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Northwatch Title.png

Player: @Crusader6628
"The Steelhead Sentinel"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jason McRae
Known Aliases: Northwatch, Steelhead Sentinel, Toywatch, Brainwatch
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Scottish-Canadian
Place of Birth: FS Steelhead, CAN
Base of Operations: Force Station Steelhead
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 36
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: No distinguishing features
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2019-Present
Citizenship: Dual, CAN-US
Occupation: Staff Sargeant, RCMP
Education: University
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Super Endurance, Super Speed, Super Senses,

Healing Factor, Flight

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Visor, Utility Belt, Communications Device, Maple Leaf, Titanium Horse
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


Jason is kind, empathetic, honorable and humble. He can be confident and boisterous as Northwatch, but this is only as a result of embracing and trying to bring some Mountie authority to the alter ego. He is a loyal, honest protector and provider. He skirts the line between lawful good and neutral good, usually willing to smack his foes into submission, but capable of distinguishing a lost soul from true evil. He tries to see good and potential in each and every individual and approach each situation with a unique solution.

Two of the most notable traits of Jason's personality are his protectiveness and love for animals. He is a husband and father first in life, and that is reflected in every aspect of his personality. He is the first to pry a trap from the paw of a bear, or give his enemy a moment of mercy sooner than have to cause them further harm. Jason is bound by the very same moral code that Akna has chosen him for.

Jason McRae

Northwatch 03-RCMP2.png
(Jason in his RCMP uniform.)

Jason was a husband, father, Mountie, and average human man stationed at FS Steelhead, where his mother was stationed when she gave birth to him.

One blistering cold evening, he was investigating recent reports of Hunter Patriot party sightings when they ambushed him. Outnumbered and outgunned, they cut him down and left him for dead in the snow's icy embrace.

Akna, the Inuit Goddess of fertility and birth came to him in his final moments, offering him a deal. She would not only spare his life on this day, but bestow him with gifts of the ancient spirits. He would wield the strength and senses of every fallen Inuit warrior throughout time, but he must swear to Akna to use those gifts to protect Canada whilst helping others to prevent the return of an ancient evil determined to snuff the warmth and glow of all life on our precious planet... Kigatilik!

Upon returning to Steelhead, wounds miraculously healed, his first move is to inform his superiors of the encounter. Naturally, they dismiss him at first and standard protocol is carried out. It's only after his powers begin to emerge, giving him a chance to use them in Steelhead's defense, that command begins to take it all seriously.


GA Northwatch.png

After careful consideration and consultation from his most trusted friends and officers, Mark Derringer comes up with a bold, ambitious new plan. He speaks with Jason at length to get a sense of just how far this loyal, hard working Mountie is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to put his newfound gifts to work. What he finds is a man eager to do just that, but still unsure of what exactly that would mean. To inspire Jason, Mark tells him the story of a vigilante hero who went by the name of Northwatch in the 1940s. A brave, resourceful human man with no powers, no magic, and no mutations, who fought and defeated an evil Nazi revenant group called the 4th Reich. Later, when Jason mentions that he needs a name, Mark suggests borrowing Northwatch.

By the time Jason had come face to face with an Inuit Goddess, most of Canada's prominent, premiere heroes had all relocated to the Michigan area in the years after the the Battle of Detroit. With many of its Champions preoccupied south of the border, Steelhead receiving its very own super powered individual was quite literally a godsend in the struggle against the oldest adversary of the North. The time was now, and Mark Derringer was going to take the fight straight to him. Calling in some favors from a few old friends in Lonnie Lawrence and Billy Edenshaw, Derringer forms Operation Cold Front.

Operation Cold Front

Operation Cold Front is dedicated to investigating and containing matters regarding the Inuit God Kigatilik. Activities include subduing Ice Demon activity, gathering counter intelligence on the plans and motives of Kigatilik and his followers, as well as making strides toward mounting a flush and robust offensive against Lynx Fold using all of the resources the Canadian Wilderness has to offer.

Operational Supervisor - *Mark Derringer

Mission Director - Sean Pentecost (Warmaster)

Team Leader - Northwatch (Jason McRae)

Member/Pyromancer/(Bigfoot Expert) - Chinook (@crusader6628) (Little-Brave-Foot)

Member - ((Work in Progress. You may apply with your Canadian characters.)

Consultant - *Ravenspeaker (Billy Edenshaw)

Consultant/Kigatilik Expert - *Celestar (Lonnie Lawrence)

Standard Forces - *Steelhead Armed Mounties



Kigatilik is a devout agent of the Ice Spirit, and an exiled Inuit God. Released by Rakshasa in 2009, he now sits atop Lynx Fold, plotting against the North, the shaman who betrayed him, as well as his fellow gods who cast him out. Ruling over legions of ice demons and their network of spies and corrupted servants, Kigatilik is the greatest threat faced by the Canadian Wilderness, and the sworn archenemy of the new Northwatch mantle.



Blackwatch is a demonic doppelganger of Jason McRae. He was created by Kigatilik to mock Akna's effort to hinder his plans as well as destroy her human Champion, The Steelhead Sentinel. He has all of Jason's abilities, with the notable addition of mimicry. Blackwatch can make himself look and sound exactly like Jason McRae, or Northwatch any time he desires.

His only motivation is to bait out and destroy Northwatch. He is a diabolical, sadistic mastermind who is known to manipulate other villains in order to antagonize and trap Northwatch.

Titanium Patriot

Titantium Patriot01.png

Kyle Reid was a Corporal stationed at FS Steelhead as well as the long-time partner and best friend of Jason McRae. One blistering cold evening, the pair were investigating recent reports of Hunter Patriot party sightings when they were ambushed. Kyle's vehicle is struck by an RPG as they patrol the snowy Canadian wilderness, severely injuring his legs and causing his vehicle to careen away from Jason's. Before Jason can reach him, he is baited into the fight and cut down.

As Akna is striking a deal with Jason to spare his life and injuries, Hunter Patriots are recovering Kyle as their prisoner. He survives his injuries, but loses both legs. Bound to a wheelchair, he is tortured, interrogated, and manipulated. As the years pass by, the Patriots poison his mind against Northwatch and Steelhead, using his bitterness and anger to steer him further toward their extremist ideology.

When they have begun to convert him to their motives and cause, and the time is just right, they give him a suit of power armor and direct him toward Force Station Steelhead, and Northwatch.

Toy Maker

Toy Maker01.png

Edmund Strauss was a long-time super hero fanboy and a middle-aged toy designer/collector when the Battle of Detroit took place in 1992. Edmund's fascination with super heroes became morbid and unhealthy as time went on and he began to stalk heroes present during the fight against Dr. Destroyer, both in the media, and in person. He relocates from Vibora Bay to Millennium City's Westside and spends years developing a method of converting an individual subject into a living, breathing, toy-sized version of themselves.

In 1995, Edmund adopted the alter ego of Toy Maker with the goal of turning as many prominent super heroes as he could into living toys. He captures several heroes, starting small to prove and perfect his method before converting bigger name heroes. This brings attention his way, and in 1996, he is captured and defeated by a group of super heroes investigating the list of missing vigilantes. Although Toy Maker is arrested, only a handful of heroes from the list are located and rescued, roughly a dozen men and women are still missing.

Edmund is released on parole in 2015 on exceptional behavior, and works hard at landing a job working with FoxBat Con as a custodian. Over the next four years, he works his way up to assistant manager of merchandising, staying close to his passion, but seems to have reformed his villainous ways. That's around the time he sees news coverage of Canada's latest wonder boy, The Steelhead Sentinel.

The news piece had built him up to be the pinnacle of the modern super hero. The steel age crime fighter straight from Steelhead itself. It said he was a decorated, hero Mountie cop, one of the most gifted boxers among the Steelhead staff, and an all-round swell guy. The TV made him seem too good to be true. For Edmund...or Toy Maker, that meant trouble for Northwatch.

Force Station Steelhead receives a formal invitation welcoming Northwatch to appear at Foxbat Con.

The Maker's Dozen

Twelve men and women - heroes and villains - have been trapped in one of Toy Maker's clandestine lairs for nineteen agonizing years. Stuck in immortal, living action figure form, sealed away in durable packaging designed to act as prisons, keeping them in mint condition. Rodded of any innate or genetic super powers, they wither away spiritually and mentally, plotting their escape and awaiting rescue.

WIP| I am developing all twelve of these characters now.

(I decided this story arc is a bit too invasive to use any known Champs IPs from the BfD, so some of the Maker's Dozen will be fanfic BfD survivors.)

Death and Legacy

Backed by the Armed Mounties and other Canadian allies, the members of Operation Cold Front battle Kigatilik in the very near future. During the conflict and attempt to seal him in the Frost Tomb, Kigatilik kills Northwatch. Upon his death, Akna's gifts migrate to Jason's seventeen year old daughter, Hailey Jade McRae. She rises in his memory to take up her father's mantle and become the next Northwatch.

After his death, members of Cold Front and other friends of Jason form The Sentinels team in his memory, pursuing a broader range and scope of work to help the Canadian Wilderness, as Jason had always insisted Cold Front should.