Snow Leopard

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Snow Leopard
Player: @BlackWolfe042
BWC SnowLeopard.jpg
"It's hard to maintain a secret identity when you look this good." -- Snow Leopard
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 33
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Lori Talbot
Known Aliases: Colossal Cat
Gender: Female
Species: Therianthrope
Ethnicity: Unknown (formerly caucasian)
Place of Birth: Trinity City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None Known
Age: 34
Height: 6'2" (human form)/Varies from 7'6" up (Snow Leopard form)
Weight: 512 lbs (human)/Varies from 950 lbs. up (Snow Leopard)
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black (human)/None (for fur, see Complexion below)
Complexion: Gold (human)/White fur with grey spots (Snow Leopard)
Physical Build: Athletic (human)/Muscular (Snow Leopard)
Physical Features: In human form, Lori retains her golden feline eyes and a metallic-gold-seeming complexion, as well as an unusually (though not superhumanly) tall stature, as well as metallic-gold-furred cat ears and tail and bird-like wings. In her therianthropic form, she is an anthropomorphic snow leopard of varying (though always large) size and superhuman physique.
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 3 1/2
Citizenship: United States citizen
Occupation: College Student (post-graduate)
Education: College (M.S., Archaeology)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Accelerated Healing, Limited Invulnerability, Natural Weapons (claws, fangs), Enhanced Senses, Growth, Therianthropy, Flight
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Snow Leopard Title.png Lori Talbot, better known to the public as Snow Leopard, is a Millennium City superheroine and post-graduate college student. Her main reason for any fame she has accrued is that her appearance, even in her non-therianthropic "human" form is still alien enough to render a secret identity impossible to maintain. With this in mind, she has adopted a very outgoing public persona, determined that if she cannot maintain anonymity, she will at least enjoy her notoriety. This has led to mixed reactions from the public and press, as her fun-loving attitude has been called "frivolous" or "reckless" by some.

Physical Appearance

Snow Leopard has two forms available to her: her "human" form, which only barely superficially resembles her appearance before becoming a therianthrope, and the therianthropic snow leopard form from which she gets her superheroine moniker.


Snow Leopard in her "human" form
Even in human form, Snow Leopard is clearly not a normal human. Her eyes retain their golden color and feline pupil shape. Her skin is almost a metallic gold in color, too much to simply be the result of melanin levels. At 6'2", she is tall for a woman, but not outlandishly so. Her jet-black hair is frequently styled or dyed with streaks (currently, the bottom three inches of hair is a deep purple color). ("If people are going to stare," she said when asked about it in an interview, "I may as well give them something to look at.") She has a trim, athletic physique which, to her chagrin, no amount of exercise (or lack thereof) can alter. All of these features are easily overlooked, however, due to the cat ears and tail, and broad golden wings she has in this form. It's unknown what, exactly, she's made of in this form, but she's more than twice as heavy as she looks, tipping the scales at an impressive 512 lbs.


In "beast" form, Snow Leopard is intimidatingly tall, even for a superheroine. Though she is most commonly seen at a height of roughly nine feet, she frequently grows to even larger sizes. This growth has been linked to her emotional state: the more excitable she becomes, the larger she gets. (Consequently, the larger she is, the more reckless her behavior has been seen to be.) Her physique is superhuman in all regards in this form. Her body is not only large, but dense. At her smallest in this form, she weighs nearly half a ton, and it only goes up from there.


All of Snow Leopard's powers have been linked to her therianthropy, though most of them are available to her regardless of her form. Note that despite her stated origins and insistence otherwise, her default form is the therianthropic Snow Leopard form, not her "human" cat-girl form. If rendered unconscious or otherwise incapacitated, she reverts to this form.

In Human Form

  • Super Strength - In her human form, Snow Leopard can dead lift approximately 15 tons, and is capable of carrying loads in excess of 10 tons without severely impacting her mobility.
  • Invulnerability - Snow Leopard's skin is comparable in toughness to thick leather. Her muscles, due to her superhuman strength, enhance her natural toughness, making her highly resistant (but not truly invulnerable) to standard weaponry.
  • Enhanced Healing - Snow Leopard can recover from nearly-fatal wounds in a matter of minutes, though doing so requires her to consume roughly twice the mass to be regrown in protein-high foods.
  • Enhanced Senses - Even in human form, Snow Leopard's senses of smell and hearing have been proven to be as acute as a bloodhound. Her vision is human normal, except in low light, when her feline eyes allow her to see in near pitch black conditions.
  • Therianthropy - Snow Leopard has the ability to assume her "beast" form at will.
  • Flight - Her wings aren't just for show. Snow Leopard can fly at about 45 miles per hour -- not enough to go cross-country without a vehicle, but certainly enough to bypass in-city traffic.

In Snow Leopard Form

In her therianthropic form, Snow Leopard's abilities are greatly enhanced. To wit:

  • Super Strength - In therianthropic form, Snow Leopard has been seen to lift weights in excess of 75 tons while at her base height. As her size increases, her strength follows suit.
  • Invulnerability - Snow Leopard's skin and musculature is even denser in this form, and the addition of a layer of fur renders her highly resistant to damage in this form.
  • Enhanced Healing - The speed of Snow Leopard's healing is doubled in her therianthropic form, though she must eat in excess of twice her mass in high-protien foods per day to maintain this ability.
  • Enhanced Senses - Snow Leopard's senses of smell and hearing are even more acute in her bestial form. Her sense of vision is unchanged. Her sense of touch is extremely dull due to her thick skin and the leathery pads on her palms and the soles of her feet.
  • Speed - Snow Leopard is capable of running at speeds in excess of 60mph in her therianthropic form, though this speed is due more to the length of her stride and superhuman strength than any super-speed powers.
  • Agility - Snow Leopard has superhuman agility in her therianthropic form, capable of astounding feats of balance and acrobatics.
  • Growth - When excited (such as in combat), Snow Leopard grows larger. Her strength and stamina increase along with her size, and she becomes more aggressive the larger she gets. She has stated that the growth itself is not the cause of her aggressiveness. Rather, she says, her aggressiveness stems from a desire to push this ability as far as she can.


Snow Leopard has a very playful, outgoing personality. She has accepted her new life and taken to it with vigor. This has, as noted before, led to a portrayal of her in the news media as careless. It doesn't help public perception of her that she spends nearly as much time in dance clubs as on the street pounding on villains. Lori throws herself fully into whatever she is doing. In combat, she has a tendency to literally throw herself into a fight, leading to suspicions that she is addicted to the adrenaline rush of being a superheroine. This has led her to frequently bite off more than she can chew.

Contrary to expectations, however, she is not "just a big dumb, brute." One U.N.T.I.L. officer reported during a debriefing that "you haven't lived until you've watched a twelve-foot tall cat hacking into VIPER security on a console built for normal people." Though she prefers to throw herself into a fight over plotting out a strategy, she acknkowledges that some situations call for more strategic thinking. When it comes to fighting, however, the limit of her strategy seems to involve plotting out who to hit first, and her go-to solution for difficult enemies is "hit them harder".



The canopic jar as described by Lori Talbot. (Composite image)

While on an archaeological expedition to Venezuela with her professor, Lori discovered an out-of-place artifact. In a pre-Colombian village, along with other artifacts dating back to roughly 130 B.C.E., a canopic jar of apparent Egyptian design, featuring the reucumbent lioness associated with the Egyptian goddess Bast, had no place being in the western hemisphere.

When she attempted to bring the artifact to her professor's attention, Lori was frustrated by the fact that nobody seemed to be seeing the details that, to her, made the artifact completely alien to its surroundings. In fact, all anyone seemed to see was an ordinary piece of crockery, with no notable features whatsoever. She stayed up late one night to unearth the artifact, taking extreme care in doing so, and finally pulled the jar free just as the sun was cresting the horizon.

When the sun struck the artifact in her hand, the jar immediately disolved into a fine powder. Gasping in shock and horror at the loss, Lori inhaled the powdered artifact. When she tried to explain to her professor what had happened, he couldn't remember the artifact existing at all. Concerned for her physical and mental well-being, he had her sent back to Millennium City immediately to rest and recover, promising that she would be able to participate in his next dig, and that she would earn full course credit for her participation in this one.

Over the next week, Lori spent the bulk of her time in her apartment. Apart from being extremely hungry, and a little bit light-headed, she felt fine, but she had to admit that her memories of the trip did not match what anyone else said happened. At the end of that week, she found herself prowling restlessly around her apartment just before dawn. As the sun rose, her body began to feel hot, though, oddly, the sensation was rather pleasant. When it passed, so did her lightheadedness (though not her hunger).

Ravenous, she headed out to get some food on campus, oblivious to the stares she was getting. It was only when she was finally sated, six full meals later, that she headed into the restroom to wash up and saw the changes a week had wrought. The shock of her new appearance triggered her first use of her powers, and she stared in fascination as her already tall body lengthened and thickened with bestial muscle, growing massive and, to her amazement, furry.

"Colossal Cat"

For the first month after her transformation, Lori was unaware that she had the ability to assume a more human form. Deciding it was better to play with the hand that life (or, rather, Bast) dealt her, she adopted the superhero moniker Colossal Cat and began to spend more time as a vigilante in the University campus area than as a student. Further compounding her life, nobody seemed to notice any difference -- as far as anyone else was concerned, she had always been a seven foot tall anthropomorphic cat.

It was during this time that she first came to the attention of the press, when a reporter for the University's paper did a public interest story about superhumans attending the school, and chose Lori as one of the example cases. It was also during this time that Lori was first mistaken for a white tiger, leading to the misunderstanding that would eventually result in a public change of superhero identities.

Snow Leopard

After three weeks of being mistaken for a different species of cat, Lori decided she had had enough, and contacted various news organizations to request a retraction. In doing so, she identified herself as "a snow leopard", and the press latched onto the name, assuming it was her superhero codename. For the next week, Lori struggled to maintain her Colossal Cat identity to no avail, before finally giving up and accepting Snow Leopard as her new moniker.

It was at this point that Lori either gained or discovered the ability to assume her more human appearance. Again, no one was surprised except for her: as far as anyone, including public record, was concerned, Lori had always been a golden-skinned amazon with the ability to turn into a giant cat. She protests that this was not always the case, insisting that she had once been a normal human, but to no avail. Attempts by PRIMUS and other organizations to verify her story have utterly failed to bear her out, leading some to conclude that the heroine is deluded in this regard. (Some supernatural-aligned supers acknowledge that her story could be true, but insist that as there is no way to prove or disprove her version of events, she is better off just accepting her new role in life.)

Notable Heroic Achievements

Snow Leopard has mainly made a name for herself in local matters, for the most part confining herself to Millennium City and its environs. She considers herself a "street-level" heroine, and, while she has had run-ins with globe-spanning organizations such as VIPER, spends the bulk of her time facing off against street gangs in an effort to keep her home town safe.

The Qularr Invasion (2009)

Snow Leopard participated in the defense of Millennium City during the invasion, though she never did find out what had caused the aliens to invade in the first place. She spent the bulk of that time fighting Qularr in the streets around the University district.

Recent Activities

Parasitic Polymorph

Snow Leopard has recently had the opportunity to work alongside a number of other heroes, including All-Star, Blue Hour, Zee the Zombie, Scripture, and Racer Red in a number of encounters with a group of young men and women deliberately implanting parasites within themselves in order to obtain super powers. So far, she has encountered this group twice, and each time has raised more questions than it has answered. Note: These encounters are numbered based on Snow Leopard's participation. There have been other encounters with this group that she was not privy to.

Encounter One

Snow Leopard recently helped foil a chemical heist alongisde All-Star, Blue Hour, and other heroes. A disorganized gang of about 30, led by a paramilitary member and a metahuman with polymorphic abilities was attempting to secure chemicals to lengthen the lives of parasitic creatures that provided their hosts with metahuman powers. At the end of the encounter, the polymorph was apparently killed when Blue Hour accidentally splattered her head, then All-Star shot a parasite as it attempted to leave its host. The polymorph then self-immolated. (All-Star indicated this was the second time he had encountered this particular aspiring villain, and that the first encouner had gone the same way.) While the heist itself was foiled, answers are still being sought as to the organization perpetrating the heist. Of particular interest:

  • The gang was severely disorganized and apparently incapable of coming up with a plan like this on its own.
  • The paramilitary member indicated he had been hired specifically to work with them.

Encounter Two

In a similar vein, Snow Leopard, All-Star, Racer Red, Zee the Zombie, and, later during the melee, Scripture recently stumbled upon a bank heist gone seriously awry. Involved in the bank heist was a hooded young woman with polymorphic abilities, identical to the one who had immolated at the end of the prior encounter. Also involved in this heist was an unnamed young woman in purple armor, who appeared to be independently robbing the same bank, and a third villain with similar goals, going by the name of Spellwolf. After dispatching the thugs in the bank lobby, the heroes followed the villains back towards the vault, where Spellwolf and the polymorph ambushed them. In the confusion, the following occurred:

  • Spellwolf and the woman in purple armor escaped.
  • The woman in purple armor had stolen a safety deposit box, saying she needed it for revenge against those who wronged her, and that she would return it later.
  • Spellwolf challenged Snow Leopard to one-on-one combat at an as-yet undetermined later date.
  • Snow Leopard managed to remove the parasite from the polymorphic young woman. Though the former-polymorph survived the experience, she was severely traumatized by it. The parasite itself self-immolated again.

After the encounter, Snow Leopard hit the books to see if she could find any information about these parasites. What she found was sparse at best, but indicated a South American tribe that appeared to use the creatures as part of a religious rite. This seems to align with her belief that the gang using these creatures is working for some other organization: one with substantial resources and international reach.

Most Dangerous Game

Karsik the Hunter

Snow Leopard has attracted the attention of obsessive big game hunter Karsik the Hunter (aka The Hunt Master or Die Jägermeister). This madman has a penchant for hunting beastmen, then having his trophies mounted on high-grade robotic endoskeletons. He then uses the stuffed and mounted beastmen as practice targets, security, and to flush out his next prey.

Museum Mayhem

Due to Lori's public status as a somewhat prominent local heroine, and her lack of a secret identity, it was perhaps inevitable that Karsik would notice the amazonian therianthrope at some point. Once he did, he studied her enough to realize she, like he, is a thrill-seeker. Determining the best way to flush out his prey was to cause a disturbance in her home turf, he proceeded to make a daring daytime museum heist during a major event.

Though Lori would prevail over her newfound nemesis that day, he escaped with a healthy regard for just what kind of a person he had targeted, and an even greater desire to acquire her for his collection.

In the Meantime

Lori has encountered Karsik's henchmen -- the robotic taxidermied beastmen -- across the globe, tracking them to Canada and the American southwest, with no apparent rhyme or reason to their appearances.

The Hunter Hunted

When you have to climb on top of a full-sized locker to see eye-to-eye with your intended prey, you might want to reconsider your career path.

During one of her encounters with Karsik's beast-bot henchmen, Lori managed to salvage its long-term memory SSD and turn it over to the Millennium City Police Department. After a bit of creative data retrieval from the MCPD, they were able to track Karsik to a warehouse in Westside, Millennium City. The data indicated he was in the process of developing some kind of superweapon, but this turned out, unsurprisingly, to be bait designed to lure Lori into a one-on-one confrontation with the hunter on his own turf.

The fight was remarkably one-sided, with Karsik taken down and turned over to the MCPD in just over two minutes.

Supply and Demand

Despite Karsik being safely incarcerated, Lori felt there were still too many unanswered questions about the villain. The same tech expert at the MCPD who'd extracted Karsik's location from his henchbot's SSD gave her some information to use in tracking down the villain's robotics supplier. With the aid of Jessica Rhodes and one other heroine, she began a raid on the robot factory hidden beneath the streets of Millennium City.

Lori was shocked to learn that the man behind the robot factory was none other than legendary supervillain Doctor Destroyer, though in the course of their raid on the factory, she would learn that the villain was a robot duplicate acting under orders from the original. The factory was shut down, and Lori felt she could finally rest easy, her problems with robotic beastmen finally solved.

The Case of the Wrong Prison Break

It wasn't long before she was proven wrong, however, as the very next day, Lori was ambushed by still more of the taxidermied beastfolk. Thanks to her repeated contact with the MCPD officer who'd helped her so much before, she had a fair idea how to extract information from the bots' SSDs herself, and soon learned that the robots were attempting a prison break somewhere in the vicinity of Stronghold Prison.

Panicked, Snow Leopard jumped the next transport to the Southwest, where she found a faulty group of beastbots attempting to abduct prisoners from VIPER holding cells. After defeating the robots and rescuing the abducted vacationers, she returned to Millennium City, determined to check up on her would-be hunter.

On the Lam

Checking in with Defender, Lori learned that a second group of beastbots had begun an assault on the Millennium City Prison in an effort to rescue their master. Lori rushed to stop the prison break, arriving in time to recapture two supervillains who had been broken out in an effort to delay her, but ultimately failing to stop Karsik from escaping.

Snake in the Grass

Ambushed by yet another group of Karsik's robotic beastmen, Snow Leopard was disconcerted when, in addition to salvaging an SSD from one of the robots, she also discovered a canister of Draysha. On investigation, she tracked the canister to a VIPER facility in Canada, where Karsik's robotic henchmen were in the process of a raid.

Though she was able to shut down the facility, Lori had no way of knowing how much Draysha Karsik had gotten his hands on. She was, however, able to determine that a sequence of numbers that appeared in certain files on the SSDs she was salvaging were, in fact, the coordinates of Karsik's home base. She set out for the mad hunter's base on Monster Island immediately.

Mutant Mayhem

Knock, knock. Avon calling.

Snow Leopard was unsurprised to find that Karsik had made his base on Monster Island. Where else could he have a ready-made supply of beastfolk to turn into more of his robotic henchmen? Karsik had a lot to answer for, and Snow Leopard put the information she'd extracted from Karsik's henchbots' SSDs to good use, managing to extract not only the coordinates but the entry codes to Karsik's base.

Security footage of the laboratory

Taking a few minutes to clear out a path to the lab proper, Lori found a nightmare: the madman Karsik had found more madmen to serve under him, and these men had abducted a number of civilians upon which to experiment. They had managed to recreate a VIPER Draysha injector and were preparing to use the device on their abductees in preparation for the next phase of Karsik's sick plans.

The first experiment subject

Forced to subdue one of these experiment victims, Lori was out for blood by the time she tracked down Karsik in the server room. After a brutal, one-sided beat-down, the villain attempted to escape out the back, with Lori in hot pursuit. Karsik activated a massive security robot to buy himself some time, and by the time Lori had subdued the machine, Karsik had proceeded with the next phase of his plan.

Injecting a recently brainwashed beastman with Draysha, Karsik unleashed the monstrosity on Snow Leopard and made good his escape. Though the mutated peon is currently in UNTIL custody, the mad hunter is still at large.

An Alien Agenda

With Karsik still at large, his robotic beastmen have been seen abroad again since the incident on Monster Island. Most recently, they were seen attempting to salvage technology from a crashed Gadroon vessel in the American southwest. Snow Leopard was able to destroy the robots, but expressed concern that some equipment may have been salvaged prior to her arrival. She has yet to determine just what the mad hunter is up to at this point, and, after she tracked him to his Monster Island facility, Karsik has changed the encryption methods used on his robots' solid-state drives. Lori's contact at MCPD has requested she obtain as many sample drives from the robots as possible, in order to provide a larger sample from which to crack the encryption. The hunt, once again, is on.


Snow Leopard is a member of the Society of Heroes, a newly-formed supergroup. She currently acts as the group's trainer, which, given the diverse nature of the group, is a challenge to manage.

Society of Heroes

  • The American Spirit - "If a 70s cartoon hero was a major part of your life, you'd probably have a permanent grin on your face, too!"

One of the co-leaders of the Society, Spirit is a colorful character, and no doubt about it. She's a firm believer in presenting a positive role model to kids, and though she's serious about crimefighting, her demeanor is light-hearted. She and Lori hit it off pretty well. Lori has nothing but respect for this heroine, even if she does occasionally find her public persona to be a bit whimsical. She is currently dating fellow co-leader Macroman, and Lori has no problems with that whatsoever.

  • Macroman - "Mac's a great guy. Plus, it's even odds whether he's pissed Spirit off on any given day of the week, so, hey! Free entertainment!"

Co-leader of the Society. Macroman is a lot like Lori: he loves being a hero and it shows. They take differing attitudes towards crimefighting, but on the whole, they're on the same page. Mac has no qualms about using his size as an intimidation factor to take the fight out of an opponent. Lori much prefers a more physical approach. In the end, however, they're both fighting the good fight, and Lori appreciates that.

  • Empress Vanguard - "Samantha's almost as tall as me, but she doesn't have my stunning good looks. I'm glad she's around, though, as somebody has to be the sane one in the group, and it's not gonna be me."

Empress Vanguard was actually a member of the Society before Lori was, a fact which upset her for all of the half-second between when she found out there was a group and when she was invited to join. They haven't spent much time together, but that is more due to conflicting schedules than a lack of desire to do so.

  • Canix - "I think that Canix is a pretty cool guy. Eh fixes power armor and doesn't afraid of any VIPER."

Lori hasn't worked with the Society's tech expert, but the two of them have gotten along just fine socially in the past, and she is never one to turn down a bit of technical expertise.

  • GAMMA-MAN - "It's like looking in a mirror! A big, furless, tights-wearing... Come to think of it, it's not like looking in a mirror at all."

Lori, Spirit, and Macroman first encountered the duo of Gamma-Man and Nightspider while dealing with a robot uprising in Millennium City. The duo were as opposite as night and day, with Gamma-Man being very forward and outgoing (not to mention easily as large as Lori in her natural form) while Nightspider was, at best, phlegmatic. The five of them were joined by Empress Vanguard, and made short work of the giant robot. Spirit and Macro were quick to see potential in the pairing, and invited them to join the group. (This was the first time Lori heard about the group being formed, about which she's currently pretending to be deeply offended.)

  • Nightspider - "Hey, every team needs its aloof loner type. Raven, check. Hey, I think that makes me Beast Boy. ... I'm okay with that."

Nightspider and Gamma-Man were a package deal, and though Spider's cool, all-business attitude rubs Lori the wrong way, she's decided that the best cure for that is teasing. Constant, incessant teasing. The two will come to blows someday, after which, Lori expects a grudging respect from her fellow heroine. (She doesn't get people sometimes.)

  • Liberty's Shield - "A ton and a half of snarky bastich. Shield can hang, and I am very cool with that."

Shield and Lori met at Carl's gym, watching Mac and Spirit in a sparring session. He seems to have a similar attitude towards fighting, though they've yet to team up for any length of time.

Official Relations

  • Dr. Madeleine Wright - "I used to see Dr. Jacob Wong, then I went to his cousin Dr. Catherine Wong. In the end, two Wongs don't make a Wright. ... I'm so sorry."

Lori's court-appointed psychiatrist. The two have developed a good working relationship, and Dr. Wright has grown on Lori despite the latter's resentment of the court mandated nature of their appointments.

  • Det. Clarence Wood, MCPD - "Ed's good people, even if he does go by the name 'Ed Wood'. He taught me everything I know about decrypting files in a robot's SSD memory unit, which is a sentence I thought I would never have to say."

Lori has built up a working relationship with this member of MCPD's Special Crimes investigation unit, as he has been exceptionally helpful in decrypting the data stored in Karsik the Hunter's beastbot SSDs.


  • Jessica Rhodes - "Hey, we've all got secrets. Maybe I'm a little jealous that Jess can pass for human, but overall, I love her like a big sister I only just met who isn't related to me at all and I think I lost track of this metaphor somewhere along the line."

Dr. Rhodes is always good for a smile in Lori's book. This scientist was invaluable in dismantling the robotics facility that had been providing Karsik with his robot endoskeletons, and is also willing to listen when Lori just wants to vent. The ear-scratches don't hurt, either. As she and the Society's techie Canix are engaged, this means that if Spirit's not around for ear-scratching, Jessica is.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If your character has encountered Lori in the past, please note that her current physical description overrides past descriptions of her. In other words, if you have seen her "human" form, it's always had big wings.

Supernatural Origin

If her version of events is to be believed, Ms. Talbot was empowered by a major supernatural artifact predating the Ban. At this time, however, her actual status with regards to the goddess Bast is unknown. Whether she is an avatar of the deity or has merely been granted powers by the artifact, she insists that she is human in all regards but the purely physical.

Human Origin

Lori's insistence that she was born human has resulted in her being classified as borderline schizophrenic. A Millennium City judge has ordered her to speak to a court-appointed therapist (Dr. Madeleine Wright) weekly. Reports from Dr. Wright are forwarded to PRIMUS, UNTIL, and DOSPA.

Her ASPRA registration hinges on these therapy sessions: if she fails to attend one, or if her therapist otherwise determines she is unfit to serve as a registered heroine, it will be revoked.

Legal Status

At this point, Lori's legal status is a matter of status quo. That is to say, she was born of human parents (and has the birth certificate to prove it) and is registered to vote as an American citizen, but these things derive from her pre-empowerment timeline.

Other Heroes on Snow Leopard

This is that place where other heroes can offer their opinions on encounters with Lori in the field.

"Well, she's definitely a cat." - All-Star

"Two things I respect in a woman - personality, and strength. Lori's got both of those, and, mammaries, to match. She's a good friend." - Snowtalon

Millennium Gossip

The camera panned in, once more showing John Parker as he fixed his tie. "Evening folks and thanks for joining in on another episode of Millennium Gossip. This week we dive in to the minds of some of our 'so called heroes' and what they truly are like."


John cleared his throat before the camera moved to a new screen. "Cats, we all love them. They are second in line to man's best friend. The Egyptians worshiped them and today there are cat shows. What about these heroes that are cats? Well, lets bring up the hero known as Snow Leopard. Apparently this cat vixen has court required therapy. Makes you think about what this therapy is truly for. Not only that, but we caught her not once, but twice showing us how she really is."

Television turns on and shows a poorly made video of a person in a cat suit chasing what seems to be lights around a CommShack. The person ends up destroying half the place trying to get the light before the cashier grabs a broom and tries to shoo them out.

John shook his head, quickly pulling up a picture of Snow Leopard stuffing her face with hotdogs as a Mega Destroid sat behind her and a hotdog vendor stood in terror. "Not to mention how much of a beast this Snow Leopard truly is! Look at how she eats! No manners at all. I say get rid of the court therapy and put her in a zoo!"


"Once again, thank you for watching another episode of Millennium Gossip! Remember to send us your embarrassing photos of Heroes or any secrets you may wish us to air and take our Hero Poll on our website! As always, I'm John Parker and Heroes are not always Heroes.."

Character Tropes

  • Big Eater - Lori eats a great deal to fuel her healing factor and substantial mass shifts. Lord knows where it all goes when she doesn't need to heal.
  • Boobs of Steel or Most Common Superpower - Definitely a large, powerful fighter. Very definitely not flat-chested.
  • Cosmic Retcon - Lori's empowerment, and subsequent changes to her physiology, have resulted in changes to her entire timeline, many of which she has yet to learn about.
  • Conveniently an Orphan and Deceased Parents are the Best - Lori's parents died in the Qularr invasion of 2009. She's not out for revenge, and it isn't what drives her as a heroine, but it does mean she doesn't have to worry about her lack of a secret identity as much.
  • Genius Bruiser - While not superhumanly intelligent, Lori did get into MCU on a full-ride academic scholarship.
  • Good Feels Good - Part of the reason Lori does what she does.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal - Lori has a preternatural healing factor, and takes it for granted.
  • I Just Want to be Special - The other part. Lori can lift obscene weight, leap medium-sized buildings in a bound or two, and is just generally stoked to have superpowers.
  • Jumped at the Call - She really does love being a heroine. The Call never knew what hit it.
  • My Instincts are Showing! - Small, fast-moving things get chased. Laser pointers, birds, cars... She can't really help it. It's much worse in her natural snow leopard form.
  • Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory - Lori is apparently the only one unaffected by changes to her personal timeline resulting from her empowerment.
  • There Was a Door - Lori is developing a penchant for "Kool-Aid Man" dramatic entrances.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting - Lori's main power.

RP Hooks

  • Lori is something of a local celebrity. When the Millennium City news needs a street-level metahuman for a fluff piece, they know she's around. She's definitely not national news, however.
  • Lacking a secret identity, Lori is one of the (who knows how many?) more prominent metahumans enrolled at MCU. Students and faculty may recognize her.
  • When she's not out superheroing (most of the time), she's out partying. If you're a clubber, you might have seen her around.

Fun Facts

  • Lori started off as a test run for a tabletop RP character known as Colossal Cat.
  • Lori Talbot is the feminization of the name "Larry Talbot", the main character of Universal Pictures The Wolf Man.
  • Detective Woods is named for the player's father-in-law, who does, in fact, go by his middle name, Ed. I don't think he knows who Ed Wood is...