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Dead Eye
Player: @UPRC
Major Harvey "Dead Eye" Kinsley, Agent of PRIMUS
Biographical Data
Real Name: Harvey Kinsley
Known Aliases: Dead Eye
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Halifax, Canada
Base of Operations: Millennium City, USA
Relatives: None
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Blind Eye
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: PRIMUS Agent
Education: High School
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced hand-eye coordination and vision
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Lots of guns!
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Background & History

Pre-Superhero Life

Harvey Kinsley was once a typical gun enthusiast who put all his free time into his guns. Everything came second to his guns, including his wife. Harvey almost considered it a bit of an obsession, and it would eventually lead to him being a divorced man.

Throughout his years, Harvey would go on to win many shooting contests and other gun related competitions. He would cover the entire spectrum of activities that involved gun use except for one - hunting wild animals. Despite being such a huge gun nut, Harvey was dead set against harming animals. In his opinion, it just didn't seem right to end the life of an animal that didn't wrong him in any way.

Harvey's closest friend, Malcolm Harrison, would often enter competitions with him. Malcolm wasn't as good of a shot as Harvey, possibly due to the fact that he devoted most of his time to his career as a scientist rather than playing with guns. Over time, however, Harvey grew distant from Malcolm after his friend started to seem obsessive over his research.

One day after winning a shooting contest, Harvey headed to Malcolm's home with his winnings that he wanted to spend on booze to celebrate his success in the contest. Malcolm's home was oddly silent however, which Harvey found unusual. As best friends, the two were fine with one another waltzing into the other's home. Harvey did just that and the last thing he saw before blacking out was a armored fist coming straight at his face.

Birth of Dr. Insidious

Malcolm Harrison was a famed scientist, and he believed that he had made a break through. He was convinced that he had found a cure to all diseases. But nobody would listen to him. Everyone doubted him, dismissing his findings.

Malcolm, angry that nobody would give his research a chance, began to test his findings on himself. He found that he was indeed correct, he seemed to become resistant to disease. He also seemed to be able to control strange forces that seemed inhuman to him. Craving more of these powers, Malcolm tested on himself more and more, becoming a complete shut-in from the outside world. Eventually, his unfinished research got the better of him, and he realized that, without any form of life support, he would soon die.

With a cybernetic life support system now installed inside of himself, the newly named Dr. Insidious decided that he would go to any extreme to show the world that his research was legit. When Harvey Kinsley showed up at his home unexpectedly for the first time in a few weeks, Dr. Insidious decided that now was the time to begin his ambitious plan of getting back at his doubters. As Harvey entered the front door, Dr. Insidious was there to deliver one swift blow to the head to knock him out.

Harvey the Test Subject

After awakening, Harvey had found himself secured to a lab table. A strange looking man clad in metallic armor and strange glowing tubes loomed overhead. Despite the fact that Harvey saw nothing on the figure that reminded him of his friend, he somehow knew that he was looking at Malcolm Harrison. This proved to be true when Malcolm spoke up, apologizing for knocking Harvey out and that they were still friends. Harvey, confused, demanded to know what was going on. Malcolm would respond, telling Harvey all about his struggles as a scientist and how he wanted the world to see that his research was not far-fetched.

Harvey would not understand what any of it would have to do with him, until Malcolm revealed that while Harvey was unconscious, he applied his research on him, experimenting on him. Harvey was initially outraged until Malcolm urged him to calm down, informing him that he did him a favour. Knowing how much Harvey liked guns, Malcolm used his research to enhance Harvey's senses to superhuman levels. Harvey did in fact notice that his coordination and vision seemed much better than before. Malcolm would then remove Harvey's restraints, trusting that his friend would not do anything drastic.

Harvey indeed managed to stay calm, but had difficulties expressing gratitude to his friend Malcolm, who now insisted upon being called Dr. Insidious. As Harvey began to leave, he told Dr. Insidious that he was crazy and that perhaps they shouldn't be friends anymore. Dr. Insidious would then thrust his telekinetic energies at Harvey, who was slow to react to the unexpected attack. The blast would hit him in the side of his face, permanently blinding him in his left eye. Harvey quickly fled from the house of his former friend. To him, Malcolm Harvey was no more.

New Home, New Name

A few weeks later, Harvey caught notice of a television news report from Millennium City in the United States that appeared to show Dr. Insidious attacking a semi truck transporting medical equipment and scientific research specimens into the city. Harvey did not take kindly to the image of his former friend committing a criminal act, so he packed his bags and headed to Millennium City in search of Dr. Insidious.

After arriving, an ignorant Harvey would venture through Westfall in search of a place to stay, unaware of the crime problems in the area. It would not take long to a stray gang member to attempt a mugging on Harvey. The mugging did go as planned as Harvey was a step ahead of every advance made by the gangster. When Harvey realized that his hopeful mugger would not back off, he pulled out his two Browning 9×19mm pistols (Bella and Daisy) and opened fire. Before the mugger could even realize what had happened, both of his wrists and ankles had been shot as he collapsed to the ground in pain. The panicked mugger demanded to know who Harvey was. His mind quickly raced in an effort to think of something to say, since "I'm Harvey" didn't sound terribly threatening. After a few seconds, he decided on what to say.

"The name's Dead Eye."

Agent of Primus

Dead Eye would go on to work as a mercenary for approximately two years in Millennium City, often aiding those who called themselves heroes. When not making a quick buck by helping out the good guys, Dead Eye wouldn't hesitate to get drunk at whatever watering hole was nearest to him. This was more or less his life, neglecting to even bother hunting Dr. Insidious, until PRIMUS approached the man one day with a desire to take advantage of his extraordinary skills with firearms. Dead Eye would become a field agent of PRIMUS' military division. After taking down several minor villains over the course of two years, Dead Eye had rapidly ascended in rank before he raised a hand and refused further advancement, happy with where he was. As a sactioned soldier, he held the rank of major, but more often than not would instead opt to simply use the title of agent instead.

Dead Eye's Arsenal

Dead Eye has several different weapons that he likes to use. Since he lacks super strength, he is not able to carry all of his firearms at once. Most of the time he will only travel one or two different guns at a time. Here are the weapons currently in Dead Eye's arsenal.



Dead Eye possesses several prominent personality traits.

Down to Earth: A slightly troubled adult life of being divorced and losing his best friend have hardened Dead Eye. He sees the world as it is and is able to sympathize with most people who confront him with their problems. He deems himself a good listener, always willing to hear people out.

Easy Going: Always living life one step at a time and taking it easy. Dead Eye likes relaxing and taking everything in life as it comes. Unless there is a major crisis in his immediate area, he's not very likely to spring into action to combat the forces of evil.

Good Natured: Despite his grizzled appearance, Dead Eye happens to be a big teddy bear. Anyone who attempts to engage him in conversation or befriend him will find that he's a fairly agreeable man who enjoys kicking back with other human beings for a few drinks. He is also careful with his words and seeks to avoid angering those he isn't familiar with.


Favourite Things

Animals: Bears, caribou, eagles, deer, horses, and wolves round out Dead Eye's list of favourite animals. He is also slightly partial to freshwater fish, even claiming that there are few things more beautiful than a mature rainbow trout.

Books: Dead Eye is not much of a reader. The extent of his reading mostly involves alcohol labels and food wrappers. He is actually a rather fast reader, he just does not care to involve himself in books.

Foods: If it came out of the body of an animal, Dead Eye will surely love it. Bacon, chicken, pork chops, and sirloin beef steaks are among his favourite meats to eat, and it is rare to not see one of them on his plate during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He is also very fond of beef jerky and pepperoni as snack foods. As far as drinking goes, Dead Eye consumes vast amounts of rum and whiskey and is capable of easily drinking many unprepared boozers under the table.

Hobbies: Dead Eye's hobbies simply include three things... Alcohol, guns, and meat. If one can find a way to combine all three, then expect a best friend in Dead Eye.

Movies: Not much of a movie watcher, Dead Eye usually just exposes himself to films that are thought provoking or involve the old west. He will watch any genre of film, though usually only when he has received movie suggestions from others.

Music: Despite his rugged cowboy appearance, Dead Eye usually resents country music. Instead, he is fairly fond of classic rock. Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allmam Brothers Band, and Tom Petty are his favourites.


Dead Eye has few, if any, close friends. This is mostly because he does not maintain contact long enough with most people to form friendships, or he just rarely sees the same people more than once. The only individuals he enjoyed the company of thus far have been a winged woman named Texas Two-Step who referred to herself as "Tex" (Dead Eye liked the name) whom Dead Eye has met once. Also, there is a saloon girl robot from Snake's Gulch named Pepper that Dead Eye swears seems more human than robot and whom Dead Eye has spoken to twice.

OOC Stuff


Fun Facts

1. Created in September 2009, Dead Eye still is not maximum level and only recently (as of September 2011) reached level 25. Despite the fact that Spirit is my first level 40 and surpassed Dead Eye long ago, he remains my favourite character that I've made.

2. Dead Eye's cowboy personality is not inspired by any particular actor or character. He is, for the most part, simply based on popular cowboy stereotypes. Think of cowboys right now in your head. What you're thinking of? Yeah, that's Dead Eye.

Need Dead Eye for RP?

Contacting Dead Eye is rather simple. He actively pays attention to everything in the Champions RP channel, waiting for anyone to mention booze or guns. If I am on Dead Eye, he can be reached in the RP channel nine times out of ten.

If you feel Dead Eye could fit RP that you are trying to arrange/hold, don't be afraid to hit me up with a tell. Dead Eye can pretty much be slotted into any kind of RP situation and adapt since he has a very versatile personality with lots of range, but here's a list of roles Dead Eye can easily fit for RP purposes. If you especially need any of the following, I'm your guy.

1. A capable marksman, or just any kind of gun-related character at all.

2. A drinking buddy (Dead Eye prefers places like Sherrera's to Club Caprice)

3. An outdoorsman or anyone who loves who the wilderness.

4. A simple cowboy.

RP Hooks

If your character has spent time in the ranches and general outback of western Canada, there is a slim chance that they may have seen Dead Eye.

Patrons of Sherrera's are exceptionally likely to remember seeing Dead Eye before due to him being a very frequent visitor to the bar.

Dead Eye was also a huge fan of Snake's Gulch once and has been to it many times throughout the years, with his recent visits being less about entertaining himself and more about gunning down aggressive robots. If your character has spent considerable time in Snake's Gulch, they may have seen Dead Eye.

I also use the Champions RP channel when I'm on Dead Eye. If you want to draw him out in a hurry, mention alcohol. Seriously, try it.