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Player: LordWisp
"Don't do something hasty, so put that weapon down."
Biographical Data
Real Name: William (Bill)
Known Aliases: Sleáfear
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Irish American
Place of Birth: Old Detroit
Base of Operations: Heroing, and working in a Gangster rehabilition program to turn them into at least vigilantes with good intentions and heart.
Relatives: Mother, two siblings, and a missing Father
Age: 26
Height: 6'3
Weight: 250
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Ginger
Complexion: plain
Physical Build: Body Builder
Physical Features: Human
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Less than One
Citizenship: United States Citizen
Occupation: Full Time hero, Gang Member
Education: Dual Degree.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Spell blade and Cletic magics
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Uniform, Rifle, Pistol, Sword, Spear, Sling
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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"I know I've done a lot of shit that will see me in hell when I die. I can't justify it, I can't forgive it, but all I can say is the "City of the Future" looks like a good place, a place that is kind, but it isn't. They sold the slums, roughly half of the city to Dearborn, the Big city has a wall and border check points. And for those of us stuck in the slums, and not the Monaco of the West it's painful, the pain of hunger, the threat of eviction is high. I made plenty of mistakes I hate myself for, but it kept food on the table for my two kid siblings; and it paid for Mom's medical bills." -Bill


Not much to say about Bill's past, his family was in the poorest part of Detroit, he was born before the attack on the city. His family lived in the slums. Then Destroyer came and destroyed a section of the city. As they were rebuilding the city and the like, his family along with many other in the slums found themselves in part of the city sold to the suburbs to make MC look like a "Better beacon" of society. His mother did what she could to feed the family, his father was around but vanished shortly after his youngest sibling was born, they aren't sure what happened to him, if he was killed by Sorreli and his thugs, or one of the gangs.

One day while his mother was working at an ARGENT facility there was a chemical leak This gave her a chronic sickness, that required near constant medication and hospital visits, and the family's perilous money situation took a turn for the worse. Unfortunately even if his mother hadn't thought of it when she took the job, she had signed a health waver, which kept her for filing for any sort of money for her sudden illness at ARGENT's hands.

Bill having hit the end of his High school years at this point needed money for his family, and for his mother's medical needs. There just weren't simply jobs in the poorer suburbs available to him to pay for such costs, as family bills, food for the family and his mother's needs. The only real alternative was turning to Gang and Organized crime affairs, specifically with a gang that would pay well and not ask many questions. As it seemed the Maniacs were the ones he fell in with, even if he never felt any kinship to his "Crew". For roughly some nine years he worked for them, and all the while he hated himself, he knew just well what he was doing, and just what people he was hurting. Though for as much as he knew, he also had a family to take care of. Run ins with the police, heroes, multiple broken bones, and limbs shattered in runs in with Nighthawk, (Having even left some deformed bruises on his bones). All of this changed one day, a day some half a year ago, when the members of the crew he was doing a job with happened across as they called him a "Rich Prat" In the wrong part of town. Well it just so turned out said "Rich Prat in the wrong side of town" Was a Certain Fae...


At first Bill was terrified and hating himself, knowing full well just what he had done, and how many people he had hurt. But the fact Bill could feel such remorse, and such and overwhelming sense of dread about what he had done set him apart, him and the ones like him, from the rest of Eogh's "Recruits". The ones that had the sense to know just what they had been, more than just "Accepting Rehab". These ones Eogh takes a special interest in, and goes about teaching them skills of their "Job" and Warrior mage type spells. (For those of you with the lore books, the Tula Morn, and Grimoire books) These men he seeks to turn from just Reformed men with a second shot at life, into full blown Heroes. And as such he goes to give them the skills they'd need to be heroes. Bill is one of such of his recruits, and very receptive to the training and conditioning. And Bill for his Credit, is all to ready to make amends for the crimes he committed while part of the Maniacs, and works to be as much of a hero as he can.


Bill really is a simple man, when it's all said and done, a simple man that was thrust into a bad situation. And while he is all too happy to be a hero, it was never what he saw of his life. He would have been content to work a nine to five, assuming he could just get a normal job, and be a normal joe in life. But sadly that was not to be his life. A man of simple means, simple desires, really just a kind hearted man. In school when he went for college he went for a dual Degree in Anthropology and Religious Studies. And now that he works as a hero, his day is reading and training in his off time, patrols, and after a hard day if it's a rough patrol watching the Dancing Girls at Incubus, or other "Clubs" Like that.


Bill fights with the training, and skills he gained from the "Sleáfear" Training, (Tula morn book) and various war mage, spell blade spells he's picked up from Eoghainín's training. He uses conventional but advanced weapons, when his "Stamina for magic" For his "Magical feats" has drained.


- Loves to Read
- Fan of Music
- Likes to Game
- Is a fan of Eighties Synth music
- A modest electrician and mechanic
- Really Hates Nighthawk, while he knows what he did in the maniacs, he views Nighthawk not as a "Hero protecting people" But a "Very disturbed violent psychopath, that just was waiting for an excuse to hurt people".
- Would love to "Return the favor" To Nighthawk for what Nighthawk did to him.


Yes! - pariba




Hugo Black
Bill's damned-soul servant "Hugo Black" the Victorian pickpocket-turned hellish groom. When Bill won a Chariot race in Hell, he was given as a favour to Bill by BaalBerith, the Hellduke on the occasion of his wedding. Hugo returned to earth as a incorporeal spirit- but was given a body on a whim by the Vodun loa, Kriminel. Examinations of Hugo conclude he is indeed a living man of roughly 16 years of age. He is classified as a non violent "Revenant". Hugo claims he'd like to be reunited with his family, [mother and younger sister] whom he hopes are in Heaven. His method of dying was slipping and falling under a London trolly car. He has a cockney accent. Hugo is roughly 16, slender, has orange hair in an outdated style and wears unremarkable second-hand clothing.


A slight woman of Asian ancestry with ink-black hair past her waist and bright amber eyes. Bill suspects she may be a Kitsune. They met the night Bill was possessed by the Vodun Loa, Kriminel as a favour to him for helping Hugo. They get along quite well and Amara is currently staying at Bill's posh hotel room. Her family runs a small noodle-house in Tokyo, and come from a very traditional background. She likes to dance and works part time at Club Incubus. She makes excellent tea.