Titan Institute

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Titan Institute
A hero is not about his powers or his costume. What makes you a hero is what you have in your heart.
Leader(s): Jessica Sterling (Dean), Lestar Drakkro (Head Teacher)
Base of Operations: Titan Institute, Millennium City
Concept: The Titan Institute is an academy that trains teenage superheroes to be future heroes.
Founded: December 1, 2011
Website: Click Here
Members: Night Spider, Vannessa, Zack, Caroline, Victor Blackmoore, Rose Marble, Taffi, Atazoth (Alex), Therae Haediir, Alice, Roki, Chronos, Nightshift, Network, Stormbringer (Anya Croix), Taria, Atomix, Helena, Midnight, Runaway
School destroyed by Ebony Tarantula, Zephyon, and Slade Thron