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Dr. Insidious
Player: @UPRC
Dr insidious.jpg
"I'll show them... I'll show them all!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Malcolm Harrison
Known Aliases: Dr. Harrison, Dr. Insidious
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Halifax, Canada
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 38
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 161 lb.
Eyes: White
Hair: N/A
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: Pale Veiny Skin
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Education: University
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Psionic & Telekinetic Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Life Support Suit
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Birth of Dr. Insidious

Once a famed scientist, Malcolm Harrison had made a break through. He was convinced that he had found a cure to all diseases.

But nobody would listen to him. Everyone doubted him, dismissing his findings.

Malcolm, angry that nobody would give his research a chance, began to test his findings on himself. He found that he was indeed correct, he seemed to become resistant to disease. He also seemed to be able to control strange forces that seemed inhuman to him. Craving more of these powers, Malcolm tested on himself more and more, becoming a complete shut-in from the outside world. Eventually, his unfinished research got the better of him, and he realized that, without any form of life support, he would soon die.

Putting his extensive scientific knowledge to even further use, Malcolm crafted a suit designed exclusively to keep him alive. The only problem, however, was that he would have to live in it since the suit contained many tubes that had to be connected to his body. The tubes in question were used to deliver vital fluids to his body which were essential in keeping him alive. The life support suit itself manufactured the fluids.

With a very intricate life support system now being worn as well as installed within himself, the newly named Dr. Insidious swore to show the world was he was capable of. He vowed to use his research to conduct whatever experiments he desired in an effort to demonstrate just what he could do. Whether or not his test subjects would benefit from being experimented on was of no concern to Dr. Insidious.

Despite this new approach to life, Dr. Insidious still had the ultimate goal of finding a way to perfect the lives of humans everywhere even if it doesn't seem too apparent. The conditions required to meet this goal is of no importance to him and he does not care what he must do in order to succeed.



A semi-bumbling but fiercely violent mercenary based out of Millennium City, Bloodmoon was quick to become an enemy of Dr. Insidious. This occurred when Bloodmoon had happened to slay several associates of Dr. Insidious' as he had been instructed to by his client. This enraged Dr. Insidious, and he engaged Bloodmoon. The battle proved to be a stand-still that only ended after Bloodmoon grew bored and left to collect his pay from his client. Dr. Insidious has since wanted to pave the road red with the mercenary's blood.

Dead Eye

His former best friend, Harvey Kinsley. After turning into the madman that he now is and being shunned by everyone, Dr. Insidious depended on his friend to be there for him. When Dr. Insidious extended his hand in friendship to Dead Eye, he was shocked to have his long time friend pull away and turn his back on him. Though Dead Eye's reasoning for doing so was because he felt Malcolm Harrison was no more and had been replaced by a monster, Dr. Insidious would not see things this way and pledged to put an end to Dead Eye if he ever interfered in his affairs.


Electricity: The suit worn by Dr. Insidious is able to build up electricity into focused bursts and release it. As a result, he is capable of electrocuting people. This currently is not particularly lethal unless used repeatedly on the same victim.

Psionic Abilities: An unexpected side-effect of the various treatments injected within himself, Dr. Insidious has managed to unlock a dormant section of the brain which allows him to use dangerous psionic assaults. This is his favourite method of attack, as he doesn't even need to lay a finger or exert any force to harm a person.

Oasis Enterprises


NOTE: Extensive information on Dr. Insidious' organization can be found on the Oasis Enterprises page.

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Basic Info

Dr. Insidious decided that, in order to cover the costs of his experiments and research, he would have to find a way to bring in a steady cash flow. His eventual decision was to form a legitimate pharmaceutical company known as Oasis Enterprises. To create the company, a controllable robot entity in the form of a human businessman was created named Martin Vandergard. Dr. Insidious would control the Martin Vandergard robot and put forth everything required to form the company and establish a headquarters in downtown Millennium City. While Martin Vandergard was publicly promoted as a wealthy businessman who could afford this business venture, in reality Oasis Enterprises was created and funded using money from Dr. Insidious' own vile endeavours. Various small time villains assisted in funding Dr. Insidious' company in secret. Among them were Cinder, Mordane, and Nova. Dr. Insidious would go on to employ the three, giving them the task of funneling dirty money into Oasis Enterprises so that it could be kept running. They would secretly come to be known as the Triumvirate of Oasis.

Dr. Insidious' ultimate goal with Oasis Enterprises is to research and develop powerful DNA altering medicines that will end the lives of anyone who consumes them. He plans to mass manufacture these drugs and then distribute them globally as simple headache relief pills. When this happens and the death toll begins to rise, Dr. Insidious will go public with what he has done. This is, ultimately, his way of getting back at his doubters.

OOCly, the Martin Vandergard persona is simply a costume slot for Dr. Insidious. Since it is Dr. Insidious who controls Martin Vandergard, it seemed pointless to make a new character.

Triumvirate of Oasis

Cinder: A Canadian villain who is allied with Dr. Insidious for one simple reason. He hopes to see Insidious' research possibly lead to a way to permanently prevent future mutations in human DNA, thus preventing powerful mutants from ravaging the world. Though he wants to ultimately see villainy stopped, he partakes in villainous activities himself in order to fund Oasis Enterprises in an attempt to one day see his dream realized by Dr. Insidious. Cinder is based out of Mexico where he enjoys a life of secrecy from the watchful eyes of Primus and UNTIL. He funnels money into Oasis Enterprise by attacking the banks of cities and towns and essentially running off with every penny.

Mordane: An extraterrestrial terrorist. Mordane is a mountain of pure muscle. Originally intending not to commit acts of terrorism on Earth, Mordane changed his tune when Dr. Insidious promised that he could make Mordane rich through Oasis Enterprises. Mordane has since formed ties with anarchist and terrorist groups across the world, assisting them in private. Due to his immense size and brutish approach to his work, Mordane is the only one of the three Triumvirate members who has been publicly acknowledged by Primus and UNTIL to be gathering funds for an "unknown group or individual." He has, so far, been able to successfully evade capture.

Nova: A Canadian villainess who specializes in sabotage and using research and technology to outsmart heroes. She shares many similarities to Dr. Insidious, but she has no ultimate aspiration or goal, which is unlike her employer. Nova only cares about funneling moderate sums money into Oasis Enterprises so that she can, eventually, get large returns. She is based out of the Alberta and British Columbia where she rigorously works on filtering money from the drug trade into Oasis Enterprises' bank accounts.

All three of the above characters are played by me.