America's Sweetheart

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America's Sweetheart
Player: @American_Valor
AV-Becca Jo 1.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Becca Jo Braverman
Known Aliases: Sweetie, Sweets, Becca, JoJo
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Spanish Portuguese American
Place of Birth: Virginia
Base of Operations: Downtown City Center
Relatives: The Braverman Foundation
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 157 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Complexion: Fair with a lt tan
Physical Build: Tone Fit Muscular and Curvy
Physical Features: Pretty with a Midwestern, southern draw when she speaks
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Circus Performer, Model, New Superhero
Education: MCU Sophomore
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Normal Characteristic Maxima - Olympic Class Athlete
  • Multiple Martial Art Styles
  • Acting, Entertainment, Showmanship

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Gadget-utility belt
  • Grav-Bike-Fire Ant Mk1

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Background and Origin

"Uncle Mike created the Braverman Foundation. At that time he was very young, Basically my age now." Becca Jo holds up a poster showing in full color 'Braverman Foundation Presents: The Traveling Titans Show of Wonders' The poster is in near mint condition with Both Mike and John Braverman in the center surrounded by the other strongmen and women of the show. "Yep that's My Dad right there. John "Bravo" Braverman, leader of the circus, Uncle Mike never liked that it was somethin they always fought about. My dad was sometin' else let me tell you." Becca Jo blushes a bit "Gods gift to women, my dad, Bravo. Momma fell for him hard, And Momma she is a looker then and now. That's how I came into the picture."

Becca Jo smiles radiantly. "So you see I grew up among circus folks of the meta kind. They kept travelin and Momma took me to set up home in Virginia. Every now and then Bravo would come home He had tried his hand at hero work and still did it as did most of the Troupe for a while. This went on for years until I was old enough to be a preformer. Then I was the newest star of the show. The show had expanded by then and there were many different Meta humans around I learned anything and everything they could teach me.

But my big day really came from Momma. She had entered me in the Miss Teen Virginia Pageant. I was a show stopper. Won it by a landslide. Heck it would have been impossible for me to lose. I had been a showman and knew how to entertain. The judges loved me." Becca smile slips off to a soft look. "Momma, she was so proud. Then came the real challenge the next months was spent with me learnin all about pageants and the lovely state of Virginia.

Uncle Mike and Dad were thrilled with me winning Miss Virginia, and then when I won Miss Teen USA. OMG!, Me, Becca Jo Braverman. I couldn't believe it. Then I was cast into the limelight that's when it really started. All the endorsements, commercials and parades. I was invited along with others to tour with the USO to entertain the troops. I was dubbed America's Sweetheart, by the press. The interviews and the cover of Teen Beat solidified it. I was America's Sweetheart. My dad, Bravo he and Uncle Mike got me on the new poster introducing me all over again, but now as America's Sweetheart.

I was floored, I traveled with the show, But I'm not nearly as strong as the others or as fast. I'm really just a normal girl. You know the type; the one next door you were afraid to ask out but always wanted to bring home cause that's just what your Momma wanted you to do. In real life the boys didn't call. So I worked hard and studied. I was accepted into MCU.

An Excerpt of the Interview with America's Sweetheart...

With a demure sparkl'in smile and a sexy southern draw... "I am the girl next door, you know the one you never ask out. The good girl, the one every boy wants to take home to meet mom. Yep thats me, Becca Jo Braverman. Teen Beat girl to watch, Miss Teen Virginia, and Miss Teen USA ...
"Yes that was my answer to the question: If you could only do one thing in your lifetime to change the world what would it be?"

"Kill Doctor Destroyer." A sly smile passes over her face.

"That was a hoot and a half, I'm John Braverman's daughter. You know him as Bravo world famous strongman and daredevil. What did they expect me to say World Peace. The only way to get world peace would be to kill Doctor Destroyer."

"Yes, having a famous circus family background has helped my carrer. I learned dance, singing, physical fittness, and I got to study with unique tutors. Yes I did study under Ma Hun Le, my entire life, so in a way I have been traing for just these events. I do still attend MCU and I am looking foward to graduation someday... "

The screen image holds on a close up of her face "That was Becca Jo Braverman, the girl next door and America's SweetHeart."

Turning to face the camera.

"And this was Breakfast Of Champions with your Host Jimmy Duggan! Next Up..."

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Normal Characteristic Maxima - Olympic Class Athlete -


Multiple Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Karate, Jujitsu, Taijutsu, Jeet Kune Do, Taijiquan, and Boxing. -

Acting, Entertainment, Showmanship, Acrobatics and Streetwise -

Gadgettering -


Flexibility -

naturally acrobatic -

good eye-hand coordination -

Gear and Equipment


Armor Kevlar weave and leather style combat suit-

Gadget Utility belt-

MP3- Top Three on playlist:

Grav-Bike-Fire Ant Mk1-

  • Slotted Weapons: --, Incendiary Rounds, Plasma Beam 2
  • Slotted Defense: Energy Dispersion 4, Reinforced Coating 5
  • Slotted Support: Enemy Hull Scanner 4, On-Board AI 4
  • Attributes: ATT 5.5, DEF 2, SPD 4.5
  • Slots: 3 Weapons, 2 Support, 2 Defense

Fashion Gallery


Super Group: Patriot Act

Patriot Act Small Pic

Patriot Act mission statement in a few selected words:

"It is the vision of the Founding Father's Dream. A dream that all men and women deserve Freedom, Justice and the right to live their lives without being told how to live them by those that proclaim to govern our nations. The members of Patriot Act value honor, honesty, respect, kindness and sportsmanship at all times. We love our Countries that we call home, but we love our values more!"

PA Founders: Old Glory VII, Lonestar & Tribes


That Guy I Know

Put info on the friend here.

That Chick I Met

And here.

This Trainer at the gym

The guy was huge, and was like super nice, He's a member of the PA. So it was my first time there for the event and well if it is your first time you have to participate and I brought a friend that I had met and well we fought and she won, Energy Blaster. End was well you need to try avoidance and dodging. I was so annoyed with him I thought I was but She was just that good at tracking. He gave me a few pointers I almost beat her, I was getting better. End, I call him Waltz now, Anyway he was okay you and me this time. The guy is built like a truck and killer strong similar to Bravo. But I held my own it was a long night in the squared circle and he really knew his stuff. I've seen him a few times out in the field, had him up to the Foundation quarters once on my way to Canada. He's nice I like him, but I don't know his real name tho I heard one of the others call him Ben.


  • Qularr * New Purple Gang * Cobra Lords * Red Dragons * Viper * Demon * PSI * Foxbat * Kevin Poe * Black Talon * Shadow Destroyer * Doctor Destroyer

General Perception

  • Steelhead Pilot: Boy, I sure feel safer knowing America's Sweetheart is here.
  • Ravenspeaker: Good Job, America's Sweetheart! But I fear your greatest challenge has just begun,