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Omega Lord
Player: @bf2alpha1
Omega Lord.jpg
"You Address me as Villain? You Shall Address me as Master soon enough!"
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS/Tank Hybrid
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Unspecified
Biographical Data
Real Name: Erik Greene
Known Aliases: Omega Lord
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Base of Operations: Artificially Created Island on North Coast of Canada
Relatives: Jason Greene (Older Brother), Susan Greene (Older Sister), Carole Greene (Younger Sister)
Age: 27
Height: 6'8
Weight: 250lb
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Tall, Muscular
Physical Features: Chiseled, Cleft in Chin, Dimples
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Chaotic Evil

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 12
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Super-Villain
Education: No Formal Education
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Expert Martial Artist, Low Superhuman Physical Stats, Hyper Intelligence.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Power Armor
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"Many wonder how the Omega came to exist, but this merely proves
how easily people are distracted from what truly matters;
for it is not how the Omega came to exist...but why"

-Erik Greene a.k.a. Omega Lord

Omega Lord was born July 10th, 1988 with the name Erik Greene, a name he gave up rather quickly. He never cared for his name, and he never cared for his Older Sister, in fact the two of them have been and still are bitter rivals since either of them can remember. Omega Lord was the name he chose when he split from his siblings at the age of twelve, and decided that he would rule the world. Although Only twelve years old, he devoted his Super-Genius to ruthless calculating to set his plans in motion.

Underground Lord

"The Hydra, a beast that regrows two heads for every one that is cut off
But What happens if you cut off the middle head, that all the other heads rely on, first?
I shall tell you, either it will die instantly, or the other heads will devour each other trying to replace it."
-Erik Greene a.k.a. Omega Lord

Two years after he had left his siblings, Erik Greene, now calling himself Omega Lord, knew he'd need money to kick start his plans, but how? Well his idea was to take control over the New York mafia..or rather mafias, all of them. But how? He cut off all the Heads, and watched the other Smaller heads eat each other alive to replace it, eat each other alive while warring with all the other mobs that is. Meanwhile Erik simply sat back and watched them eat themselves and each other into ruin, and than he offered them something none of them had, Leadership and Order. The Faction Leaders urged to resist, but their men, the street soldier flocked to this man, this boy, Calling Himself Omega Lord. And Under his unshared Leadership, a unified Mafia, took over New York, for seven months, he rapidly accumulated an abundance of wealth that rivaled the richest CEO's on Earth. However, things got so bad, Superheroes were forced to Intervene, News was out that the Champions were going to step in soon. But that didn't stop him, he merely convinced Mercenaries and Villains to work for him, for free, on the condition that he would provide for them, a contingency plan to defeat their heroic Nemeses. However after another three week street clash, Omega Lord decided New York had become to hot and left with the most Loyal of his members.

The Qularr Invasion

"Ah yes, just as I had promised,
this shield will drain the abilities of all heroes within
and keep those outside from interfering"
-Erik Greene a.k.a. Omega Lord

The Second Qularr Invasion was upon the Earth, The Qularr had not only brought their usual Bio-Tech, but an Energy dome which Encompassed multiple blocks in Millennium City and Dampened or Totally drained the Heroes inside. Furthermore the Qularr struck the City quickly and efficiently, but how? It is true that Shadow Destroyer set beacons within the Champions Headquarters to bring the Qularr to Earth. But what isn't known about the invasion is this; Omega Lord had contacted the Qularr before the Invasion, to give them strike plans and a prototype Energy Dome. Why? Well firstly he wanted to see if his shield would have it's desired effects, secondly, he wanted to see the devastation of his plan in the hands of the incompetent Qularr.

Rise of the Omega Lord

"It is time, my faithful servants!
Time for us to take a Spotlight on the World Stage!"
Erik Greene a.k.a. Omega Lord

At last it was time, Erik Greene had made countless preparations for this moment, gathering new Servants, and equipping Old ones with better gear, he had even made a Citadel Island off the North Coast of Canada to serve as his base of Operations. He had decided it would not be worth leaving his Island and possibly getting Captured by the Worlds superhero population, but there would be no way the worlds superhero population could reach him on his Island. So he sent out his Servants, to spread his name, his Servants were Immediately opposed by a duo of Inari, the celestial wolf, and the Red Button, an energy projecting Super with Nuclear Capabilities. The duo scored quick 'victories' against Omega Lords plans, but it seemed that for every plan they foiled, ten more succeeded. This created staggering odds for just the two of them. But they wouldn't be alone for long, an intergalactic Super team of Hive, Urban Guy and Captain Canada returned to Earth upon hearing of this growing threat. The duo greeted them and offered to supply them with all of the intel they had gathered on Omega Lord. But it was Omega Lord who had called them to Earth in order to fight him. He knew that the only way he would be able to kill off Inari and The Red Button, would be to give them confidence enough to attack him in person, and what is a better morale booster than reinforcements? His plan worked, and the team began acting as crusaders against his evil. He observed them 'foil' each of his plans, carefully studying their strategic and tactical capabilities, power levels and team Chemistry. He continued to give them a 'front line' so as to bore them, and see how well they adapted, but frankly, he remained unimpressed, he decided it was time to Challenge the team. Sending a mercenary who had outgrown his usefulness, to fight the team, after a brief battle, the team checked him, and found map co-ordinations to his island.

The Final Battle?

"You will leave here today with a new concept of true power!"
-Erik Greene a.k.a. Omega Lord

On an artificially created island between Canada and the North Pole, Captain Canada and his team would find Omega Lord's lair, not realizing that this was indeed what was intended. The Team fought through Omega Lords armies of Loyal Henchmen and Hired Mercenaries, until they Confronted Omega Lord himself. In a battle that would last only 10 minutes, Omega Lord would reduce a once powerful team. In the beginning moments of the Fight Omega Lord wasted no time on dialogue, he rose from his throne and fired a missile at the team, which was easily caught and safely exploded within Urban Guy's hands. The Red Button had decided to attack Omega Lord, due to an energy field within his Throne room however, the attack backfired and killed The Red Button instead.

I'nori was enraged by this and assaulted Omega Lord, backed by a combined Speed Blitz by Captain Canada and Urban Guy, while Hive attempted to Hack Omega Lords Robots and Cyborgs to turn them against him. However the Trio's assault on Omega Lord, though it did cause damage, also gave him a new weapon. As I'nori had assaulted him with her Celestial Energies, he had managed to absorb this and use it to power his Omega Energies, then he turned it against the team, Killing I'nari quickly, while wounding Urban Guy, and Knocking out Captain Canada. Omega Lord then turned his attention to Hive, a Qularr super soldier and tech genius. Hive held out for all of 10 seconds before an awaken Captain Canada and Urban Guy rushed back to his aid. Omega Lord however noticed the weakness in the wounded Urban Guy, and focused his attack on him, killing him within seconds. He however decided he did not wish to waste anymore time with Captain Canada and Hive, he summoned his reserve force of robots and Cyborgs, knowing that they were in no shape to continue battling, he watched the survivors flee with their tails between their legs.....and their dead comrades on their shoulders.

Powers, Abilities and Equipment

"Omega Lord is a higher life form, you would be wise
to surrender now"
-Erik Greene a.k.a. Omega Lord


Omega Lord's chief asset is his mind, which is one of the marvels of this world. Omega Lord has an IQ well above 180, speculations from Omega Experts place him at the 500-550 mark. But Omega Lord is not limited to using his intelligence for Inventing, but he is one of the worlds premiere strategists and tacticians, and is able to calculate 300 billion moves every second, often allowing him to see how a five year campaign will play out within minutes.

Super Soldier Serum

Omega Lord has developed a Super Soldier Serum, stressing on the Super. His Serum allows him to lift up to 10 tons naturally (relatively speaking), and hold up to 100 tons. It also increases his Endurance, as upon taking the Serum, he no longer Tires, and no longer requires sustenance. Other physical enhancements, include his run speed (which outside of his suit can reach up to 80 MPH), his reflexes and agility (which gives him a good 3 seconds of knowing what his opponent will do next, and the ability to move like an elite acrobat), his durability (he cannot feel physical pain), and lastly, it increased his skins density, making it difficult (not impossible) for standard weapons to cause damage.

Power Armor

Omega Lord's Power Armor is one of the most Lethal pieces of Tech Invented, able to easily defeat Captain Canada and his team through the use of it's many weapons. The most dangerous thing about the suit is that it harnesses extra dimensional Omega Energy, which is used in the hand pulse beams, the energy shield and his chest beam. Omega Energy scatters it's targets particles to different dimensions, invulnerable and shielded targets tend to be able to resist being scattered, though they do feel unimaginable pain and can still be killed. His shields tend to repel projectiles in the same fashion, scattering the particles of the object fired at him.

The Bionics and armor of the suit are also no laughing matter, allowing him to fight physically with meta-humans like Captain Canada for extended periods of time. (Physical Stat ratings are combined between his armor and serum)