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The Super Group Patriot Act, founded by Old Glory and his trusted friend Lonestar to aid in the protection of the “Founding Fathers Dream”. Originally Old Glory fought alone, occasionally seeking the aid of a hero or two.

Times grew hard and Old Glory and Lonestar realized the dream was under siege by forces greater than the two of them could defeat alone. With destruction caused by secret societies, paid government officials, and constitutionally destructive laws, they knew it was time to seek help.

One of the most damaging and destructive laws to the founding fathers dream was the “Patriot Act”. This law was set under the guise of protecting the United States and keeping it's citizens safe. While the true purpose was to rob them of the freedoms given to them by the Constitution and at the same time empowering the Government to throw anyone under lock and key at a moment’s notice.

This wasn’t the first step, but one amongst many that forced Old Glory, and Lonestar to realize they needed help. Formally creating a legal statute in the Patriot Act law itself. They sought heroes the World over, seeking individuals of like mind, to help them preserve the founding fathers dream. Making sure to draw attention to the underlying evil, they created the Super Group “PATRIOT ACT”. The name was to be a deliberate, ironic thumb to the attackers of the dream.

From now on….

The World would know, the “PATRIOT ACT” is made from real Patriots Fighting to save and preserve the dream. The dream was never meant to be shared with one nation. It was a promise given to every man, woman and child of the World. Thus Patriot Act stretches the world over with members of all Countries fighting to preserve freedom and the Founding Fathers Dream.

Est. 2-13-13

Current Active Leader: Old Glory (8) VIII

Current Active Leader: Lonestar

Current Roster: 250 Members across the Universe

Location: Champions Building, 7th Floor, Sector 129A,

Legal Operating Provision: U.S.C. Title IV, Subtitle A Sec. 777s. Originally founded to protect the United States from Super Terrorist threats the Patriot Act has spread like an infection.[1]


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