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The KigaVerse is a small pocket of fandom canon I am using to provide the liberties of story telling whilst admitting I don't know enough about the IP's lore and canon to do it justice. It is an alternate universe that mirrors our own in many ways. It will encompass all of my assertions onto the game and PnP lore and storylines, so as to identify that it is based on canon, not actual canonical events and material.

Chinook (@crusader6628)
White Talon

The Adventures of Northwatch
(KigaVerse) Northwatch: Origins (Jason rises to become Northwatch and thwarts a Hunter-Patriot attack on Steelhead, imprisoning Quick Trigger.)
(KigaVerse) Northwatch: Patriot's Day (Led by Titanium Patriot, Hunter-Pat forces cease partial control of Steelhead when it is at its most vulnerable.)
(KigaVerse) Northwatch: Black Curtain (Jason's evil doppelganger, Blackwatch, masquerades as the Steelhead Sentinel, placing his family in harms way.)
(KigaVerse) Northwatch: Cold Front (Mark Derringer forms Cold Front to thwart a massive, diabolical plan set in motion by Kigatilik.)
(KigaVerse) Northwatch: Black Reign (Upon returning from his adventures in M. City, Jason finds himself at the center of another masquerade mishap as Blackwatch strikes again.)
To Be Announced. . .
(KigaVerse) Northwatch: (Northwatch and Operation Cold Front defeat Kigatilik and the world says goodbye to Northwatch.)

The Adventures of Shaolin Kid
(KigaVerse) Shaolin Kid: Origins (Night of The Banner) (Upon inheriting the power of the Dragon Warrior from Azure Dragon, Ricky Feng also inherets the wrath of the Red Banner. Over the course of a night he must fend off their attacks and reach the Westside Police Station to survive.)
(KigaVerse) Shaolin Kid: Day of The Banner (WIP.)
(KigaVerse) Shaolin Kid: Wrath of The Dragon (Ricky enters the Tournament of The Dragon, facing the Death Dragon in ceremonial combat. Ricky vanquishes the celestial's manifestation, and with its last fiber of being, the Death Dragon delivers a penetrating blow to Ricky's chest cavity.)
(KigaVerse) Shaolin Kid: Way of The Warrior (After being restored to his mortal body, Ricky attempts to merge back into normal life, allowing himself to grow closer to his love interest. Meanwhile Red Lotus has been hatching a plan to betray and overthrow Hi Pan. Lotus botches an attempt to attack Ricky, and steal his power to defeat Hi Pan with. Ricky is upstairs helping their elder neighbor get some meds and water when Lotus accidentally stabs Ricky's girlfriend, slaying her in her sleep. Ricky discovers the plan Lotus has been unfolding and informs Hi Pan, who helps Ricky double-cross Lotus. Hi Pan allows Ricky to fight him as some devotees look on. Ricky and Lotus finally meet in heated combat and Ricky slays him, retiring from crime fighting.)

Westside Stories
(KigaVerse) Nightguard: Origins (Detective Cecil Cross becomes the heavy-handed vigilante executioner, Nightguard as his own partner, Lee Feng, works tirelessly to unmask his alter ego by daylight.)
To Be Announced. . .

The New Westside Stories
(KigaVerse) Westsiders: The Renegade Ravens (WIP.)
To Be Announced. . .
(KigaVerse) White Talon: WIP Title (Ricky is once again targeted by Hi Pan for the power of the Dragon Warrior, and kills the super villain to disrupt the Banner's hold over M. City.)
(KigaVerse) Westsiders: Some Like It 'Photh (WIP.)

Tales From The Bluff
(KigaVerse) Chinook: Origins (The origin story of Chinook.)
(KigaVerse) Chinook: Reckoning (Chinook reunites with Walks-On-Wind, and the two defeat their Big Foot nemesis.)
To Be Announced. . .
(KigaVerse) Chinook: Requiem (Chinook, Walks-On-Wind and the Big Foot tribes launch an offensive against Tilingkoot and Chinook vanquishes him.)

The New Adventures of Northwatch
(KigaVerse) Northwatch II: Origins (Hailey rises to take her father's mantle after she saves Steelhead from a newly emerging threat.)
(KigaVerse) Northwatch II: The Quick And The Dead (Hailey is targeted by the apprentice of Quick Trigger and her best friend, the daughter of Kyle Reid (Titanium Patriot). Despite being defeated, she vows to avenge her father the only way she can. By killing Hailey.)
To Be Announced. . .

The Sentinels
(KigaVerse) The Sentinels: Phantasma (Along with the other Sentinels, Hailey and Chinook hunt Rakshasa across the globe, seeking justice for his crimes against Canada.)
To Be Announced. . .

KigaVerse Specials
(KigaVerse) Toywatch: Maker's Dozen (Northwatch must help his new friends escape the twisted lair of Toy Maker, or remain stuck in Action Figure Form forever!)
(KigaVerse) Shaolin Kid & The Seven Deadly Venoms of Shambala (Co-op Project Idea| After the Death Dragon strikes him down, Ricky is denied entry into Shambala by the Seven Deadly Venoms, the guardian spirits of China's greatest warriors. With Ricky's help, they realize the Forbidden Kingdom is being held prisoner by one of the Death Dragon's minions, and together they reclaim Shambala. Once order has been restored, Ricky finally meets the mysterious guardian monk from his visions, and he returns Ricky to his mortal body.)
(KigaVerse) Red Lotus (A forty-two year old Japanese mutant trying to live a discrete life of retirement hides a deadly secret. For close to two decades he was part of a Japanese super solider program that ran the most elite black book ops in Asia. When the corporation responsible for making him kills his wife and daughter and waits to ambush him, he goes on a revenge spree across Japan after finding the bodies in the bloody lotus pond of their home.)
(KigaVerse) Dirge of Takofanes (Takofanes once again raises an army of fallen heroes and villains across North America to engage in a war between the living and the dead. Among them, the Undead Sentinel Brainwatch, the Azure Draugr, Dead Lotus and No Pan!)
To Be Announced. . .


Q: What the heck have you changed, North? O.O
A: Specifically? Nothing.

Q: What about CO do you not like and plan to remodel?
A: Nothing.

Q: So you are just going to tell your stories, maybe messing up here and there, missing details, inventing some to compensate for gaps in your knowledge, etc?
A: Exactly.

Q: And this is just a bubble to label all your non-canon antics to specify beyond doubt that it's an AU RP, not canon to inform other toons?
A: You're way ahead of me.

Q: Can others apply to join if they like the idea of a fresh AU, and help school you in PnP lore to improve the KigaVerse?
A: Yes, and double yes, please and thank you.

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