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If this guy ever gets too much appreciation and affection from CORP I will throw rocks forever, because that's just not possible. Everyone loves the mullet of power that he has brought into being and deservedly so. Waffle Oreos for the master of musical mullets!-signed just another fan

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Who He Is

@Thundrax is Scott Bennie, longtime game writer and Hero System contributior. Born 1960 in Abbotsford BC, son of local teachers James and Alice Bennie, and younger brother of Vancouver radio announcer/producer Jim Bennie, Scott graduated from Abbotsford Senior High School, where he competed on the high school wrestling and Reach For the Top teams, and was class president. Scott became attracted to RPGs during his senior high school years, having been introduced to them at V-Con in Vancouver in 1977. On a whim, he began submitting articles to Dragon Magazine, making his first sale in 1981, and eventually becoming a respected freelancer for TSR Inc.

In 1981, Scott encounered a game called Champions, which a friend had brought back from Pacific Origins where it debuted. Scott fell in love with it immediately. He submitted the review of Champions in Dragon Magazine, and eventually freelanced for Hero Games, producing some of its mostr acclaimed titles. Eventually he published his long-runing Gestalt campaign as a sourcebook for Blackwyrm Games.

In 1986, Scott graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education from the University of British Columbia. His attempts to find a teaching career were stymied by a poor local economy. A job offer from TSR Inc fell through in 1989, however, at the recommendation of Aaron Allston, he was hired in the electronic game industry at Interplay Productions in 1990.

Scott enjoyed many successes at Interplay, which grew from 20 employees to over 400 during his tenure. Unfortunately, he developed both CMT and diabetes while wprking there, and a downturn in the industry coupled with some management changes and led to his departure from Interplay. Scott returned to Canada to resume his freelance writing career, writing Testament and Villainy Amok (both of which were nominated for the game industry's highest awards) while caring for his ailing mother.

Gradually, as the market for RPG supplements dried up, Scott found himself out of work. Increasing disability has forced him to retire, Scott still writes and games on occasion.

Professional Game Credits

Paper and Pencil Game Credits

Champions/Hero Games

Hero Games

"Villainy Unbound' (Villains Book, editor/contributor, 1987)

"Champions in 3D" (Adventure book, contributor, 1988)

"Classic Enemies" (Villains Book, Editor/contributor, 1989)

"Champions Universe" (sourcebook, contributor, 1991)

"Day of the Destroyer (adventure, writer, 1992)

"VIPER" (Sourcebook, co-author, 1993)

"VIPER: Coils of the Serpent, co-author, 2003)

"Villainy Amok" (adventure book, author, 2005)

"Champions of the North" (sourcebook, 2008)

Adventurer's Club

"Nova" (Champions Adventure, Adventurer's Club #4, 1984)

"Hands of the Strangler" (Justice Inc. adventurer, Adventurer's Club #10, 1987)

Blackwyrm Games

Gestalt: the Hero Within (sourcebook, 2007)

Digital Hero

Viper's Folding Nest (adventure, Digital Hero #1)

Stars of Blood (adventure, Digital Hero #5)

Demon O'War (character, Digital Hero #7)

And There Was Blood Everywhere (adventure, Digital Hero #24)

Leftover Hero (Villainy Amok outtakes, Digital Hero #30)

Dungeons and Dragons (TSR)

AD&D Dragonlance

DL 15 "The Mists of Krynn" (adventure, contributor, 1988)

Otherlands (co-author, 1990)

Wild Elves (author, 1991)

AD&D Forgotten Realms

I14 Swords of the Iron Legion (contributor, 1988)

FR10 Old Empires (author, 1990)

AD&D Greyhawk

WG7 Castle Greyhawk (contributor, 1987)

AD&D Monstrous Compendiums (TSR)

MC 1 Monstrous Compendium 1 (Merman-Myconid monstrous entries, 1989)

MC 2 Monstrous Compendium 2 (Orc - Remoraz, monstrous entries, 1989)

AD&D Ravenloft

Islands of Terror (co-author, 1992)

Dragon Magazine (TSR)

"Not a Very Nice Guy" (Bounty Hunter NPC, Dragon #52, 1981)

"Champions" (Game Review, Dragon #57, 1981)

"Setting Saintly Standards" (Saints article, Dragon #79, 1983)

"Never the Same Thing Twice" (Rakshasa article, Dragon #84, 1983)

"Avari" (Monster, Dragon #101, 1985)

"For Sail" (Mariner NPC, Dragon #107, 1986)

"Fun Without Fighting" (Dragon #117, 1987)

"Quagmire" (Monster, Dragon #127, 1987)

"Tibbit" (Monster, Dragon #135, 1988)

"Diurge" (Monster, Dragon #141, 1988)

"Good Does Not Mean Boring (Paladin article, Dragon #148, 1989)

"Characterization Made Easy" (Dragon #156, 1989)

Dungeon Magazine

"Threshold of Evil" (Dungeon #10, 1988)

D&D Miscellaneous

AC 10 Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (contributor, 1987)

AC 11 The Book of Wondrous Inventions (contributor, 1987)

D&D 3rd edition

Mythic Vistas (Green Ronin)

Testament (Green Ronin Publishing, author, 2003)

Testament: The Hittites (Green Ronin Publishing, author, 2005)

Eternal Rome (adventure, 2007)

Mythic Vistas Derived Products
ENWorld Publishing

The Tribulations of Kanah (ENWorld Player's Journal #2, 2002)

Targum Magazine

The Hekau-Adept (Testament NPC article, Targum #1, 2007)

The Reign of Akhenaten, Part 1 (article, Targum #2, 2007)

The Reign of Akhenaten, Part 2 (article, Targum #4, 2008)

Cyborgladiators (Firefly Publishing)

Cyborgladiator (contributor, 2004)

Faery's Tale (Firefly Publishing)

It Happened One Christmas (adventure, author, 2007)

Lord of the Rings (CODA, Decipher Publishing)

Fell Beasts and Wondrous Magic (contributor, 2003)

The Two Towers Sourcebook (co-author, 2003)

Marvel Superheroes

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1 (contributor, 1988)

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 2 (contributor, 1988)

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 3 (contributor, 1988)

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 4 (contributor, 1988)

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1 (contributor, 1988)

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Character Updates 1989 (contributor, 1989)

Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe Character Updates 1992 (contributor, 1992)

Mutants and Masterminds

Agents of Freedom (sourcebook, 2006)

Worlds of Freedom (Terminus article, 2008)

Freedom's Most Wanted (Villains book, contributor 2008)

Atlas of the World of Freedom: Canada, 2016

World of Warcraft

Magic and Mayhem (contributor, 2004)

More Magic and Mayhem (contributor, 2005)

Alliance Player's Guide (contributor, 2006)

Horde Player's Guide (contributor, 2006)

Dark Factions (contributor, 2008)

Electronic Gaming

Interplay Productions

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings, Vol 1. (producer, co-designer, 1990)

The Two Towers (producer, co-designer, 1992)

Star Trek

Star Trek: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (co-designer, 1992)

Star Trek: Judgment Rites (co-designer, 1993)

Starfleet Academy SNES (mission designer, 1994)

Starfleet Academy PC (mission designer, 1997)

Starfleet Command (mission designer, 1999)

Starfleet Command II (mission designer, 2000)

Other Titles

Castles (producer/designer, 1991)

Castles: The Northern Campaign (producer/co-designer, 1991)

The Lost Vikings (writing contributions, 1992)

Sim City CD (writing contributions, 1994)

Descent (writing contributions, 1995)

Stonekeep (contributor, 1996)

Fallout (design assist 1997)

Descent to Undermountain (level designer, 1997)

Invictus (co-designer, 2000)

Sony Entertainment

Champions of Norrath (2004)


Scott's characters on PDB include:

Thundrax, mighty mullet of the north, his oldest regular Champions PC.

Chaplain America. Westside street preacher.


...and more to come.

He also runs:

Circle of Justice

In-Game Creations

If you encounter the following things in-game, you're encountering Scott's work.



Justiciar. Originally named Paladin, a version of the character was an NPC in the SUNDER PnP Champions campaign that ran in the 1980s. The current version has as its inspiration the late Terry Fox, and the titular character of Earl Birney's poem "David".

The Constable. A minor character in COTN. He's meant as a tribute to "Due South" and a tweak of Canadian stereotypes.

The Steelhead Division. However, Force Station Steelhead is a Cryptic creation.

Necrull. This villain was devised by Scott, but was extensively developed by Steve Sloane, the creator of Mark Derringer, Steve's original character in SUNDER.

The Hunter-Patriots were an actual historical secret society (also known as Patriot Lodges) that invaded Upper Canada in the late 1830s. They were updated and adapted by Scott in Champions of the North.

Kigatilik and Tax'et are actual mythological entities brought into Champions by Scott.

Ravenspeaker, Celestar, Tilingkoot and Starforce are creations of Steve Long, but were developed by Scott in Champions of the North.

Scott also created Project Awakening.







You can also blame Scott for the existence of most agent types, including Brickbusters and Serpent Mages. One of the VIPER lore entries is directly taken from text that Scott wrote, and the Supreme Serpent was co-developed by Scott and Steve Long.


Teleios was created by Steve Long, but heavily influenced by Scott's character Malachite. from Villainy Unbound.