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AKA Hatman

Contact information

In-Game : @Saikyo-RyuHatman

E-mail :

Skype : smooth.operator.hatman


Hatman is a now late-20s French Canadian who happens to be playing Champions Online. He has attempted (and failed) to RP in many other MMOs and freeform chats/forums, with only two places holding his interest : An off-shoot of a popular (at the time) RPG news site that happened when said site closed the RP forums, and here.

Characters usually follow power themes present in game that are pushed to be as efficient as possible, integrating them into their backgrounds. Themes deemed mature (gender/sex/orientation issues, bleak and grim themes) are not adverse to this player but he does not revel in them either.

Silliness and more high-concept comic book themes are also welcomed and sometimes sought for in villains : A scientist wanting to create a magi-technological revolver and robbing banks in power armor alongside a cadre of cowboys and a homeless engineer creating a machine to manifest ghost ninjas long deceased are all nemesis created by this person.


The following are characters I RP.

  • Bullet Points - Transitioning Female Gunsligner/Gunsmith ~ Power Level : Varies from Street to Global Threats
  • Contrast - Female Light/Dark Magic Energy Projector ~ Power Level : Global Threats
  • Iron Thunder - Female College Aged Martial Artist ~ Power Level : Superpowered Threats
  • Street Shadow - Male Teen Ninja/Gang Member ~ Power Level : Street/Supernatural Threats
  • Power Idol - Female Dropout Mutant Mighty Heavy Weapons Bruiser ~ Power Level : Superpowered Threats
  • Elementalix - Male Alien Elemental Energy Projector ~ Power Level : Global Threats