It may be over 90% finished or may receive the occasional edit or addition to its page. Otherwise the data may be assumed valid.
"Most Popular" - This character is a special snowflake among my alts on PRIMUS Database for some strange reason.
"Coming Soon" - This character WILL be receiving a PRIMUS Database page in the future, whether it be days or a year from now. The intention is here.
"Being Considered" - I am considering making a PRIMUS page for this character.
"Main Alt" - This character is my main character in Champions Online. They have also lived their entire story via RP.

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Characters With PRIMUS Pages:



Characters Without PRIMUS Pages:

  • Angelfish (Being Considered)
  • Maestro (Coming Soon)
  • Afterglow (Coming Soon)
  • Photon Cannon (Being Considered)
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  • Cyn'Thia (Being Considered)
  • Volgianahk
  • Kearnahk (Being Considered)
  • Captain Strikeout
  • Ahsu'soishex (Being Considered)
  • Orb Weaver Von Deo
  • Orb Weaver Nervada
  • Peridot
  • Seeker Ko'riah
  • Bloodstone


  • Nocturne Riposte
  • Pa-Na-Co (Being Considered)
  • DJ Mixmaster (Being Considered)
  • Lumina Moth (Being Considered)
  • Antumbra (Being Considered)
  • Reckless Casualty (Being Considered)
  • Renee Morris (Dormant)
  • Saffron (Dormant)

RP Hooks

  • Heavy/Mature RP -- Serious or comedic themes are used
  • ERP is not tolerated*.
  • RP only in hideouts or specific instances. Will come out to socialize with friends in Club Caprice.
  • Emotes in third-person formatting.
  • Will not RPvP. Textfights only. Do not consider gameplay level in RP.
  • Godmodding, metagaming, or trolling is not tolerated.

*Married or romantically-involved characters may initiate in fade-to-blacks or lightweight foreplay with their partners.

How to Contact Me

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Leave me a message if you want to give me some feedback, tips, a hello, or request to talk or roleplay sometime. Some ways you can contact me: