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"That was an invigorating sparring session. Thank you for this opportunity."

Iron Thunder
Player: @Saikyo-RyuHatman
Biographical Data
Real Name: Yukiko Ibarra
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Relatives: All deceased. Adopted father/martial arts master : Alive
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 169 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Light brown
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Various scars over her body
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret, even to her
Years Active: Recently started
Citizenship: Japanese citizen, passport in legal standing
Occupation: Martial artist
Education: High school
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Martial arts mastery
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Various arts' traditional or adapted garb, in the case of Yagli Gures which typically does not involve women.
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Iron Thunder is a relatively mysterious girl who recently triggered our radars after a string of underground fight clubs were smashed in Millenium City's West Side. We then looked into her and found that she has been spotted in various locations worldwide, including but not limited to Japan, Canada, Turkey and Guatemala, almost always in a karate gi. It seems she is staying put this time around as she has yet to leave Millenium City and much less the United States. What follows is what we have been able to piece together from the few known parts of her biography.

She is skilled in several martial arts, potentially past master status and knows five languages : Japanese, Cantonese, Spanish, English and Turkish.


Born in Guatemala City, she would soon be the victim of a very unfortunate situation. Her parents were rich underworld types that had decided on a vacation in Japan, bringing their daughter with them. Unfortunately for them, the plane crashed over Monster Island and she was the only survivor. Fortunately, an old karate master had chosen the island as his training grounds, unbeknownst to both the local authorities and UNTIL and adopted her on the spot, naming her Yukiko. It wouldn't be three days before they found a torn up passport, where the girl immediately stopped crying after seeing the picture of her mother. The master in question thus realized that the girl's last name was Ibarra and granted her this. However, the girl, at this point, was without a country, the adoption being illegal.

The master had contacts within the Japanese government, contacts he had made in his previous life and they registered Yukiko Ibarra as his daughter. The fact that he did not share the same last name did not post a problem to the clerk entering it as Yukiko was now the officially recognized daughter of Ryotaro Shikamabukuro. With that, they returned to the mainland (with assumed undocumented training sessions on Monster Island) and he started teaching her everything he knew from the moment she could walk. Karate (Shorin-Ryu) and Jujutsu were all she knew for years, finally entering high school with a higher martial arts background than some professional fighters.

In high school, she was mostly maligned for her toned, muscular body and her ethnic heritage. Of course, those who tried to do her physical harm often ended up at the infirmary or outright in the hospital this one time, where everyone else feared her. Other than the few times she had to defend herself against an aggressive yet hopelessly outmatched bully, high school was otherwise uneventful, considering her training to be far more important than club activities. She also used internet facilities to research various styles in order to learn more about how the world fights unarmed. She passed, got her diploma and got a passport to travel the world from her master, citing that she should learn from others in the world and that her first step should be to meet with a friend of his in China, a Baji Quan master, known to her as Hakkyoku-Ken.

Since then, she's been studying various styles, spending six months under the respective masters' tutelage once they recognize her. She has come to Millenium City after a Canadian contact told her there was a lot of underground fighting in the city.

Fighting Styles

While her stance and style is based on Karate and Jujutsu, she has incorporated various aspects of other styles, especially Baji Quan's elbow strikes, knee strikes and shoulder strikes. Her small stint in Turkey was to learn of the combat sport known as Yagli Gures, where competitors oil each other up and try to grip the other's tights. She found the sport exciting and more importantly, very good at training her wrists and grappling. After realizing she could not compete officially as there are no women's division, she took off.

She is on the search for a drunken master allegedly living in Millennium City.

Recent Activity

So far, Iron Thunder has mostly kept to Millenium City's West Side, mostly smashing underground competitions, helping kidnapped townsfolk out of the circuits and shutting down less reputable organizations, marking her as an enemy of the Cobra Lords, the New Purple Gang and the Clan of the Red Banner, who are especially interested in her death since she allegedly pulled a "hundred years too early" on one of their top lieutenants.

On the international scale, she has collaborated with UNTIL and local government officers like Steelhead in Northern Canada or when she officially returned to Monster Island in order to have access to these locations, which she uses to train her mind and body.

Blending in with Millennium City's hero populace, she has taken to enjoying a glass of scotch at various watering holes in the city.


Here are our observations on Iron Thunder.


Iron Thunder has an almost perfect muscular structure from her years of training - even having packed on some muscle during this time. Even so, it seemed to not have diminished her more womanly features. Due to her real country of origin, she has a brown, tanned look as well as black hair. While few would describe her as beautiful, she carries an air of youthful exuberance and of a very active girl.


She has an innate calm that stems from facing dangers no child should ever have to face, much less willingly. Staring down one of the many creatures on Monster Island on one of their illegal training trips there gave her nerves of steel. She will never quit unless she is completely bound and unable to fight. Even so, this is only temporary. The only way to make her relent is to kill her once she gets started, which is why she considers most of her actual combat experience as "sparring."

When outside of combat, she is rather emotional. Often seeking new experiences in several new countries. There's a clear contrast between her more warm personality outside of combat and her extremely cold exterior while inside it. Almost as though she was a completely different person.


She doesn't have powers per se but does have a mastery of several martial arts, breathing techniques and can blend them together in a seamless whirlwind of destruction.

Social Network

Here we attempt to detail Iron Thunder's newfound social network.

Comments from other sources


  • A relatively well known Japanese artist has a few illustrations in his gallery that strangely resemble Iron Thunder, only with about 4 times the muscle and naked. Just to further hammer the point home, the character is named "Yukiko". Two of the pictures are in pin-up poses, one is in a most muscular and the others are unmentionable on this site.
  • Her personality is particularly strange and her knowledge of martial arts, as well as her ability to perform impossible feats, leads some to believe that she is not entirely human.


OOC section

Be warned that anything beyond this is either speculation about the character, potential RP hooks or anything having to do with potential plotlines involving her or several other characters. Please be mindful that these are, naturally, not to be used unless to plan something OOC.

In a nutshell

SO WEEABOO IT HURTS. Originally Ryu with tits but that's relegated to only an outfit. Actually a bio-engineered human with about several hundred clones in a facility underneath Guatemalan soil. Created for nefarious purposes, of course.

RP Hangouts

West Side : She has been spotted smashing various underground fighting tournaments in West Side, Millenium City. Perhaps someone spotted her and saw that the girl wore a karate gi in plain daylight. In addition, she has attracted attention from the gangs who, if they cannot recruit her, would rather see her dead as she has been a threat to their operations for a long time.

Club Caprice : Surprisingly, she can sometimes be seen in Club Caprice but not for relaxation or dancing. Rather, it seems that she got herself mixed up in her languages as she is looking for a drunken boxing master. She can sometimes be spotted shouting if someone is a drunken boxer or a boxer who happens to be drunk. In her gi.

Sherrera's : Due to the bar's lax ID practices, several 18-20s end up there. Iron Thunder is no different, after being introduced to the place by a few friends of hers.

Monster Island : Her original place of training and where she was saved from inevitable death by her master. She holds the place in high regard and will often go there to train without telling her master.

RP Hooks

  • She is likely to challenge any hero who is martially inclined for sparring. Or, y'know, even if you are not.
  • She is also quite likely to be involved in any brawl that happens in West Side, often times not wanting to start it. Especially if the Clan of the Red Banner is involved as she has pissed them off quite nastily.
  • Various authorities may be aware of her "true" parents' criminal backgrounds and may seek to investigate her in order to find out if she really knows something (she doesn't, but that may lead to other things!). Of note, her master may not be entirely on the up and up...
  • Are you looking for a translator? She knows several languages!

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