Elegy of War

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This outline of a story arc correlates with Arahk'ne and Ebon Carcass. It is written by @ph0toncann0n. It may be wise to go through his or her page first. This is much like a summary of some of my storywriting I do for my characters.

WARNING: Content is considered MATURE.

... It is said that all Syrens will obey the call of the Amethyst, but with the sever of the Syrens from Xi'on's ancient colony of Deep Sea Dwellers, their culture and overall society has suffered in the absence of the Crystal's power.

~ * - - - - - - * ~

A female Syren.
A rebellion in the Abyssal Plains had the remaining Shapers consider the fate of all the Maruloix living in the Deep Sea civilizations. Not long after the death of Xi'on the Seer, a violent civil war broke out, causing a split between the Deep Sea Dwellers--those seeking to revive the cursed behemoth Elegy, and those who sought to erase the monster from history.

A prominent leading cause against Elegy's revival, the Mariianite colony--the largest Syren colony, at the time--reached out to the remaining Shapers for guidance. This was known as the Cori'beaux brood. Their numbers had begun to grow thin, and they feared that the collapse of their colony would mean the result of the war, and Elegy would wreak havoc once more. Rather than send a Shaper to manage the Deep Sea Dwellers' problems, they sent the one weapon which all Syrens had been waiting years for: the Amethyst.
Trained to be an assassin and not a leader, Arahk'ne was unwilling to meddle in the affairs of others. However, she was raised off of lore, magic, and predestined fates, and for these reasons, she still saw it her duty. She asked the Opal to attend with her, as he was a Master Crystal Guardian, and left the Bloodstone behind at the Abandoned Temple.

Not long after arriving at the caves of the Cori'beaux civilization, Arahk'ne found herself fighting the stubborn Broodmother of the colony for control of the colony itself. Ju'birxas was the assigned Broodmother of the colony, however, she was far too young by colony standards to bear and wean children, and she was unable to breed with the members of the colony, as she and they were all siblings.
Broodmother Ju'birxas

After the fight and Arahk'ne's imminent rise, Ju'birxas regrettably told the tale of how the original Broodmother--the colony's blood mother--had been killed in the war just weeks prior, and most other Syren colonies had fled from the Abyssal Plains to seek shelter, hindering their ability to pass generations further.
Amused by the irony, Arahk'ne took on the role of Broodmother for the sole purpose of guiding them during the war. She was physically unable to bear children, and had no interest to be a breeding stock, but was well educated in the culture of the Syrens, which is why it did not phase her when the males of the colony seemed immediately drawn to her.
A week passed. The presence of the Amethyst began to rejuvenate the Mariianites and other surrounding Syren colonies. Ignorant to the increasing advances of male Syrens, she focused wholly on being a commanding presence. However, her ignorance and resistance began to cause the male Syrens to frenzy on one-another, a culturally acceptable feat, although messy. A few numbers dropped from the Mariianite population, but it did not seem to phase Ju'birxas and the rest.
Without warning, Loh'kar suddenly became exceptionally aggressive towards everyone around him, after staying in the shadows for so long.
Unaccustomed to the reverse harem Syrens lulled each other into, he felt torn at the sight of the men advancing on Arah'kne. She was considered the most beautiful Syren of all time, nigh worshipped for it, with her snow-white skin and strange physical traits. Afraid of losing her and afraid of being in love with her, Loh'kar's horror boiled into rage until he finally snapped. He taunted all male Syrens who looked upon his Amethyst with lust to fight him to the death, resulting in the mass deaths of over two-thirds the male Syren population in the Mariianite colony.

Seeker Elegy the Warmonger
Loh'kar began to further succumb to his Opal and take on extreme mutations. His appearance closer resembled the infamous Elegy, whom Xi'on had slayed, and with this mutation and swell of power, he turned the corrupted corpses of the males on the rest of the colony, like a necromantic puppeteer. Before he could kill off all remaining Mariianites, Arahk'ne finally stepped in and confronted him and his overblown fear. She harshly rejected his affection, if not for her guilt over their past, and warned him to stand down or face certain death demanded of the remaining Syrens, which she did not wish to see happen. Loh'kar immediately caved in.

A few days passed, and Loh'kar was growing bitter towards the one he loved. The remaining brood members were discussing slaying the "Elegy reincarnation." Plagued by the tormenting she caused, Arahk'ne privately confronted Loh'kar, finally finding the words she'd needed to give him all this time--An apology for their past, confession of love, and reassurance. Once again hearing her adoration and the guilt she felt, Loh'kar forgave her and offered his own reassurance, insisting his returned affection for her. It was "you don't want me" versus "I have no reason not to."
The following morning, as the Syrens brought forward the desire for the Broodmother to execute Loh'kar, Arahk'ne interrupted, saying that she had chosen the Opal as a brooding mate--hiding the fact that she was barren--and that she meant to slay any rebellious Syren who sought to kill her Host. With this, all charges were immediately dropped from Loh'kar.
The war neared its end. The Mariianite colony had crumbled from the mass male genocide, and the outcome of the war seemed inevitable until Arahk'ne summoned the Bloodstone to the Abyssal Plains, and went onto the battlefield with all three of Xi'on's Crystals. The presence of Xi'on's last remaining power sources turned the tide over the course of four days, four days which involved intense battle from sun-up to sun-down. The Elegy cult was eliminated, and all remaining cultists were either slain, banished, or converted.
As the Deep Sea Dwellers reunited in the Abyssal Plains, Arahk'ne returned the Broodmother leadership to Ju'birxas, seeing opportunity for her find a Host and repopulate the Mariianite colony in a few years when she was of age. Arahk'ne, Loh'kar, and Myx'ulas returned to the Abandoned Temple.