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@Steel_Soldier, @AlphaSierra, @Tiger_Eyes, @Stee1_So1dier, @Dark_Steel
Operations Officer for the Canadian Knights
Biographical Data
Real Name: Classified
Known Aliases: Steel
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Date of Birth: Classified
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: HQ - Ottawa, ON
District Office - Vancouver, BC
US Office - Millenium City, MI
Relatives: Classified
Height: 1.93m / 6'4"
Weight: 113kg / 250lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 23 July 1992 - Present
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Leader and Super Hero
Education: Classified
Marital Status: Classified
Known Powers and Abilities
Olympic Level Athlete
Normal Attributes
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Exo-Suit that give him Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Flight and Energy Shields
Exo-Armour Attributes

Public Knowledge

The following is what your character would find out about Canadian Steel through various avenues of research; whether it was from the physical (i.e. media, contacts, Google), psionic (i.e. telepathy, mind reading, visions), and/or the arcane (i.e. card reading, spells, crystal ball). It will be up to you [the player] to decide how your character has discovered, gathered and/or disseminated some or all of the information given below. This section deals with subjects have been confirmed by Canadian Steel. Should you [the player] come across any information that is confirmed by Canadian Steel and is not presented here, you are allowed to update the appropriate sections. I will review the updates and merge the information with the rest of the section if required.

Canadian Steel - Then

The name Canadian Steel has been carried by the Canadian military as a national hero since World War II. Over the many years, members from different ranks of the Army, Navy and Air Force; have worn the Canadian Steel Exo-Suit in many different conflicts across Canada and abroad. All though the suit has changed over time, the ingenuity of Canadian scientists and the pride of the soldier wearing it never broke down.

To this day, the true identify of who is Canadian Steel has never been released or acquired. Even with modern day photo enhancers and finger printing, nobody has been able to crack the identity of Canadian Steel past and Canadian Steel present.

Canadian Steel I - 1945 to 1962

During the Second World War, the Canadian Generals needed a problem solved: how to stop the deaths of Canadian soldiers as they advance across the field of battle. Research and Development's solution was the creation of the Shield Soldier. An individual wearing an Exo-Suit that is heavily armoured with superior strength and equipped with jump jets. Its main defensive capability is through the use of a tower shield that can produce a larger energy shield when engaged. When combined with other Shield Soldiers, a much energy barrier is created, protecting the advancing soldiers from direct fire. These soldiers formed the first Canadian Tactical Armoured Company (CTAC).

These armoured soldiers were instrumental on the 6th of June, 1944, for getting the troops up Juno beach. Many men from both the advancing force and CTAC were killed during the advance. While deployed in Germany, spare parts were scarce and constant fighting started to take their toll on both man and machine. In the end only a handful of the units survived. During their deployment, one soldier started to stand out from the rest, slowly he made his way into senior leadership positions. Here he conducted operations that combined both armoured and unarmoured soldiers augmented with volunteer heroes from the Canadian Shield; led by the Crimson Knight. Those under his command dubbed him Steel. In 1945 during the formation of the United Nations (UN), the last of the Shield Soldiers led by Steel were detailed to join and assist the security force. The delegation was attacked in the ensuing battle Canada lost many heroes; including Aureole and the Crimson Knight. When the smoke cleared, severely damaged and near death, Steel continued his duty to Canada and the protection of the UN. A German hero walked up, saluted, and called him Canadian Steel.

Some of the Canadian delegation overheard this and passed the information on to Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada. The PM with agreement from the leadership of the Canadian Army picked it up as an opportunity for them to field a soldier in the name of Canada and for recruitment. So with an upgraded suit that removed the shield and just maintained a heavily armoured battle frame with both super strength and limited flight, Canadian Steel began his new life as a Military Hero of Canada.

Over the next few years, Canadian Steel stood on guard for Canada, fighting against many threats against Canada and her allies. When the Canadian Military initiated various exo-soldier programs, he helped train and lead them. The Second CTAC for the Korean war and the Third CTAC for the Vietnam war. After 17 years of loyal and dedicated service, the soldier who was Canadian Steel quietly retired.

Canadian Steel II - 1962 to 1968

The retiring of the first Canadian Steel was no surprise to the Military. They were prepared for it and in a documented flyby a new Canadian Steel arrived on the scene. Holding true to the duty and honour of the original, this hero entered the service with the same vigor and leadership.

During this short time he has proven himself again and again. He assisted Celestar by creating a second defensive front when Kigatilik was released. Faced a new international threats as Viper and DEMON try to get a foothold in Canada. Encountered the initial strike of the Qularr by lending assistance in Chicago and fought against the Lemurians. He witnessed the arrival of the Forceknight, assisted the second Ensign and on February 15, 1965, carried Canada's National Flag into Ottawa.

In late 1968, the second Canadian Steel stepped down. In report that was accidentally released, his early retirement was due to the combinations of various injuries he sustained over the years. A couple days later, a new soldier was selected, and he dawned the armour and the name.

Canadian Steel III - 1968 to 1977

The Third Generation of Canadian Steel, utilized the same suit but his demeanor was a little harder. He held the honour of Canada but was more of a single force and did not have a strong leadership present as the previous two.

He made it his personal ambition to stop the threats against Canada no mater what the cost. He let the officers of the 4th CTAC conduct their own operations as he waded into the center of battle. He fought against Viper and DEMON, showing them no mercy and racking up a lot of collateral damage.

Historians believed this Canadian Steel career was cut short because he overestimated his enemies. The second Canadian Steel faced more numerous opposition in 6 years but suffered less from each encounter. In their roles, the past two generations stopped, gathered Intel, and proceeded with caution, the third generation just headed in. When the Gadroon first invaded earth, Canadian Steel was their, but without providing a leadership roll from the front lines or disseminating gathered intelligence, both he and the suit were nearly destroyed.

Canadian Steel IV - 1977 to 1984

With the immediate retirement due to injuries and the disappointment with the attitude that he carried, the fourth generation was picked from the one of the members of the 4th CTAC during the Gadroon invasion. The amour was slightly modified and recoloured but some do recognize the suit as one that was leading a group of exo-soldiers against the Gadroon.

Within a couple of years, the new Canadian Steel brought back the traditions the first exo-soldier brought to light. He stood strong and proud against Viper, DEMON, Qularr, Gadroon and Dr. Destroyer. In the mid 80's, when the Canadian Government brought onboard Machine Mage, his designs rebuilt the exo-project bringing new inventions that gave birth to the 5th CTAC and a newer, stronger, heavily armoured Canadian Steel.

During his remaining adventures, he held the line for Canada. Assisting when he can and holding on to truth, justice and the Canadian way of life. However all that came to a crashing end.

1984 witnessed the Reign of the Destroyer. Due to the hypno-ray satellites of Doctor Destroyer and exerting his will over the people of the world, the 5th CTAC was disbanded and the Canadian Steel program was about to be put to the scrap yard. However, the awakening of Vanguard, the formation of heroes and moving in on Dr. Destroyer's island; Canadian Steel knew that a diversion will be required so the main force can hit their target. Leading a small force of what was left of the 5th CTAC with a handful of heroes, they made a successful decoy run allowing the other heroes to hit the main facilities.

The fighting was fierce against Dr. Destroyer's robotic army, Canadian Steel was killed as he shielded a small group of civilians caught in the crossfire. The remaining soldiers and heroes managed to reform and fall back, after the main strike force completed their task: the destruction of Destruga

Canadian Steel V - 1984 to 1992

With the fall of Canadian Steel, a new one was needed. Documents show that the fourth Canadian Steel was assisted by another armoured hero not part of the 5th, and not known anywhere else. Some stated that the suit he wore was very much like the Shield Soldiers back in WWII and had an unusual command presence. His suit was flight capable, armed with a heater shield with a maple leaf on it, and produced large energy fields. What was odd was that without so much as a blink of an eye, a new individual was chosen to be the next Canadian Steel. Some of the citizens of Canada pointed out the issues with the third Canadian Steel and if the Military Brass was still in their own line of thinking. However his existing armour was quickly updated by Machine Mage and a few months later he stepped up as the fifth Canadian Steel.

Now that the politicians were back in their right mind, some believe they are still feeling the after affects, they gave funding to rebuild and start up the 6th CTAC with the new Canadian Steel leading it. With the team as his disposal, Canadian Steel brought forth a new mandate of Intel gathering and first strike capabilities. Conducting operations with UNTIL and eventually PRIMUS. Hitting Viper surgically and being one of a few heroes to be the first to engage with the western separatists who would later become the Hunter Patriots.

Some of his accomplishments included leading the 6th into the heart of darkness against Luther Black, assisted in the stopping Dr Destroyer from wiping out billions with his death satellites and assisting in the destruction of Destuga II, engaging in combat against Borealis, and helped form the front line on the East Coast when Takofanges brought forth his undead army.

His sacrifice and that of the 6th CTAC was on 23 of July, 1992. When he and his troops stood at ground zero fighting off Dr Destroyer's robots and working to get as many civilians out of Windsor.

Canadian Steel - Now

It is not known if the Department of National Defence (DND) has an individual all ready for when a Canadian Steel should fall, but a couple of weeks later, at ground zero in Detroit a large red and white exosuit sporting the Maple Leaf arrived on the scene. He was introduced himself as Canadian Steel.

It went on file that nobody found the 5th Canadian Steel amongst the rubble. Of course some believed that he was instantly destroyed as they could not find some of the exo-soldiers from now disbanded 6th CTAC. A new Canadian Steel stepped up and is ready to stand strong and proud.

Year One

Over course of a year and a few months, the Sixth Canadian Steel held true to its name. Not missing a beat as he was integrated into Canadian Hero Society, he successfully lead Canadian Troops and Canadian Heroes on various front. Back home against Hunter-Patriots and the defensive line of the Gadroon invasion, overseas assisting Allies against Eurostar's clone army in Poland, and in Vietnam with humanitarian aid as Warlord tries to move in.

The Canadian Government with a very valid argument from the Military, agreed that exo-suits can play a very important roll in the defence of Canada. In April of 1994, Canadian Steel was put into the position of Combat Officer and leader of the Armoured Task Force. A team that does not utilize a platoon of equally equipped members but special trained agents that use unique exo-suits designed by the Head of ATF R&D - Machine Mage.

Armoured Task Force

The years that followed saw an increase in hero operations across Canada. Exo-Agents working along side local heroes, working as a loose nit grand Canadian Super team. Canadian Steel and his agents worked on various mission at home and abroad. From lending assistance with the rise of Grond in the mid 90's to sending agents to Europe to help out with the battle between Viper and Eurostar in 1996. A couple of his agents were recruited by Mark Derringer during the creation of RCMP's Superhuman Response team only to have them drafted back by Canadian Steel when he lead the ATF to help stop Istvatha V'han invasion of our dimension.

The turn of the century placed Canadian Steel in increasing danger as Baron Nihil returns to our dimension. This puts him, and his team, on the defensive as the Baron vows to destroy Canada. To add more insult to injury, he had to confront the Black Banner (Red Ensign's son) on a couple of occasions before his defeat. Out of all the combat, Steel witnessed to the creation of StarForce and carried on leading the ATF into the 21st Century.

Shortly after the formation of StarForce, in the year 2001 after the Champions were born, City of Ottawa Metahuman Emergency Team (COMET) was formed. This put Canadian Steel to come up with the idea expanding their own capabilities of the ATF. Utilizing both specialized Exo-agents with the abilities to call upon a squad (or larger) of Exo-soldiers. With the rise of more dangerous villains (such as the appearance of Shadow Destroyer in 2002), Machine Mage started re-building the Exo-soldiers but this would prove to be too late when the 23 of May 2002 arrived.

The Invasion

A day that proved to be the worse of all invasions hit earth. A dimensional assault of epic proportions where wave after wave of a robotic menace hit various cities across the globe. Canada would not escape this assault. Hitting both Calgary and Ottawa, Canadian Steel and his team moved into action to hit the enemy head on in Ottawa. Backed up with COMET and StarForce, it would not be until the late arrival of the first platoon of Exo-soldier to help reinforce the defensive line. Once established, the offensive team pushed forward. After hours of brutal fighting, when the smoked finally cleared and a count of losses could finally be tallied, Canadian Steel only a handful of agents, soldier, and heroes were left standing. With such a loss of agents and soldiers, the ATF was retired. This tragic event put the military minds in high gear to find ways to guard Canada on a much larger scale.

New Mandate

The Brass, with the assistance of Canadian Steel and last of the retired ATF, decided to continue with the original plan of utilizing exo-soldier and exo-agents in a joint defensive force. CGOD - Canada's Guardian Operations Division - was born on the 16th of October 2002. Canadian Steel was not put as leader of the new unit, but was put as Special Operations Officer for it is he that is usually the first on the line, and the best suited to lead troops into combat and not worry about the day to day operations.

Quickly the new team started to rack up successes against hit and run shore attacks by renegade faction of Lemurians, engage in stopping the newly restored Hunter-Patriots committing terrorist actions on Canadian soil, facing off against Baron Nihil and patrolling various hot spots across Canada trying to stay ahead of individuals that would hurt Canada and her Citizens. That would all change come 2007, when all hell broke loose.

Vancouver is Hell

The continued immigration of superhuman and supernatural villains pouring into Canada continued to grow, it was not until March 12, 2007, when the people of Canada were introduced to the full power of various dark magiks. A portal to hell was opened up beneath the streets of downtown Vancouver by powerful sorceress Paris Vandaleur. The initial response was taken up by Ravenspeaker and a small team lead by a well known hero from Calgary. Chain Hoist, the same hero that lead the defence and counter offensive during the dimensional invasion of Calgary in May of 2002, was on the front trying to contain the growing demon threat. He gathered up, organized, and lead a team of heroes and put up defensive positions stopping the demon invasion. However with the constant bombardment of denizen from the portal underground; he was unable to push forward. Safety of the people of Vancouver was his priority with containment being a close second. Canadian Steel with a handful of exo-agents, a couple squads of exo-soldiers, and assisted by RCMP Steelhead operatives conducted a quick insertion and hooked up with Chain Hoist and his team. Together they were able to force the demons back and close the portal.

Old Strategy for a New Plan

The fighting was fierce and taxing on a lot of heroes and soldiers, many fell to the dark magiks. This started to create holes in CGODs protective net, and they could not bring a stronger force to help stop Baron Nihil from murdering the Red Ensign or the death of Forceknight by Necrull. All these losses prompted Canadian Steel to suggest a old strategy used back in mid 20th century. Creating a special Canadian Superteam that would bring on local heroes as a sort of reservist. Using a special order from Canada's Superhero Registration Act, these hero reservists would not have to register their identity if a sponsor takes legal responsibility . Bringing in heroes with metahuman, mystical and psionic abilities do diversify the CGODs ability to handle a larger variety of encounters. This would also work two fold, allowing exo-agents to train with others powerful heroes and get an better understanding of what they will face.

So the heroes from the battle in Vancouver were brought to Ottawa to meet with government officials, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Governor General Michaelle Jean, Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay, Chief of Defence Staff General Rich Hillier, and Canadian Steel. General Hillier put forward a new initative called the Canadian Guardians. After considerable debate, nine heroes agreed to join the new team. Lead by Canadian Steel, his team consisted of his second in command: Chain Hoist, his officers: Frost Blade and Electric Night, Field Agents: Psideswipe and Arcane Soldier, and finally his Agents: Gunstar, Holy Fire, Arctic Blaze, and Strong Bow.

Next Generation

The team started off on shaky ground bringing various heroes with various backgrounds together. With the combined efforts of Canadian Steel and Chain Hoist they slowly started to work together as a cohesive unit. Augmented with the CGOD for intel gathering and reinforcements, the Canadian Steel and the Guardians were able to stop various domestic terrorist acts, superhuman/supernatural criminal activities and invasions.

Even with the Guardians working hard to stop evil at every turn, the Canadian people had different ideas. There fears continued to grow with the growth of sorcery and psychic tampering. Even with the introduction of Captain Canada to give the Canadian Citizen a hero that stand for Canada could not stop their decision to force the politicians to remove the arcane and psychic heroes from the ranks of the Guardians. Canadian Steel, along with Chain Hoist, Electric Night, Psideswipe, Steel Wolf and CDS General Natynczyk; put forth a new direction of the Guardians. Members that utilizing both psychic and arcane abilities went their separate ways, but with special positions they were kept in the circle of information. On September 15 2010; Canadian Steel took up a new position as Operations Officer, and Chain Hoist became Canadian Iron, leader of the Canadian Knights.

It has been said that this step down was easy for Canadian Steel. After almost 19 years standing on the front lines against evil, it is time for a new generation to take the reigns and carry on fighting the good fight. Today his main roll as Operations Officer to liaise between the Canadian Knights and CGOD, passing of intel and coordination, provide assistance in both combat and mentor to junior members, and when all hell breaks loose; Stand on Guard for Thee.


Every generation of Canadian Steel has been seen, photographed and even fingerprinted while outside his armoured suit. The sixth Canadian Steel is a tall muscular Caucasian. Even though he is well groomed and properly turned out at all time, he does not stand out or draw attention to himself. Witnesses, both military or civilian has heard him being called Steel, inside and outside the suit.


Some would say he is cold and calculating. Other say he defend those that cannot defend themselves. Those that follow his lead say he stops, looks, listens, and analyses as much information as he can. He is a teacher and mentor, asks for nothing in return.


He believes that to truly lead, one has to lead from the front. In the heart of the conflict one must stand strong and proud. He hates meaningless sacrifice, so he will only send others into an impossible situation only if it really necessary.

Powers, Equipment and Abilities

Powers and Abilities

Every generation has been a full blooded human. Unmodified and in excellent shape, their bodies do get damaged a lot while inside the exo-suit. However, the current Canadian Steel is different. He has been the longest running Canadian Steel, and shows not slowing down. He has athletic to Olympic strength, stamina, constitution and speed.


Right from the beginning, Canadian Steel has been an exo-suit created by some of the greatest minds in Canada. The first generation was nothing more then an enhancement shell that had superior strength and armour, equipped with a tower shield that generates energy fields. Generation two and three continued with increasing strength and armour as technology continued to advance and new blood was brought into R&D. Generation four was the first to incorporate a communication suite, while still upping the strength and armour.

With the tech discovered by the unknown exo-suit that helped during the Reign of the Destroyer, Machine Mage upgraded the fifth generation to now incorporated and energy field generator, without the large shield.

The current generation, number 6, is a complete redesign and rebuild by Machine Mage and incorporates an eternal energy source called the Emerald Furnace. This is the strongest and heavily armoured version. Borderline supernatural strength, superior armour characteristics utilizing an unknown alloy, energy defence combat system, and a full electronic/sensor/communication/optical suite. Able to reach unknown depths, launch into orbit, survive deep space and re-entry. Later it was upgraded to utilize a reconstruction/deconstruction system. An unknown technology, it has been seen that Canadian Steel can "summon", or "dismiss", the suit within seconds.

A second suit has been created for training purposes. Using a special set of coveralls, Canadian Steel is able to create a hardlight shell around him in the form of his exo-suit. It mimics the same capabilities but when in combat does not cause great injury against live training partners.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Reports and witness statements have viewed the past exosuit slow down or stagger when energy systems are low. The current generation has seen fighting for extended periods without slowing down or weakening.

The individual in the suit is human, requiring nutrients and sleep. With enough force, or punishment, it could still kill the occupant inside.

Canadian Knights, Friends and Allies

Canadian Knights

After stepping down as leader of the Guardians as they shifted to become the Canadian Knights, Canadian Steel still holds the team in high regard. As Operations Officer, he gives his full support and intel to all members and provides mentorship to some of the more junior heroes. The stood beside Canadian Iron as he reveled his identity to the world and will fight along side any member and any time.

Arcane Guardians and Psybernauts

Canadian Steel was strongly opposed to removing members of his team just because of their power association. However he does believe in Canada and her people. So when the orders were passed down, Canadian Steel worked hard at trying to keep the lines of communication open. Long before the transition was enacted, CGOD finished two special exo-suits: one that utilized magic construction, another that increased psychic abilities. They were Mystic Steel and Steel Psythe, both were excellent officers and exo-agents.

When the removal order was given, Canadian Steel talked with Electric Night and Psideswipe about the creation of a special position in their respected ranks. This gave birth to the Operation Officer. With Mystic Steel tasked out to the Arcane Guardians and Steel Psythe to the Psybernauts, lines of communication remained open with CGOD being the hub of activity and intelligence gathering. To this day Canadian Steel keeps an open dialog between all team, lending assistance when available to each.

Nemesis and Enemies

Dimensional Invaders

Loosely called DI (dimensional invaders - pronounced die), hit the planet Earth on the 23rd of May 2002 in Calgary, Ottawa and other strategic locations across the world. The survivors of the attackers went underground reforming and conducting strategic operations. War Marshal, the leader of robotic dimensional army, has been stopped cold by the combined efforts of the Canadian Knights, CGOD, Arcane Guardians and the Psybernauts. Canadian Steel has made it his personal mission to bring down these constructs once and for all.

The Hunter-Patriots

In recent years, a revived 19th Century terrorist group, bound by a mystical pact and linked via telepathic technology, has plagued Canada. Known as the Hunter-Patriots, Canadian Iron is dedicated to this organization's utter destruction, especially when he discovered it had roots in his hometown.

One of the reasons the population of Canada is wary of magic and psionics is because of the Hunter-Patriots' operations, especially when the depth of their infiltration of Canadian law enforcement agencies (including CGOD) and UNTIL became public knowledge.

The Canadian Knights have made the Hunter Patriots a priority as per the orders handed down by the Government. Perhaps due to their common origin, there were standing orders for the Hunter-Patriots to defeat but not kill Iron and his associates, however a recently uncovered communiqué from the Hunter-Patriots to several mercenary villains about "Project: Knightfall" indicates those orders have been rescinded.

Damn Foreigners

The border between Canada and the United States is the longest undefended border in the world, and supervillains have attempted to exploit that fact since the 1940s. In recent years, VIPER has launched major infiltration operations into Canada, placing a nest in Calgary itself. The latest Nest only established itself this year, and the Knights have made uprooting it a priority,

Rumours and Opinions

The following is what your character would find out what has been said about Canadian Iron through various sources such as blogs, gossip, unconfirmed sources. It will be up to you [the player] to decide how your character has come across such information.

This section deals with subjects have been unconfirmed by Canadian Iron. Should you [the player] come across any information that has been mentioned from his teammates, friends, tabloids, and such (or have a comment/opinion of your own); and is not presented here, you are allowed to update the appropriate sections. I will review the updates and merge the information with the rest of the section if required.

Rumours and Trivia

22 Years of Loyal Service

Some historians believe that the First and Second version of Canadian Steel are the same. The retirement of the first coincide with the retirement of the pilot from the service. That is why the second one was short because of ever mounting punishment the individual what enduring.

Super Soldier Program

Rumours circulating around CGOD and some section of the military believe that the current pilot of the Canadian Steel program is also part of a Canadian Super Soldier program. Put an enhanced individual into an exosuit to further the individuals physical performance. It has been noted that this individual is coming up to 20 years as Canadian Steel, granted record keeping in the past is sketchy at best for classified project, now it is easier to keep an eye on select individuals. Theories put out to the public do not believe that there has been a new pilot for the past 20-some years. So how has this one survived this long when past pilots retired to injuries sustained inside the suit?

Others believe that this Canadian Steel had to have previous time and training before taking on the roll. So that could be that he joined right out of high school, spent (best guess to create an excellent officer) 7 years, then transferred to the program. Including the time as Canadian Steel comes out to be 45+ years old. Witnesses have stated that he has the athletic capabilities of an 18 year old and does not seem to slow down. Even those that are close to him stated "he has not aged a bit since I first met him 10 years ago." Those that see him think he is no older then 35.

Longer life, increased athletics, and ability to push harder then the average human has produced different theories and discussions.

Opinions and Comments