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Isla Neuva del Sol Sits a few hundred miles from Vibora Bay, in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a landmass that will be originally created in the future, when the supervillain Temblor is forcibly taken back in time and has his powers overloaded by the mutant protopath Solstar seeking to make a new sovereign nation for mutant kind. While the island was created, apparently the geopolitical plans haven't worked out yet. In 1964, the island was claimed by billionaire industrialist Calvin Vance, who was inspired by the World's Fair to build a "space age" metropolis called Astro City. Unfortunately Vance was lost at sea before seeing his work finished. The property rights were tied up in court for decades, and just before the US government took steps to seize the island and use it to build a new and improved Stronghold prison, Rob Rinkhal came on the scene claiming (and sufficiently proving) to be Vance's biological heir. Rinkhal has taken over the island, profiting from the exploitation of oil drilling and rare earth metal excavation. The island, often referred to now as Atro City, is populated by mercenaries and refugees, predators and slaves. It's a place where someone who's hit rock bottom can go to make a new start, or more often learn that things can always get worse. It is a extradition free haven for supervillains and a tax shelter for the corrupt rich, but Rinkhal is very careful to curry favor with all the right world leaders and other people of great power, keeping his private dictatorship safe from international reprisal.

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