Operation Cold Front

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Operation Cold Front
"Canada's front line of defense against Kigatilik."
OCF Logo.png
The "Mighty Maple Leaf" and the team insignia.
Leader(s): *Mark Derringer, Warmaster
Base of Operations: Force Station Steelhead
Concept: National Counter-Intelligence and Investiagtion Initiative
Founded: 2016
Members: Northwatch, Chinook (@crusader6628), [Open Spots], (*Celestar, *Ravenspeaker)

Operation Cold Front

Operation Cold Front is dedicated to investigating and containing matters regarding the Inuit God Kigatilik. Activities include subduing Ice Demon activity, gathering counter intelligence on the plans and motives of Kigatilik and his followers, as well as making strides toward mounting a flush and robust offensive against Lynx Fold using all of the resources the Canadian Wilderness has to offer.


Operational Supervisor - *Mark Derringer

Mission Director - Sean Pentecost (Warmaster)

Team Leader - Northwatch (Jason McRae)

Member/Pyromancer/(Bigfoot Expert) - Chinook (@crusader6628) (Little-Brave-Foot)

Member - ((Work in Progress. You may apply with your Canadian characters.)

Consultant - *Ravenspeaker (Billy Edenshaw)

Consultant/Kigatilik Expert - *Celestar (Lonnie Lawrence)

Standard Forces - *Steelhead Armed Mounties


As the brains behind, founder and administrating officer of the entire operation, Mark Derringer is always keeping a keen, well-informed eye open for super powered and uniquely talented individuals from across the nation. If it sounds like we're talking about you, you could be the next person Mr. Derringer pays a visit to.