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The Mighty
Captain Canada
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It's the duty of the strong to protect the weak
PLAYER @bf2alpha1
Super Group None
Rank None
Current Affliations N/A
Former Affiliations N/A

Real Name Jason Greene
Known Aliases Captain Canada
Gender Male
Species Metahuman
Birthdate January 12th, 1986
Place of Birth Ottawa, Canada
Current Location Canada
Relatives Erik Greene (Brother), Carol Greene (Sister)

Apparent Age 35
Height 6'4
Weight 225
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Complexion Fair
Build Muscular
Notable Features Cleft Chin, Scar Above Right Eye

Identity Public - Unregistered
Citizenship Canadian
Marital Status Unknown
Occupation Superhero
Education High School, Military


Immense Superhuman Strength, Flight, Superhuman Speed, Invulnerability/Durability, Accelerated Healing, Enhanced Senses

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Jason Greene was born on January 12th, 1986 in Ontario, Canada. He was born to an average home and had a pretty average upbringing. His younger brother, Erik was always his best friend and they did many things together, though this changed when Jason joined the Canadian Military and Erik went on to University (going on to receive a master's degree in every science subject). It was two years into Jason's service when he discovered that he had meta-human powers, however he had decided since discovering them, that they should be used for good, and not any government's agenda, so he kept them a secret for the remainder of his service in the Army (though he did low key use them to save a few of his comrades lives). Once he got out of the army he did what he promised himself he would do and began using his powers to help people....though he had a bit of a rocky start, as he had not mastered them yet. He routinely caused a lot of (easily avoidable) property damage, and sometimes over-estimated how hard a hit some villains could take, but he managed to correct this problems relatively quickly, and thankfully never killed anyone in the process.

Dawn of the Captain

After working out all the quirks of his powers, the unknown Canadian hero/menace had finally surfaced into the spotlight and dubbed himself "Captain Canada", and had his first real test during a visit to Millennium City, when the second Qularr Invasion happened. He fought alongside many heroes to repel the the invaders and after not too long, the hero's had claimed victory. But this encounter had not just thrust Captain Canada (and some other heroes present) into the spotlight, it also opened his eyes to the possibility of greater threats to our world. In light of this he decided to become a full time hero, devoting all of his time to stopping threats to Earth whether they originate from our world, or another.


Superhuman Strength

Captain Canada is one of the physically strongest on Earth with so far incalculable levels of physical strength, well in excess of the 1000 ton range. He has shown able to overpower the likes of Grond, Ripper and Viperia without any outside help. His incredible strength also allows him to hit incredibly hard, enough to punch holes in Mega-destroids. He has also proven capable of so far lifting whatever he sets his mind to, able to pick up and throw titanic weights like empty cardboard boxes (has the strength to very literally and comfortably hold a titanic weight in each hand).
Captain Canada demonstrating a fraction of his strength lifting one Titanic Weight
Captain Canada knocking one of the Mega Destroids Out and Backwards

Superhuman Speed and Flight

Captain Canada has incredible reflexes, able to react to attacks from high-end speedsters and with the movement speed to almost keep up with them. Captain Canada also has the ability of flight, and on Earth uses it to fly at a low Hypersonic speed (able to out run SAM Missiles with a speed of Mach 6)
Captain Canada side stepping an attack from a Villainous Speedster with plenty of time to spare


Captain Canada is Immensely invulnerable, able to stand comfortably in the direct fire of 4 combined Mega-Destroids and endure the crushing hits from other Superhumans (such as Grond) without serious damage.
Captain Canada Shrugging off the combined attacks of 4 Mega Destroids in Multifaria

Superhuman Senses

Captain Canada can focus his senses to a higher degree than an average person, granting him enhanced sight, smell, and hearing.

Superhuman Endurance

Captain Canada can fight or do other strenuous activities for approximately a month before it becomes too much for him.


Captain Canada has an extended lifespan due to the rapid regeneration of his cells thanks to his healing factor.

Healing Factor

Although it is rare for Captain Canada to suffer from broken bones or cut skin, he does have a healing factor which will repair such damage, it allows him to heal from non instantly fatal injuries within seconds to minutes, depending on the extent of the damage.

Temporary Augmentation

Captain Canada can Temporarily Increase his already ridiculous strength, durability and invulnerability levels with his anger, or aggressive feelings, this augmentation allows him to add 65 tons onto his base levels of strength for a very temporary amount of time.


Little Versatility

Captain Canada is an immensely powerful flying brick, but that's exactly all he is, he can't fire heat beams from his eyes, summon storms, manipulate cosmic energy etc. As far as ranged abilities go, he doesn't even throw objects unless absolutely necessary, feeling that most of his opponents will be able to see and react to those types of attacks, and aside from that, he doesn't really want to drop an aircraft carrier on his opponents every time he gets in a scrap, stuff like that is expensive, and so is infrastructure, it would just be really inconsiderate.


Although Captain Canada is a skilled fighter from experience and some military training, he often just goes fists first and relies on using his Strength, Speed, Durability and Stamina to out brawl his opponents. This can create a bit of a problem for himself against opponents of similar physical abilities who are also more skilled in effective fighting arts.


Both Literal and Figuratively speaking. Captain Canada is a "cape" and believes entirely in honor and a strict code of morals and ethics, which can be manipulated by that special kind of coward. Secondly, Captain Canada wears a cape, with pretty much every outfit, he actually feels kind of awkward without one at this point. However this can sometimes be grabbed by opponents and used to toss him, (not recommended, he REALLY doesn't like that) or get caught on objects, which can be annoying, especially when it results in tearing.


(Taken from earned ingame Vanquished Badges)

Cosmic duels


Captain Canada first encountered Grond near Area 51 in the Southwest Desert while investigating the Area for VIPER activity. Although he had no real desire to throw down with the irradiated titan, and attempted to avoid it, he wasn't given much of a choice when Grond hurled a boulder his way, knocking him out of the sky. Captain Canada, now realizing the clash was inevitable, brushed himself off, then hurled himself fist first into Grond's face with enough force to knock the behemoth on his back, on top of a small hill behind him. Thinking the fight was over, as that punch had felled many lesser foes, Captain Canada approached the beast only to be picked up and thrown back into a nearby mountain side with enough force to shatter a small part of it. Beginning to feel....annoyed Captain Canada rose to his feet and headed once again for Grond, who himself had moved into the nearby airbase. Once he had reached Grond he unloaded a series of brutal haymakers into the monster before lifting him off his feet with a savage uppercut and sending him to land on top of and collapse a nearby hangar. To his surpise, Grond rose and the two engaged in a heated back and forth brawl, trading haymaker for haymaker and using nearby jet fighters and transports as clubs and throwing weapons against each other. The fight concluded when Captain Canada quickly slipped a hook from Grond and used their clashing momentum to deliver a haymaker almost perfectly between the giants eyes, knocking him very briefly unconscious. Grond waking mere seconds later and staggering to his feet, realized he could not defeat the puny looking human and bounded towards Uranium flats to recharge the significant amount of power he expended in the fight. Captain Canada did not pursue, but headed back to Project Greenskin, his mission a failure as VIPER had seemingly cleared out during the titanic brawl, if they had been there at all (they cover their tracks well and Captain Canada is no detective).

Captain Canada causing Grond to fall backwards with a punch to the face


After hearing about the Necromancer Necrull's increased activity, Captain Canada put all of his efforts into finding his lair, upon doing so, Captain Canada fought his way through Necrull's forces until he found the Necromancer himself. After a duel which left Captain Canada no signs of injury, he dragged Necrull back to Steelhead...where he escaped mere days after and went back to his schemes.


Captain Canada's one on one throw down with the demon-god Kigatilik was an event that shook the area of Canada's Northern Wilderness. A duel that would see the two of them locked in constant fighting for a month (or so it felt in-game), unfortunately, even though Captain Canada had managed to knock the demon-god and his dogs out, he had come unequipped to imprison them, and so Kigatilik still remains in Canada, with a bruised ego and a hatred of the Captain.



Omega Lord

Omega Lord is Captain Canada's younger brother Erik, though this is unknown to Captain Canada. Omega Lord has a mind that is speculated by some to be even superior Dr. Destroyer's, and dons a Black and Gold power Armor. He is low Superhuman in Physical stats due to a Self developed Super Soldier Serum and trained in fifteen Martial Arts, which he has broken down into his own style. He also owns a small hidden (cloaked) citadel island off Canada's Northern Coast. Omega Lord almost always acts through the use of his Servants and has only fought face to face on one occasion, thinking that mingling with Superheroic ignorance is beneath him.

Omega Lord, Captain Canada's most hated Enemy

Control Freak

Control Freak is a powerful Telepathic and Telekinetic, she is a direct rival of Omega Lord, and very powerful in her own right.


demon-god of Canada and a hater of Superheroes, him and Captain Canada have had many duels, resulting in several stalemates and one win in favour of Captain Canada.


A Necromancer in Canada, although not much of a threat to Captain Canada as he has been defeated twice in duels by the hero, he is still a very active threat to the Nation and Potentially the World and therefore is among Captain Canada's enemies.

Dr. Destroyer

Madman who blew up Detroit and killed dozens of Superheroes in the process, he's basically been on everyone's *hit list since getting back.

Capitaine Liberté

An alternate dimension version of Captain Canada, identical to him in every way except morality, he is currently pretending to be a Superhero, though Captain Canada knows better.

Black Canuck

A Servant of Omega Lord, he was given a Super Serum developed by Omega Lord to make him Captain Canada's physical match, though he lacks his other powers such as flight and energy shields. he is currently serving time after his final defeat at the hands of Captain Canada.

Snow Leopardess

Another Servant of Omega Lord, she was basically an experiment of his to see the effects of his own Self developed magi-science, although it did what it was intended, it also drove her insane, and she is considered Omega Lord's craziest Servant, she is currently loose on the world, though Captain Canada is trying to put that to an end.


Captain Canada has sworn to squash VIPER ever since they made a Base inside Canada, and he's made quite good on that promise, having defeated over 5000 VIPER units and foiled hundreds of their plans and has defeated every Major VIPER Super-villain such as Ripper, Mechaniste, Viper-X, Viperia and even the Supreme Serpent himself.


The Role of a Superhero

Captain Canada does not believe that his powers or anyone else's powers should be used to forward anyone's agenda, whether that agenda be corporate or government in origin. As a result of these views, he will often work independently with UNTIL, but would never consider joining it or their Super team "UNITY", nor will he work for any similar agencies or organizations, however he is always interested in teaming up with like-minded, noble heroes to tackle threats that are even too big for him to deal with.

The Right's of a Superhero

Captain Canada is a non-registered hero, and believes that is his right, and the right of any other hero who dons a mask and protects those who cannot protect themselves. He disagrees very strongly with the idea of Superhuman registration, regardless of how strongly it is enforced.