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Alter Ego
undocumented immigrant
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When the angel Gargamael fell from grace, it had to learn to survive among mortals. Having a great knowledge of magic, wizardry seemed to be the most sensible route. Unfortunately the former angel no longer had unlimited might, and while extensive, its knowledge of magical lore was not perfect. So it decided to create a servant, something strong enough to do whatever bidding might it might be called upon for, and durable enough to withstand being the focus of magical experiments. The resulting creature was of only (comparatively) marginal intelligence and generally lacking in grace however. The brute was named Bulk, out of disdain for it having little else of interest.

Bulk's life was an exercise in drudgery and pain, being tortured with experimental magics whenever he wasn't performing seemingly eternal chores of manual labor. Eventually a day came when its master sought to conquer another land. When they traveled to this land, Bulk was commanded to fight the champions who defended it. He did as commanded, having no other choice, but with little interest in success he was easily defeated. The wizard retreated, abandoning Bulk on the battlefield. Magnanimous in their victory, the Champions took pity on this creature when they realized it had not fought them of its own volition. One even presented Bulk with a pair of magical golden bracelets that would protect him from being under the dominion of another ever again. Now bulk helps these heroes to defend their land from other conquerors and villains.

Though comfortable with his tendency for a life of servitude, now that Bulk has his own freedom, he is exploring new skills and hobbies. It turns out that while no master magician, his years of exposure to such craft has given him significant talent for such arts, and he practices them whenever he can, expanding his awareness of the world, natural and otherwise.

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