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Player: @silkleaf#5974
Keeping an eye on her home turf
Biographical Data
Real Name: Genevieve Gage
Known Aliases: Wrath of Westside
Gender: Female
Species: Human Mutant
Ethnicity: Asian/White
Place of Birth: Rhode Island, US
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Downtown
Relatives: Michael Gage (father, MCPD retired), Toni Gage (née Lee, mother), Liu Han (master, 师傅, deceased)
Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 67.1 kg
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black, purple highlights
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2 yrs., currently active
Citizenship: American
Occupation: PR Analyst, Harmon Industries; Vigilante
Education: BBA, Fudan University (复旦大学)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Flight, telekinesis, telepathy, able to form psychic weapons, shields, and other constructs at will; peak-human athlete and martial artist, expert katana sword combatant, vast resources and contacts in the criminal underworld
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Impact-resistant bodysuit designed by Harmon Industries with encrypted hands-free comm, and pressurized re-breather; dual katana swords
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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A Girl Interrupted

Silkleaf was born Genevieve Gage, 24 years ago, on March 24th, in Rhode Island. Her parents were Detective Michael Gage, a police officer and Toni Gage, a registered nurse. While most of Silkleaf's early childhood was uneventful and happy, her family ran afoul of hard times when Det. Gage was indicted on corruption charges (falsified by an unknown party), shortly after Genevieve's 11th birthday. Detective Gage was effectively removed from his duty via a forced transfer to the MCPD, West Side. The relocation to Millennium City's most crime infested neighborhood took a toll on the Gage family. Detective Gage had his good name tarnished and most of the cops in his new precinct mistrusted him. Genevieve had very few friends at Grace Memorial High School. She also endured bullying by teen initiates from the Cult of the Red Banner due to her mixed heritage. It was during this stressful time that Genevieve's telekinesis/telepathy manifested, causing her to be more withdrawn, sullen, and even suicidal.

A particularly hostile run-in with yet more delinquents from the Cult of the Red Banner, led Genevieve to be defended by the owner of a neighborhood gift shop, named Liu Han. The two developed a strong friendship and Genevieve discovered that Liu Han was secretly a retired street vigilante. Moreso, he was a grandmaster of possibly all studied forms of hand-to-hand combat (in addition to inventing his own style), and while he successfully battled much villainy throughout his lifetime, there was one battle that he could not overcome: age. Liu Han was well into his 70s when he met Genevieve, and asked her to be his successor, to which Genevieve eagerly accepted. In her remaining high school years, Genevieve studied intensely under Liu Han's tutelage and was a prodigy, using her psionic powers to push her burgeoning martial arts skills to peak-human limits. Michael and Toni Gage also met and befriended Liu Han, approving of his mentorship to their troubled daughter. On her graduation day, Genevieve received two surprise gifts: from her parents, an acceptance letter and scholarship for her to study abroad at Fudan University (复旦大学), and from Liu Han, a writ of entrance into the ancient order that taught him the deadliest forms, nearly forgotten by the world.

Upon her return to Millennium City, Genevieve became the superheroine called Silkleaf, and picked up where her master had left off.

Appearance & Personality

Mission first, no worldly attachments.

Aggressive Negotiations

Silkleaf is relatively new to crime-fighting, but has a natural knack for it.

Her civilian guise is that of a Harmon Industries Public Relations Analyst. She is tall and athletic with exotic features, but otherwise "just another cute girl" on the PR dept.'s floor. No one suspects that in her spare time, Genevieve is actually a brutal enforcer of street justice. Silkleaf is particularly harsh to members of the Cult of the Red Banner, often leaving them permanently crippled in very one-sided confrontations. Her signature beatings of gang members unfortunate enough to cross her path earned her the title 'Wrath of Westside'.

Despite her attractive appearance, Silkleaf is a social loner, devoted to nothing else but her mission and her training. Romantic entanglements don't interest her, but she will use sex to get something she wants. She spends most of her downtime alone in a sparsely decorated loft, deep in meditation and exercise, keeping her mind and body lethal. Her greatest desire is to discover who framed her father and kill them without mercy.

Allies & Enemies

Squid Pro Quo: A Nemesis Is Born

When a Harmon Industries project out in the Southwestern Desert came under attack by mysterious tech thieves calling themselves the Hendricks' Gang, Silkleaf went to investigate. There, she would encounter the gang's leader: a hulking, tentacled monster named Squidbilly. Once a common criminal named William Hendricks, Squidbilly was borne from from prolonged exposure to radiation in the desert. His powers included super-strength, durability, and the ability to drain the life-force of others by catching them with his squid-like tentacles. With the aid of Project Greenskin soldiers, Silkleaf was able to rescue Harmon's personnel. She defeated Squidbilly by keeping him at a distance and blasting him with her psi-bolts. Squidbilly was secured by the authorities, and Silkleaf headed home, certain that the danger was over.

Squidbilly ambushes Silkleaf on a rooftop.

A few nights later, while on patrol in the city, Silkleaf sensed something was not right... suddenly and without warning, she found herself wrapped in Squidbilly's deadly grip, losing consciousness fast as the villain drew her closer and closer to his hungry maw. Somehow, he had escaped custody and tracked her down! Summoning the last reserves of her strength, Silkleaf mustered a powerful psi-blast and tore into Squidbilly's mind. Her assailant howled in agony, dropping her. Silkleaf regained her footing and kicked her stunned opponent off the roof that they were both on. Squidbilly landed hard on the pavement below, drawing the unwanted attention of Kodiak, who happened to pass by. Outnumbered, Squidbilly retreated into the shadows, promising Silkleaf he would be back for her another time.

"Abra kadabra alakazam, getting this drunk wasn't part of the plan..." --a hungover Tabitha Tellman to Genevieve Gage

Genevieve and Tabitha, turning heads at The Minefield.

One of Silkleaf's closest friends is the apprentice sorceress, Tabitha Tellman. They joined forces during a freak Qliphotic invasion in Millennium City. Tabitha was leading some of her fellow Ravenswood Academy students to drive back the demons into their realm. They happened upon Silkleaf thinning out a few scouting parties and gladly accepted her assistance. Tabitha's mastery of the arcane arts combined with Silkleaf's mental and martial prowess were a terrific match and the two heroines impressed each other. They kept in contact when the battle was won, with Silkleaf even trusting her secret identity to Tabitha.

In temperament, the two could not be more different. Genevieve is stoic and disciplined, while Tabitha is brash and outgoing. However, Tabitha is the only person who has the persistence to convince Genevieve to trade an evening of "boring kung-fu stuff" and go club hopping with her. Recently, Silkleaf has invited to Tabitha to stay at her downtown loft due to an experimental summoning ritual gone wrong at Tabitha's study hall. The ensuing explosion left Tabitha's dormitory floor partially destroyed and permanently reeking of brimstone. To Genevieve's chagrin, her offer of shelter to Tabitha brought an unforseen variable which may put their friendship to the ultimate test: Tabitha brought her beloved cat familiar, who appears to have glowing red eyes... and suspiciously smells like brimstone...