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Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
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Red Dragon
Player: @Mangle_Paw
Mp Red Dragon Head 1.png
There is only vengance!
Class Focus: Nemesis
Power Level: 25ish
Personal Data
Real Name: Lee Wuan Kai
Known Aliases: unknown
Species: Human Mutant
Ethnicity: North Korean
Age: mid 30's
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Glowing Red
Hair Color: Uncertain
Biographical Data
Nationality: North Korean
Occupation: Assassin, presumed
Place of Birth: North Korea
Base of Operations: Seoul
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Super Speed and Intelligence
Known Abilities
marksmanship, espianoge
How can she have so many guns?

Mp Red Dragon Title.png

Appearance & Personality

Stunning beautiful, yet very intimidating. Red Dragon cuts quite the striking pose. A figure of graceful lines and skin like a china doll. But anyone that approaches her with the slightest normal empathy knows there’s something spiteful inside her that she constantly nurtures. Most when sensing this casually disengage and quickly get out of here presence. Only the dullest, the kindest, and the most psychological damaged remain to attempt small talk and further connection only to find that she has no social interest at all.

Mp Red Dragon 2 Body.png



Kai was responsible for the theft of material that caused the accident that triggered the transformation of Gene Damage. That same theft and the material stolen also caused a similar transformation in Kai. Her return to Korea occured in the same Trans Pacific shipping container that was carrying the stolen material. Unfortunately the containment device for the Amalgam 937 developed a leak in tranport. It is certain that Kai suffered greatly, with out medical attention, on that return voyage. When the ship finally reached, Kai did not emerge, Red Dragon did.

But Kai's transformation was more neural, and due to her new powers of hieghted intelligence she immedately realized that the only one who needed to know what happened, already knew. Kai has spent the last twenty years working on various projects for the North Korean Military that have been foiled by Primus as a whole, and Gene Damage in particular.

In 2009, Kai decieded it was time to retire and sever her relationship with her homeland. During her entire career she had been siphoning funds, and with the electronic interception of the final $50 million dollar payment by the Olympic Committee to the Peoples Rebublic of China, she retired for a life of ease and comfort. But when you burn inside you cannot be idle forever. Eventually the megalomania that she'd held in check all these years broke free and Dragon started preparing for revenge against everyone and everything, Gene Damage 1st.

Early in the heroes career, she crossed paths with RadFire (Gene Damage) on the West Side on several occasions. Given her yakuza minions, some connection to The Cult of the Red Banner has been assumed, but the information gathered on the street says theres a big animosity between her and the Red Banner.


Due to solely to Gene's recent association with the Guardians, Gene met and did battle with Red Dragon on the moon. As a result Red Dragon has been incarcerated and fully investigated telepathically. While Gene cannot understand her hatred, he has tried to make sure she is being rehabilitated. Currently Red Dragon is a canidate for the Ides of March treatment.


Red Dragons plans seem to revolve around taking Gene's life apart piece by piece.


Super Speed, Super Intelligence, and the Hong Kong Bullet Ballet





  • Red Dragon is a widely connected young lady, having Yakuza retainers and some very high tech armor.

OOC Information

Red Dragon is also the title of a Thomas Harris (of Silence of the Lambs fame) novel who's hero has always been more facinating to @Mangle_Paw than Clarice Starling.

Lee Wuan Kai is the name of an assassin from NCIS. When Director Vance is asked if she is his Nemesis, he responds "Only if she kills me.".

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