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Player: @Keru
Inventor’s motto: Nothing is impossible, just mathematically improbable.
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS/Support
Power Level: 23
Research & Development: Science (Inventions)
Biographical Data
Real Name: Aya Samantha Miller
Known Aliases: Sammy
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Mercy Hospital, Millennium City
Base of Operations: Westside, Millennium City
Relatives: Sarah Miller (Mother), Kenneth Miller (Father)
Age: 29
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 127 lbs
Eyes: Red Serpentine
Hair: Red
Complexion: Dark Grey and Red Scales
Physical Build: Skinny
Physical Features: Confidential
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 3 months
Citizenship: American
Occupation: CEO, Dangerous Minds; Agent of The Cruciform Sword
Education: Bachelors in Structural and Electrical Engineering
Marital Status: Dating Ja-Rel
Known Powers and Abilities
Force Fields, Id Blades, Dark Magic, Shape Shifting
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Solitus Mark III Armored Suit
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          Aya Samantha Miller was born to Sarah and Kenneth Miller. Her mother worked as a geneticist and her father was a contractor for the military. As a child, Aya was always tinkering with items around the house. Once she dismantled the television before the Super Bowl. When she put it back together, she put everything upside down so the players looked as if they were running through the air. Aya also enjoyed reading comic books and loved reading about the misadventures of Millennium City’s many heroes in the newspaper. She spent many years daydreaming of one day becoming a heroine herself.

          After high school, Aya went to college to study electrical and structural engineering. It was there that she developed a reputation for being a genius as well as a rather promiscuous party girl. She was almost expelled for skinny dipping with several boys from the basketball team in the dean’s private pool. Despite her questionable activities, she still managed to graduate with two bachelor’s degrees and summa cum laude status after securing a research grant for the school with her very first invention, a hybrid electric/diesel engine with a 30% increase in fuel efficiency. She later sold this design to a major car manufacturer, thus starting her career as an inventor for major and minor businesses.

          Over the next few years, Aya went through a perpetual work/party cycle, making big bucks on her inventions and spending all her earnings going out to clubs. Everything changed when the Qularr attacked Millennium City. Aya was working on a few government contracts when several Qularr broke into the lab with several heroes in pursuit. The lab became a battlefield, with explosions and debris flying everywhere.

          Aya was exposed to several Qularr beam weapons which rapidly mutated her DNA. Aya awoke from the battle with her body drastically changed. Her hair had turned a bright red, she was covered in green scales, and her eyes had turned to a serpent-like yellow. Aya was devastated by her new appearance. She thought back on her normal appearance and found that through concentration, her scales would create an illusion of whatever form she chose. She also discovered that she could create force fields and move objects with her mind. Scared to have others see her new appearance but excited to have powers, she quickly fashioned a suit of armor. She used her grandfather’s katanas for weapons and salvaged enough parts to create gauntlets to enhance her force powers.

          Using the name Solani, Latin for nightshade, Aya joined the fight against the Qularr. She was finally able to live out her childhood fantasy of fighting alongside the many heroes of Millennium City. After the battle was over, Aya also used her heroine status to make money by appearing in several interviews following the Qularr Invasion. Aya was able to use this money to rebuild her lab and create a better armored suit, which she later marketed to UNTIL.


          From the records of Dr. Silverback: I have worked with Sarah Miller to determine the nature of her daughter’s mutation. Upon analysis of Aya’s DNA, it appears that she has a strangle mixture between an almost reptilian source and human DNA. The reptile-like DNA may have come from another race with which the Qularr had recent contact. This has given Aya her reptilian appearance, as well as a chameleon-like ability to change appearance. The change has also unlocked latent abilities of force projection and telekinesis. Aya is able to project force fields and blasts of force to push or pull object away and towards her. Her telekinetic abilities have allowed her to replace the katanas she used as weapons with telekinetic swords.
          These changes are not without side affects. Aya’s metabolism has slowed drastically, mimicking in ways that of a reptiles. Her natural body temperature is 20 degrees lower than that of a normal human being, leading her to shy away from extreme climates. Her digestion is slowed, depending on her level of activity, enabling Aya to go weeks without eating if necessary. Aya also ages slowly and I estimate her life span to be several hundred years, barring any illness. Aya’s DNA is in a constant state of change at this point, causing her abilities to change from time to time. She requires careful monitoring until her genetic state stabilizes.
          New Findings by Sarah Miller: My daughter has been dating a delightful young woman from another realm, but I’m afraid this relationship has exposed her to new dangers. Aya, without thinking, made a blood pact with this woman’s evil twin. The blood of this Rel-Ja has had a profound effect on Aya’s already unstable mutation. Aya has taken on some physical properties of this dark elf, her scaly exterior turning a darker shade and her ears elongating like those of an elf’s. She’s also become much more resilient to damage, her force fields stronger in intensity, and she has gained access to “dark magic.” I am concerned for my daughter’s well-being and will continue to monitor her condition as it progresses.

Armored Suits

  • Solitus Mark I: Aya’s first armor, used during the Qularr Invasion of Millennium City and for several television interviews afterward. This armor was very basic in design and was quickly replaced once Aya earned enough money to make upgrades. To hide her identity, Aya wore sunglasses.
    • Body suit: Spandex suit lined with bullet-proof plating to protect major arteries.
    • Shoulder Plates: Bullet-proof plating mounted to the outer shoulders of the body suit.
    • Utility belt: Metallic belt lined with several leather pouches for holding various items.
    • Kevlar Vest
    • Gauntlets: electronic gloves capable of absorbing the force blasts from Aya’s hands and amplifying them.
  • Solitus Mark II: Aya built the Mark II to replace the crudely made Mark I.
    • Armored Exoskeleton: Unlike the Mark I body suit, the exoskeleton is bullet-proof to most handheld calibers and knife-proof. The plating is joined together in sections, allowing for optimal protection and mobility.
    • Gauntlets 2.0: Aya was able to miniaturize her previous gauntlets while increasing the amplification factor.
    • Solitus Visor: The visor ties into Aya’s neural paths, allowing her to control it with her thoughts. The visor allows Aya to designate friend or foe targets, analyze environmental conditions, as well as tune into emergency communication channels.
  • Solitus Mark III: The next in line for Aya, the Mark III boasts improved durability and enhancement of her powers, but sacrifices some speed and agility in the process.
    • Armored Exoskeleton: The armor has improved, withstanding calibers up to 50mm and some explosive arms fire. This has added to the bulk of the armor significantly, requiring strength enhancing servos for Aya to be able to move inside the unit.
    • Chest-plate: The chest-plate contains the primary power unit for the Mark III suit. There are also ports, allowing the addition of further systems to tie into the chest-plate.
    • Gauntlets 3.0: Potentially seen as a step backwards, these new gauntlets are bigger than even the original. The power amplification has been ramped up due to the power supply of the chest-plate, requiring Aya to install a cooling system in to the gauntlets as well.
    • Solitus Visor: The visor has been upgraded with an x-ray setting in addition to the night-vision and infrared vision of it’s predecessor.
    • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece filters out harmful particles in the air as well as amplifies Aya’s voice, resulting in a slightly digitized sound.
    • Molecular Compressor: Given to Aya by her friend Shinrae, Aya tied this device into the suit, allowing the suit to compress down to a wrist band that she wears.

Recent History

          Aya has managed to start her own company, Dangerous Minds. She deals in several government and private contracts, using her team of engineers and researchers to design systems as the requests pile in. Her profits are nearly in the billion dollar category.

          After becoming comfortable with her new appearance, Aya went public with her identity as Solani, registering with PRIMUS as a super-powered mutant. She continues to safeguard Millennium City, using her inventions and powers to continue super-hero work.

          Aya has also joined up with the member of The Cruciform Sword, aiding in the safeguarding of artifacts of power and interest. She also provides team members with equipment needed to complete missions. On a more personal note, Aya is dating Ja-Rel, a female elf from another realm.

For more news, refer to the Mutation section.