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Player: @BBs
"Got hurt? Rub some dirt in it, and spit on it to make it stick!"
Class Focus: Might
Power Level: IT'S OVER 9000! ... Oh wait, it's only 40
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Patronus Provich
Known Aliases: The Immovable Force
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age:  ?? (He always says a different age)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 360 lbs
Eye Color: Pupil(Red), Iris(Black)
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Berserker, Mythic Hunter, Vigilante, MIA
Place of Birth: Yukon
Base of Operations: Whitehorse
Marital Status: Single and Virgin still ... sadly
Known Relatives: Father(Hiding), Mother(Hiding), Sarah(Sister, Cryo-frozen)
Known Powers
Super Strength, Super Invulnerability, Majour Regeneration, Endless Rage, Super Speed, Flight, Other Minour Powers
Known Abilities
Professional Mythic Hunter
"PFT! Equipment is for the weak!"
"I'm not the man that I once was, but now even greater."

"Pat Provich is a monster to Canada, nay the world! His murderous, kidnapping, and defiled actions with ROT is more then enough proof to lock him up for a life time! ... But he is still Canadian, since those actions were primarily directed to VIPER. Therefore, I hearby pronounce that Patronus Provich is forced to register under the Canadian Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act. All his specific actions will be erased, people will know only of what little he has done. No one will remeber him, he will be left behind, forgotten, think of it as a ... second chance at life."

-Judge Jordan Jack

Biography thus far!

Patronus Provich was born in Canada, and always had a rough life. He never was really good at anything; sports, science, math, you name it. Barely passed high school, and just worked on a normal paid job. One day at the age of 21, he received an email to join in a super hero production business in Canada named ROT(CR). The company forced operations on him with a strange liquid that gave him super strength, health, speed, invulnerability, and flight. After he gained his super powers, he worked 6 years for ROT to take out anything that has to do with VIPER.

ROT did illegal, and ruthless acts that costed many people's lives. these acts were silent to public. That was until a little birdie released information about all their experiments and evil deeds. From ROT's shut-down: Patronus formed and lead The Protectorate from the heroes left behind. They became Mythic Hunters and hunted down fiends, lycanthropes, vampires, undead, even angels-fallen or not, etc.. Anything considered a myth and was evil were taken down by this team. Friends were lost, heroes died, but it was all done for the greater good, or so they thought

Another 6 years of Patronus' life was spent on hunting evil across the universe. Until a Devil, a Pit Lord named Gigageros, wiped out the entire team. Patronus was the only survivor, and had to retreat back to earth in the Milky Way. He swore on an oath to protect earth beyond his last breath. He dropped that oath, but has returned to it!

Due to the years of hunting, and slaying devils, demons, undead, etc. Patronus has the knack of detecting any mythic creature nearby. Go ahead and mind read him if you wish. He does have some rage problems still. His blood is also coloured silver.


The history of Patronus Provich is as follows, although some of the data wasn't even uploaded by him.

Being Raised as a Child

Patronus was born into a life of luxury, his family wasn't rich, but they wern't poor either. He learned both from his parents. His father was a hard worker who would put work, family, and friends above all else. His mother was a caring person who believed that play time was just as important as work. How they got together, no one knows, guess opposites do attract. Pat also had a younger sister, Sarah. She was born fifteen years after him, but he promised he would take care of her no matter what. Although Pat was a hard worker through his life, he was born fragile, weak, and less intelligent. He used his selfless attitude to gain friends, and avoid being picked on through out his school life. No one would pick on a Provich, and if anyone did, people would stand up for one. (This also helped his sister while she was in school). He would even sometimes bring his sister to school on special occasions to show her around, and to try and teach her when she was young. Changing diapers in the boys' room was never fun though, but he did it anyway when he needed to. The only bad thing he had in high school, which he refused to tell anyone at the time, was girls. Whenever he asked some out, he was always refused with the usual response of "Sorry, I'm a lesbian (or bisexual)". This lead to some psychological problems.

Patronus worked hard for almost three years after his graduation, he barely passed his graduation. His sister on the other hand graduated just in time with flying colours, too bad Pat could never have seen it. The day he hit twenty one, he recieved an email from the Canadian hero production buisness, known as ROT. They invited him to "Become a super hero! Put on some tights! Save the world!" How could he ever refuse? He signed up for the program to become a SUPER HERO!!!

Working for ROT

Patronus never loved the mask, it was always hot in there. But it kept his identity a secret.
Patronus was more then excited when he signed up to become a SUPER HERO!!! He would protect his family, his friends, everyone he knew. Fame and fortune was smiling on him, or so he believed. He was picked up by the governemnt ROT after he signed on. The agents swiftly came to pick him within surprisingly minutes after he signed on. This interupted his family celebrating his birthday, but he told them it was all right. They hardly believed him when the agents blindfolded him to keep their secret base a secret! When they un-folded him, to his surprise, it wasn't a base at all, more like a prison cell, infact it was one! Thousands by tens of thousands, by hundreds of thousands were in the secret prison base. There was never any connection to outside, so it was a bunker, how far into the earth for the holding pens was always a mystery.

No one was ever fed, people died, cells were getting empty faster then being filled. No one even knew why they were in the cells, just stuck in there to die, for what? Past sins? But the answer came to the "prisoners" slowly, experimentaiton. Strange liquids were injected in the "test subjects". First few liquids injected were marked with "#1", and only a few thousands survived out of hundreds of thousands. Those who survived were given super powers, and were allowed to work for ROT and leave outside. What a sweet deal eh?

Only survived on scraps of food, Patronus kept going, he wasn't going to lay down and die for nothing. Few days passed, and a new batch of liquids marked "#2" were made. Only a few hundred even survived. With that many super powered people, a rebellion should have started, but nothing happened. Then the infamous "#3" came, the subjects were taken to a mysterious room, and were never seen again. Hundreds of thousands were chosen, he was the last person left. Echoes hallowed through out the base as he was taken to the fearsome room, marked with 3. For the #3 liquid, a simple injection wouldn't work, an operation was in order. The operation was to tear the subject's body apart, and dip it into the liquid. This had to be done quickly, or the serum would fail ... or the subject would die. During the operation, Pat faint into blackness.

Through the blackness Patronus could see the ghosts of the fallen. He was close to death and was bound to the rest of the dead before him in this abominable fort. But he held on, refusing to go, he felt pain? Well he would rub some dirt in it, and spit on it to make it stick! The blackness then started to clear, and he awoke. The operation was a success, and he was the only survivor of the infamous 3. He was then "given" the opportunity to work for ROT, or die. Even with his new given powers, Pat had no choice but to accept. He found out why there was no rebellion, the company was being run by Demons, and their powerful Devil overlords. If anyone fought, or tried to tell ROT's secrets, they would die.

Given no choice Patronus worked ROT, and his only assignments were to do whatever it takes to take out VIPER, and find a worthy test subject for the experiment "#4". VIPER was a bit of a rival to ROT, and ROT wanted them out of the picture permanetly, but even that was nigh impossible. So during the attacks on VIPER, Pat had to find a girl who was captured by VIPER and about to be experimented, AND collect some of VIPER's samples from Dr. Moreau. ROT was under surveillance by PRIMUS, UNTIL, and UNITY, so randomly taking people for tests would not work. Killing two birds in one stone, Pat set off for his first task and delivered it with flying colours.

When ROT completed their experiment on the girl, she survived, but became a un-controllable beast. ROT tried exterminating her, but she kept on constantly reviving. They couldn't let her keep on going out of control, or else she might escape, and ROT would be done for. So they decided that Patronus' off-assignment tasks would be living with "Number Four", and become her chew toy. Since he was the only person who would survive the encounters, and it would calm Number Four down, he had no choice, but to accept. For the next six years, Pat worked for ROT to become a weapon against VIPER, and on his off-assignments, become a chew toy for a monster. It would have kept going until finally someone found out what ROT was doing and spread the word. ROT was shut-down. The people, including himself, working for ROT were left for nothing, and had charges pressed against them for the acts they commited during their time with ROT.

Leading The Protectorate

Patronus' costume when he formed the Protectorate, and most favoured.
Patronus never thought of himself as a leader, but he couldn't leave his team mates behind. What the "heroes" did for ROT was un-speakable, but it was directed to VIPER, so the charges laid against them were dropped. After heroes were free, Pat formed them all together as "The Protectorate" and they would take the fight to the enemy. They refused to wait on by and have any monster take humanity as it's slave. Using some of their powers, The Protectorate left their home planet, and their galaxy, through portals that they created. It was considered their last portal, a one way ticket into hell. The only time they would use more portals is to travel deeper into it.
The Protectorate used portals much similar to this one.

The Protectorate fought with tooth and nail against mythical creatures. Any creature that was considered evil, whether it just be an overlorded tyrant ruling a planet, or an entire planet population of evil. Each of the heroes kept every waking moment fighting, and taking turns with night watch. At first there were thousands, then it dwindled to hundreds, then even more were lost. The Protectorate was dieing off, slowly and surely, but none of the heroes gave up. If they did, earth may yet fall, and even other planets far off. The team kept going deeper, and deeper into the unknown for six years. The reason that they stopped was from a menacing, powerful, Devil, a Pit Lord. The Pit Lord introduced himself as Gigageros, and he revealed that he was watching them. Gigageros told The Protectorate many secrets, that he was the one that created, and lead ROT. That he was the one that gave them their super powers. That he was the one that told them their usefulness is at a end, uneless they joined him. With those words being said, he snapped his fingers and chaos ensued. Gigageros mind controlled those who were tempted by his corruption, and it was more then half of what was left. Those that remained loyal to their cause had to fight their friends to death. All that was left was Patronus, John Josh, George Jackson, and Stephanie Peatra. Pat thought he would have died with his comrades, but the other three had a different plan. Seeing how Pat was the best of the best in the entire project, George and Stephanie charged at Gigageros, while John created a portal to suck Pat into. Pat didn't even have time to react, or even think when this was happening, and thus was sucked into the portal.

The Return to Earth

Patronus was flung backwards all the way with the path the team went through, faster, faster, and even more faster, with no signs of stopping. Apparently John kept wards for every checkpoint the team managed to land on, just for such an occasion. Finally he made it back to his universe, problem was, no brakes. He was flung at top speed towards earth, normal humans wouldn't even have made it this far, luckily Pat was anything but normal. The drop however was very, very, VERY painful, thankfully a crater in Southwest Desert broke his fall ...

Patronus needed days to recover, both physically and mentally, he was on the verge on insanity and even thought of a permanent retirement. He decided to think about it while he was healing, and even took the mantle, or costume, of the Protector off. During his time off, he thought of visitng his sister, it's has been only what? 15 YEARS! But he greatly changed, would she recognize him? He had to ponder over this, but after a few months of deciding, his dicision was a yes! So he did a little searching around, some researched, found out she graduated with top notch flying colours. This brought a lot of tears through Pat's eyes, he was never so proud! Finally he figured out where she lived, and began his departure immediatly. When he arrived at his destination, and gave a knock to his sis' house, she wasn't home. So he decided to wait it out in a hiding spot. He waited for days, and days in the same spot, very endurable, but there were no signs of her. He decided to ask around the neighbourhood, but it wasn't easy since people were scared of a musclebound 6'6" person asking of where pretty much a girl lived. Finally after a chasing a couple of people down, Steve finally got his answer. Sarah did live in the house he was a knocking, but she left on a buisness trip for a few days. No one has ever seen her ever since she went on that trip a few months ago. Pat was so dis-heartened, he wondered where his lil' sis' was. He had the feeling she was okay, and alive, but it still never eased his pain.

"Should I become a 'hero' again?" kept repeating in Patronus' head. If he couldn't protect his little sister, who could he protect? He decided to travel to the new Millenium City, the city that was built after the disaster of Dr. Destroyer. Hopefully this would help him in his time of need. It was during these travels that the Qularr invasion began. Pat wasn't fully healed, mind, body, and soul even, but he felt he had no choice but to fight on again. Someone had to protect the people, while the heroes pushed back the Qularr. Best to make it someone who was still recovering, instead of a super powered hero at full strength. He put back on the mantle of the Protector, and sworn to fight for earth beyond his last breath. Thus began Pat's heroic days!

Friends with The Sentinels of Justice

Patronus during his time with The Sentinels of Justice.
During his heroic days, Patronus wasn't so much as a bad guy. Though he could never move on from his past, he wasn't harmed by it too much. He felt optimistic, happy, and glad he was fighting the good fight close on earth. But he was always afraid to fight with a team, it would remind him too much of his past. That was until one day he was approached by a woman knwon as Lady Victory. She was assembling a team called The Sentinels of Justice, and wanted Patronus to join. He flatly refused, but she was very determined and would never give up. After a while of poking and proding to make him join, Pat finally accepted the offer, and became second in command of the team. The team wasn't much, not too big, which came to his liking, he felt well, instead of worse with the memories of the past. He even began to start falling in love with one of the members, Nightblack Werewolf. But before he could entirely confess his love, That fateful bad day happened. His entire comrades disapeared, with no trace.

Lonliness with the Void Again

Patronus felt alone and sad again; he lost his new found friends, his love, and he doesn't even know if they're dead, or worse. He lost his mind, started going full on insane. He wondered if Gigageros had his hand in this, destroying his life ... again. Or did he just imagined if there was a team in the first place, was it all in his head, his mind playing tricks on him for the loss of his old friends. He became a bum, lived on the streets, the sewers, cardboard boxes, you name it. Whatever cash he found, he used it to pay on hardcore Canadian beer to forget the memories of his past, even though it'll never work. Topping that off, due to his rash actions, all super hero governments will not pay him for any good deed he commits. The governments even erased his existence of heroism ... again.

Poor ol' Pat.

Being with Immortals

Patronus' costume with The Immortals. At this point, he doesn't even care anymore.
A few months later after Patronus' incident with The Sentinels of Justice, Therakiel began his plans for the Apocalypse. During this time, he was trying to drink himself away into sleep. He was approached by yet another woman, named Sister Smash. She requested him to join The Immortals, and join the fight against Therakiel. Replaying this in his head like it happened before, Pat didn't care anymore, and just signed up. He joined The Immortals to fight off and defeat evil, and is still with them. He wonders when the day that The Immortals will disapear, and him being all alone again. Thusly that day came again, so Pat made some mentoring plans.

Back to the Mentoring Board, Again

Judge Jordan Jack using his greatest weapon against Patronus, politics.

Ever since his battle with Alega the Hybrid, and falling back down to earth ... again. Patronus has announced that he will take a "break" to ease some people's minds across the world. He's going to train new heroes, and some new recrtuits amongts the heroic community. He's also promised that he won't do any preaching, only uneless the trainee asks, or if it actually helps the trainee becoming a "Goody-two shoes". He had hoped this would keep people off his back, but it didn't. Judge Jordan Jack is back, and is at it again with Pat. He's politically trying to lock Pat up, and throw away the key. Thankfully, he isn't successful as of yet.


Patronus facing the might of Grond shows his powers all at once.
Due to Patronus' actions, he was forced to fully register with Canadian Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act. His powers and weaknesses are as follows.

Super Strength

It is unknown of what level of strength Patronus is at, but it is definately increased since the time he worked with ROT. Although the good news is that his strength doesn't seem to dramatically increase, until now ...

Super Invulnerability

Patronus used to been invulnerable, but now it's even better. Blows seem to bounce off of him, and his regeneration has increased.

Majour Regeneration

Patronus regeneration wasn't too powerful, but now it's better then ever. Strange thing is it's unknown how, or when, it became more powerful. Topping it off, it seems to come from different sources then before.

Endless Rage

The madder Patronus gets, the stronger he gets! But he lost his ability to get back up in combat.

Super Speed

Although Patronus isn't faster then a speedster, he is faster then the un-trained eye. But his speed has increased in terms of dodging blows, which is strange since he could never really do that before.


Patronus can fly, but he isn't fast with is flight. He can however fly through space, it would take a really long time to get anywhere ... But he can fly through space!

Unknown Force

Though there is no proof, there seems to be some sort of unknown power that Patronus controls. He refuses any such non-sense, and since there isn't any proof he isn't forced into interrogation. But something does seem odd about some of his powers increasing dramatically.

Other Minour Powers

Patronus: "WHOA Whoa! I have a strong sense of mythic stuff here!" Persephone: "WELL no %$#@ Sherlock!"
Along with those powers, Patronus also has some minour powers.

-Immunity to diseases and poisons: Patronus is immune to all diseases and poisons. If something bad gets through, it would take only mere moments for it to be healed in Pat's system.

-Never-ending Breath: As long as Patronus is breathing, he's breathing, whether it be in space, under sea, or even in lava (but he has bigger problems then just breathing when in lava.)

-Longevity: Patronus' life has been expanded, it's unknown when he'll die of old age, but it's more then likely he'll die of other causes.

-Mythic Sense: Patronus has the uncanny ability to sense any mythic creatures nearby. Whether it be from Dragons to the undead, you name it, he can sense them all.


Along with those strengths, comes weaknesses.

All-out Super Strength

Having super strength is always great, but it's only truly great when you can control it. Un-fortunately it's not really that grand when it's always all-out. Patronus can never hold back, or control his super strength. If he slaps someone lightly, it'll be as if it was hitting someone with a couple of semis. This can easily lead to a lot of problems, like dealing with small things, or fragile human beings.

No Ranged Abilities

Patronus has no ranged attack, he must get into the heat of battle, and survive.

Normal Senses

Patronus has no super humanly senses. He doesn't have x-ray vision, or super hearing, or any of that. That also means his senses can be disabled quite easily. Good thing they regenerate fast and easily also.

Fetish Problems

Patronus has a problem with some of his fetishes, this can easily be taken advantage by certain women.

Lesbian, and Bisexual Problem

With the fetish problem, also comes lesbians, and bisexuals problems. Patronus will has more control, but will be a bit peeved if he's near a female lesbian or bisexual.


Patronus relies on his emotions more so then his conscious. He can rather get hurt quite easily ... or angry.


Even to this day, Patronus greatly respects his fellow friends, and comrades. It's just they may not respect him or his ways. Here's a list of some.

The honourable Thundrax. The angry Persephone. The experienced Lady Athena. The fine Fwine. The green giantess Grondess. The other green giantess Berzerkka. The pink fighter Giga Gal(may she rest in peace). The SSSMOKING! Smokin' Mirrors. The limitlessly powerful Panzer. The titanous Titan Lass. The crushing Crush Hour. The bashful Bash. His heart is still a bit frozen for Nightblack Werewolf.

Ever Hated Enemies!

The list of enemies that Patronus has is a big one indeed, but most of the villains Steve faces off alone never survive, or need to escape for revenge on another day.


A Lesser Aspect of Gigageros!
Of all the things that Patronus hates, it is the being known as Gigageros. It is Gigageros who was the leader of ROT. It is Gigageros that screwed around Pat's life. It is Gigageros to which no end, will destroy Pat. Gigageros is a Devil, a Pit Lord, a master of plots behind plots. What he is plotting, no one knows. Only those that devotedly follow him know only a small hint to which he is planning. Gaining any information of what he plans is nigh impossible, since Gigageros never does his own small dirty work. He sends out minions, and aspects of himself, to do his bidding. He'll never reveal his true self, even to Pat.


Although ROT is shut-down, there are very small hints of it rebuilding itself. Patronus is doing everything to stop that. The bad news is that he seems to be failing. The good news is the things that are trying to rebuild ROT is going to him, making it easier on him.


A VIPER base before Patronus' Rampage.
A VIPER base after Patronus' Rampage
Even though VIPER had nothing to do with Patronus' pain, he still partially blames VIPER for the acts caused on him by ROT. Since ROT and VIPER were hated enemies, ROT used him as a weapon against VIPER, so he loves beating down VIPER every opportunity he gets. Although VIPER did seems ever so close to falling, the events of Serpent Lantern has made him a bit tad angry. Instead of being totally insane, Pat started to think from those events, carefully.


Patronus has no qualms against ARGENT. It's just when ARGENT starts attacking, or screwing around with VIPER, Pat starts pummeling them down. He'll not watch another company destroy VIPER, that's his job, no one else's!

Loads and Loads of Nemesissss ... s


Braunz. Real ID: Sarah Provich.
Little was known about this bronze titaness, only that she is always in a fit of rage. What is also known of this titaness is that her powers, along with her size, strength, and muscles, are continually growing a lot more bigger. The rate they are growing, and how, are unknown. She would continually grow bigger to this day, and has no signs of stopping. To stop this, PRIMUS decided to cryo-freeze her after she was handed in by Patronus. Sadly after she was cryo-frozen, information was discovered that she is infact Pat's sister, Sarah Provich. How she became this is un-known, but Pat has a hunch it has something to do with Gigageros, his most hated enemy.

Number Four

Number Four. Real ID: Unknown.

Experiment number four from the Canadian Hero Buisness, ROT. How she got into ROT was by Patronus Provich when he captured her from VIPER. She was dubbed "Number Four" due to being injected with the fourth version of the "liquid". This serum was the combination of Dr. Moreau's manimal's DNA, and ROT's third version of the liquid. The female specimen did more then what the expectations were, and absorbed the formula too too much. Forever transformed, and forever scarred in the mind, she releases her madness on everyone around her. Since she can't die, or just can't die so easily, Pat handed her in to the police to lock her up. Doctors are working to put her mind at ease for the time being.


Defiler. Real ID: John Josh.

John Josh was a friend and allie of Patronus Provich. They both came from the Canadian hero production buisness known as ROT. After ROT's downfall, the super heroes left from that company formed a black ops team known as The Protectorate. They hunted down devils, demons, vampires, lycanthropes, undead, and any other mythic beings. Then the team met a devil, known as Gigageros who was a Pit Lord. In one fell swoop Gigageros destroyed The Protectorate, leaving only Pat and some other comrades, John was among them. John gave his life so that Pat could escape the evil monster. But Gigageros had other plans for John Josh... But those plans have failed when Pat put him back into the grave.


Converter. Real ID: George Jackson.

Once known as George Jackson, he fought along side Patronus, during their time in the Protectorate. He was best known as a vampire slayer of the team. After his death at the hands of Gigageros, he has been revived to that which he hated the most. Ironic, no? Also ironic that Pat showed no mercy when he sent this friend back to the coffin, without his jaw.


Lover in her true form. Real ID: Stephanie Peatra.

Once known as Stephanie Peatra, she fought along side Patronus, during their time in the Protectorate. She was best known as a diplomat of the team. She was even able to convince demons to stand aside for the team. After her death at the hands of Gigageros, she has been revived to a succubus. She uses the demons she convinced to not fight The Protectorate to fight Protector. But the armies of demons she mustered did not even phase Pat. Since he could only banish her and not kill her, he banished her to a Soul Diamond. Imprisoned forever, a fate worse then death.

Nightblack Werewolf

Nightblack Werewolf. Real ID: Unknown.

During a time in Protector's life, he worked with The Sentinels of Justice. One of the members was Nightblack Werewolf, She was a villain before joining. She controlled her animalistic instics, and became a hero for redemption but was unable to remeber herself. When she joined Patronus Provich and her fell a bit in love. Nothing too serious, but before he could fully confess his love, she disappeared. Now she's back, but her body is suffering the same fate as Braunz, but worse. She's growing ten times faster, and with no signs of stopping. It's also un-fortunate that she also is suffering the same fate as Braunz. Pat spared her life, and cryo-froze her instead. Upon this Steve made a new vow; to have his revenge, and nothing will stop him! Revent events somehow manage to make him drop this vow.

J'kal the Justice Bringer

J'kal the Justice Bringer.

"Patronus Provich, called Protector, Judgement calls for thy name! Thou has been decreed to be judged to the damned! Thou soul shall burn for all eternity, thy spirit shall not rest! Thou had your chance of redepmtion, but chose the path of torment! So thou shall have torment done unto thee! Come forth! Judgement calls!"

"Thou may have defeated me, I do not follow the un-naturalaties of banishment. I join my brothers and sisters who have passed away peacefully, buy know this! Thou has disturbed the very foundations of Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, and the Abyss! I may have fallen, but thou stands on the same trial as Therakiel himself! Others shall hunt thee to the very ends of the earth, both supernatural ... and natural."

U'kah Messenger of Purgatory

U'kah Messenger of Purgatory.

"Hmmm, lets see, Patronus Provich, named Protector is it? Allright, I got it right for once. No I don't talk like J'kal with "Thou, Thee, Thy!" Listen the big men both upstairs and downstairs don't like what you're doing. When they don't like it, makes me look bad, so listen again, I'm here to set things straight. Just for me, could you be a pal, and just, you know, stop? I'll spare you, everyone's going to forget what you did, if you just stop. ... Well not everyone, and not forget is the correct term, but still best to stop now before it's too late? But I'm sure you'll ignore what I just said, and want to "Rip off my wings, pluck off my feathers, and stuff them in your pillow." Seriously, that one's getting old, try a new tactic. Anyways I'm a messenger, I have a message, and the message is: 'Die you son of a b%$#@!' BRING IT ON!"

"Looks like you've beaten me, kid. I guess you didn't really get the true meaning of the message, guess you'll find out the hard way. It will never be too late for you, Patronus. ... Seriously? Going to rip off my wings like you did with J'kal, and keep them? It never changes ..."

Skreesh Bringer of the Hunt

Skreesh Bringer of the Hunt.

"So you have beaten J'kal, and U'kah eh? Brothers in arms till the death, the fools. Though they were assigned to kill you, and I also got lucky. You don't realize how many beings hate you, or you do and you don't care. Either way, lets just get this over with, shall we?"

"You may have beaten me, but all you can do is banish me! I'll just keep comming back again, and ag- Is that a ... a Soul Diamond? No! You wouldn't! You would not dare! No! NO! NNNNOOOOOOO!"

Alega the Hybrid

Alega the Hybrid.

"Enough of this. This has gone long enough, and it has been silly. No mortal has dared to stand up against heaven, abyss, and hell. You are no exception, Patronus Provich! You shall be purified, sunken, and burned for all that you have done! We know what you have done, and that is why I have been transformed. You've handled all three powers seperately, now try them all at once!"

The Final Battle with the Hybrid

Patronus had followed Alega to her mountain lair on Monster Island. This reusable regurgitated lair got old to him a few nemesis back. But this time it was different, unlike his other battles, Alega actually went into the escape rocket ship, and a surprised Pat was not far behind. Alega thought she had the advantage, but there are a few things to learn, and one of them is to never fight Pat in close quarters. Alega held out her own surprisingly for a few minutes, but knew she was beat. As Pat drew yet another Soul Diamond, Alega commited another surprising act; no final monologue, instead she drew out her own Soul Diamond. Instead of sucking up either of the bearers souls, the Soul Diamonds clashed into one, and caused a effect that would be opposite to a small, temporary black hole. Instead of sucking in, the hole spat out anything that was in it and then push things away. Since there was nothing, it was just pushing whatever it was near away. The rocket was torn asunder, and Protector was fling one way through the ship, and Alega was fling the opposite. Wherever Alega went, is unknown, but she is still alive for certain. As for Pat, he went flying back to earth ... at top speed ... with no breaks ... again ... /sigh. During his fall to earth, Pat was wondering why he was doing all this, again. People ignored his heroics back in the day, and when he went insane, people avoided, and spat at him. What was the point in doing all of this work? He also was wondering if he would fall in the same crater again, ironically, the same crater had broken Pat's first fall. Being even more weakened then before, Pat then decides to take a "break" for the time being.

Attitude Thus Far!

Patronus has had many attitudes, optimistic, heroic, insane, brooding about things. But now he's an asshole that will do anything by any means for revenge. He's merciless to everything that tries to stop him, and will kill without second thought.

Someone tortured Patronus, and now he's mad!

Personal Inquiry

"It has come to my caring attention that a lot of you hate me, and I hate a lot of you. It took after what? An angel, fallen angel, demon, and some freaky meshed up chimera of all those things, to make me care. I've served the greater good, and got slapped by it, I spat at it and then got flung around for it! Like many other heroes, I've saved the earth countless of times, and instead got spat at and ridiculed for doing it! Some heroes got the recognition, and rewards they deserve. Others on the other hand got the opposite, and I was one of those. ... Sometimes there must be sacrafices for the good of all, and I'm taking a break from it. You want me gone? FINE! I'll be gone! I'm going to return to the thing I did best, train your little good-two shoes heros. That's right, some of your best of the best heroes I've trained! Don't worry, I promise not to preach to them, uneless they ask, or if it helps point them in the "right" direction, the direction opposite of mine. Maybe some of them will even save your lives, and if that happens, just be sure to thank them. It helps, trust me, or don't trust me if it makes you trust me. Whatever, fine, I'm gone, vanished, good-bye!"

Patronus doing what he does "best" mentoring!

His Disappearance

After finishing some of his training with the new recruits, James Harmon was revealing his grand opening of interdimensional travel. Patronus decided to go to this opening, uninvited, and to see how it would go. His history with this sort of thing gave him a big bad feeling, and with a "shock" things went crazy, a man came through, asked for help for freeing his planet, the works. Not a fiend so off to a good start that ledPatronus to help free the planet from the tyrant Destroyer, or at least a copy of the Destroyer. After the liberation of the planet, he decided to stay and help rebuild. Days went by and strange things happened to that strange man, he became more pleasant but started mumbling to himself. His last known words were "I'm going to go away for now, it's time I talk to my parents after all this time." and with that he disappeared for many, many years.

Last known shot of Patronus before his disappearance.

His Return?

He disappeared for years and years, his existence erased from time and people not giving a damn. However sightings of a being whom matches him almost perfectly has arisen. Hopefully this person is not him, Who knows how Protector's attitude has changed. Only time will tell whether this thing is him or not ...

Thoughts of Patronus from other heroes

"The easiest thing in the world is to fight the good fight when you've been dealt four aces. Patronus didn't get that. I can't imagine what he goes through, or what's going on inside that scrambled head of his. I do wish he weren't so stubborn and let me help him once in awhile -- but I suppose if he weren't so proud, he would have given up the fight a long time ago. Patronus, I hope you find some peace some day -- and I hope that victory, happiness, and a long life, things that nobody associates with you -- come with it." - Thundrax