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The KigaVerse is a small pocket of fandom canon I am using to provide the liberties of story telling whilst admitting I don't know enough about the IP's lore and canon to do it justice. It is an alternate universe that mirrors our own in many ways. It will encompass all of my assertions onto the game and PnP lore and storylines, so as to identify that it is based on canon, not actual canonical events and material.

Chinook (@crusader6628)
White Talon

To Be Announced. . .


Q: What the heck have you changed, North? O.O
A: Specifically? Nothing.

Q: What about CO do you not like and plan to remodel?
A: Nothing.

Q: So you are just going to tell your stories, maybe messing up here and there, missing details, inventing some to compensate for gaps in your knowledge, etc?
A: Exactly.

Q: And this is just a bubble to label all your non-canon antics to specify beyond doubt that it's an AU RP, not canon to inform other toons?
A: You're way ahead of me.

Q: Can others apply to join if they like the idea of a fresh AU, and help school you in PnP lore to improve the KigaVerse?
A: Yes, and double yes, please and thank you.

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