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the Cajun Witch
Rhubarb profile.jpg
Player: @FrozenViolet
Super Group
The Dogz
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Vibora Bay
Vibora Bay
Crawdad catcher
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Early twenties
Body Type
Milky blue (Blind)
Dark tanned
· Distinguishing Features ·
Blue spirit tattoos
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Folk magic, Primal sorcery
· Equipment ·
Her white cane
· Other Abilities ·
Herbalism, Crawdad catching, handicrafts


Bein' a Youngin'

Well howdy there! I betcha wanna know a little bit 'bout lil ole me? Well gracious I can 'elp you out no problem. Ya see my ma and pa were born and raised in the bayou ya know? I bein' the youngest of six healthy youngin's. Ma took care of us, and speciall'y me since I was born blind. I ain't gotten to see nuttin' in this fine world, but ma, she told me that the spirits they be claimin' me as their own. She done signed a pact when I was a young kid, offerin' me to the spirits as their vessel. Now I ain't mindin' no spirits, as they talk to me just fine.

So I'm a young lil' kid an it be all swampy out there in the bayou ya know? I gots muh cane and my brothers and sis's they be helpin' me out much as they can. Pa got his shrimp boat and he always out makin' money on that. We learned to love shrimp and ah found out ah really love them crawdads! Ah always be walkin' barefoot so ah go down the streams catchin' them critters. They be so tasty I swear my mah taught me the best way to make that gumbo. Ya know there like a dozen ways to make a good gumbo, but all of 'em got crawdads in it! At least the good 'uns do!

So walkin' with a cane ain't easy as it be thinkin'. Ya know but life as a girl on the bayou is pretty good as a kid. My ma spent a lot of time with me teachin' me how to be castin' spells an such and little tricks to make life easier. She and my sisters 'elped me be findin' the right herbs and then castin' them spells and hexes on the bad ones that try to do ya wrong. Out here in the Bayou, they don't do ya wrong, but ya never knows with them city folk.

So they also be callin' me Rhubarb ya know, and that ok because it be tastin' tart and good. It be my favorite herb an' I always got a little patch o' that growin' and I keeps nommin' that stalk where'r I go because it be darn good.

Dem Dogz

Rhubarb at the fish market

So sometimes I be likin' to check out the sounds of the city an gettin' out of the Bayou and into 'Bora Bay be a treat. So when I be out yonder some them Dogz come on up to me and be all like, "Hey pretty girl! Ya gots the spirits about ya! Why not come here?" So I be all goin' over there and talkin' with the Dogz.

They be sayin' "Hey Ruby, what you up to?" And 'course I be all, "I like ya guys." Then their shamans be all sayin' the spirits are watchin' over me and that they promise to watch over me too. Pretty sweet of 'em if you ask me. So I be hangin' with the Dogz for couple years while I ain't out helpin' Pa or crawdad huntin'. I even took some of the Dogz crawdad huntin' with me and they seemed to enjoy it.

The Dogz they always be havin' trouble with them vampires. So I be helpin' create spirit wards for them at their places and hangouts and we be puttin' the hex on any of them bloodsuckers! So they be all takin' me to their club and sugar, let me tell you how crazy that place be! It so loud and my poor ears barely tolerate it, but they all givin' me the gin and juice and it all good. Pa don't mind me drinkin' long as I stayin' outta trouble.

Da Folk Magic

So I be gettin' good at the folk magic and like there be a guy named Papa Perrault I finally meet. Oh bless that feller, he say, "Oh Ruby hey you gottin' the spirits round ya and why can't you be seein?" So I tellz him that it all good and that not seein' is also respectin' the spirits cuz they be workin' in me and I wanna make them happy.

Papa and I been trainin' lot and I be bringin' 'im the best gumbo and crawdad 'touffee he ever seen. So we be tradin' what we know and he be more on the voodoo side 'a things and I be more on the hoodoo end of it. But it all good. He likin' my style and Papa Perrault is a great teacher. So my skillz they be gettin' real good. I even able to be floatin' of the ground and bumpin' into stuff if I be wantin'. So he also helpin' me make poultices wit' the herbs and all that good stuff. So we be castin' all them spells and I be learnin' and we be eatin' lotta crawdads. Oh ya gotsa pinch da tail and suck da head ya know? That get all the goodness outta dem crawdads.

Da Academy

So Papa be sayin' I gettin' good at da magics and maybe more other help me be trainin' so I also be gettin' in touch with a school for magic, ya know? I be apprenticin' now part time for Lady Margette who really be good at the herbs and potions. I be learnin' a lot with the potions now and she be helpin' me.

So that where I be now. I get to the Academy by the spirits and gets ta stay in 'Bora Bay and then pop back out back to home and be helpin da Dogz or da kin and bringin' dem crawdads back to ma and pa and the family. Life be pretty damn good.

Powers and Skills

So there not be much about me other than bein a witch! I tell ya it be nice to be loved by the spirits. Here be the things that ole Ruby can do:


Rhubarb helping at her father's fishing boat.
  • Hexin': So ya bein' nawty, you be gettin' da hexin'. I be havin' the spirits say, "Hey you gonna be havin' a bad day!" So they be harrasin' ya and makin' ya unlucky as all get out.
  • Sigilin': Oh so I also be knowin' da way to get the sigils goin' boom on ya. So they form a big five pointy thing and the crystals be chargin' with the energy of the elements, ya know? They really good!
  • Circlin': Ya need some extra help from them there spirits? Dem circles be real helpful. I be droppin' one when I wan' some help to make the booms bigger or to stay outta trouble. The spirits be all, "That a good idea, Rhubarb!"
  • Skarnin': So ah new a few spells and the Skarn bane it be a good one. The spirits say yeah it be helpin' make the bad guys softer, so ya can peel their shells better! Just like a good shrimp. Then ya cook 'em!
  • Healin': So the spirits demselves be teachin' me this 'un. It be great for helpin' friends or fixin' up the bruises when ah fall down or run into stuff. The healin' goodness just wraps aroun' ya and gets to fixin' things up.


  • Herbin': I love mah herbs. I always be raisin' rhubarb an' other goodies in mah garden. But sometimes ya gotsa go out to da bayou and get the good stuff. So I let my sniffer and my feet do the magic. Ah can' see them, but ah can smell what ah need.
  • Brewin': Potions dat is! Not the moonshine or any o' that. Ya gots the herbs, I got the potion. Lady Margrete she also been helpin' with the potions. Papa Perrault know some good stuff too. But his potions more for the voodoo'in!


Ya be knowin' lil ole me? Drop a line, sugar!

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