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Silver medal T.png
The Shrewd and Beautiful
Olivia Tide
Player: @ph0toncann0n (Photon Cannon (talk))
Super Group
FinnCo Seafood Shipping and Storage
Loan Shark
· Other Affiliations ·
The Calling
Real Name
Ms. Tide, Olive
Claims July 19th (true date unknown)
Millennium City (Westside)
Millennium City
The Codfather
Legal Status
FinnCo Supervisor, Undercover Agent
Marital Status
Shock's cooking
· Known Relatives ·
Physical Traits
Human/nurse shark hybrid
Originally caucasian
Apparent Age
163 lbs.
Body Type
Curvy and fair with athletic tendencies
Pure black
Light blue
· Distinguishing Features ·
Wave tattoos covering biceps, collarbone, upper back, and thighs, gill slits on throat, webbed claws,
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Heightened senses
· Equipment ·
1'6" switchblade, two cellphones, limitless cash
· Other Abilities ·
Trained blade user

Olivia's playlist (open in a new tab to listen while you read): [1]

Olivia storyline.png

"All I Can Remember Is..."

"...that one day I woke up in The Calling's Headquarters, and I couldn't remember how I had become...this, in the first place. I couldn't remember my past, my life, my home, my own name. So I had to give myself a new one.

...Olivia just seemed to have a nice ring to it."

The Backstory

Spoiler Warning
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Riley. Just Riley. She didn't go by any other name before she lost her memories. Riley had run away from home when she was twelve, because the smoke in the house and the fighting between her parents had become too much. She left behind the only thing she cared about--her baby brother--and took to living on the streets. There was no news broadcast, or posters, or a face on milk cartons. No one went looking for her. But to Riley, that was just fine.

Riley tried to keep to herself on the streets in Westside, but the various gangs found the pre-teen to be too obvious. After receiving a couple of bruises and being chased off by The Cobra Lords, Riley knew that she would have to start defending herself, and smuggled a switchblade from a local gas station. It's likely the switchblade, luck, and wits that allowed for Riley to survive until she was seventeen. But a life of homelessness, loneliness, and petty theft couldn't last forever.

Riley was down on her luck in mid-July of 2006. She had attracted too much attention when trying to smuggle some lunch at a more common gas station. While running from the cops, Riley decided that the only way out was to take shelter in an area of Westside she had never been in before. This area just so happened to be one of the most dangerous areas for Riley to stumble into. After hiding out in an abandoned building, the MCPD had to give up in their search and take care of more important matters. Riley dozed off for a few hours before being woken up by the sound of a sonic boom.

A few blocks from the abandoned building, a group of heroes were closing a massive rift which had been open for only the briefest of seconds. Riley watched the catastrophe in awe, completely unaware that she had been infected by something from the other side of that rift. There was little understanding of the event, however, and Riley could only figure that the deed had been done--but by the lack of enthusiasm the heroes had, the job must have had casualties. But Riley was safe, and that was good enough for her.

Only a couple of days after witnessing the rift, Riley became a little more forgetful of the things she did. For a young lady who had such wits and vigor, she was becoming a bit more clumsy. When she began to change physically, Riley became worried for herself, and tried to stay calm. But as gills formed, and her skin tone faltered, and her teeth sharpened, and her cranium began to expand, Riley more and more began to forget her past. One memory at a time, each day, she began to forget the smoke in her old home and the particular fights her parents would have. Before a hero came to her rescue, the last memory for Riley to lose of her home was the face of her smiling baby brother.

A hero by the name of Nile came to find Riley one day, where she was hanging out in her usual spot on the edges of the Escaped Prisoners' territory. Nile explained that he had come to help Riley, and offered vague tales of how he could help her. "I've been watching you, Riley," he had said, "and I've come to help you understand this change you've been faced with. You don't deserve to live on the streets like this. Come; it's time you found your way."

The Calling

"Come; the truth beckons you."

"And I have heard my calling."

A psychic supervillain by the alias of "The Master" took young Riley into his organization, and Riley vanished from the face of the Earth. The more Riley began to mutate into a nurse shark, and the more memories she lost, the harsher her training became. Espionage, swindling, assassinating, skill with the blade--Riley was trained for a greater evil, and received love and praise from her corrupted fatherly figure only if she was able to please him with her progress. Riley was thrown into torment over the next few months, until that heart-wrenching pain in her chest and sorrow in her mind was numbed by the last remnants of her memories being forgotten by the virus she had received from the rift. Riley had been eradicated, and by the age of twenty-one, the sculpting of a beautiful, mature shark woman was complete. The young woman chose the name Olivia Tide for herself, and was placed inside of various organizations to do her Master's bidding.

Olivia social.png

Friends and Foes

NOTE: Section coming soon.



The Great White of FinnCo and Olivia's favorite cook, Shock competes against many other men in FinnCo for Olivia's affection. He flatters her with his cooking and occasional compliments, and has managed to hold conversation with Olivia without making her irritable. He so much as took a fatal blow for her while taking out a target, which seemed to set things off for the two of them. Of course, Olivia's concern for the electric eel-man has only been his cooking from the start, but if he continues the way he has with her, she might begin to care about him personally rather than for the food.

"She wants the cook."

M'ma the Restless:

While first impressions were not all encouraging, M'ma had proven himself to be someone Oliva could tolerate. Forced to stay living on a curse and over 300 years old, M'ma was the FinnCo's "pet zombie shark" that was about as strong as an ape and dumb as a chimp. After encouraging Olivia with a present at Christmastime in 2013, Olivia tried to repay this "debt" to save M'ma from Brother Bale of The Calling, but this sadly failed in the end. M'ma had formed a bond with Olivia which appeared one-sided, but as much as she won't admit it, Olivia can't help but grin over the present she had received. In the end, M'ma was the closest thing Olivia had to a friend.

"I AM A SHARK." "Put your money in your half-pants!"

Lisivia: The exotic eel named Lisivia is Olivia's roommate and second major annoyance. But despite Lisivia's non-stop chattering and smothering Olivia with their two dachshund puppies, she somehow manages to stay semi-friends with Olivia, and Olivia doesn't outright hate her. The more Olivia is near Lisivia, the more she's found that she can show a hint of personality to her. Not to mention that Lisivia is the only other person that Olivia can stand to go shopping with.



The Codfather Finn has made his reputation through intimidation and and murder of his own henchmen that got out of line. He's an evil and bossy little angler fish, but everyone knows when to take him seriously, lest they end up his meal prepared by Shock. However, because Olivia comes from The Calling--Finn's boss--Finn assumes that Olivia is here to eventually assassinate him and make sure he does just what The Calling wants. While only half of that assumption is true, Olivia has to show her respect to the Boss in case he decides he can't deal with her anymore. Because of this, Finn lies at an in-between, neither friend or foe, but definitely on the better side of things.

"I'd have 'em sleepin' with the fishes, but ah...that wouldn't be so bad in Tide's hands."



Everyone's lovable giant has proven himself once before to be a problem for FinnCo. While out on a drug-selling spree with a FinnCo worker named Razor, three of the FinnCo agents (Olivia included) were intercepted by the superhero, and Olivia had to sacrifice herself and distract Mungo while the other two got away. However, no one was injured in the process, as Olivia gave the gullible Humungor a different story to lead him away from Razor. After that close call, Mungo has made the wrong assumption that "Olive" is one of the good guys, so Olivia can't show her face to Humungor without him trying to buddy up with her. Things tend to get a little awkward if Olivia finds herself alone with the big guy.

"You seem to be quite the pleasant citizen. Let's go and hunt down these ruffians!"

First Impressions

NOTE: If your character has met Olivia in Club Caprice or Millennium City, you are allowed to post an in-character comment regarding her here. Please do not assume that you know her ICly simply by reading this page. Feel free to link yourself via your name to your own PRIMUS page, if you own one.



"Tide's a good kid. It'd be a lie to say I don't owe her a favor or two after what she's done." - M'ma the Restless, Co-worker

"She isn't very friendly, but I think she just needs to be given the chance to show that she can be!" - Lisivia, Co-worker

"Sure, don't trust her far as I can throw her, but she ain't done wrong by me. Yet." - Finn, Superior

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"What's she, a Loan Shark fo' FinnCo? Tide 'n' I ain't get along too well, bu' that's not t'say she's useless. I bet The Callin' has somethin' good for 'er. I sure as 'ell don't, 'less she wants a bat to th' head, the arr'gant she-shark." -- Trixie Barlow, AKA "Trix"

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Olivia Caprice.png

Typically when Olivia goes to Caprice, she will either be with fellow FinnCo members, or alone drinking some red wine. She doesn't do alot of talking, but she definitely does plenty of scanning and observing. She may occasionally find someone who is low on cash and pay special attention to them, but she never speaks about the details of the FinnCo business. Olivia also despises flirty men, and gives them the same calm, shrewd, and reserved expressions as she will anybody else--since she's never really interested in what they have to say. Olivia likely would need to be approached for RP, considering how introverted she can be, but don't take it personally if she outright ignores you.

RP Hooks:

- Considering how Olivia is a Loan Shark, your character is allowed to approach her for cash, but refusal or inability to pay up on time may bring in-character conflict. That being said, while the mafia in-character might try to kill you, I personally, the player, would not outright kill your character without permission. However, if you play the game as "take the money and run," whereas you accept a loan and then complain OOC or intentionally avoid us IC when the time is up, I will make it a personal feat to retcon the event for FinnCo's sake, and we will have the right to deny ever giving you a loan. (*Disclaimer: This will not be actual $G, $N, or $L we are handing out. Resources are an OOC element to a character and is not applied to IC affairs.)

- Olivia has been altered into a mutant. It's obvious that a majority of her is from the nurse shark species, and this has a potential to make her stand out.

- Needing a shipment from FinnCo? You could always approach Olivia or any other superiors in the SG about a shipment. This is both in the literal sense and the mafia sense. Whether or not you need something or someone taken care of, if you need something to do for your character, you can approach Olivia and potentially Finn about getting some business done. Again, it may require OOC discussion with Finn first if you want someone dead, but knowing the player it aught to be just fine, since he loves to get "favors to take care of." We will however need the OOC party that is being targeted also.

- Psychics might find the virus in her head. The virus which has been eating Olivia's memories would appear to be inorganic, yet living all the same. Perhaps it is an essence which has a mind of its own. Psychics may be able to recognize that there is a parasite in Olivia's brain, but intruding too much on it might scare Olivia off.

Olivia events.png


Proving Her Worth: Shortly after Olivia was placed within FinnCo, Finn decided that Olivia had to prove her loyalty to him. He sent her after a rambunctious dock worker named Chuckles to follow through with his execution. Accompanied by Snips and Snaps, after a brief chase Olivia finished the mantis shrimp off and returned the body to FinnCo, where Shock cooked up a fine shrimpy meal, and Olivia's recruitment was complete.

Radionette: Previously a major agent in The Calling, Radionette went rogue and began to pollute the water in FinnCo's territory after certain orders by The Master were retracted. FinnCo got permission to go in and take Radionette down. They were successful and defeated her in the sewers, however Snaps--twin brother to Snips--lost his arm to her, and later died of radiation poisoning. The Calling resumed with three-out-of-four major members.

Rampage and the Good Doctor X: One of the major Calling members was running low on his serum which he used to power himself up. Evidently the Good Doctor whom Rampage worked with was the only one who could make the serums again, but he would have to be brought in. After events which led them to the Doc's place, Olivia, Shock, and Snips had to take the mad scientist down--but the doctor mutated into a acid-spitting bug-man. Acid was spat at Olivia, and Shock took the deadly blow to the chest for her. Snips beat the man unconscious while Olivia rushed Shock to the hospital.

Bikini Quest Five: After altering the name of the mission they had received from The Calling, Olivia and Lisivia went out to Monster Island where they studied the Lemurian history in Andrithal. Lisivia went as far as to make matching spy-geared bikini suits for the two of them. The mission was a success, and the two girls learned something about eachother.

The Prodigal Son's Return: Shock returned to work months later after a successful recovery. He was in good enough shape to cook a fine seafood-themed meal for the FinnCo members, and met a few new members who had been recruited while he was out.

December 25th: Christmastime: M'ma took to Caprice wearing an outrageous Santa suit and fake beard. Olivia had never celebrated Christmas as far as she could remember, so after a few unsuccessful tries to get M'ma to stop making a scene, she was presented with a gift from M'ma--a pair of jeans torn in half. M'ma claimed that it was a better wallet than Olivia's usual method, but after Olivia shrugged the present off M'ma retreated to find the other half of the jeans he had lost, hoping she might enjoy an entire pair instead. Olivia went into M'ma's cave and justified his gift, and after an apology and thanks, Olivia left with a personal debt to pay.


January 4th: Bale's Desire: One of The Four (major members) of The Calling, Brother Bale had been hunting M'ma for years in hopes to break his curse and make him a part of his zombie legion. Finn decided that M'ma was becoming of no use to him, and approached Shock and Olivia after a dinner at The Codfather about disposing of M'ma. Both Shock and Olivia stated their opinion that they didn't want M'ma to be handed over to Brother Bale. Finn settled for the time, and wanting to repay debts for kindness, Olivia went down to see M'ma and get him to work on his act. Unable to explain to M'ma that he was being hunted, M'ma became aggressive until Olivia made a fair point, and M'ma accepted her reproach.

January 10th: A Hero Emerges: Guarding a white reef shark by the name of Razor, Olivia and Snips found themselves in trouble when Humungor came looking for the drug sellers--and Razor was the culprit. After a chase from an unbeatable foe, Olivia managed to steer Mungo's attention away from Razor and Snips and save the three of them for another day. Olivia escaped after she called in a cab and explained to Humungor that she "had to get back to her CEO boss, otherwise she might be fired from her job as bodyguard." In the meantime, Snips and a few others ran around and bombed several buildings, including one where City Council members were staying at.

January 13th: Bale's Desire: Part II: After a shipment of about sixty modified cadavers came in for Brother Bale, Olivia, Liych and Shock were there to assist and open crates for Bale, but things threatened to get out of hand. Aside from Shock nearly picking fights with Brother Bale, Olivia was approached by her superior about "the abomination." Without making problems for The Calling, Olivia gave Bale the honest truth but with M'ma in favor to repay her debt. Bale's interest in M'ma was avoided for the time being.

January 19th: Shock's Lament: The Calling had found out that Shock's bloodline had the capabilities of remaking Rampage's serum. Shock's cannibalistic family of over five-hundred were lead into Millennium City, where they attacked, killed, and ravaged in the sewers and the docks. However, they were hidden under the radar, and few journeyed into Ren Center where they might have been noticed. After defeating group of the monster-eels, Shock became determined to stop them. The Master had Olivia allay Shock's interest, and Olivia was forced to destroy all of Shock's collected data. Shock closed up The Codfather for a while, but after he found eggs in the aftermath, he forgave Olivia and they became mutual once again.

January 29th: Bale's Desire: The Finale: After two of Bale's new cadavers were pinned against FinnCo, they managed to kill one of the dockworkers before M'ma stepped in. Because M'ma was able to fight the zombies Trix and Eugene off, Bale became enraged, believing Olivia to have not told the whole truth about M'ma. He forced her to be the one to take the phylactery from M'ma, which was the curse that had kept M'ma alive for over 300 years. However, taking the curse would kill M'ma. Olivia became torn, and in the end, M'ma was able to accept his end. After M'ma had Olivia promise a few things and had her intend to finish what M'ma never could, he took the phylactery off and gave it to her. After turning to dust before Olivia's eyes, M'ma died. Olivia took the curse to Bale, before dropping off M'ma's jacket with Liych, and then going home to break down in solitude.


Events are being planned for the time being.

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