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Leader of the Canadian Knights
Biographical Data
Real Name: Arnold Quaid
Known Aliases: Arnie, Iron, CI, Chain Hoist
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Date of Birth: 28 Sep 1977
Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta
Base of Operations: HQ - Ottawa, ON
District Office - Vancouver, BC
US Office - Millenium City, MI
Relatives: Henry Quaid - Father
Arlene Quaid - Mother
Height: 1.91m / 6'3"
Weight: 110kg / 243lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Smooth and Fair
Physical Build: Tall, Broad and Muscular
Physical Features: Tribal tatoos across chest, back and upper left arm. Skull and tribal design upper right arm.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: Chain Hoist
15 September 2001 - 15 September 2010
Canadian Iron
15 September 2010 - Present
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Superhero and Leader of the Canadian Knights; ally of Canada's Guardian Operations Division (CGOD).
Education: Trades training with certification in various welding disciplines
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Invulnerability, Superhuman Strength and Constitution, Increased Stamina, and mild Regeneration
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Battle Suit

Public Knowledge

The following is what your character would find out about Canadian Iron through various avenues of research; whether it was from the physical (i.e. media, contacts, Google), psionic (i.e. telepathy, mind reading, visions), and/or the arcane (i.e. card reading, spells, crystal ball). It will be up to you [the player] to decide how your character has discovered, gathered and/or disseminated some or all of the information given below. This section deals with subjects have been confirmed by Canadian Iron. Should you [the player] come across any information that is confirmed by Canadian Iron and is not presented here, you are allowed to update the appropriate sections. I will review the updates and merge the information with the rest of the section if required.


The Young Albertan

Arnold Quaid was born on the 28th of September 1977 to his proud parents Henry and Arlene Quaid in the city of Calgary, Alberta (AB). Coming from a family of metal workers and hard working blue collar grunts. work opportunities drew the Quaids to the smaller community of Canmore, Alberta when Arnie was only four years old. Here, nestled in a valley along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, nurtured by the strong values of his parents and a relatively conservative community, Arnie grew up as a normal kid, experiencing the typical scrapes and bruises of an energetic childhood.

When Arnie was six, the normalcy of his world was interrupted for three months by an event no one could have foreseen: the Reign of the Destroyer. Using his nefarious hypno-ray satellite, Albert Zerstoiten placed the planet under telepathic thralldom. Aside from the daily devotionals to Destroyer at school, not much really changed for young Arnie (Canmore Alberta was hardly important to the designs of the mad tyrant) -- until, on June 24, 1984, Vanguard broke free of the Destroyer's control and the world awoke with horror at what had befallen it. Many became embittered by the failure of superhumans to prevent the threat, but Arnold went another route, becoming aware of heroes and the impact they made on people's lives. He might not have superpowers, but the six year old Arnold was determined to nurture the hero that he knew lay inside of him. He paid close attention to the superheroes of Canada and the world, and dedicated himself to serving others and defending the weak.

It was a short hop from an interest in heroes to an interest in athletics, and sports became an essential part of Arnold's life. The 1988 Winter Olympics brought money and development to the community, and Arnie found himself drawn to many pastimes, including skiing, snowboarding and (in summer) Parkour. His favorite sport, however, was football, where he was the star center for the Canmore Wolverines football squad. A tenacious lineman, Arnie was good enough that he was offered a scholarship to the University of Alberta. He had also grown into an exceptionally handsome, confident and personable teenager, a natural leader. The usual parade of attractive girls bypassed the quarterback and went directly for Arnold, a situation that was very much to his liking.

The Boy Becomes a Man

When Arnie was 14, the world changed again in a big way -- the Battle of Detroit wiped a major American metropolis off the map. Like many others, Arnie's family wrestled with the disaster, and his parents did volunteer work to raise money for the victims. The experience cemented Arnie's desire to protect the innocent, and also served as a bonding experience with his father, as the two worked side by side for the rest of the summer, and every summer thereafter. There was rarely any conflict between Arnold and his parents, who were proud of his son's accomplishments.

Arnie graduated from high school in 1995, with a B average and the head cheerleader on his arm at the high school prom. He rejected the idea of going to college, as he wanted to spend time working alongside his greatest hero: his dad. For the most part, Henry Quaid welcomed his son's decision.

Arnie started to work with his old man on various projects for the oil companies, from maintaining their equipment to installing new systems. In five years he moved on from his sweetheart, slung wrenches, installed heavy machinery and welded miles of pipe. He quickly earned the respect of those who worked with him, even twenty and thirty year veterans.

The Accident

By 2000, the 23 year old Arnie had risen to the position of safety inspector and had acquired a well-deserved reputation as a tough professional who refused to cut corners and was willing to spend extra time making sure that his workplace was safe. On the 5th of December, working in temperatures well below zero in the oil fields near Fort MacKay Alberta, Arnold Quaid was inspecting a pump house. He gave it his usual thorough inspection and decided that pumping could resume, so he radioed back to control and gave them the green light.

Upon start up the pump immediately jammed and exploded, trapping Arnold in the pump house as a purple gas filled the building. Before he could radio back, sparks started to fly from the control panel igniting the gas. Arnie said "sorry dad" and prepared to meet his maker as the world went black.

Due to the remote location of the pump house, it took some time for Emergency Response and Hazmat Teams to arrive on the scene. Once they got there, all that was left with the burned out remains of the building and Arnold unconscious, bleeding and badly burned under some cabinets. The medical team was able to stabilize his condition and STARS flew him straight to Calgary to receive treatment at the ICU in Foothills Medical Center. For nearly three weeks, Arnie was unresponsive and the doctors held no hope that he would ever recover, however he awoke suddenly on the 25th of December, bringing a Christmas miracle to his joyful parents.

An examination of the accident cleared Arnie of any suspicion of negligence, however if the source of the strange purple gas has ever been found, it has never been revealed to the public.

More Than A Recovery

The doctor's initial diagnosis was that Arnie would never walk again, but over the next few months, after intense medical treatments and physiotherapy, the prognosis proved to be very wrong. Arnie's bunt skin took to skin grafts like a duck to water: very soon, he was his handsome self once again -- even the tattoos that he had gotten on a drunken dare were preserved.

In April of 2001, he went home to Canmore, but it was not until he started doing some work around the house when certain abilities came into existence. Like when he was chopping wood, and he sent the axe through the wood and the chopping block in one swing. Or when he and his father were finished up framing a new extension on the house, and a misfired nail gun send a series of rounds into Arnold. The clothes were ruined, but his skin was not punctured.

"Son," Henry Quaid asked Arnie. "You haven't been doing steroids, have you?"

Of course, his father was joking, but everyone realized the implications of what had happened. His parents promised to keep things secret as Arnold continued explore what he could, and could not do. A death toll of broken machinery was left in the wake of these explorations. Arnie looked through the old posters, action figures and comic books of his boyhood superheroes, and asked himself whether it was his destiny to become one of them. But he didn't feel the calling... until September 11, 2001, when non-superhuman terrorists outdid VIPER and most supervillains in one chilling stroke. As his parents watched the news unfold with horror, Arnold Quaid walked to the television set, turned it off, and addressed his folks.

"Mom, dad, I'm going to do it," he said, His parents knew exactly what he meant. He had been given a chance to be what he had always envisioned in his childhood fantasies and his adolescent athletics.

A hero.

Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist begins his patrol of Calgary, AB.
Super strength and invulnerable were the staple of his abilities, but he realized that he would need more, something with some reach to handle those villains that like to keep their distance. His mother suggested about using something easy to carry but will not draw any attention. Arnold and his father headed into the garage and started looking around. There they found some wood and heavy tow chains. Picking up the chains his father took one look at him and said "looks like you found what you are looking for, Chain Hoist."

Sporting a dark blue and red costume, chains wrapped around his chest, waist and hands, Arnie was a fearsome sight. He came on the scene on the 15th of September 2001 in the City of Calgary and had his first major battle several weeks later, a fight against a supercriminal who called himself Red Rampage who was breaking into a jewellery exchange. The police wanted to arrest both of them, however the initial confrontation had been filmed by a security camera, so Arnie was not only cleared of any wrongdoing, he was given an official citation and a plaque by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Over the next few months, Chain Hoist became a familiar sight on the streets of Calgary, and acquired the status of a local celebrity. He soon found himself pitted against Calgary's VIPER Nest, early incarnations of the Hunter-Patriots, and the now defunct terrorist group CanadaFirst! Red Rampage broke free of prison and took several runs at Arnie, but was no match for the fledgling superhero's brawn.

Arnie also found work in Saskatchewan with a local hero called Prairie Girl, where they fought the Harvest, a shambling monster summoned by a Priestess of Kigatilik: Nytewind. A monster that was made from wheat that grew to several hundred feet in height as it ravaged the Prairies. In the Rockies of British Columbia, he and a hero from Vancouver named Frost Blade discovered a secluded lab filled with Teleios's monsters, which had been taken over by a super-intelligent teleiosaur that was later nicknamed "Barney". These victories were noteworthy, but the biggest was yet to come.

The Invasion

On the 23 of May 2002, the Calgary power grid became overloaded causing parts of the city to lose power. Shortly after the sky was filled with balls of light varying in size. Suiting up and hitting the streets Chain Hoist was one of many heroes who confronted what later became code-named DI-06 (Dimensional Invader #6), the first wave of dimensional invaders who attacked strategic parts across the globe. For reasons that have not yet been determined, Calgary was one of the focal points of the invasion, and Arnold found himself on the frontlines of the planet's defense.

It took a team of heroes and exo-soldiers from PPCLI (Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry, one of Canada's most celebrated military units) to stop the invaders in their tracks. After the established heroes Polar Bear and Hyperknight were dropped by the invaders, Arnie took over leadership of the team, taking them into the DI's hidden base under Calgary to shut down their portal generators, enabling the exo-team and the army to stage a counterattack.

After hours of brutal fighting, the DI retreated or surrendered. In the aftermath of the invasion Chain Hoist assisted in various search and rescue operations to haul out survivors and added his muscle to the work done by heavy reconstruction crews in the rebuilding.

The victory cemented Arnold's reputation in Calgary, and drew the eye of major Canadian heroes like Celestar and the Starforce team. Arnie elected to stay in Calgary and look after his own backyard.

Vancouver is Hell

From the left: Prairie Girl, Brass Fist, Frost Blade and Chain Hoist.
After the invasion and a solid year of rebuilding, life returned to normal for Calgary. Chain Hoist and his allies continued to maintain a watchful eye over the city, dealing with an attempt by VIPER to infiltrate the city's financial community and the provincial government as well as handling more mundane threats and the occasional supervillain. He seemed to be the model of a capable local hero, respected by local authorities and the press. Calgary's supercrime rate went down, and 2005 and 2006 were relatively quiet years for him. Then, in 2007, all hell broke loose.

In late February, Arnie received a distress call from Vancouver's Frost Blade, which read simply "Demons in Chinatown. Help." Arnie answered the call, along with Prairie Girl and a new Calgary hero, Brass Fist. The investigation of the source of the demon infestation was fruitless for several days, however in early March, they discovered a den of cultists in Chinatown working with Paris Vandaleur, an outcast member of the infamous family of sorcerers. The team worked quickly to neutralize them, but the cultists activated their plans, and on March 12th a huge portal opened under the streets of downtown Vancouver. Ravenspeaker opposed it, but was quickly overwhelmed, however he bought enough time for Chain Hoist and his allies, now augmented by the veteran hero Canadian Steel leading a team exo-agents from Canada's Guardian Operations Division (CGOD) and assisted by RCMP Steelhead operatives. In this battle, Arnie stood on the front lines and even stepped into the heart of darkness to help close the portal, trapping Vandaleur within the torments of hell.

The Canadian Guardians

As Vancouver repaired the damage of the invasion, Chain Hoist and his allies were called to Ottawa to meet with government officials, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Governor General Michaelle Jean, Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, Chief of Defence Staff General Rich Hillier, and Canadian Steel.

Since the Northern Guard's disbanding in 1998, Canada lacked an official superhero team with a national scope. Starforce was limited to Ontario; L'esprits Guardiens confined their activities to Quebec, and JTF-X remained a purely military unit that was stationed in Afghanistan. Hillier (who spearheaded the meeting) wanted a more flexible team that was allied with the Canadian Armed Forces but dedicated to stopping domestic threats. They would work in consort with the exo-agents of CGOD and provide a metahuman push for their operations, in addition to more traditional superhero duties.

After considerable debate nine heroes agreed to join in Hillier's proposed team, In November 2007, the unit, christened the Canadian Guardians, was officially formed, working initially out of CFB Edmonton. The initial commander was Canadian Steel, but Chain Hoist was appointed his second in command and was often in a leadership role on the battlefield.

New Mission

It took some time for Chain Hoist to get use to being second in command of a National Super Team. Under the mentor of Canadian Steel, he traveled all across Canada engaging in combat against various enemies, more then he though possible from his old stomping grounds in Calgary. After the death of Red Ensign and Forceknight IV in 2007, Canada seemed a more vulnerable place, and the Guardians were one of the units that stepped up to oppose those who would pray on it, be it organizations like VIPER or villains like Red Rampage.

Sensing that the worst was yet to come, Arnold's embarked on even bigger challenges. First he needed to learn how to get close to his team while still maintaining his command perspective. For someone as personable as Arnold, ordering someone into deadly danger did not come easy, and he learned the hard way that sacrifices were sometimes necessary, even people who were close to you. Arnold lacked Steel's military calluses. Of course, there was the additional challenges that came with training one's mind to resist probing, and learning new methods to fight the demons of the abyss. It soon became obvious that Paris Vandaleur was only a tool of someone bigger; some force was behind the demon invasion of 2007, and the Guardians spent a great deal of energy trying to track down the responsible party, to no avail.

The Canadian Knights

By 2008, the Canadian people's attitudes began to change toward superhumans. The 2007 murder of Canada's most respected solo superhero, the Red Ensign, cast a grisly pall over the nation, however the actions of high profile villains like Necrull and Provocateur, the telepathic powerhouse of Quebec, struck even deeper into the national psyche.

The increase in demonic activity, combined with the atrocities committed by Necrull sowed a deep (and perhaps understandable) distrust of the occult in the Canadian psyche. As is typical with magic, those who didn't have direct experience with it often dismissed it (or made other explanations for it), however the existence of potent and malevolent forces could no longer be denied, even if people disagreed on what they actually were. People demanded to be protected, and anyone who wielded magic-like abilities was suspect (though the RCMP refused calls to disassociate itself from Ravenspeaker).

Even worse, however, was a 2008 incident where the Hunter Patriots managed to disable the anti-telepathic safeguards which protected many important people in the Canadian government and used Provocateur and several mercenary telepaths in an attempt to overthrow the national government. They were foiled by the Guardians, Ottawa's COMET team, and L'esprits Guardiens, however when the news of the attack reached the Canadian people, there was widespread panic and a call at all levels of government and business to make sure public wasn't infected by "the telepathic menace".

In 2009, the reappearance of Canada's greatest superhuman threat, the demon-god Kigatilik, brought all of these issues to the fore. Canada, which preferred to close its borders to foreign superhumans, now needed to open the floodgates in order to survive. Prime Minister Harper realized he had to take serious measures to restore public confidence. One of these was to remove anyone with any hint of magical or telepathic powers from the Guardians. When this turned out to be "not enough" for some critics, Harper formally disbanded the Guardians. However, this move turned out to be more "rebranding" than anything else. The government of Canada restructured the Guardians, putting in its place the Canadian Knights.

Because of the impact made by the Northern Guard in the 1990s, and the presence of Quebec's L'esprits Guardiens team, there had always been some confusion over the name, so the renaming was seen as a positive thing. The arcane and psionic heroes were shuffled into their own divisions (the Arcane Guardians and Psybernauts) and a new structure was created as a watchdog over this "trinity of heroes". Each arm had an Operations Officer: for the Knights, Canadian Steel was "promoted" from the team and given the position of Operations Officer with CGOD: his duty was to be a liaison between CGOD and the Knights. This left a leadership vacuum and Arnold was the obvious choice to fill it. However, the government wanted this new leader to be something more than a replacement for Canadian Steel. Canada needed a national superhero, an equivalent of the United States' All-American, to replace the murdered Red Ensign.

The position was offered to Arnold, however there was one catch: over the years he grew tired of hiding who he is and wanted to reveal his secret identity. But he did not know how and this could put his parents in danger! The politicians agreed but he has to ask the greatest hero he knew first: his Dad! Henry Quaid called a meeting of his family and closest friends, and they unanimously agreed to accept the risk. "You're all true heroes," Arnold told the gathering, fighting back tears for one of the few times in his life.

With the assistance of the R&D arm of CGOD, on the 15th of September 2010 (exactly 9 years as a hero of Calgary), Chain Hoist was greeted by a large news crew and re-introduced as Canadian Iron, leader of the Canadian Knights. Following his new name, position and title, Canadian Iron stepped forward, disengaged the maglocks, removed his helmet, and revealed his true identity to the people of Canada.

Canadian Iron is Arnold Quaid

The revelation of his identity caused a media sensation, especially in his hometown of Canmore. For some time his family was hounded constantly by reporters who wanted to get the big scoop on the identity of this new national hero. Iron came forth to the media and stated that he has no trouble answering the questions and he will meet them in Calgary for a conference.

After the conference, the hype died down, he was still Canadian Iron in the eyes of children and villains. There have been no threats (yet) against his family, friends and town. Life was good for a hero on the frontlines of a never ending battle, though the burden of command and the iconic status of his position always weighed heavily on the young man's shoulders.

Since its founding, the Canadian Knights have conducted operations around the country and even in some global hotspots. They've continued to battle the agents of terror in the Great White North and done so with distinction, though many of the issues and controversies that surrounded the team's founding still remain, including the identity of the magical conspiracy that's working to undermine Canada.

In 2009 Arnold met Craig Carson, the respected Canadian superhero Thundrax, in Millennium City's Club Caprice. Thundrax had been one of the heroes that Iron had admired in his youth, though their paths had never crossed. At the time a MP for Vancouver-East, Thundrax had been one of the leading voices in the Canadian parliament speaking out against anti-magic and anti-telepathic hysteria and the two men quickly established a friendship. In 2011, Thundrax invited Arnold to participate in his informal Circle of Justice team, and Arnold did, fighting menaces like Invictus and the agents of Ist'vatha V'Han. There was also some discussion of Arnold joining Justiciar's Starforce team. Iron quickly nixed the offer, stating that his place is with the Knights, however he and David Burrell have allied on several occasions, and the two teams have put up a united front against several major national threats.

At present, Arnold enjoys a life of celebrity and duty, working for CGOD, but also lending a helping hand to UNTIL and UNITY. When he's not in the field, Iron can usually be found trading punches with his good friend Thundrax in the ring of Carl's Gym in Millennium City, giving pep talks to school kids throughout Canada, or patrolling Calgary.


Arnold Quaid is a fourth generation Canadian male, whose family is mostly of Irish descent. He is of Caucasian stock, stands at 1.91m tall, weighs at 110kg, with an impressively muscular build. His dark brown hair is fashioned in a buzz cut. He is clean shaven, well-groomed and properly turned out at all time (his father always went on about "first impressions"). He does have several tribal-style tattoos on his chest, arms, and back, which he picked up while working in the oil fields several years before he got his powers. He speaks pure Canadian (eh?) English, with a few words of French.

As Canadian Iron, he wears a specially built battle suit [see Equipment], coloured gray with red and white lines.


Arnold is personable and friendly, with a reputation of being a bit of a ladies' man. No one has ever seen Arnold back down from a fight, and he has yet to lose his temper in public, even in some extraordinarily stressful situations.

Arnold has always shown good manners, generosity, and is well-respected by his teammates. He usually stands up for the underdog, especially in the face of bullies. He does have, however, a strongly competitive streak. Those who know him well says he has a ribald sense of humour, though that part of his personality is kept private.


"The ends justify the means? Sure... if you're a supervillain, or if you're too lazy to look for another solution."

Despite training and associating with the military, Canadian Iron's mindset is more like a traditional superhero than a military superhuman. Arnold has a deep respect for human life. His friendship with mages and telepaths have also made him deeply suspicious of anyone who scapegoats them, and he rarely accepts easy answers when he perceives these biases at work. He has a strong code against killing (though it's more lax when demons, artificial intelligences, lycanthropes and vampires are involved, but even in these circumstances, he will not readily take a life) except when the DI are involved.

Powers, Equipment and Abilities

Powers and Abilities

Before gaining his abilities, Arnold engaged heavily in football and Parkour. Even before his transformation, he already displayed the strength of an Olympic calibre weightlifter and extraordinary athletic stamina. After inhaling a fair bit of gas from the accident, he received superhuman strength, invulnerability, tremendous constitution, increased stamina, and some regenerative capabilities.

Iron has been seen lifting semi trucks and large debris. His skin has repelled the impact of high calibre gunfire and withstood the explosive effects of SAM missiles, and even when he's taken serious beatings, he usually recuperates within 8-24 hours.

His "artificial" abilities, from flight to his energy shield, are the result of his battle suit (as detailed below).


From the CGOD's R&D team, Machine Mage designed for him the Battle Suit. He is naturally invulnerable, but with the suit; he has flexi-armour coveralls with titanium reinforced plates and shoulders, kendrium helmet/gloves/boots, intergraded life support, electronic suite, full communication system, advanced optical package, gravitational propulsion system, and energy shielding capabilities. All of these systems are powered by Machine Mage's invention called the Emerald Furnace. The end result is allowing the user to deeper into the sea, tap into communication satellites, enter orbit and survive in space.

The three versions of the Battle Suit utilized by Canadian Iron. Version 1 (left) equipped with his chains, flight some some energy shield capabilities, Version 2 (center) with the addition of a helmet with communication/electronic suite and swapped out his chains for a very large hammer, Version 3 (right) is his current suit with no weapons and updated energy shield generators.

As Chain Hoist, and beginning as Canadian Iron, he utilized heavy chains for combative and maneuvering purposes. However, he believed they send the wrong message being a national hero. After consulting with Thundrax on a possible alternative, a symbol if you will, he adopted the use of a large hammer. For about 6 months Canadian Iron utilized a heavy indestructible hammer designed by CGOD. Due to the excess collateral damage and the injury inflicted on others, he got rid of the hammer and settled in on just using his fists with no ranged support.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Canadian Iron has no known weaknesses. He is superhumanly strong and impervious to most attack forms, but his abilities are not infinite. He has been visibly hurt by sustained punishment, and there is no reason to believe that sufficient amount of force could not permanently maim or even kill him.

Even though he is now a metahuman, Arnold still needs to eat and sleep. Due to his enhancements he can go for long periods without sleep, but tends to eat more (8-10,000 calories per day, much of it protein).

Friends and Allies

Canadian Knights

Currently the leader of the Canadian Knights, Arnold is still under the watchful eye of Canadian Steel. It has been noticed that Canadian Iron is starting to make more and more decisions without seeking consultation. He is becoming a leader in his own right though he is still secure enough to ask for support.


Arnold is very good friends with Craig Carson, aka Thundrax, former member of SUNDER and the Northern Guard. Blessed with similar powers and a love of a good brawl, the two men train frequently, and have been known to shake the foundations of even heavily reinforced gyms during their sometimes epic sparring matches.

Perhaps more dubiously, Craig introduced Canadian Iron to the joy of Klagch'Tonar, an alien beer served by the extraterrestrial restaurateur Malga. With Arnold's heightened constitution, this is the only beer that can actually put him on the floor, black-out drunk, and he and Craig have enjoyed several (private) drinking bouts.

Other Allies

Even though the Canadian Government forcibly removed mages and telepaths from the group, the Canadian Knights, with the assistance of CGOD and their Operation Officers, maintain excellent (and open) communications with the Arcane Guardians and Psybernauts. Canadian Iron and the leaders of CGOD, Arcane Guardians and Psybernauts believe that an everlasting alliance will be required to truly stop evil, in all its forms, in its place.

Iron (and the rest of his team) are also on good terms with the RCMP and its Steelhead division, and most major Canadian hero teams.

Nemesis and Enemies

Dimensional Invaders

Loosely called the DI-06 ("Dimensional Invaders" - pronounced "die"), these mechanical marauders hit the planet Earth on the 23rd of May 2002 in Calgary, Ottawa and several other strategic locations across the world. Led by the advanced robot War Marshall, these invaders were stopped cold by the combined efforts of local heroes, Armoured Task Force (ATF) and the Canadian Forces (CF).

Remnants of the DI still remain in isolated pockets across Canada, slowly rebuilding their forces. Remembering the damage and loss of life they inflicted on his beloved Calgary, Iron has set aside his normal conscientious attitude and vowed to destroy every single DI he encounters. Few have spoken out against this decision.

The Hunter-Patriots

In recent years, a revived 19th Century terrorist group, bound by a mystical pact and linked via telepathic technology, has plagued Canada. Known as the Hunter-Patriots, Canadian Iron is dedicated to this organization's utter destruction, especially when he discovered it had roots in his hometown.

One of the reasons the population of Canada is wary of magic and psionics is because of the Hunter-Patriots' operations, especially when the depth of their infiltration of Canadian law enforcement agencies (including CGOD) and UNTIL became public knowledge.

The Canadian Knights have made the Hunter Patriots a priority as per the orders handed down by the Government. Perhaps due to their common origin, there were standing orders for the Hunter-Patriots to defeat but not kill Iron and his associates, however a recently uncovered communiqué from the Hunter-Patriots to several mercenary villains about ""Project: Knightfall" indicates those orders have been rescinded.

Damn Foreigners

The border between Canada and the United States is the longest undefended border in the world, and supervillains have attempted to exploit that fact since the 1940s. In recent years, VIPER has launched major infiltration operations into Canada, placing a nest in Calgary itself. The latest Nest only established itself this year, and the Knights have made uprooting it a priority,

Another visitor to the Calgary area has been, surprisingly, an alliance between the Sovereign Sons and the New Shadows. Dubbed "the cowboy voodoo/vampire alliance", they have become embroiled in the demonic activity that has beset Western Canada over the last decade. Whether they are the parties responsible for it (or mere opportunists hoping to take advantage of it) remains to be seen.

Rumours and Opinions

The following is what your character would find out what has been said about Canadian Iron through various sources such as blogs, gossip, unconfirmed sources. It will be up to you [the player] to decide how your character has come across such information.

This section deals with subjects have been unconfirmed by Canadian Iron. Should you [the player] come across any information that has been mentioned from his teammates, friends, tabloids, and such (or have a comment/opinion of your own); and is not presented here, you are allowed to update the appropriate sections. I will review the updates and merge the information with the rest of the section if required.

Rumours and Trivia


Arnold has been romantically linked with several teammates, however he has still managed to keep his actual relationships private.

Opinions and Comments

Special Thanks

I would like to give a special thanks to Thundrax for the hard work he put into proofreading, editing, and updating Canadian Iron.