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My account name in Champions Online is the same as it is here, UPRC. Send a friend request if you'd like, or feel free to toss me a tell or two. I've been a player since launch, but did not play throughout 2012 and most of 2013. I'm just coming back as of November 24th 2013, so feel free hit me up!


Here are my main RP characters. I try to play a very wide spectrum of different character types, and I don't limit myself to any certain age, gender, or species.

Albatross/Spirit/Winterstar (Hero)
Dead Eye (Anti-Hero)
Dr. Insidious (Anti-Villain)
Gus O'Leary (Civilian)
Nova (Villain)

A Night at Sherrera's: Centered on Dead Eye, Gus O'Leary, and Winterstar.